glass, n. tumbler, goblet, bumper, beaker, schooner, bocal; decanter; carafe; looking-glass, mirror, speculum, cheval glass, pier glass; lens, spyglass, microscope, telescope, binocular, binocle, opera glass, lorgnette, polyscope, altiscope, optigraph, prism, reflector, refractor; hourglass; barometer; hydrometer; pipette; graduate; hygrometer; monocle; cloche; bolthead, matrass.

glass, n. Associated Words: vitrifacture, vitrifaction, vitrics, vitrify, vitriform, vitrified, vitrifiable, vitric, devitrify, devitrification, glazier, glazing, crizzel, invitrifiable vitreous, vitrescent, vitrescence, hyalography.

glasses, n. pl. spectacles, eye-glasses, pince-nez, goggles, blinkers, barnacles, lorgnette, louchettes.

glassy, a. vitreous, crystalline, transparent, crystal.

Glauber's salt. sulphate of soda.

gleam, v. glimmer, glitter, radiate, beam, scintillate, sparkle.

gleam, n. beam, ray, glimmer, glance, flash; splendor, sparkle, gleaming.

glee, n. merriment, joy, mirth, gayety.

gleeful, a. merry, gay, mirthful.

gleety, a. ichorous.

glib, a. smooth, slippery; fluent, voluble, bland, oily.

glimmering, n. glimmer, glimpse, inkling, glance.

glimpse, n. glance; flash; inkling.

glisten, v. sparkle, shine, gleam, flash, glitter, glister.

glister, v. sparkle, glisten, glitter.

glitter, n. brilliancy, shine, gleam, fulgency, radiance.

glitter, v. sparkle, gleam, glisten, glister.

glittering, a. sparkling, glistening, glistering, gleaming, bright, tinsel.

globe, n. sphere, ball, orb.

gloom, n. gloominess, shadow; melancholy, depression, dejection, despondency.

gloomy, a. dark, dismal, obscure, dim, shaded, lowering, overcast, lurid; melancholy, dejected, sad, despondent, pessimistic, disheartened, morose, crestfallen, glum, saturnine; disheartening, depressing, discouraging.

glorious, a. magnificent, grand, resplendent, splendid, admirable, noble, excellent; (Colloq.) hilarious, ecstatic, elated.

glory, n. fame, renown, honor, eminence, celebrity; pomp, magnificence, splendor; pride, exultation, arrogance; halo, nimbus, aureole. Antonyms: ignominy, dishonor, obscurity, ingloriousness, shame, reproach.

glory, v. exult, boast, vaunt.

Glory be to the Father. Gloria Patri.

gloss, n. luster, polish, sheen, glaze, enamel; show, pretense; commentary, note, annotation, comment, postil.

gloss, v. annotate, comment, illustrate; glaze, polish; palliate, extenuate, gloss over.

glossy, a. shining, sleek, sheeny, lustrous, polished, glazed, glace; specious, plausible.

glove-maker, n. glover.

glowing, a. ardent, passionate, warm, flushed; luminous, incandescent.

glue, v. cement, glutinate, agglutinate. Antonyms: unglue, deglutinate.

glum, a. moody, dumpish, sullen, sulky, morose, sour.

glut, v. satiate, sate, cloy, surfeit; overfeed, overstock, oversupply.

glut, n. superfluity, superabundance, overstock, excess.

glutton, n. gormandizer, belly-god, cormorant, gormand; wolverine.

gluttonous, a. voracious, gluttonish.

gluttony, n. voracity, gormandism.

gnawer, n. rodent; pl. Rodentia.

gnawing, a. rodent.

go, v. operate, pass, move, advance, repair, hark, budge, stir, resort, frequent, wend; circulate; tend, conduce, contribute; depart; reach, extend.

go, n. fashion, vogue, mode, custom, style; animation, mettle, Spirit, fire; (Colloq.) energy, life, enterprise, push, perseverance, stamina; (Slang) circumstance, occurrence, incident, happening, event.

goad, n. gad, prick; instigation, spur, stimulant.

goad, v. urge, incite.

goal, n. bourne, end, aim, destination.

goat, n. buck; Billy goat; Nanny goat; Capra; Capricorn.

goatish, a. hircine, caprine.

go back. return, recede, retreat, retrograde, back, withdraw.

go back on. (Colloq.) apostatize, desert, renounce, forsake, be traitorous.

go before. precede, antecede.

goblin, n. gnome, hobgoblin, spectre, bugaboo.

go between. intervene, interpose, intercede, mediate.

go-between, n. middleman, agent, broker, procurer, factor, intermediary, arbitrator, referee, intercessor, advocate, interagent, negotiator.

go beyond. surpass, transcend, exceed, overstep, transgress.

go-by, n. neglect, ignoring, pretermission.

god, n. deity, divinity, idol. Associated Words: deify, deification, apotheosize, apotheosis, theogony, Olympus, pantheon, deicide, deifie, deiform, mythology, polytheism, monotheism, theomachy, cuhemerism, monolatry, undeify, undeification, oracle.

God, n. the Supreme Being, the Creator, Jehovah, Infinite Spirit, Deity, the First Cause, the Almighty; (Hebrew) Elohim, El Shaddai, Adonai, Jah. Associated Words: theism, deism, atheism, theocracy, theocrasy, theology, theomachy, pantheism, acosmism, pancosmism, theocentric, thearchy, theomania, theosophy, theochristic, theodicy, theophany, demiurge, anthropomorphism, anthropomorphology, tetragrammaton, anthropopathism, psychotheism.

godfather, n. sponsor.

godless, a. irreligious, impious, atheistical, ungodly.

godlike, a. divine.

godlessness, n. irreligion, impiety, atheism, ungodliness.

godly, a. devout, religious, pious, saintly.

godmother, n. sponsor.

godsend, n. boon, windfall.

going, n. traveling; departure; exit, egress, exodus.

going back. return, recession, retreat, withdrawal, retrogradation.

going back on. apostasy, defection, renunciation, perfidy, desertion, unfaithfulness.

going before. precedence, antecedence, priority.—a. precedent, antecedent, prior, preceding.

going between. intercession, mediation, intervention, interposition, arbitration.—a. mediatorial, intercessory, mediatory.