sharpness, n. keenness, poignancy, acuity, acuteness, edge; asperity, acrimony, impatience; acumen, sagacity, shrewdness, astuteness, aptness; pungency, piquancy.

sharp practice. trickery, chicanery.

sharp-sighted, a. eagle-eyed, acute, perspicacious, argus-eyed.

shatter, v. shiver, demolish; disorder, derange.

shave, n. shaving; spokeshave, drawshave.

sheath, n. case, scabbard; covering.

shed, v. diffuse, emit, radiate, spread; cast, exuviate, moult, mew, discard; doff.

shed, n. outhouse, lean-to, shack, shanty.

shedding, n. (skins, shells, etc.) exuviation, ecdysis, moulting.

she-devil, n. Jezebel, fury, virago, termagant.

sheen, n. shine, luster, gloss, brightness, splendor.

sheep, n. Ovis, Ovis aries; (male) ram, buck; (female) ewe; (young) lamb, eanling; (castrated ram) wether; (leader of the flock) bellwether; hoggerel, hogget. Associated Words: bleat, braxy, gid, mutton, flock, ovine, shepherd, shepherdess, cosset, raddle, yean, ean, lowbell, abigeat, sheepcote, fold.

sheep-dog, n. collie, shepherd dog.

sheepish, a. bashful, shy, over-modest.

sheepskin, n. sheep-pelt, pelt, woolfell; roan; (Cant) diploma. Associated Words: fellmonger, woolpuller, skiver, budge.

sheer, a. thin; unadulterated, pure, unmixed; precipitous, abrupt, perpendicular.

shelf, n. mantel, mantelpiece; bracket, console; ledge, shallow, shoal; banquette.

shell, n. shuck, putamen; test, testa, episperm, spermoderm. Associated Words: scleroid, enucleate, enucleation, inenucleable.

shell, n. armature, case, exoskeleton, shale; carapace, plastron; cockle, conch, periwinkle, cowrie, whelk, mitre shell, abilone shell; exuviae (cast-off); conchite (fossil). Associated Words: conchology, conchologist, malacology, testaceous, cockled, mollusk, conchiferous, conchiform conchometer, conchometry, crustacean, exuvial, exuviate, exuviation, Loricata, bivalve, multivalve, univalve.

shell, n. framework; bomb, torpedo, shrapnel, grenade.

shell, v. hull, shuck, shale, enucleate; bombard, besiege.

shellfish, n. pl. Mollusks, Mollusca, Testacea.

shell money. wampum, hiagua, peag, colcol, kopkops, seawan, suckanhock.

shelter, n. protection, screen, cover, shield, defense, covert, security, lee; asylum, refuge, retreat, haven, sanctuary.

shelter, v. shield, protect, defend, screen, ensconce, cover. Antonym: expose.

sheltered, a. protected, covert.

shepherd, n. pastor, pastoralist. Associated Words: bucolic, pastoral, staff, crook.

shibboleth, n. watchword, party cry.

shield, n. aegis, buckler, escutcheon, scutcheon, pavise, scutum; defense, protection, palladium, bulwark, safeguard. Associated Words: scutal, bouche.

shield, v. defend, protect, safeguard; ward off, repel.

shield-shaped, a. thyroid.

shift, v. veer, change, turn; quirk, quibble, palter; change, substitute.

shift, n. subterfuge, device, contrivance, evasion, stratagem, trick, dodge; resource, expedient, change, substitution; chemise.

shifting, a. unstable, variable, changeable.

shiftless, a. improvident, unthrifty, thriftless, wasteful. Antonyms: thrifty, industrious.

shilly-shally, adv. irresolutely, hesitatingly.

shilly-shally, n. hesitation, irresolution, indecision, vacillation, wavering, trifling, evasion, dalliance.

shilly-shally, v. hesitate, waver, trifle, dally, vacillate, dodge, be irresolute.

shin, n. shank.

shindy, n. (Slang) uproar, disturbance, riot, row; hockey; liking, fancy.

shine, v. beam, radiate, gleam, irradiate, glisten, glow, glitter, flare, glare; excel, surpass; polish.

shine, n. luster, polish, gloss, sheen, radiance, resplendence, brilliancy, lucency, glaze.

shine, n. (Slang) liking, fancy; caper, antic, dido.

shining, a. radiant, beaming, lustrous, luminous, glowing, brilliant, lucent, bright, sleek, glazed, glistening, splendent, resplendent, glossy, shiny; conspicuous, noticeable.

shining between. interlucent.

shining round. circumfulgent.

ship, n. vessel. Associated Words: barratry, hypothecate, hypothecation.

ship, v. transport; deport; (Colloq.) dismiss, send away.

shipbuilder, n. shipwright.

shipment, n. shipping, transportation; consignment.

ship mortgage. bottomry, hypothecation.

shipping, n. shipment, transportation; navigation.

shipwreck, n. wreckage; disaster, destruction, ruin, subversion, miscarriage. Associated Words: salvage, flotsam, jetsam, derelict, jettison.

shipwrecked person. castaway.

shirk, v. avoid, evade, neglect.

shirt, n. smock, chemise, shift, tunic, camise.

shiver, n. splinter, sliver; shivering, tremor, horripilation.

shoal, n. shallow, sandbank, bar.—a. shallow.

shock, v. dismay, horrify, appall, terrify, frighten; stook; astound, stun, paralyze, scandalize, outrage, offend.

shock, n. impact, blow, collision, concussion, onset, brunt, clash, percussion; stroke, blow; stook, hattock.

shocking, a. scandalous, appalling, offensive, outrageous, heinous, dire.

shod, p.p. and a. calced, calceated.

shoddy, a. (Colloq.) sham, spurious, mock.

shoddy, n. rag wool, mungo.

shoe, n. boot, balmoral, Goodyear welt, clog, sock, buskin, sandal, slipper, creedmore, Creole, stogy, chopine, brogan, blucher, bottine, moccasin, oxford, sabot, pump, cracowes, poulaine, racket.

shoemaker, n. crispin, cordwainer (Archaic).

shoe mender. cobbler.

shoe mending. cobbling.

shoestring, n. shoelace, latchet.