rabbit, n. hare, coney, bunny, cottontail.

rabbitry, n. warren.

rabble, n. mob, rabblerout, populace.

rabid, a. violent, raging, furious; intolerant, fanatical, uncompromising, rampant.

rabies, n. hydrophobia. Associated Words: rabid, rabietic, hydrophobic, antihydrophobic.

race, n. Associated Words: ethnology, ethnography, ethnologist, ethnic, racial, ethnogeny, holethnos, holethnic, interracial.

race-course, n. race-track, ring, circus, career, hippodrome, curriculum, stadium.

racer, n. courser.

rack, n. pain, torture, agony; amble, pacing; crib, manger; distaff; arrack.

rack, v. stretch, strain, torture, agonize; harass, persecute, torment.

rack and ruin. (Colloq.) destruction, ruin.

racket, n. din, uproar, clamor, babel, clangor, blare, noise, hullabaloo, hilarity, vociferation; (Slang) carouse, revel, dissipation.

racy, a. fine-flavored, pungent, rich; spirited, piquant, fresh and lively. Antonyms: insipid, vapid, tasteless, flavorless, dull, prosaic.

radiance, n. effulgence, refulgence, brilliancy, brightness.

radiant, a. effulgent, refulgent, brilliant. See bright.

radiate, v. shine, beam, gleam; diverge.

radiated, a. divergent.

radiation, n. irradiance, irradiation; divergence. Antonym: convergence.

radical, a. original, fundamental; extreme, thorough-going; primitive. Antonyms: conservative, moderate, slight, trifling, derivative.

radical, n. root, etymon, radix.

radically, adv. fundamentally.

raff, n. heap, jumble.

raffle, n. lottery.

raft, n. float, catamaran; (Slang) lot, multitude, collection, heap.

rag, n. tatter, flitter, shred, patch, frazzle, fragment.

ragamuffin, n. tatterdemalion, scarecrow.

rag-baby, n. mopsey, moppet.

rage, n. fury, wrath, passion; (Colloq.) vogue, mode, fashion. See anger.

rage, v. storm, fume, rave.

ragged, a. rent, torn, frazzled; rough, jagged; ragamuffin, tatterdemalion.

raging, a. furious, raving, infuriated, wroth, frenzied, flagrant, rampant.

rag-picker, n. chiffonier.

raid, n. foray, incursion.

rail, v. upbraid, reproach, censure, scoff.

railing, n. invective, vituperation, reproach, upbraiding, contumely. See abuse.

raillery, n. banter, pleasantry, jesting, asteism.

railroad, n. railway.

railroad, v. (Colloq.) hurry, rush.

raiment, n. See clothes.

rain, n. (fine rain) drizzle, mizzle, mist, misle; shower. Antonym: drought.

rainbow, n. iris.

rain gauge. ombrometer, udometer, pluviometer, pluviograph, ombrograph, hyetometer.

rainy, a. showery, wet, pluvious, pluvial.

raise, v. uplift, lift; hoist, heave; erect, build, rear; elevate, advance, exalt; enhance, augment; excite, arouse; propagate, grow, cultivate; rear; levy, collect.

raising, n. uplifting, lifting, elevation, hoisting; erection, rearing; exaltation, elevation; propagation, growing, cultivation.

rake, n. libertine, lecher, debauchee, roue, wencher, rakehell, satyr.

rakish, a. licentious, dissolute, libertine, immoral, lecherous, lewd.

rally, v. collect, reunite; recover, recuperate; assemble; banter, satirize, joke.

ram, n. buck; (Astron.) Aries.

ram, v. cram, stuff, compress.

ramble, v. rove, range, stroll, stray, straggle, roam, wander.

ramble, n. stroll, wandering, rambling.

rambler, n. rover, wanderer, roamer, stroller.

rambling, a. roving, wandering; discursive, digressive, incoherent.

ramp, v. spring, leap, bound, romp.

rampage, n. (Slang) debauchery, passion, excess, unrestraint.

rampageous, a. (Low) rampant, unrestrained, unruly, violent.

rampancy, n. exuberance, luxuriance.

rampant, a. exuberant, luxuriant, rank, wanton, excessive; uncontrollable, violent, raging, furious, unbridled.

rampart, n. fortification, bulwark, security, vallum.

ramshackle, a. dilapidated, disjointed.

rancid, a. musty, tainted, rank, frowzy.

rancor, n. malignity, vindictiveness, hatred, virulence, malevolence, bitterness.

rancorous, a. malevolent, vindictive, malignant, hateful, virulent, bitter.

random, a. haphazard, chance, stray, aimless, hazarded.

range, v. arrange, rank, class, classify; rove, roam, ramble; correspond.

range, n. extent, reach, sweep, compass, scope, latitude; order, class, kind, series, rank; compass, register.

rank, a. exuberant, luxuriant, rampant, vigorous; violent, extreme, excessive, immoderate, gross; rancid, musty, frowzy, fetid, stale; offensive, impalatable, fulsome, foul, gross.

rank, n. row, line, range, order, tier, series; grade, class, order, division; position, station, degree; eminence, distinction.

rank, v. classify, arrange, dispose, class, group, be ranked.

rankling, n. festering, inflammation; heart-burning, resentment.

ransack, v. rummage.

ransom, n. release, liberation, redemption, deliverance.

ransom, v. redeem, rescue, liberate, deliver.

rant, v. declaim, spout, rave, vociferate.

rant, n. rodomontade, ranting, vociferation, bombast.

ranting, a. bombastic.

rap, v. knock.—n. knock, thump, thwack.

rapacious, a. predatory, predaceous, ravenous; avaricious, grasping, extortionate, voracious.

rapacity, n. voracity, rapaciousness, greediness, avarice.

rape, n. constupration, defloration, ravishment, violation.

rape, v. ravish, constuprate, violate, deflower.

rapid, a. swift, fast, fleet, expeditious, cursory, quick, speedy, hasty, furious.

rapidity, n. swiftness, celerity, velocity, haste, speed, fleetness.

rapidly, adv. swiftly, fast, post haste.

rapine, n. plundering, sack, pillage, spoliation, depredation.