Habit, n. wont, custom, practice, usage, habitude, addiction, way, routine.

habitual, a. wonted, customary, regular, accustomed.

habituate, v. accustom, addict, inure, familiarize. Antonyms: disaccustom, wean.

hag, n. vixen, virago, termagant, harridan, fury, Jezebel, beldame.

haggard, a. gaunt, emaciated, hollow-eyed.

haggle, v. hack, hackle; chaffer, higgle.

haggler, n. higgler, chafferer.

hail, v. accost, salute, address, signal.

hail-storm, n. Associated Words: paragrandine, paragrele.

hair, n. bristle; pubescence; pubes; tentaculum, palpus; lock, tress; coiffure; chignon; forelock. Associated Words: trichology, depilatory, depilitant, depilate, depilation, disheveled, bandeau, barrette, tonsure, pomade, follicle, sac, fillet, ecdysis, endysis, bandoline, piliferous, piliform, piligerous, coiffeur, tousled.

hairiness, n. hirsuteness, hirsuties, pubescence, villosity, capillament, hypertrichosis.

hairless, a. bald, glabrous, depilous.

hairsplitting, a. subtle, fine.

hair-worm, n. gordius.

hairy, a. hirsute, shaggy, bristly, pubescent.

half, adv. partially, imperfectly.

half, n. moiety.

half-blooded, a. hybrid, mongrel, degenerate, half-breed.

half-hearted, a. indifferent, lukewarm, perfunctory.

half-moon, n. crescent. Associated Word: semilunar.

halfway, adv. in the middle, imperfectly, partially.—a. intermediate, midway.

half-witted, a. imbecile, defective, silly, dull-witted, witless.

half-yearly, a. semi-annual, bi-annual.

hall, n. auditorium, lyceum; vestibule, entry, court; corridor, passage, lobby; manor-house; odeon.

hallow, v. consecrate, venerate, reverence, sanctify, bless.

hallowed, a. holy, sacred, consecrated, dedicated, blessed, sanctified.

hallucination, n. aberration, chimera, fallacy, self-deception, delusion, phantasm, illusion.

halo, n. nimbus, glory, aureola, aureole.

haloed, a. glorified, aureoled.

halve, v. bisect, dimidiate.

halving, n. bisection, dichotomy, dimidiation.

hammer, n. sledge, sledge-hammer, maul, mallet, beetle, gavel, kevel, crandall, marteline. Associated Words: peen, hephestic, poll.

hammer, v. beat, forge, malleate, beetle.

hammer and tongs. vigorously, forcibly, energetically.

hamper, v. fetter, shackle, impede, restrain, hinder, encumber, embarrass.

hamper, n. hanaper; shackle, fetter, restraint, impediment.

hamstring, n. hough.—v. disable, cripple, lame, hough.

hand, n. paw, manus. Associated Words: chirology, chiromancy, palmistry, chiropody, chiropodist, chirognomy, chirographer, chirographist, chirogymnast, chirologist, cheirosophy, manicure, chiromancer, manual, chirography, ambidextral, ambidextrous, ambidexterity, ambidexter, achirous, chiragra, fist, manacle, castanets, mount, discriminal, bimanual, bimanous.

handbag, n. satchel, reticule.

handbook, n. manual, guidebook, vade mecum, hornbook, enchiridion.

handcuff, n. manacle, fetter, shackle.

hand down. transmit (in succession).

handle, n. bail; hilt, haft.

handy, a. dexterous, adroit, ready; convenient.

hang, v. suspend; dangle; execute; droop, drop; append, attach; depend, rest; hover, impend, threaten; lean, incline, slope; lynch.

hang, n. (Colloq.) connection, arrangement, plan.

hang back. hesitate, falter, be reluctant.

hangdog, a. sneaking, ashamed, shamefaced, guilty.

hanger-on, n. tagtail, satellite, parasite, sycophant, dependant, vassal, minion, sponger, toady, heeler, toadeater, fawner, votary.

hanging, a. suspended, pendent, pendulous, pensile, dangling.

hanging, n. suspension; execution; drapery, valance, tapestry, dorsal, lambrequin. Associated Words: gallows gibbet.

hanging on. persistence, tenacity, importunity.

hangman, n. executioner.

hangnail, n. agnail.

hang out. project, protrude.

hang over. impend, project.

hang to. cling.

hanker, v. long for, yearn, crave, covet, lust.

hankering, n. longing, craving, yearning.

haphazard, n. chance, accident, random.

happen, v. occur, befall, betide; supervene, intervene.

happiness, n. felicity, blessedness, delight, gladness, pleasure, ecstasy, bliss, rapture, merriment, mirth, elation, beatitude, joy. Antonyms: sorrow, grief. Associated Words: eudemonics, eudemonist, eudemonism, eudemonic, beatify, beatification, hedonics, hedonist, hedonic, hedonism, felicific, felicitate, felicitation.

happy, a. joyous, light-hearted, gay, blissful, glad, delighted, elated, merry, ecstatic, buoyant, cheerful, gratified, joyful, beatific, rapturous, felicitous, blithe, halcyon, charmed, exultant, ravishing, gladdened; lucky, prosperous, successful; auspicious. Antonyms: See unhappy.

happy-go-lucky, a. improvident, easy-going, unthrifty.

harangue, n. declamation, ranting, effusion, screed, tirade.

harangue, v. declaim, spout, rant.

harass, v. fatigue, tire, weary; annoy, vex, torment, perplex, distress, persecute, worry, bother.

harbinger, n. forerunner, precursor, herald, messenger.

harbor, n. refuge, shelter, asylum, retreat; port, haven, destination.