severity, n. rigor, rigorousness, harshness, exactness, cruelty; seriousness, gravity; violence, intensity, acuteness; austerity, simplicity, plainness; exactness, strictness, preciseness.

sew, v. stitch; baste.

sewer, n. Associated Words: sewerage, sewage.

sewing woman. seamstress.

sex, n. Associated Words: sexual, gender, bisexual, unisexual, epicene, hermaphrodite, hermaphroditism, androgyne, androgyny, gonad.

sexless, a. asexual, agamous.

sexton, n. janitor (of a church), sacristan, sacrist.

sexual desire. lust, venereal appetite, sexual appetite, carnal appetite, lasciviousness, venery, concupiscence, salacity, salaciousness, aphrodisia; satyriasis (immoderate); nymphomania (morbid in women); (of animals) oestrus, rut, heat, oestruation. Antonym: anaphrodisia. Associated Words: aphrodisiac, antaphrodisiac, anaphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal, amative, amativeness, amorous, amorousness, amatory, antiorgastic, philter, oestrual, sedative, erotic, erotomania, sadism, satyromaniac.

sexual intercourse. coition, copulation, venery, sexual conjunction; (illicit) fornication, bawdry; prostitution, putage; adultery; incest; rape; (unnatural) sodomy, buggery, pederasty; (of birds) tread. Antonyms: continence, chastity, virginity. Associated Words: venereal, incontinence, incontinent, unchastity, copulatory, gonorrhea, clap, syphilis, cenogamy, infibulation, intromittent, access, nonaccess, orgasm, fecundation, impregnate, impregnation, copulate, lecher, lechery, lecherous, libertine, libertinism, house of assignation, bawd, procurer, bawdry, pander, catamite.

sexual love. venery, amorousness, amativeness.

sexual organs. genitals, privates, private parts, organs of generation, pudenda, virilia; (male) penis, testicles; (female external) vulva, pudendum; (internal) womb, uterus, ovaries, vagina, clitoris. Associated Words: agamic, agamous, protandric, protandrism, nympha, maidenhead, pudic, pubes, spermatheca, gonad, masturbation, infibulation.

sexual power. virility; fecundity. Associated Word: emasculate.

sexual weakness. (male) impotency, sexual debility, invirility, emasculation, eviration; (female) sterility, defemination, infecundity.

shabby, a. seedy, threadbare, tacky (Colloq.); mean, despicable, scurvy, contemptible.

shack, n. (Colloq.) vagabond, tramp, loafer; hut, shanty, hovel, cabin.

shackle, n. handcuff, manacle, fetter.

shackle, v. manacle, hamper, fetter; impede, trammel.

shade, n. umbrage, shadow; pl. darkness, obscurity, gloom, shadows; retreat, seclusion; screen, protection, curtain, awning, blind; spirit, ghost, specter, phantom, manes; minute difference, variation, nuance.

shade, v. screen; obscure, dim, obfuscate, cloud, darken, eclipse.

shadow, n. shade, darkness, penumbra, adumbration; prefiguration. Associated Words: sciagraphy, sciomachy, periscian, silhouette, sciomancy.

shadow, v. shade, screen; adumbrate, typify, symbolize; cloud, obscure.

shadowy, a. unsubstantial, visionary, illusory, chimerical.

shady, a. umbrageous, shadowy, umbriferous; sheltered, screened; (Colloq.) equivocal, questionable, corrupt.

shaft, n. arrow, spear, missile; column, obelisk; handle, helve; spire, pinnacle; pole, tongue, thill; axis.

shake, v. agitate, jar, jolt, convulse, concuss, jounce, dodder, tremble, trill, shiver, totter, joggle, jiggle, wave, vibrate, shudder.

shake, n. jar, shivering, jolt, shaking, shudder.

shaking, n. concussion, agitation, disturbance, trembling, convulsion.

shaky, a. trembling, shaking; (Colloq.) unsound, tottering.

shallow, a. shoal; superficial, frivolous, senseless.

sham, n. pretense, feint, delusion, imposition, mockery, fraud, imitation, dissimulation, simulation.

sham, a. counterfeit, spurious, pretended, dummy, unreal false, mock, simulated.

sham, v. feign, pretend, imitate, personate, dissimulate.

shame, n. ignominy, dishonor, reproach, derision, contempt discredit, opprobrium, scandal, disgrace, obloquy; mortification, abashment, humiliation, discomfiture; modesty, decency.

shame, v. humiliate, mortify, disconcert; disgrace, degrade; mock, deride, ridicule.

shamefaced, a. bashful, diffident, modest.

shameful, a. indecent, immodest, obscene; scandalous, disgraceful, reproachful, ignominious, infamous, flagitious, disreputable, vile, opprobrious.

shameless, a. immodest, unabashed, indelicate, indecent, unblushing, audacious, brazen-faced, abandoned, graceless.

shammy, n. chamois.

shanty, n. hut, hovel, shack.

shape, v. form, mould, fashion, frame; adjust, regulate, design, plan, arrange.

shape, n. form, figure, guise, appearance.

shapeless, a. misshapen, unsymmetrical, unshapely, formless, amorphous.

shapely, a. symmetrical, well-formed, comely, well-proportioned.

share, v. apportion, divide; partake, participate in.

share, n. portion, allotment, quota, dole, proportion, contingent, dividend.

sharer, n. participator, partaker; divider, distributor.

shark, n. (Colloq.) sharper, trickster, cheat, swindler; fraud, trickery.

sharp, a. pointed, trenchant, incisive, keen; poignant, piercing, acute, penetrating, severe, excruciating, intense, subtile, violent; biting, sarcastic, acrimonious, acrid, cutting; sagacious, clever, perspicacious, ingenious, bright, discerning, resourceful, astute, shrewd, apt, smart, long-headed, acuminous; fierce, fiery, unquenchable, eager; exacting, close; steep, abrupt, precipitous; pungent, piquant peppery, high-seasoned: shrill, piercing; peaked, ridged.

sharpen, v. intensify, aggravate, quicken; hone, grind, point, whet.

sharpening stone. whetstone, hone, oilstone, grindstone, abradant.

sharper, n. trickster, swindler, knave, cheat, extortioner, blackleg.