pace, n. amble, rack.

pacifiable, a. placable, appeasable, conciliable.

pacify, v. appease, quiet, calm, mollify, propitiate, tranquilize.

pack, n. bundle, bale, parcel, package; multitude, number, quantity; gang; shook.

pack, v. compress, stow, truss; load, encumber.

package, n. bundle, packet, bale, parcel, pack, budget, truss, ceroon.

pact, n. compact, covenant, concordat. See agreement.

pad, n. cushion, bolster; saddle-cloth, housing.

padlock, n. Associated Words: shackle, staple, hasp.

pagan, n. See heathen.

page, n. footboy, buttons (Colloq.); folio.

page number. folio.

pail, n. bucket; piggin.

pain, v. hurt, torture, rack; distress, grieve, afflict, aggrieve.

pain, n. punishment, penalty; suffering, ache, smart, throe, rack, agony, torture, distress, qualm, discomfort, pang, excruciation, paroxysm, gripe, twinge, cramp, travail, stitch, crick, anguish; heartache, misery, dolor. Antonyms: ease, comfort, relief, solace. Associated Words: anodyne, anaesthetic, analgesic, dolorific, doloriferous, surcease, anaesthetize.

painful, a. distressing, agonizing, excruciating, dolorous, racking; toilsome, arduous, difficult.

painstaking, a. diligent, particular, precise, scrupulous. Antonyms: slovenly, negligent.

paint, n. pigment; cosmetic, rouge.

paint, v. delineate, portray, lim, depict, picture, sketch.

painting, n. Associated Words: easel, palette, grisaille, artist, art, atelier, studio.

pair, n. two, brace, couple, span, team, yoke, set.

pal, n. (Slang) partner, mate, confederate, associate, accomplice.

palace, n. mansion, castle, pretorium. Associated Words: palatine, palatial.

palaver, n. cajolery, flummery; conference, debate, talk.

pale, a. pallid, wan, colorless, ghastly, blanched, cadaverous, etiolate, ashy; dim, faint, indistinct, obscure. Antonyms: ruddy, buxom, flushed, blowzed.

pale, n. picket; boundary, limit, confine, fence; inclosure.

paleness, n. pallidness, pallor, wanness, colorlessness, etiolation.

pall, v. cloy, sate, satiate, surfeit, glut.

palled, a. surfeited, satiated.

palliate, v. excuse, apologize for, gloss over, extenuate; moderate, mitigate, temper.

palliation, n. extenuation, glossing over, excuse, apology; moderation, mitigation, alleviation.

palliative, a. lenitive, mitigative, palliatory, apologetic, extenuating.

pamper, v. overfeed, feed luxuriously; indulge, gratify, spoil, cocker.

pamphlet, n. brochure, booklet, tract.

pan, n. basin, chafer.

panacea, n. cure-all, catholicon, relief, solace, nepenthe.

pancake, n. griddlecake, flapjack, fritter.

pander, n. bawd, pimp, procurer, whoremonger.

panegyric, n. eulogy, encomium. See praise.

panic, n. consternation, terror, alarm.

panic-stricken, a. panic-struck, alarmed, dismayed, terrified, appalled.

pansy, n. heart's-ease, love-in-idleness.

pant, n. gasp, gasping.

pant, v. gasp; long, hunger, yearn, thirst.

panther, n. puma, cougar, jaguar.

panting, n. anhelation, gasping; longing, hunger, desire, thirst.

pantry, n. buttery, larder, ambry.

pants, n. pl (Colloq.) trousers, breeches, pantaloons; drawers; knickerbockers, skilts, smallclothes, kneebreeches; overalls; chaparejos, chapareras (leather breeches).

paper, n. document; essay, dissertation, article; journal, newspaper, periodical, gazette, courant. Associated Words: papyrus, parchment, papeterie, tablet, stationer, stationery, papier-mache, portfolio.

papery, a. chartaceous.

par, n. equality, equivalence.

parade, n. pomp, display, ostentation, show; procession, pageant, cavalcade; promenade.—v. display, flaunt, show off.

paradise, n. garden of Eden; Elysium; Heaven.

paragon, n. model, pattern.

parallel, a. like, similar, equal, analogous.

paralysis, n. palsy.

paralyze, v. benumb, deaden, stun, unnerve.

paralyzed person. paralytic.

paraphernalia, n. equipments, accouterments, ornaments.

parasite, n. hanger-on, toady, sycophant, fawner, flunky; zoM parasite, entozoa.

parcel, n. bundle, package; collection, lot; tract, plot, piece.

parch, v. torrefy.

parchment, n. vellum, pell, palimpsest.

pardon, n. absolution, remission, amnesty, forgiveness, condonation. Antonyms: retribution, vengeance, retaliation, implacability, penalty.

pardon, v. absolve, remit, forgive, condone.

pardonable, a. venial, excusable. Antonyms: unpardonable, inexcusable.

pare, v. peel.

parentage, n. extraction, descent, pedigree, ancestry, family, birth, lineage.

parish, n. Associated Words: parochial, parochialism, parishioner, parochialize.

parry, v. ward off, avert, prevent; avoid, evade, elude.

parson, n. See clergyman.

parsonage, n. rectory; manse; living, benefice.

part, n. portion, fraction, division, piece, constituent, installment, element, section, subdivision; quarter, region, district; share, portion, lot, allotment, assignment, duty, participation, function; role, character; clause, section, paragraph, chapter, passage, division.

part, v. divide, sever, disunite, dissever, sunder, dissociate, disconnect, detach, separate; intervene; apportion, share, mete out, allot, distribute.

partable, a. partible, separable. Antonyms: impartible, indivisible.

partake, v. share, participate in.

partaker, n. participant, participator, sharer.

partaking, n. participation.

parted, a. separated, divided, severed, disunited, isolated, detached, riven, cleft, sundered.

partial, a. warped, biased, prejudiced; imperfect, incomplete. Antonyms: See impartial.

partiality, n. bias, favoritism; predilection, inclination, fondness, predisposition, bent.

partible, a. separable, divisible, detachable, dissoluble, severable. Antonym: impartible.

particle, n. See bit; atom, molecule, monad.

particular, a. special, especial, specific; minute, precise, detailed, circumstantial; individual, separate, sole, single; characteristic, distinctive, individual, personal, peculiar; fastidious, finical, scrupulous, precise, strict. Antonyms: indiscriminate, slatternly, promiscuous, general.

particular, n. detail.

particulars, n. pl. details, minutiae.

parting, a. farewell, valedictory.

parting, n. division, disunion, severance, separation; leave-taking, farewell.

partisan, a. factionary.

partition, n. division, distribution, apportionment, allotment.

partner, n. copartner, coadjutor; colleague, associate, confederate, accessory, ally, accomplice, partaker, confrere.

partnership, n. copartnership, cahoot (Slang).

parts, n. pl. talents, gifts, faculties, endowments; regions, districts, quarters.

party, n. clique, faction, set, circle, ring, cabal, coterie, junto; function, reception, salon, soiree, levee, matinee, drawing-room; company, squad, detachment, troop; partaker, participant; person, somebody.

party-colored, a. variegated.

party man. partisan.

pass, v. elapse, lapse; transmit, deliver, hand; go, move, proceed, advance; disappear, vanish, recede, depart; pass by, omit, pretermit; overstep, overpass; transude.

pass, n. passageway, defile, passage; thrust, passado, lunge, allonge; condition, plight, predicament, state, conjuncture, situation; passport, safe-conduct.

passable, a. navigable, traversable, penetrable; tolerable, mediocre, middling, so-so, ordinary, fair. Antonyms: impassable, impervious, impenetrable.

passage, n. transit; fare; clause, sentence, paragraph; enactment; corridor, hall; gangway; slype; pass, defile.

passing, a. exceeding, surpassing; transient, momentary, transitory, fleeting, impermanent.

passing, adv. exceedingly, surpassingly.

passion, n. suffering, pain, agony; emotion, ardor, feeling, pathos; wrath, fury, anger; love, infatuation, transport.

passionate, a. irascible, quick-tempered, choleric, excitable, waspish; ardent, fervid, vehement, impassioned, fervent.

passionless, a. impassive, phlegmatic, stoical, unemotional, dispassionate, apathetic.

passive, a. inactive, quiet, inert, receptive, quiescent, patient, unresisting, submissive.

pass over. traverse.

passport, n. pass, safe-conduct; sea letter.

password, n. countersign, watchword, sesame.

past, n. Associated Words: preterist, preterition, pretermission, preteritive, preterit, aorist, aoristic, retrospect, retrospective, retrospection, antiquary, antiquity, antiquarian, quondam, antecedent, antecedence, antecedents.

past, a. bygone, elapsed; preterite, preterit.

pastime, n. amusement, sport, diversion, recreation, divertisement, entertainment, play, fun.

pastor, n. See clergyman.

pat, a. suitable, fit, convenient, timely, pertinent, appropriate.

patch, n. clout; tract, plot, parcel.—v. mend, repair, vamp, revamp.

patent, a. evident, obvious, manifest, apparent.

path, n. footway, runway, course, passage, route, avenue, trottoir, trail; towpath, heelpath, berm.

pathetic, a. plaintive, pitiable, piteous, mournful, sad.

pathless, a. untrodden, unexplored, trackless, impenetrable.

patience, n. long-suffering, fortitude, resignation, submission, sufferance; indulgence, leniency, forbearance; persistence, diligence, perseverance. Antonyms: impatience, restiveness, resistance.

patient, a. uncomplaining, submissive, resigned, passive, long-suffering, indulgent; diligent.

patriotism, n. amor patriae. Antonyms: incivism, chauvinism.

patron, n. supporter, promoter, defender, guardian, benefactor; customer.

patronizing, a. condescending.

pattern, n. model, exemplar, original, prototype, archetype; specimen, example; copy, reproduction; delineator, protractor. Associated word: exemplary.

pattern, v. model, copy, imitate, follow.

paunch, n. abdomen.

pauperism, n. penury, indigence.

pauperize, v. impoverish.

pause, n. intermission, suspension, break; hesitation; break, caesura.

pause, v. stop, hesitate, desist, waver, intermit.

pawn, v. pledge, impawn.

pay, v. compensate, remunerate, recompense, requite, indemnify, reward, commute; retaliate, punish; liquidate, defray, settle, discharge; be profitable; disburse (payout). Antonyms: repudiate, protest, bilk, defraud.

pay, n. compensation, remuneration, recompense, requital, emolument, salary, wages, fee, tip, honorarium, stipend, reward, hire, allowance, perquisite.

payable, a. due, unpaid, outstanding; remunerable.

pay back. reimburse, refund, restore, repay, requite, indemnify; retaliate.

paying, a. profitable, lucrative, gainful, remunerative.

paying back. reimbursement, refunding, restitution, requital, indemnification, restoration, repayment; retaliation, requital, reprisal, retribution.

paymaster, n. purser.

payment, n. paying, compensation, remuneration liquidation, discharge, reparation, settlement, recompense, defrayment, amends; retaliation, retribution, paying back. Antonyms: nonpayment, protest, repudiation, default, defalcation, appropriation.

peace, n. concord, amity, harmony; tranquillity, quietness, repose, calmness, serenity; reconciliation, compromise, pacification; armistice, truce.

peaceable, a. amicable, inoffensive; tranquil, serene, undisturbed, placid, peaceful, quiet. Antonyms: bellicose, belligerent, contentious, rebellious, pugnacious.

peaceably, adv. amicably.

peaceful, a. amicable, tranquil, peaceable, halcyon.

peacemaker, n. mediator, intercessor, pacificator, make-peace, arbitrator, intermediary.

peacemaking, a. pacificatory, conciliatory, intercessory, propitiatory, mediatorial, irenic, intercessional.

peacemaking, n. mediation, pacification, reconciliation, intercession, propitiation, pacation, compromise, intervention, arbitration, negotiation, irenics, irenicon.

peace-offering, n. atonement, reparation, amends.

peach, v. (Colloq.) tell on, betray.

peacock, n. bird of Juno, Pavo. Associated word: pavonine.

peak, n. apex, pinnacle, summit, crest, spire, point, top, crown, finial.

peaked, a. pointed; (Cottoq.) sickly, thin, pale, emaciated.

peal, v. resound, reverberate, echo, boom.

peal, n. reverberation, resounding.

peanut, n. groundnut, earthnut, goober.

pear cider. perry.

pearl, n. margarite; jewel, gem; baroque pearl; nacre (mother-of-pearl).

pearl-producing, a. margaritiferous.

pearly, a. nacreous, pearlaceous, pellucid, iridescent.

pear-shaped, a. pyriform.

peart, a. (Colloq.) lively, active, smart, brisk.

peasant, n. rustic, swain, hind.

pease, n. pl. legumes, pulse; hastings. Associated Word: leguminous.

pea-shaped, a. pisiform.

peck at. carp at, nag, tease, importune, twit.

peculation, n. embezzlement.

peculator, n. embezzler.

peculiar, a. individual, personal, particular; singular, eccentric, erratic, queer, odd, exceptional, unique, bizarre, grotesque, nondescript, unusual, unconventional.

peculiarity, n. characteristic, trait, attribute, idiosyncrasy, eccentricity, oddness.

peddle, v. hawk, vend.

peddler, n. hawker, huckster, vender, chapman, cadger, packman, coster.

peddler's pack. wallet.

peddling, n. hucksterage, hawking.

pedigree, n. lineage, ancestry, descent, extraction, genealogy.

peek, v. peep.

peel, n. rind, skin.—v. pare, decorticate. Antonym: pulp.

peep, v. chirp, cheep, pule; peer, peek, pry.

peer, n. equal, match, mate, compeer; nobleman, noble, lord.

peerless, a. matchless, unrivalled, inimitable, incomparable, unsurpassed, superlative, nonpareil, transcendent, supreme, unequalled.

peevish, a. petulant, querulous, captious, spleeny, fretful, impatient, cross.

peg, n. pin, spilikin; pretext, support, reason; degree, step.

pellmell, adv. disorderly, confusedly, helter-skelter.

pelt, n. woolfell, fell.

pelt, v. batter, beat, assail, pepper.

pen, v. confine, coop, encage, corral.

pen, n. coop, sty, cote, enclosure, hutch, paddock, pound, pinfold, corral, stockade.

penalty, n. punishment, retribution; forfeiture, fine, mulct.

pending, a. undecided, unsettled.—prep. during.

penetrable, a. permeable, pervious. Antonym: impenetrable.

penetrate, v. pierce, perforate; comprehend, understand; explore; interpenetrate.

penetrating, a. piercing, subtile, penetrant, sharp; acute, discerning, penetrative.

penetration, n. piercing, perforation; acuteness, discernment, sharpness; interpenetration.

peninsula, n. chersonese.

penis, n. Associated Words: penial, foreskin, prepuce, glans, urethra, chordee, erection, orgasm, corpus spangiosum, priapism, phimosis, smegma, phallus, bougie.

penitence, n. contrition, repentance, remorse, compunction. Antonym: impenitence.

penitent, a. contrite, remorseful. Antonyms: impenitent, incontrite.

penitentiary, n. prison.

penman, n. calligrapher, calligraphist, chirographer, chirographist, writer.

penmanship, n. writing, calligraphy, pencraft, chirography.

pen name. pseudonym, nom de plume.

penniless, a. impecunious, indigent, destitute. See poor.

pennilessness, n. impecuniosity, indigence, poverty, destitution.

penny, n. cent; groat, stiver; denarius.

penny-a-liner, n. hack, hack writer.

pensive, a. meditative, dreamy, lackadaisical, introspective, thoughtful, sad, grave.

Pentecost, n. Whitsunday, Whitsuntide.

penthouse, n. lean-to.

pent up. confined, restrained, restricted.

penurious, a. miserly, stingy, niggardly, parsimonious, avaricious, grasping.

penury, n. poverty, indigence.

people, n. folks; inhabitants, population, citizens; populace, commonalty, rabble, canaille; relatives, relations, kindred; laity.

people, v. populate, colonize.

peopled, a. inhabited, populated.

pepper, n. capsicum.

peppery, a. pungent; irascible, hot-tempered, choleric.

perceive, v. see, discern, observe; apprehend, comprehend, understand. See see.

perception, n. cognizance, discernment; sensation, feeling. Antonym: imperception.

perch, n. roost.

perchance, adv. perhaps, peradventure, possibly, maybe.

perchers, n. pl. Insessores.

percolate, v. ooze, strain, filter, transude.

percolation, n. filtration, straining, transuding.

perdition, n. ruin, wreck, destruction; hell.

perennial, a. perpetual, undying, imperishable.

perfect, a. consummate, faultless, flawless, exquisite, inviolate, impeccable, infallible, correct, mature, ideal, irreproachable, blameless. Antonyms: See imperfect.

perfect, v. consummate, elaborate, retouch, develop.

perfection, n. faultlessness, consummation, impeccability.

perfidious, a. See unfaithful.

perfidy, n. treachery, faithlessness, disloyalty, unfaithfulness.

perforate, v. bore through, pierce, penetrate, drill.

perforation, n. piercing, penetration; hole, opening, pertusion, aperture. Antonyms: imperforation, imperforable.

perforator, n. cephalotome.

perform, v. accomplish, execute, do.

performance, n. execution, achievement, accomplishment; trick, feat, exploit, stunt, deed, act.

performer, n. acrobat, funambulist, equilibrist, tumbler, contortionist, aerosaltant, actor, player, impersonator.

perfume, n. fragrance, aroma, redolence, sachet, incense, emanation, odor; attar, musk, patchouli, frankincense, civet, myrrh, pastil, pulvillio. Associated Words: exhale, exhalation, cassolette, perfumer, perfumery.

perhaps, adv. perchance, peradventure, possibly, haply.

peril, n. See danger.

perilous, a. dangerous, hazardous, imperiled, unsafe. Antonyms: See safe.

period, n. interval.

perishable, a. destructible, impermanent, mortal. Antonyms: imperishable, permanent.

perjury, n. oath-breaking. Associated Words: suborn subornation, suborner, perjurer, perjurous, forswear.

perk, a. vain, trim, spruce, smart, jaunty.

permanence, n. durability, imperishability, stability, permanency.

permanent, a. stable, immutable, durable, imperishable, unchangeable, abiding, indestructible. Antonyms: impermanent, evanescent, ephemeral, transient.

permeable, a. penetrable, pervious, pervadible. Antonym: impermeable.

permission, n. consent, allowance, license, leave, permit, authorization, warrant. Antonyms: refusal, denial, embargo, injunction, veto, prohibition, resistance.

permit, v. allow, consent to, suffer, tolerate, let, authorize, indulge, license, empower. Antonyms: refuse, disallow, prohibit, resist.

permit, n. warrant, license, leave, permission.

pernicious, a. deleterious, harmful, noisome, baleful, vicious.

pernickety, a. (Colloq.) finical, particular, fastidious, fussy.

perpendicular, a. upright, vertical. Antonyms: horizontal oblique.

perpetual, a. See everlasting.

perplex, v. bewilder, puzzle, pose, confuse, mystify, distract, disconcert, entangle.

perplexed, a. bewildered, confused, puzzled, disconcerted.

perplexing, a. bewildering, confusing, carking, mystifying, puzzling.

perplexity, n. bewilderment, distraction, confusion, disconcertion, doubt, uncertainty, predicament, dilemma, plight, quandary, difficulty, strait.

persecute, v. harass, oppress, tyrannize, torment, dragoon, importune, annoy, hector, badger.

persecution, n. oppression, molestation, importunity.

perseverance, n. persistence, diligence, constancy, indefatigableness, assiduity, pertinacity.

persevere, v. persist, continue.

persevering, a. persistent, steadfast, untiring, indefatigable, pertinacious, unremitting, indomitable. Antonyms: inconstant, fickle, unsteadfast.

persist, v. persevere.

persistency, n. perseverance, doggedness, pertinacity, obstinacy, contumacy, insistence.

persistent, a. contumacious, persevering, insistent, pertinacious, tenacious, importunate, constant.

personality, n. individuality; reflection, stricture, animadversion, criticism.

personally, adv. individually.

personate, v. impersonate.

personation, n. impersonation.

perspiration, n. See sweat.

perspire, v. sweat.

persuade, v. induce.

persuasion, n. inducement, suasion, incitement; creed, belief. Antonyms: dissuasion, coercion, constraint.

persuasive, a. persuasory.

pert, a. sprightly, dapper, nimble; forward, bold, saucy, malapert.

pertain, v. appertain.

pertinacious, a. resolute, determined, stubborn.

pertinacity, n. resoluteness, persistence, doggedness, stubbornness.

pertinence, n. relevancy, applicability, propriety. Antonyms: impertinence, irrelevance.

pertinent, a. relevant, apposite, applicable, proper. Antonyms: impertinent, irrelevant.

perturb, v. disquiet, excite, disturb, agitate, discompose, distress.

perturbation, n. excitement, agitation, discomposure, distress, disconcertion, worry. Antonyms: composure, imperturbation, calmness.

perturbed, a. excited, distressed, worried, discomposed, agitated.

perusal, n. reading.

peruse, v. read.

perverse, a. perverted, misdirected, erring, depraved, vitiated; intractable, obstinate, stubborn, contrary, headstrong, indocile. Antonyms: See obedient.

perversion, n. debasement, vitiation, corruption, falsification.

pervert, v. lead astray, corrupt, debase, vitiate; misuse, misapply, misinterpret, distort, falsify.

pervious, a. permeable, penetrable. Antonym: impervious.

pesky, a. (Colloq.) vexatious, troublesome.

pessimistic, a. gloomy, foreboding, hopeless.

pest, n. pestilence, plague, scourge; curse, nuisance, annoyance, infliction, bane.

pester, v. plague, badger, harass, harry, tease, torment, hector, disturb, molest.

pest house, n. lazaretto, lazar-house.

pestiferous, a. infectious, contagious, pestilential; noxious, noisome.

pestilence, n. plague, scourge, fatal epidemic.

pestilent, a. pestiferous.

pet, n. fondling, darling, favorite; cosset; tiff.

pet, v. humor, coddle, fondle, cosset, caress, indulge.

pet, a. favorite, petted, cade.

peter out. (Slang) dwindle.

petition, n. entreaty, supplication, prayer.

petition, v. entreat, supplicate, pray.

petitioner, n. suppliant, applicant, solicitor.

petrifaction, n. lapidification, petrescence, lapidescence; fossil, stone.

petrify, v. lapidify, fossilize.

petticoat, n. underskirt; balmoral.

petty, a. small, insignificant, trivial, trifling.

petulant, a. See cross.

pew, n. slip.

phantom, n. spectre, apparition, ghost.

phantomlike, a. spectral, ghostly.

pharmaceutist, n. apothecary, druggist.

pharmacist, n. apothecary, druggist, pharmaceutist.

phase, n. aspect, appearance.

phase, v. (Colloq.) disconcert, disturb, discompose, affect.

philistine, a. uncultured, commonplace.

phiz, n. (Colloq.) face, visage, countenance, physiognomy.

phlegm, n. mucus.

phlegm, n. dullness, sluggishness, coldness, indifference.

phlegmatic, a. unemotional, cold, dull, sluggish.

phonograph, n. graphophone.

photograph, n. heliograph.

photography, n. heliography.

phrase, n. idiom; diction, phraseology.

phrenologist, n. craniologist.

phrenology, n. craniology.

physic, n. medicine; cathartic, purge, purgative.

physic, v. purge.

physical, a. material, bodily.

physical structure. physique.

physician, n. See doctor.

piano, n. pianoforte.

piazza, n. veranda, portico, stoop, porch.

pick, v. pluck; pick out, select, choose, cull, glean.

pick, n. pickax; choice; spike, pike; plectrum.

picket, n. stake, pale, paling; sentry, guard, watchman, sentinel.

pickle, n. brine; (Colloq.) dilemma, predicament, plight; marinade.

pickpocket, n. cutpurse, chevalier d'industrie (French).

picture, v. delineate, sketch, draw, represent, depict.

picture, n. drawing, painting, engraving, half-tone, photograph, print, miniature, daguerreotype, chromo, icon, chromotype, mezzotint, pastel, lithograph, lithotint, cartoon, sketch, etching, chromolithograph, pasticcio, tableau, portrait, illustration, cyclorama, silhouette, carte-de-visite, minette, caricature, vignette, draught, aquarelle, thermotype, tintype, ambrotype, cabinet, heliograph, chrysotype, photogravure, oleograph, cut, negative, study, likeness, scene, landscape, view, stereogram, stereograph, panorama, aristotype, heliotype, diorama, diaphanotype, decalcomania, mosaic, photoengraving, inconograph.

piddle, v. trifle.

piddling, a. trifling, inconsiderable, insignificant, piffling, inconsequential.

piebald, a. spotted, dappled, pied, pintado, pinto, party-colored.

piece, n. scrap, swatch, clout, chunk, slice, clipping, chip, hunk, hunch, fragment, fillet, shard; essay, article, composition; etude (Mus.).

piece, v. patch, repair; augment.

pied, a. mottled, spotted, piebald, dappled, party-colored.

pieplant, n. rhubarb.

pier, n. wharf, dock, jetty, buttress.

pierce, v. transfix, stab, impale, gore; penetrate, bore, perforate, drill.

pierced, a. perforated, penetrated.

piercer, n. stiletto, eyeleteer, gimlet, awl, bodkin.

piercing, a. penetrating, keen, sharp, thrilling, poignant.

piercing, n. penetration, perforation, impalement, transfixion, boring.

piety, n. sanctity, godliness, holiness.

piffle, n. trifling.—v. trifle, piddle.

piffling, a. trifling.

pig, n. shoat, far; gilt (young female); whinock; hog, swine. Associated Words: porcine, farrow, litter, barrow, boar, sow, pork.

pigeon-house, n. dove-cote, columbary.

piggery, n. pig pen, sty, pigsty.

pigheaded, a. stubborn, perverse.

pig pen, n. sty, pigsty, piggery.

pigtail, n. queue.

pile, n. heap, stack, accumulation.

pile, v. heap, stack, accumulate.

piles, n. hemorrhoids.

pilfer, v. filch, purloin.

pilfering, n. filching, theft, pilfery.

pilgrim, n. wayfarer, traveler, sojourner, crusader.

pilgrimage, n. journey, expedition, sojourn, crusade.

pilgrim's staff. bourdon.

pillage, n. devastation, plundering, rapine, spoliation; spoil, plunder, booty, loot.

pillage, v. sack, plunder, despoil, devastate, foray.

pillar, n. column, pier, shaft, post, obelisk, monolith; supporter, maintainer.

pillow, n. cushion, bolster.

pilot, n. steersman, helmsman; director, guide, conductor.

pilot, v. guide, steer, direct.

pimp, n. procurer, bawd, pander.—v. pander, bawd.

pimple, n. eruption, papule, pustule.

pin, n. peg, bolt, skewer, spilikin, spile, plug, linchpin.

pinafore, n. apron, tier.

pinch, n. twinge, tweak, twitch; exigency, strait.

pinch, v. squeeze, compress, twinge, tweak, gripe, nip; cramp, straiten, oppress; skrimp.

pinch, v. (Slang) arrest.

pinchbeck, a. sham, spurious, brummagem.

pinchers, n. pl. pincers, tweezers, pliers, nippers, forceps.

pinching, a. griping, compressing, nipping, skrimping.

pine, v. droop, languish, waste; yearn, long—n. deal.

pining, a. languishing, fading, drooping.

pinion, n. feather; wing.

pink, v. scallop.

pinnacle, n. peak, summit, top, apex, zenith; finial.

pious, a. religious, devout, saintly, righteous, reverent. Antonym: impious.

pip, n. seed; roup.

pipe, n. tube, conduit, aqueduct.

pipe, n. tobacco pipe, clay pipe; nargile, nargileh; hubble-bubble; hookah; chibouque; dudeen.

piped, a. tubular.

pipe of peace. calumet.

pipe-shaped, a. tubular.

piping, a. peaceful, favorable; shrill, acute; sizzling, boiling, hissing.

piquancy, n. pungency, sharpness, spiciness; raciness, liveliness.

piquant, a. pungent, spicy; racy, lively.

pique, n. displeasure, resentment, vexation, umbrage.

pique, v. displease, offend.

piracy, n. freebooting, sea-robbery.

pirate, n. sea-robber, buccaneer, picaroon, corsair, freebooter, viking.

pirate's flag. Jolly Roger.

piratical, a. predatory.

pismire, n. emmet.

piss, n. urine.—v. urinate.

pit, n. hollow, hole, excavation, cavity; abyss; parquet; quarry; endocarp, stone, putamen.

pitapat, adv. in a flutter, flutteringly.

pitch, n. slope, declivity, slant.

pitch, n. bitumen, asphaltum.

pitch, v. cast, hurl, toss, throw, fling, heave, chuck; plunge; decline, slope, slant.

pitcher, n. jug, ewer, jar, toby, aiguiere.

pitcher-shaped, a. urceolate.

pitch into. (Slang) attack, assault, assail.

piteous, a. compassionate, merciful; mournful, plaintive, doleful.

pitfall, n. snare, trap, pit.

pith, n. marrow; gist, heart, essence, substance.

pithy, a. sententious, laconic.

pitiable, a. sad, piteous, lamentable, deplorable.

pitiful, a. tender-hearted, compassionate, merciful, lenient, ruthful, clement; lamentable, piteous, sad, sorrowful; despicable, contemptible, abject, mean.

pitiless, a. See unmerciful.

pittance, n. dole.

pity, n. compassion, mercy, ruth, commiseration, condolence, sympathy.

pity, v. have pity for, condole with, commiserate.

pitying, a. commiserative, sympathetic, tender, merciful.

pivot pin. pintle.

placable, a. appeasable, pacifiable.

placard, n. broadside, poster, bill, affiche.

place, a. position, site, situation, locality; rendezvous, tryst; duty, function, post, work, office; stead, lieu.

place, v. deposit, locate, dispose, put, set, station, establish, attribute, impute, ascribe, assign; identify.

place between. interpose.

plague, n. pestilence.

plague, v. hector, tantalize, tease, badger, pester, twit, nag, torment, harass, harry.

plaguy, a. (Colloq.) troublesome, vexatious, annoying.

plaid, a. checkered, crossbarred.

plaid cloth of Scotland. tartan.

plain, n. prairie, field, savanna, pampas, steppe, llano, champaign, campagna, heath, moor, camass, downs, tundra, veldt, peneplain.

plain, a. evident, manifest, explicit, obvious, unmistakable, distinct, apparent, palpable, patent; unembellished, simple, austere, severe, ungarnished, unadorned, untrimmed; homely, uncomely; flat, level, even, smooth, plane; unaffected, simple, artless, outspoken, undesigning, ingenuous, unreserved, direct; frugal, homely; unvaried, unfigured; mere, absolute, unmistakable. Antonyms: ambiguous, equivocal, indistinct, indecipherable, elaborate, luxurious, cryptic, abstruse, ornate, enigmatic, vague, inexplicable, obscure, complex, intricate, embellished.

plain, adv. plainly, distinctly, bluntly, candidly, explicitly.

plain-dealing, n. honesty.

plain song. Gregorian chant, canto fermo.

plain-spoken, a. frank, candid, unreserved, outspoken.

plaint, n. complaint, lamentation.

plaintiff, n. complainant.

plaintive, a. piteous, melancholy, sad, sorrowful, doleful.

plait, n. braid, plat, gather, ruffle, gauffering, plication, fluting, kilting.

plait, v. braid, plat, flute.

plaited, a. pleated, kilted.

plan, n. diagram, draught.

plan, v. scheme, project, intend, devise, contrive, design, purpose.

planetarium, n. orrery.

plant, n. vegetable, herb; pl. flora (plants of a region).

plant, v. sow; settle, establish.

plant-eaters, n. pl. Herbivora.

plant-eating, a. herbivorous, phytivorous, plantivorous, phytophagous.

plant-eating, n. phytophagy.

plant green. chlorophyll, fecula.

plant louse. aphis, aphid, aphidian; pl. aphides, aphidae.

plastic, a. formative, creative; impressible, fictile.

plat, v. braid, plait.

plateau, n. table-land, mesa.

platform, n. rostrum, stage, dais.

platitude, n. banality.

platitudinous, a. banal, trite, commonplace.

platter, n. trencher.

plaudit, n. applause, acclaim, acclamation.

plausibility, n. speciousness.

plausible, a. specious; glib, fluent, oily, smooth-tongued. Antonym: implausible.

play, v. frolic, sport, gambol, disport, frisk, skip, caper, romp, revel; wanton, dally, toy, twiddle; impersonate, personate, act; perform, execute; strum, thrum; gamble; simulate, pretend, feign, dissemble.

play, n. game, pastime, amusement, recreation, diversion, sport, disport, gambols, frolic, jest, merriment; action, use, employment, practice, exercise; comedy, drama, melodrama, farce, burlesque; dalliance, toying, twiddling; liberty, scope, swing. Associated Words: dramaturgy, dramaturgist, dramatic, dramatize, dramatization, theater, role, repertoire.

playday, n. holiday.

player, n. idler, drone; actor, thespian, tragedian, comedian, imitator, impersonator, mime, mimic; performer, instrumentalist.

playful, a. sportive, frolicsome, prankish, jocular, sprightly, wanton.

play off. feign, simulate, dissemble.

plaything, n. bauble, gimcrack, toy.

play-writer, n. playwright, dramatist.

plea, n. defense, excuse, apology, vindication, intercession, prayer, entreaty.

plead, v. reason, argue; apologize; defend, advocate, intercede.

pleader, n. intercessor, defender, advocate.

pleasant, a. agreeable, genial, congenial, affable, amiable, enjoyable, good-humored, pleasurable. Antonyms: unpleasant, disagreeable, uncongenial, repellent, repelling, austere, unamiable, inaffable, dreary, dismal, offensive.

pleasantry, n. badinage, banter, raillery, witticism, joke, jest, jocularity, drollery, waggery, jollity, humor.

please, v. rejoice, gladden, delight, gratify, cheer, elate; satisfy, content; like, choose, prefer.

pleasing, a. pleasant, delightful, gratifying, delectable, gracious, winning.

pleasure, n. gratification, enjoyment, happiness, delectation, delight; amusement, recreation, diversion; will, choice, preference, desire; voluptuousness, sensuality. Antonym: displeasure.

pleat, n. plait.

pledge, n. gage, security, hostage, guarantee.

pledge, v. pawn, impawn, hypothecate, plight.

plenteous, a. plentiful.

plentiful, a. abundant, bounteous, ample, galore, copious, full, sufficient, lavish, replete, unstinted, prolific. Antonyms: scarce, deficient, inadequate, insufficient, scant, niggardly.

plenty, n. abundance, sufficiency, plenitude. Antonyms: See scarcity.

plethora, n. superabundance, superfluity, excess, repletion; hyperaemia.

pliability, n. flexibility, suppleness, pliancy, limberness, ductility, malleability. Antonyms: inflexibility, rigidity. See inflexibility.

pliable, a. flexible, pliant, supple, limber, lithesome, lithe, flexile, malleable; irresolute, yielding, facile, compliant. Antonyms: impliable, inflexible.

plight, n. condition, state, dilemma, predicament, situation, scrape.

plight, v. pawn, pledge; promise, betroth.

plod, v. trudge, tramp.

plodding, a. hardworking, diligent.

plot, n. conspiracy, intrigue, machination, cabal, complot; plat; imbroglio (complicated plot). Associated Word: marplot.

plot, v. conspire, intrigue, cabal, complot, machinate, scheme.

plotter, n. conspirator, intriguer, intrigant, machinator, caballer, intrigante (female).

plowable, a. arable. Antonym: inarable.

plowland, n. arable, carucate.

plowman, n. plower, husbandman.

pluck, v. pull, draw; pick, gather.

pluck, n. courage, energy, spirit, stamina, pluckiness.

plucky, a. courageous, spirited, indomitable, resolute, unflinching, game.

plug, n. stopper, stopple, bung, tampoon, spile, tampion, spigot.

plumb, a. perpendicular, upright, true.

plume, v. preen, prink; pride, vaunt, boast, glory.

plump, a. fleshy, bouncing, chubby, fat, portly, stout; blunt, unreserved, unqualified.

plunder, n. booty, spoil, loot, pillage, robbery.

plunder, v. pillage, loot, rob.

plunderer, n. pillager, robber, spoiler, depredator, marauder.

plunge, v. souse, immerse, submerge, dip, douse; dive, pitch.

pocket, n. bag, sack, pouch, placket, sabretasche.

pocket-book, n. purse, wallet, portemonnaie.

pockmarked, a. pockpitted, pockfretten, pocky, pitted.

pod, n. capsule, legume, burr, shale, boll.

poem, n. sonnet, ballad, verse, distich, lyric, elegy, eclogue, idyl, madrigal, epic, ode, georgic, cid, rondeau, epilogue, epigram, elegiac, roundelay, dithyramb, dithyrambic, doggerel, rhapsody.

poet, n. bard; laureate; versifier, rhymster, poetaster; troubadour, jongleur.

poetaster, n. rhymster, verse-monger, versifier.

poetical, a. metrical, rhythmic.

poetry, n. verse, rhyme, poems, poesy, orthometry, versification, prosody, poetics. Antonym: prose. Associated Word: anthology.

poignant, a. pricking, piercing, pungent.

point, n. prick, gad, goad; punctilio, nicety, subtlety; poignancy, sting; degree, step, stage; ferrule; zenith (highest point); nadir (lowest point); aiglet, tag; apex, tip.

point, v. aim, level, direct; show, indicate, designate; punctuate; taper.

point-blank, a. direct, plain, unqualified, unreserved.

pointed, a. sharp, picked, peaked, tapering, conical. Antonyms: pointless, dull.

pointer, n. indicator, index.

pointing, n. sharpening; punctuation; designation, indication.

poise, n. equipoise, balance, equilibrium.

poise, v. balance, librate.

poison, n. venom, virus, toxine, toxicant, irritant, taint, bane, ptomaine. Associated Words: toxicology, toxicophobia, toxicomania, toxiferous, toxicologist, antidote, alexiteric, venenific, septiferous, envenom, infect.

poisoning, n. toxication, venenation; autotoxication (self-poisoning); tainting, vitiation, infection.

poisonous, a. toxic, toxical, venomous, noxious, baneful, virulent, malignant. Antonyms: nonpoisonous, antidotal.

poisonousness, n. toxicity, venomousness, virulence, malignancy.

poke, n. bag, sack, pocket; thrust, punch, jog, dig; dawdler, bore.

poke, v. stir up, excite; punch, thrust; gore, hook; grope.

poke fun at. (Colloq.) ridicule, deride.

poker-painting, n. pyrography, xylopyrography.

poky, a. (Colloq.) slow, dull, tiresome, tedious, prosaic.

polar lights. aurora borealis (northern); aurora australis (southern);

Pole, n. Polander, Polack.

pole, n. shaft, thill (of a vehicle); rod, perch; bergstock, alpenstock; poy (rope-dancer's pole); 5 1/2 yards, 30 1/4 square yards; jalons; quant.

polestar, n. north star, polar star, Polaris, loadstar, Cynosure.

polish, v. burnish, furbish.

polish, n. gloss, luster, sheen, glaze, glazing; courtliness, refinement.

polished, a. burnished, glistening, bright; courtly, elegant refined.

polite, a. courtly, civil, courteous, suave, urbane, deferential debonair, mannerly. Antonyms: See impolite.

politeness, n. courtliness, courtesy, civility, suavity, urbanity, deference, amenity, comity.

politic, a. political; judicious, discreet, shrewd, astute; diplomatic, strategic, artful.

politician, n. statesman, statist; demagogue (unprincipled and factious).

polliwog, n. tadpole, purwiggy.

poll tax. capitation.

pollute, v. defile, contaminate, corrupt, infect, debase, vitiate, desecrate, befoul.

pollution, n. defilement, contamination, corruption, infection debasement, vitiation.

poltroon, n. coward, craven, dastard.

pommel, v. beat, pound, maul, belabor, cudgel, thwack, club.

pomp, n. pageantry, parade, pageant.

pompous, a. stately, imposing, august; pretentious, grandiose See bombastic.

pond, n. lake (small); lagoon.

ponder, v. meditate, reflect, ruminate, think, muse.

ponderous, a. massive, heavy, cumbersome; dull, spiritless momentous, important.

pooh-pooh, v. (Colloq.) deride.

poor, a. indigent, impecunious, needy, poverty—stricken, straitened, necessitous, penniless, eleemosynary; emaciated, skinny, lean, spare, meager, bony, gaunt, thin, haggard, scrawny, angular, peaked, rawboned, pinched; inferior, mean, shabby, seedy, tacky, worthless; barren, sterile, effete infecund, inarable, exhausted, infertile; miserable, wretched, faulty, defective; despicable, contemptible, abject, sordid, sorry; unfavorable, inauspicious, unpropitious.

poorhouse, n. almshouse, infirmary.

pope, n. bishop of Rome, pontiff, Pontifex Maximus. Associated words: papal, papacy, paparchy, popish, see, popedom, popery, ablegate, nuncio, legate, Vatican, pontifical.

poppinjay, n. dandy, coxcomb. See fop.

populace, n. commonalty, proletariat, rabble.

popular, a. approved.

popularity, n. favor, esteem, approbation, celebrity.

population, n. inhabitants.

porch, n. piazza, stoop, veranda, porte-cochere, portico.

pork, n. Associated Words: trichina, trichinosis.

porous, a. permeable, penetrable, pervious, percolable. Antonyms: imporous, compact.

porridge dish. porringer.

port, n. harbor, haven; port-hole, embrasure; larboard; deportment, carriage, bearing, demeanor.

portend, v. foretoken, bode, presage, foreshadow, augur.

portentous, a. ominous, premonitory; monstrous, prodigious.

porter, n. doorkeeper, concierge.

portico, n. colonnade, arcade; porch.

portion, n. part, section, piece; allotment, quota, share, contingent; inheritance; dowry.

portly, a. dignified, imposing, stately, commanding; fleshy, obese, corpulent, stout.

portray, v. delineate, depict, picture, draw, sketch, paint, describe.

portrayal, n. delineation, description, account, recital, painting, depiction.

pose, n. attitude, posture (assumed).—v. attitudinize; nonplus, bewilder, embarrass.

position, n. situation, post; attitude, posture; situation, place, job; rank, standing, status; state, condition, circumstances.

positive, a. definite, precise, unequivocal, explicit, catagorical, unmistakable; confident, certain, sure; veritable, actual, absolute; indisputable; peremptory, dogmatic.

posse, n. (Colloq.) crowd, throng, multitude.

possess, v. own; have, hold, occupy; seize, take, appropriate.

possession, n. ownership, occupancy, tenure, fruition, retention, occupation.

possessor, n. owner, proprietor; occupant, tenant, holder.

possibility, n. potentiality, contingency. Antonym: impossibility.

possible, a. potential, in posse, contingent, practicable. Antonym: impossible.

possibly, adv. maybe, perhaps, perchance, peradventure, haply.

post, n. column, pillar, pilaster; position, seat, station; office, employment, station; bollard, stanchion, pile, newel, puncheon.

post, v. placard, announce; mail.

posted, a. (Colloq.) informed.

poster, n. placard, bulletin, bill.

posterior, a. later, subsequent, ensuing, succeeding; hinder, rear.

post-mortem, n. autopsy, necropsy.

postpone, v. defer, delay, put off, procrastinate, adjourn, prorogue.

postponement, n. deferring, delay, procrastination.

posture, n. attitude.

posy, n. flower, nosegay, boutonniere, bouquet.

pot, n. kettle; chamber-pot, jorden, urinal; jardiniere.

potboy, n. menial, scullion.

potent, a. powerful, forcible, cogent, effective, strong.

pother, n. confusion, commotion, flutter, bustle, stir.

potter, v. trifle, pother.

potter's wheel. jigger, throw.

pouch, n. bag, sack; paunch; marsupium.

poultice, n. cataplasm.

pound, v. beat; comminute, pulverize, bray, triturate; maul, belabor; impound.

pound, n. pinfold; sixteen ounces (avoir.); twelve ounces (troy); sovereign, $4.86.

pounder, n. pestle.

pour, v. decant.

pouring, n. decantation.

poverty, n. penury, indigence, need, destitution, privation, neediness, impecuniosity, pauperism; deficiency, paucity, infecundity, dearth, lack, meagerness, sterility, barrenness. Associated Words: impoverish, impoverishment.

powder, n. dust, pulverulence; cosmetic, rouge; pounce; efflorescence.

powder, v. pulverize, triturate, comminute, levigate.

powdery, a. friable, loose; dusty, pulverized, pulverulent, mealy.

power, n. potency, might, cogency, efficacy, force; armipotence, omnipotence; influence, sway, command, domination, authority; faculty, endowment, gift.

powerful, a. mighty, potent, drastic, efficacious, intense, strong, dynamic, puissant, effective, omnipotent, armipotent, stentorian, invincible, cogent, commanding.

powerless, a. impotent. See weak.

pox, n. syphilis.

practicability, n. feasibility.

practicable, a. feasible.

practical, a. pragmatical. Antonyms: impractical, Utopian, chimerical.

practice, n. custom, usage, habit; exercise, application, drill, rehearsal.

practice, v. exercise, apply, do, train, drill, rehearse.

praise, n. commendation, laudation, approbation, encomium, panegyric, eulogy, applause, laud, acclaim, eclat, plaudit, compliment, acclamation, puff, flattery; worship, homage, glorification; paean. Antonyms: condemnation, dispraise, disapprobation, disparagement, denunciation, animadversion, stricture.

praise, v. laud, extol, commend, eulogize, panegyrize, applaud; magnify, glorify. Antonyms: condemn, denounce, disparage, deprecate, criticize.

praiser, n. eulogist, panegyrist, extoller, encomiast, lauder.

praiseworthy, a. laudable, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable, unpraiseworthy, indign.

prance, v. cavort.

prank, n. trickpracticable, a. feasible.

practical, a. pragmatical. Antonyms: impractical, Utopian, chimerical.

practice, n. custom, usage, habit; exercise, application, drill, rehearsal.

practice, v. exercise, apply, do, train, drill, rehearse.

praise, n. commendation, laudation, approbation, encomium, panegyric, eulogy, applause, laud, acclaim, eclat, plaudit, compliment, acclamation, puff, flattery; worship, homage, glorification; paean. Antonyms: condemnation, dispraise, disapprobation, disparagement, denunciation, animadversion, stricture.

praise, v. laud, extol, commend, eulogize, panegyrize, applaud; magnify, glorify. Antonyms: condemn, denounce, disparage, deprecate, criticize.

praiser, n. eulogist, panegyrist, extoller, encomiast, lauder.

praiseworthy, a. laudable, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable, unpraiseworthy, indign.

prance, v. cavort.

prank, n. trick, antic, frolic, caper.

prankish, a. playful, frolicsome, sportive, mischievous, gamesome.

prate, v. babble, gabble, clatter, chatter, prattle. See talk.

prate, n. chatter, gabble, babble, twaddle.

pray, v. invoke, supplicate, entreat, implore, beg, petition, intercede.

pray against. deprecate.

prayer, n. invocation, orison, collect, suffrage, supplication, obsecration; litany, rogation, rosary, euchologion, secreta; entreaty, intercession.

preach, v. exhort.

preacher, n. homilist, exhorter, predicant, pulpiteer; missionary, evangelist, revivalist.

preaching, n. sermon, homily, exhortation. Associated Words: homiletics, homiletic.

precarious, a. uncertain, insecure, unassured, doubtful

preceding, a. foregoing.

precept, n. commandment, maxim, rule, adage, behest, injunction.

precious, a. costly, expensive; valuable; dear, beloved, adored, idolized.

precious stone. jewel, gem. See stone.

precise, a. exact; formal, punctilious, particular, prim, prudish.

precision, n. exactness, accuracy; formalness, prudery.

predatory, a. predaceous, plundering.

predestination, n. foreordination, foreordainment.

predict, v. prophesy, foretell, prognosticate, forebode, portend, augur, presage, vaticinate.

prediction, n. prophecy, soothsaying, divination, augury, prognostication.

predominant, a. dominant, overruling, ascendant, supreme.

preface, n. prologue, prelude. See introduction.

prejudice, n. prejudgment, bias; harm, mischief, detriment.

preposterous, a. absurd, ridiculous, irrational, inconsistent, foolish.

presage, n. omen, augury, auspice, portent; foreknowledge, premonition.

present, n. gift, donation, largess, gratuity, douceur.

preserve, v. conserve.—n. compote.

press, n. pressure, urgency.

press, v. squeeze, crowd, compress; urge, crowd; express; embrace, hug, clasp; oppress, enjoin, constrain.

pressed together. compact, serried, crowded.

pressing, a. urgent, importunate, exigent.

pretend, v. claim; simulate, feign, affect.

pretense, n. assumption, claim, pretension; simulation, affectation; pretext, feint, subterfuge.

pretty, a. comely, fair; personable, considerable. Antonyms: plain, homely, uncomely, ugly.

prevent, v. thwart, hinder, obstruct, preclude, obviate, forestall, intercept, avert, parry, deter, frustrate.

prevention, n. obstruction, thwarting, interruption, hindrance, preclusion, obviation, interception.

preventive, a. deterrent, prophylactic, obviating.—n. prophylactic.

previous, a. former, foregoing, antecedent, prior, anterior.

prey, n. spoil, loot, plunder, booty; victim, quarry, captive; depredation, ravage, spoliation.

preying upon others. predatory.

prick, n. goad, spur, gad; sting, compunction, qualm; puncture.

prick, v. puncture, pierce, perforate; goad, spur, incite; sting, wound, hurt.

pricking, a. poignant, sharp, piercing, stinging.

prickle, n. thorn, spine, barb.

prickly, a. thorny, spiny, brambly, briery.

pride, n. self-esteem, self-respect; haughtiness, arrogance, hauteur, superciliousness, contumely, conceit, vanity, priggishness, lordliness, imperiousness. Antonyms: humility, shame, self-abasement, modesty, lowliness.

priestly, a. sacerdotal.

priestly garments. vestments, canonicals. See canonicals.

prim, a. formal, precise, demure, prudish.

prime minister. premier.

primer, n. hornbook.

primitive, a. pristine, primordial, primeval, primal; antique, quaint, old-fashioned; original, radical, primary.

principal, a. leading, chief, cardinal, paramount, main, foremost.

printing, n. typography; (for the blind) Braille.

prior, a. previous, former, antedecent, anterior.

priority, n. antecedence, anteriority, precedence.

prison, n. penitentiary, bridewell, jail, house of correction, clink, bastille.—v. imprison, incarcerate. Associated Words: mittimus, commit, commitment, turnkey, warden, remand, prisoner, convict.

privacy, n. retirement, seclusion; retreat, solitude, concealment, secrecy, secret.

private, a. personal, individual; secret, secluded, covert, sequestered, hidden, unrevealed.

privates, n. pl. genitals. See sexual organs.

privation, n. deprivation, degradation; destitution, poverty, need; absence.

privilege, n. liberty, right, franchise, prerogative, immunity, advantage.

privy, n. water-closet, backhouse, jakes.

prize, n. meed, guerdon, palm, trophy, laurels, reward, premium, sweepstakes.

prize, v. value, esteem.

prize-fighter, n. pugilist.

prize-fighting, n. pugilism.

probability, n. likelihood, verisimilitude, credibleness.

probable, a. likely, credible, reasonable.

probe, v. investigate, examine.

proboscis, n. snout, trunk; haustellum (sucking proboscis).

procession, n. parade, cavalcade, cortege, train, retinue, file.

proclaim, v. See announce.

procure, v. get, obtain, acquire.

prod, n. goad.

prodigal, a. wasteful, extravagant, lavish, profuse.

profane, v. violate, desecrate; debase, prostitute, defile.

profane, a. unconsecrated, secular; unsanctified, unholy; blasphemous, irreverent, impious, sacrilegious.

profess, v. acknowledge, avow, admit; claim, pretend.

profession, n. acknowledgment, avowal; vocation, business, calling.

proficient, a. expert, adept, skilled.

profit, n. gain, emolument, dividend. Associated Words: pernor, fructuary, exploit, exploitation.

profitable, a. remunerative, lucrative, gainful, beneficial. Antonyms: See unprofitable.

profound, a. abysmal, deep; abstruse, recondite. Antonym: shallow.

progress, n. progression, advancement, improvement.

prohibit, v. See forbid.

prominent, a. protuberant; conspicuous, salient; eminent, distinguished.

promiscuous, a. indiscriminate.

promise, n. pledge, word, parole, plight, betrothal, troth, vow, assurance, covenant.

promise, v. pledge, covenant, assure, plight.

promote, v. advance, forward; exalt, elevate, raise, aggrandize; brevet.

promotion, n. preferment, exaltation, advancement, furtherance, aggrandizement; brevet.

prompt, a. quick, expeditious, ready; punctual, timely.

pronunciation, n. orthoepy; utterance, articulation, enunciation. Associated Words: diacritical marks, macron, breve, diaeresis, orthoepic, orthoepist, cacoepy.

proof, n. verification, corroboration, attestation, certification, confirmation. Antonyms: disproof, refutation.

prop, n. buttress, stay, support, brace, fulcrum, shore, stanchion.

prop, v. buttress, brace, stay, support, sustain, shore up.

proper, a. appropriate, meet, suitable, seemly, condign, appertinent, conformable, consistent, apposite; decorous, conventional, formal, sedate, demure. Antonyms: improper, inappropriate, unsuitable.

property, n. attribute, trait; estate, wealth, chattels, goods, resources, assets, inheritance.

prophecy, n. prediction, foretelling, divination, soothsaying, prognostication, augury, vaticination.

prophesy, v. prognosticate, foretell, divine, augur, predict, vaticinate.

prophet, n. prognosticator, vaticinator, soothsayer, diviner, oracle, seer, python.

prophetess, n. sibyl, pythoness.

prophetic, a. prognostic, predictive, fatidical, oracular, divinatory, vaticinal.

prosperity, n. weal, success, well-being. Antonyms: adversity, reverses, disaster.

prostitute, n. harlot, whore, strumpet, courtesan.

prostitution, n. harlotry, social evil, whoredom; perversion, misuse, profanation.

prosy, a. prosaic, dull, tiresome, tedious, uninteresting, jejune.

protect, v. shield, defend, guard, fortify, screen, shelter, befriend.

protection, n. defense, shield, shelter, tutelage, refuge, bulwark, coverture, safeguard.

protector, n. defender, guardian, patron.

proud, a. arrogant, vain, haughty, overbearing, supercilious, cavalier, overweening, disdainful, imperious, lordly, magisterial, contumelious. Antonyms: meek, humble.

proud flesh. granulation, fungus.

provable, a. demonstrable.

prove, v. verify, corroborate, substantiate, demonstrate. Antonyms: disprove, refute.

proverb, n. aphorism, maxim, saw, adage. See saying.

provide, v. supply, furnish; stipulate, covenant, agree; cater, purvey.

provider, n. furnisher, caterer, purveyor, provisor.

provoke, v. incite, stimulate, instigate, rouse; exasperate, displease, aggravate, offend.

prowess, n. bravery, intrepidity, valor.

prudence, n. discretion, caution.

prudent, a. discreet, cautious, circumspect, provident. Antonyms: imprudent, incautious.

pry, n. lever; leverage.—v. prize; gaze, inspect.

puberty, n. Associated Words: puberal, pubescence, pubescent, hebetic, impuberal.

publish, v. promulgate, proclaim, circulate, blazon, announce. Antonyms: suppress, withhold.

publisher's inscription. colophon, impress, imprint.

pucker, v. crease, corrugate, cockle, purse, wrinkle.

pucker, n. crease, corrugation, cockle, wrinkle; (Colloq.) confusion, bother, perplexity.

puckery, a. astringent.

puddle, n. pool, plashet, plash.

puerile, a. childish, silly, trifling.

puke, v. vomit.

pull, v. draw, tug, haul, tow, drag; pluck, jerk, twitch.

pulverize, v. triturate, comminute, levigate, bray.

pump, v. interrogate, question, quiz.

pun, n. paragram.

punch, v. push, poke; pierce, bore, perforate, puncture.

puncture, v. prick, perforate, pierce.

pungent, a. pricking, stinging; poignant, sharp, excruciating, severe.

punish, v. chastise, castigate, chasten, discipline.

punishment, n. chastisement, castigation, scourging, discipline, penalty, visitation, retaliation, retribution, infliction. Antonyms: immunity, impunity, acquittal, exoneration. Associated Words: penal, penology, punitive, penologist, penological, reprieve, commute, commutation, Nemesis, connivance.

punning, n. paronomasia.

puny, a. undeveloped, small, undersized, diminutive, stunted, atrophied, feeble.

pup, n. puppy, whelp.

pupil, n. scholar; learner, disciple, catechumen, neophyte, tyro, novice, probationer.

pupilage, n. nonage, minority.

puppy, n. pup, whelp; coxcomb, dandy, fop.

purchasable, a. venal.

purchase, v. buy.

pure, a. chaste, virtuous, innocent, undefiled, unpolluted, inviolated, unspotted, immaculate, virgin, incorrupt, impeccable, inviolable; unadulterated, unalloyed, unsophisticated, simple, refined, genuine, uncontaminated. Antonyms: See impure.

purge, n. physic, purgative, cathartic.

purification, n. depuration, expurgation, defecation, refinement, cleansing.

purificator, n. mundatory.

purify, v. cleanse, refine, expurgate, sublime, clarify.

purity, n. chastity. Antonyms: See impurity.

purport, n. meaning, signification, import.—v. mean, intend, signify, import.

purpose, n. aim, object, design, intent, goal, view, drift.

purpose, v. intend, design, contemplate.

purveyor, n. caterer, provider; procurer, pimp, bawd, pander.

pus, n. matter, purulence. Associated Words: purulent, maturate, maturation, suppurate, suppuration, indigested, fester.

push, v. shove, impel.

push, n. shove.

push, n. (Colloq.) energy, spiritedness, enterprise, aggressiveness; (Slang) crowd, gang, posse.

pushing, a. enterprising, energetic, intrusive, forward, officious, obtrusive, aggressive.

pusillanimous, a. See cowardly.

pussy, a. (Colloq.) pursy, fleshy.

put back. replace, restore, reinstate; retard, impede, delay, hinder.

put between. interpose.

put down. deposit; crush, quell, suppress, repress, vanquish overthrow; reduce, lower.

put in. insert, inject, interpolate, interpose, thrust in, interject, interlard.

put-off, n. shift, evasion, subterfuge, ruse, parry.

put off. discard, doff; delay, defer, postpone, procrastinate.

put out. eject, oust, remove, evict, dispossess, dislodge; extend, protrude; extinguish; issue, publish; dislocate; displease, offend, anger.

putter, v. potter, pother, trifle, fribble, dally, dawdle.

putting back. hindering, delay, retardation; replacement, restoration, reinstatement.

putting in. insertion, injection, interpolation.

putting in practice. application.

putting off. delay, deferment, postponement, procrastination.

putting on. investing, investiture; assumption, arrogation; instigation, incitement.

putting out. ejection, eviction, dispossession, expulsion, ousting; extinguishment, extinction; dislocation.

put to flight. rout.

put-up, a. (Colloq.) arranged, predetermined.

puzzle, v. mystify, pose, nonplus, perplex, bewilder, confuse.

puzzle, n. enigma, conundrum, intricacy, maze, crux, riddle, rebus, poser; confusion, quandary, perplexity, nonplus, bewilderment.

puzzling, a. enigmatical, perplexing, inexplicable, inscrutable, intricate, bewildering.

pyx, n. ciborium; ostensorium, monstrance; binnacle.