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slavery, n. bondage, enslavement, servitude, inthrallment, captivity, bond service, vassalage, thralldom, subjection, helotism; drudgery.

slave warehouse. barracoon.

slavish, a. servile, menial, abject, groveling.

sleazy, a. flimsy, thin, gauzy.

sled, n. sleigh, sledge, toboggan.

sleek, a. smooth, glossy.

sleek, adv. (Low) easily, dexterously.

sleep, v. slumber, repose; doze, drowse; lie dormant; hibernate; lodge.

sleep, n. slumber, repose; nap, doze, drowse, snooze, dozing; siesta; dormancy, lethargy; trance; sopor, coma, carus; somnipathy, somnolism; dogsleep. Associated Words: hypnology, hypnotic, agrypnotic, hypnosis, hypnotism, narcotic, opiate, dwale, somniloquence, somniloquism, somnial, somniferous, hypnophobia, hypnogogic, stupefacient, mesmeric, soporific, dormitive, soporiferous, soporous, somnific, somnolent, somniloquous, antihypnotic, morphean, oversleep, morphine, narcosis, lullaby, incubation, hypnogenic, Mara, Morpheus, Hypnos, Somnus, dormitory, diurnation, cubicle, insomniac, hibernation, somnipathist, somniloquist, agrypnia, wake, awaken.

sleeper, n. slumberer; drone, sluggard; tie; joist.

sleepiness, n. drowsiness, somnolence.

sleeping, a. asleep, slumbering, dormant.

sleepless, a. wakeful, insomnious, insomnolent.

sleeplessness, n. wakefulness, insomnia, insomnolence.

sleep of plants. nyctitropism. Associated Word: nyctitropic.

sleepwalker, n. somnambulist, noctambulist, somnambulator, somnambule.

sleepwalking, n. somnambulism, somnambulation, somnambulance, noctambulism, noctambulation. Associated Words: somnambulate, somnambulistic, somnambular, somnambulic.

sleepy, a. drowsy, somnolent, dozy; soporiferous, somniferous, soporific, dormitive, narcotic, somnific, hypnotic; dormant, sluggish, lethargic, torpid, dull.

sleeve, n. Associated Word: chevron.

sleigh, n. cutter, sled, sledge, bobsled, toboggan, jumper, pung.

sleight of hand. prestidigitation, jugglery, legerdemain, magic, conjury. Associated Words: prestidigitator, juggler, conjurer, magician, legerdemamist.

slender, a. slim, slight, thin, spare, lank, spindling; delicate, feeble, fragile, frail, tenuous; trivial, inconsiderable; abstemious, frugal, spare, plain.

slice, n. chop, collop; rasher, flitch.

slick, a. sleek, sleeky, smooth.

slide, n. slip; flume, shoot, chute.

slide, v. slip, glide, lapse, elapse, skid.

slight, a. inconsiderable, trivial, insignificant, trifling, petty, paltry; desultory, cursory, superficial, indifferent.

slight, n. neglect, inattention, disregard, snub.

slight, v. overlook, neglect, disregard, ignore.

slightly, adv. somewhat; superficially, cursorily, hastily.

slim, a. thin, gaunt, poor, lank, spare, spindling, meager; slight, insufficient, inconsiderable, paltry.

slime, n. mud, mire, ooze, liman.

slimsy, a. (Colloq.) flimsy, frail, poor.

slip, v. slide, glide; err, trip; omit, lose; foist; elapse.

slip, n. lapse, error, indiscretion, transgression, peccadillo, mistake; twig, cutting, scion, shoot; escape, riddance, desertion; wrapper, covering.

slipper, n. slipshoe; (Oriental) baboosh, babouche.

slipperiness, n. smoothness, glibness, lubricity.

slippery, a. smooth, glib; inconstant, unstable; loose, incontinent, lubric.

slipshod, a. slovenly, careless, negligent.

slit, n. gash, incision.

sliver, n. splinter.

slobber, v. drivel, drool, slabber, slaver; smear, daub, defile.

slogan, n. war cry, rallying cry.

slope, v. slant, incline.

slope, n. inclination, slant, obliquity, acclivity; declivity.

sloping, a. oblique, slanting; acclivous; declivous.

slosh, n. slush, sludge.

sloth, n. sluggishness, indolence, laziness.

slothful, a. dronish, lazy, indolent, supine, sluggish, idle, inactive.

slouchy, a. slouching, ungainly, awkward.

slough, n. quagmire, bog, morass; swale; exuviae.

sloughing, n. ecdysis, exuviation.

slovenly, a. untidy, disorderly, frowzy, careless.

slow, a. deliberate, moderate, gradual; dilatory, languid, unready, phlegmatic, lingering, torpid, sluggish, slack, leisurely; (Colloq.) wearisome, dull, prosaic, uninteresting, tiresome.

slow, v. slacken, relax, moderate, delay, retard.

sluggish, a. idle, lazy, slothful; inactive, slow, inert.

slump, n. (Colloq.) depreciation.

slur, v. soil, sully; disparage, traduce, asperse; blur, mackle.

slur, n. stain, mark; innuendo, reproach, brand.

slush, n. slosh, sludge.

slut, n. bitch (femaledog); slattern, quean, malkin.

sly, a. cautious, nimble, skillful, arch, wary, knowing, shrewd, cunning, wily, artful; subtle, stealthy, clandestine, covert, surreptitious, furtive.

smack, n. taste; kiss, buss; crack, snap.

smacking, a. brisk, smart, resounding.

small, a. little, minute, diminutive, petty, slight, inconsiderable, puny, tiny, weazened, undeveloped, dwarfish, runty, wee, stunted, inappreciable, undersized, atrophied; miniature; trivial, insignificant, trifling, frivolous; mean, narrow-minded, illiberal, sordid, ungenerous, contracted; short, limited; piping, feeble, weak; microscopic, infinitesimal, molecular, corpuscular, atomic, fine; homeopathic.

smallpox, n. variola; varioloid (modified smallpox after vaccination). Associated words: vaccination, vaccine, virus, variolation, vaccinate, pock, pockmark, pockmarked, antivariolus, variolus, pocky, papule, pustule.

smart, v. sting, prick, suffer.

smart, a. acute, bright, clever, apt, brilliant, gifted, talented; precocious; vigorous, energetic, forcible; fashionable, pretentious, trim, elegant; fresh, smacking, brisk; agile, nimble, lively; pungent, poignant, intense, keen. Antonyms: dull, inapt, dowdy, tawdry.