Fable, n. apologue (moral fable); fiction, fabrication, myth, untruth.

fabler, n. fabulist.

fabulous, a. fictitious, feigned, unverified; exorbitant, inordinate, excessive.

face, n. countenance, visage, physiognomy, features; front, exterior; obverse; facet; effrontery, confidence, assurance, audacity, impudence. Associated Words: facial, domino, complexion, multifaced, rouge, cosmetic, grimace, Janus-faced, lineament, profile, silhouette, maskoid, smirk, physiognomist.

face, v. confront, meet; bully, bluff; veneer; plane, dress, smooth.

face ague. tic douloureux.

face guard. mask, beaver.

face to face. vis-a-vis, tete-a-tete.

facsimile, n. duplicate, copy, reproduction, likeness, counterpart.

fact, n. reality, actuality, truth.

faction, n. dissension, sedition, rebellion, insurgency, division.

factious, a. turbulent, seditious, rebellious, refractory, insubordinate.

factor, n. broker, middleman, consignee, commission merchant, agent; constituent, element.

factory, n. manufactory, shop, plant, mill.

facts, n. pl. data.

faculty, n. endowment, capability, talent, ability, knack, gift; competency, dexterity, skill ingenuity, adroitness.

fade, v. decay, decline, droop, languish, evanesce, disappear.

fadeless, a. unfading, permanent, fast, perennial.

fading, a. fugitive, evanescent, declining.

faeces, n. pl. excrement, stools.

fail, v. default, lack; deteriorate, decline, retrograde; disappoint, desert; miscarry, foil; become bankrupt.

failing, n. shortcoming, deficiency, imperfection, foible, fault, infirmity, defect, errancy, fallibility, decline, deterioration.

failure, n. failing, deficiency, shortcoming, lack; omission, pretermission, default, nonperformance, neglect, dereliction nonfulfillment, nonobservance; nonsuccess, miscarriage, frustration, abortion, foil, fizzle, fiasco; deterioration, decline, declension, retrogression; bankruptcy, insolvency.

faint, a. weak, languid, exhausted, feeble; indistinct, dim, faded, dull; timorous, faint-hearted.

faint, v. swoon.

faint-hearted, a. timorous, timid, diffident, fearful, cowardly.

faint-heartedness, n. timidity, diffidence.

fainting, n. swoon, syncope.

fair, a. impartial, equitable, unbiased, just, honorable, unprejudiced, ingenuous; average, middling, tolerable, so-so, passable; comely, attractive, pretty, handsome; blond, light; unsullied, untarnished, spotless.

fair, adv. clear, openly, frankly, honestly, favorably, auspiciously, impartially.

fair, n. bazaar; exposition.

fair and square. equitably, impartially, fairly, honestly.

fairly, adv. impartially, equitably, openly, favorably, auspiciously.

fair play. justice, equity.

fair-spoken, a. plausible, bland, civil, suave.

fairy, n. fay, elf, pigwidgeon, pixy, sprite, sylph, Puck, Robin Goodfellow, Mab, Oberon, Titania.

faith, n. credence, belief, trust, dependence, credit, reliance, confidence; dogma, tenet, creed, religion, persuasion; fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness; promise, engagement, word. Antonyms: doubt, incredulity, misgiving, unbelief. Associated Words: Fides, fiduciary, fiducial, bona fide, pistiology.

faithful, a. true, constant, stanch, unwavering, devoted, loyal; trustworthy, reliable, conscientious; exact, accurate, precise.

faithfulness, n. constancy, devotion, loyalty, fidelity, true-heartedness, fealty, allegiance, trustworthiness; exactness, accuracy.

faithless, a. unbelieving, skeptical, incredulous, doubting, disloyal, false. See unfaithful.

faithlessness, n. unbelief, incredulity, doubt; disloyalty, perfidy. See unfaithfulness.

fake, n. (Slang) trick, swindle, imposture, fraud, delusion, humbug, imposition.

fake, v. (Slang) cheat, swindle, humbug, defraud, manipulate, fraudulently.

faker, n. (Slang) trickster, swindler.

fall, v. descend, drop, gravitate; collapse, founder, slump, tumble, topple; subside, decrease, decline, settle, moderate; sin, do wrong, go astray; apostatize; empty, discharge, disembogue.

fall, n. descent, collapse, tumble, drop; decrease, decline, depreciation, slump; cadence; declivity, slope; prostration, downfall, subversion; autumn; disemboguement, discharge.

fallacious, a. sophistical, misleading, illusive, untenable, inconsistent.

fallacy, n. deception, delusion, misconception; sophism, sophistry, paralogism.

fallals, n. pl. (Colloq.) frippery, gewgaws, ornaments.

fall away. emaciate; renounce, desert, rebel; apostatize, backslide; decline, languish.

fall back. recede, retreat, retire, withdraw.

fallen, a. dropped, prostrate, degraded, depreciated, debased.

fallibility, n. errancy. Antonym: infallibility.

fallible, a. errable, erring. Antonym: infallible.

fall in. collapse, cave in.

falling away. emaciation, pining; renunciation, desertion, revolt, unfaithfulness; apostasy, defection, backsliding; decline, declension.

falling back. recession, retreat, retirement, withdrawal.

falling down. prostration, collapse.

falling in with. meeting; concurrence, agreement, compliance.

falling off. dropping; withdrawal, separation, detachment; apostasy, defection, desertion; depreciation, deterioration.

falling out. See quarrel.

falling short. deficiency, inadequacy, deficit, shortcoming.

falling sickness. epilepsy.

falling star. meteor.

falling stone. meteorite, aerolite.

falling to pieces. disintegration, dilapidation.—a. ramshackle, dilapidated, disintegrating.