Tab, n. (Colloq.) account, reckoning, check, tally, score.

table, n. tablet; schedule, synopsis, index, list; trivet (three-legged table). Associated word: mensal.

table, v. tabulate, tabularize.

tableland, n. plateau, mesa (Southwestern U.S.).

table linen. napery.

tablet, n. lozenge, troche, trochiscus.

taboo, n. interdiction, prohibition, proscription.

taboo, v. interdict, prohibit, proscribe.

taboo, a. prohibited, forbidden, interdicted, proscribed.

tackle, n. gear, implements, equipment, rigging, apparatus.

tacky, a. sticky, adhesive; (Colloq.) dowdy, shabby, unkempt, seedy.

tadpole, n. polliwog.

taffy, n. toffy, candy; (Slang) flattery, blandishment, blarney.

tail, n. Associated Words: caudal, dock, scut, prehensile, caudate, bicaudal, rump, uropygium.

tailless, a. acaudate, anurous.

tailor, n. Associated Word: sartorial.

tailpiece, n. appendage.

taint, v. imbue, impregnate, corrupt, infect, vitiate, sully, besmirch, discolor, contaminate.

taint, n. infection, contamination, vitiation, defilement, pollution.

tainted, a. infected, contaminated, defiled, imbued, vitiated, polluted.

take, v. seize, grasp, clutch, procure, clasp, catch; confiscate, appropriate, usurp, arrogate; deprehend, apprehend; require, need; select, choose.

take back. recant, retract, recall, revoke, rescind, disavow, resume.

take in. comprise, encompass, comprehend, include, embrace.

take-in, n. (Colloq.) imposition, fraud, deception, swindle, cheat, hoax.

taken, p.p. charmed, captivated, enamored, fascinated.

take off. doff, remove, divest one's self of.

take-off, n. caricature, burlesque, travesty, parody.

take the place of. supplant, supersede, displace, substitute.

take upon one's self. assume, undertake; arrogate, usurp.

taking, a. alluring, fascinating, winning, charming, captivating.

taking, n. seizure, apprehension; reprisal; prehension.

taking back. recantation, retraction, resumption, disavowal, revocation.

tale, n. story, romance, parable, apologue, legend, fable, narrative, myth, jeremiad (tale of sorrow).

tale-bearer, n. scandal-monger, busybody, quidnunc, tattler, telltale, tabby, gossip.

talent, n. endowment, faculty, gift, forte, knack, genius.

talented, a. gifted, endowed, clever.

talk, v. speak, converse, confer, confabulate, consult; babble, prattle, prate, chatter, gabble, gibber, blather; expatiate, descant, comment, harp, rant; palaver.

talk, n. conversation, converse, colloquy, conference, confabulation, chat, parley, causerie, parlance, confab; dialogue, interlocution; soliloquy, monologue; palaver, buncombe, blarney, blandishment, flattery, flummery; chaff, banter, raillery, persiflage, badinage, asteistn; chatter, babble, chit chat, gibberish, jargon, twaddle, fustian, moonshine, hanky-panky, jabbering, rhapsody, rant, grandiloquence; expatiation, descant.

talkative, a. garrulous, loquacious, communicative, voluble, unreserved. Antonyms: reserved, reticent, uncommunicative, silent, still.

talkativeness, n. garrulity, loquacity, communicativeness multiloquence. Antonyms: reserve, reticence, taciturnity.

talker, n. conversationalist; interlocutor; chatterer, babler, magpie, chatterbox.

tall, a. lofty, high, towering.

tally, n. mate, match, counterpart; score, account, record.

tally, v. match, conform, agree, correspond, coincide, square, comport, accord.

tame, v. domesticate, reclaim, break; discipline, subjugate, conquer, repress.

tame, a. docile, domesticated, gentle; prosy, dull, vapid; submissive, subdued.

tamper, v. meddle, tinker.

tangible, a. palpable, tactile, material; substantial, evident, perceptible, obvious.

tangle, v. snarl, entangle, interweave; embroil, insnare, entrap, involve, perplex, enmesh. Antonyms: disentangle, unravel, extricate.

tangle, n. snarl, complication, intricacy; imbroglio, perplexity. Antonyms: disentanglement, extrication.

tangled, a. entangled, complicated, tangly, snarled, intricate, involved.

tank, n. reservoir, vat.

tantalize, v. torment, plague, vex, disappoint.

tap, n. stopper, plug, spigot, spile, faucet.

tap, v. broach.

tape needle. bodkin.

tapering, a. conical, taper, pyramidal, fusiform.

tapeworms, n. pl. taenia. Associated Words: taeniafuge, taeniacide, taenioid, taeniid, proglottis, segment, cysticercus, cestode, measles.

tardy, a. slow, sluggish; dilatory, reluctant, behindhand, late. Antonyms: punctual, prompt.

tarnish, v. dim, sully, besmirch, blacken, deface.

task, n. work, labor, assignment, stint; study, lesson, exercise.

taste, n. tasting gustation, degustation; flavor, savor, tang, race, relish, gout, saporosity, sapor, gusto, gust, sapidity; liking, fondness, appetite, appetency; tincture, infusion, dash, soupcon ; discernment, discrimination; foretaste, prelibation. Antonyms: dowdiness, tawdriness, distaste vulgarity. Associated Words: gustatory, saporific.

tasteful, a. palatable, savory, relishable, toothsome, gustable, delicious.

tasteless, a. insipid, flat, unpalatable, vapid.

tastelessness, n. insipidity, vapidity.

tasty, a. tasteful, neat. Antonyms: dowdy, tawdry, meretricious, inartistic.

tattle, v. tell, divulge, blab, peach.

tattler, n. tale-bearer, gossip, quidnunc, news-monger, busybody.

taunt, v. ridicule, deride, mock, reproach, revile, jeer twit, gibe.

taunt, n. ridicule, derision, jeer, reproach, gibe, quip, quirk.