oar, n. paddle, scull, spoon oar. Associated Words: rowlock, loom, blade, wash, oarlock.

oar-shaped, a. remiform.

oat grasses. Avena. Associated Words: avenaceous, oaten.

oath, n. adjuration, pledge, sworn promise; curse, profanity, swearing, expletive, blasphemy. Associated Words: juratory, profane, imprecate.

oath-breaking, n. perjury.

obedience, n. compliance, submission, subservience; dutifulness. Antonyms: disobedience, incompliance, defiance, revolt, insubordination.

obedient, a. submissive, tractable, deferential, subservient, compliant, dutiful, docile, amenable. Antonyms: unsubmissive, intractable, disobedient.

obelisk, n. Associated Words: pyramidion, monolithic, hieroglyphics.

obey, v. comply, submit to, heed, regard, be ruled by.

object, v. disapprove, oppose, demur, contravene, gainsay, except, cavil.

object, n. thing, article; goal, purpose, aim, motive, intent, design, target, butt, destination, view.

objection, n. exception, scruple, demurrer, cavil. Antonyms: approval, acquiescence.

objectionable, a. exceptionable, offensive, obnoxious, undesirable, displeasing.

objectless, a. aimless, desultory, purposeless, vague.

obligation, n. accountableness, responsibility, incumbency, duty, indebtedness; agreement, contract, stipulation, covenant, bond.

obligatory, a. binding, incumbent, imperative, coercive. Antonyms: optional, discretional.

oblige, v. constrain, obligate; please, gratify, accommodate, coerce, compel, necessitate, force.

obliging, a. complaisant, gracious, accommodating, affable, debonair, deferential, yielding.

obliterate, v. efface, erase, blot out, remove, destroy, expunge.

obliteration, n. extinction, erasure, effacement, removal.

oblivious, a. unmindful, unconscious, forgetful, heedless, disregardful.

obnoxious, a. subject, liable; offensive, odious, hateful, displeasing.

obscene, a. smutty, lewd, gross, indecent, immodest, indelicate, ribald.

obscenity, n. lewdness, smut, ribaldry, indecency, bawdiness, immodesty.

obscure, a. abstruse, vague, recondite, indefinite, ambiguous; humble, inglorious, mean, undistinguished; secluded, retired, remote; shaded, darkened.

obscure, v. darken, obfuscate, bedim, eclipse; involve, dissemble, disguise, confuse.

obscuring, n. obscuration, obscurity.

obscurity, n. ambiguity, vagueness; privacy, seclusion, retirement; darkness, obfuscation, obscuration.

obsequious, a. sycophantic, cringing, fawning, deferential, servile.

obsequiousness, n. sycophancy.

obsolete, a. disused, archaic, antiquated, unfashionable, old-fashioned.

obstacle, n. obstruction, barrier, impediment, hindrance, stumbling-block.

obstetrician, n. midwife, accoucheur.

obstetrics, n. tocology, midwifery.

obstinacy, n. incompliance, doggedness, perversity, obduracy, intractability, stubbornness.

obstinate, a. incompliant, intractable, mulish, perverse, dogged, contumacious, stubborn. Antonyms: amenable, yielding, tractable, submissive, compliant, obedient.

obstreperous, a. clamorous, vociferous, noisy, uproarious, boisterous.

obstruct, v. impede, oppose, retard, barricade, blockade, clog, interrupt, bar, restrain.

obstruction, n. obstacle, impediment, barrier, blockade, restraint.

obtain, v. gain, get, procure, acquire, win, attain, secure.

obtainable, a. procurable, attainable, accessible. Antonyms: unobtainable, unprocurable, unattainable, inaccessible.

obtrusive, a. officious, meddlesome, intrusive, forward. Antonyms: inobtrusive, retiring.

obvious, a. plain, evident, palpable, manifest, patent, self-evident.

occult, a. mystic, mystical, abstruse, recondite, secret, unrevealed.

occupant, n. occupier, tenant, holder, incumbent, possessor, lessee.

occupation, n. occupancy, tenure, incumbency; vocation, employment. See business.

occupational, a. vocational.

occupy, v. hold, keep, possess, fill; engage, absorb, employ, busy, monopolize.

ocean, n. main, deep. Associated Words: oceanic, interoceanic, doldrums, oceanography, oceanology, terrigenous, Oceanus, transoceanic.

odd, a. unmatched, single, uneven; singular, peculiar, unusual, unique, strange, quaint, extraordinary, queer, eccentric, whimsical, freakish, baroque, fantastic, nondescript, abnormal, bizarre, erratic, unconventional, curious, capricious; extra, remaining, additional, redundant, casual, supernumerary.

oddity, n. oddness, singularity; curiosity, nondescript, marvel, wonder.

odds, sing, and pl. advantage, preponderance, inequality, disparity; probability.

odds and ends. remnants, fragments, orts, culls, scraps.

odious, a. detestable, abominable, execrable, offensive, repulsive, hateful, loathsome.

odium, n. detestation, unpopularity, hatred, contempt, dislike, opprobrium.

odor, n. smell, aroma, fragrance, scent, redolence, perfume, savor; stink, stench, fetor. Associated Words: deodorize, deodorization, deodorant, deodorizer, antibromic, disinfectant, disinfect, disinfection, exhale, exhalation, effluvium, emanation.

odorless, a. inodorous, savorless, scentless.

odorous, a. odoriferous, fragrant, savory, aromatic, balmy, scented.

offal, n. refuse, waste, rubbish, garbage.

offend, v. displease, affront, provoke, mortify, exasperate, incense, wound, shock.

offender, n. delinquent, wrong-doer, trespasser, malefactor, culprit, criminal.

offense, n. crime, wrong, sin, outrage, indignity; displeasure, resentment, dudgeon, umbrage; misdemeanor, transgression, delinquency, trespass.

offensive, a. obnoxious, displeasing, noisome, distasteful, insolent, abusive, aggressive, assailant, fetid, disagreeable, opprobrious, scurrilous, fulsome.

offer, v. tender, proffer, propose, propound, volunteer, bid; immolate, sacrifice.

offer, n. tender, proposition, bid, overture, proffer.

offering, n. overture, proposition, bid; sacrifice, oblation; offertory; corban.

offhand, a. extemporaneous, impromptu, improvised, unstudied.

office, n. duty, function, service, work, charge, trust, business.

office-holder, n. officer, official, functionary, placeman.

officer, n. office-holder, magistrate, dignitary, incumbent.

officially, adv. ex-officio.

officious, a. meddlesome, intrusive, obtrusive, pragmatical, impertinent.

offscouring, n. refuse, scum, offscum, recrement, dross, trash, waste.

offset, n. set-off, counterbalance, equivalent.—v. counterbalance, counterpoise.

offshoot, n. scion, branch.

offspring, n. children, issue, progeny, posterity, descendants.

often, adv. frequently, repeatedly, oftentimes, ofttimes. Antonyms: seldom, infrequently.

oil, v. lubricate.

oiliness, n. lubricity, unctuousness, unctuosity, oleosity, glibness.

oil-producing, a. oleiferous.

oilstone, n. hone.

oily, a. unctuous, oleaginous, emulsive, lubricous; glib, fluent, plausible.

ointment, n. unguent, embrocation, salve.

old, a. aged, elderly, senescent, decrepit, venerable, patriarchal, superannuated, senile; former, pre-existing, preceding, ancient, archaic, antique, antiquated, olden, time-honored, traditional, immemorial, primitive, primordial, primeval, pristine, fossil; dilapidated, decayed, effete; practiced, veteran, experienced; sensible, astute, shrewd, sagacious.

old age. senility, dotage, superannuation, decrepitude. Associated words: geratology, geratic, gerontic.

old-fashioned, a. antiquated, archaic, passe, antique, obsolete, fogram, frumpish.

old-fashioned word. archaism.

old iron, glass, etc. junk.

old maid. spinster.

old man. veteran, patriarch, Nestor, elder, oldster, Methuselah, dotard; gaffer, crone, geezer; centenarian, octogenarian, sexagenarian, nonagenarian.

old-time, a. late, former, quondam.

old woman. beldame, crone, gammer; witch, hag, harridan.

old-womanish, a. anile.

old-womanishness, n. anility.

omen, n. foretoken, sign, augury, portent, presage, prognostic, auspice.

ominous, a. portentous, monitory, premonitory, threatening.

omission, n. default, oversight, neglect, pretermission, omittance, non-performance.

omit, v. leave out, slap, pretermit, disregard, neglect, overlook, ignore, delete.

omittance, n. omission, forbearance, default, neglect, oversight.

omnipresence, n. ubiquity.

omnipresent, n. ubiquitous.

one, n. unit. Associated Words: unify, unity, unification, numerary.

one after the other. seriatim; tandem; alternately, consecutively.

one hundred years. century, centenary. Associated Words: centenarian, centennial.

one letter. Associated Word: uniliteral.

on end. erect, perpendicular, upright.

oneness, n. unity, singleness, individuality, unanimity.

onerous, a. laborious, difficult, arduous.

one-sided, a. unilateral; partial, unfair, inequitable, ex parte.

one year. Associated Words: annual, annually.

on horseback. mounted.

onion, n. (that does not bottom out) scallion, eschallot, shallot. Associated Words: alliaceous, cepaceous, leek, allium, garlic.

onlooker, n. looker-on, bystander, spectator, beholder, witness, eye-witness.

on tap. broached, abroached.

on the sly. (Collog.) sly, covertly, furtively, clandestinely, surreptitiously, secretly.

ooze, v. filter, exude, percolate, transude, seep.

oozing, n. percolation, filtering, exudation, distillation, transudation.

opalescence, n. iridescence.

opalescent, a. iridescent.

opaque, a. intransparent; (Colloq.) obscure, unintelligible.

open, a. accessible, clear, unobstructed, unrestricted; ajar, unlocked; extended, expanded, spread, gaping, yawning, unfolded, dehiscent; frank, unreserved, candid, ingenuous, guileless, overt, undisguised; generous, liberal, bounteous, open-handed; revealed, patent, manifest; unsettled, undetermined, debatable, undecided, controvertible; mild, clement; free, disengaged, unappropriated, unemployed.

open, v. spread, expand, unfold, evolve; reveal, disclose; unclose, unlock, unfasten; begin, commence; dehisce.

open-air, a. outdoor, al-fresco.

opening, a. beginning, introductory, initiatory, preliminary.

opening, n. aperture, fissure, gap, orifice, rift, chasm, hiatus, rent; beginning, introduction, outset; vacancy.

openly, adv. publicly, unreservedly, candidly.

open-mouthed, a. gaping, yawning; greedy, clamorous, ravenous, rapacious, eager.

opiate, n. narcotic, anodyne, sedative, dormitive, soporific.

opiate, a. somniferous, narcotic, anodyne, sedative, soporiferous, dormitive.

opinion, n. belief, judgment, impression; decision, ruling, verdict, sentence.

opium, n. Associated Words: narcotic, opiate, chandoo, thebaine, narcotine, codeine, dope, meconism, meconology, meconophagism, meconophagist, opiophagism.

opponent, n. adversary, antagonist, rival, competitor.

opportune, a. timely, seasonable, apropos, felicitous, appropriate.

oppose, v. combat, resist, confront, withstand, oppugn, impugn, contend, antagonize, contravene, discountenance, gainsay, contradict. Antonyms: yield, acquiesce, concur, agree.

opposer, n. opponent, antagonist.

opposing, a. conflicting, antagonistic, contending, opposite, adverse.

opposite, n. antithesis, counterpart, antipodes.

opposite, a. contrary, adverse, diametrical, antagonistic, inverse, reverse, contradictory, counter, incompatible, antithetic, antipodal, inconsistent.

opposition, n. resistance, counteraction, hostility, repulse, rebuff, recalcitration, counterview, antagonism, contradiction, obstacle, impediment, obstruction. Antonyms: acquiescence, non-resistance, concurrence, agreement.

oppress, v. burden, overwhelm, aggrieve, tyrannize, persecute, overpower.

oppression, n. tyranny, persecution, extortion, hardship, severity.

oppressive, a. rigorous, tyrannical, extortionate, burdensome.

oppressor, n. tyrant, persecutor, extortioner.

option, n. choice, preference, election, discretion, alternative. Antonyms: constraint, coercion, compulsion.

optional, a. discretional, elective. Antonyms: compulsory, coercive, obligatory.

oral, a. spoken, verbal, parole, vocal, nuncupative.

oration, n. declamation, rhetoric.

orator, n. declaimer, rhetorician.

oratorical, a. rhetorical, eloquent, declamatory.

ordeal, n. crucible.

order, n. mandate, command, precept, direction, decree, decretal, injunction; rule, regulation, law, canon, prescription; method, system, disposition, arrangement; succession, sequence; dictation, bidding, commission; grade, degree, class; tranquillity, quiet.

order, v. methodize, systematize, regulate; bid, command, dictate, enjoin.

ordering, n. distribution, disposition, regulation.

orderly, a. systematic, methodical, well-regulated, regular; peaceable.

ordinary, a. common, regular, conventional, commonplace, mediocre, average, usual.

organic, a. constitutional, vital, fundamental, essential, inherent, instrumental.

organization, n. organism; formation, construction, making.

organize, v. arrange, systematize, form.

orgies, n. pl. carousal, revels, debauch, wassail, saturnalia, bacchanals, riot.

origin, n. source, beginning, derivation, rise, origination.

original, a. first, primeval, aboriginal, primitive, archetypal, primordial, pristine; creative, productive, inventive, ingenious. Antonyms: derivative, copied.

original, n. origin, archetype, prototype, model, pattern.

Orkney Islands. Associated Word: Orcadian.

ornament, n. decoration, embellishment, adornment, garniture, ornamentation; parure.

ornament, v. decorate, embellish, garnish, bedeck, grace, beautify.

ornamental, a. embellishing, beautifying, garnishing.

ornamentation, n. adornment, garniture, embellishment; arabesque, moresque; purfling; fret-work.

ornate, a. ornamented, decorated, embellished, florid, adorned.

orthodox, a. Antonym: heterodox.

orthodoxy, n. Antonym: heterodoxy.

oscillate, v. fluctuate, vacillate.

ostentatious, a. showy, pompous, spectacular, gaudy, pretentious.

ounce by ounce. unciatim.

oust, v. eject, evict, dispossess, dislodge, remove, displace, expel, depose.

ousting, n. ejection, eviction, expulsion, dispossession, ouster, removal, disseizin, deposition.

out, adv. away, absent, abroad; outright, aloud, audibly; wanting, lacking, deficient in; extinguished; at variance.

out and out. wholly, completely, openly.—a. absolute, unqualified, undisguised.

outbounds, n. pl. limits, boundaries, confines.

outbreak, n. eruption, outburst, uprising.

outburst, n. eruption, outbreak, paroxysm, access, ebullition.

outcast, n. pariah, castaway, reprobate, Ishmaelite.

outcome, n. consequence, outgrowth, result, issue, upshot, eventuation.

outdo, v. excel, surpass, outvie, outstrip, exceed.

outer, a. external, exterior.

outermost, a. extreme, uttermost, utmost.

outfit, n. equipment.

outflow, n. effusion, outpouring.

outgeneral, v. outmaneuver, circumvent.

outgrowth, n. excrescence; outcome.

outlandish, a. grotesque, bizarre, barbarous, unconventional, freakish.

outlast, v. outwear, survive.

outlaw, n. bandit, desperado.—v. proscribe.

outlawry, n. proscription.

outlay, n. expenditure, disbursement.

outlet, n. egress, vent, exit.

outline, n. contour, circumference, periphery, profile; sketch, draught, scenario.

outlive, v. survive.

outlook, n. prospect, view, vista; watch-tower; foresight.

outlying, a. remote, detached, distant, frontier.

out of joint. unhinged, dislocated.

out of order. disordered, disarranged, jumbled, chaotic, disorganized.

out of place. misplaced; improper, unbecoming.

out of reach. inaccessible, unattainable.

outrage, n. indignity, affront, insult, assault.

outrageous, a. atrocious, nefarious, wanton, flagrant, unwarrantable, furious, monstrous, villainous.

outright, adv. unconditionally, utterly.

outside, n. exterior.

outside, a. external.

outskirt, n. edge, border, purlieu, suburb, frontier.

outspoken, a. unreserved, frank, explicit, blunt, ingenuous.

outward, a. external, exterior, outer, superficial, surface, extrinsic.

outweigh, v. overweigh, overbalance, preponderate.

outweighing, n. preponderance, preponderation.—a. preponderant.

outwit, v. circumvent, outgeneral, defeat.

oval, a. elliptical.

oven mop. scovel.

over, adv. across, crosswise, athwart, transversely.

overawe, v. intimidate, daunt.

overbearing, a. haughty, arrogant, dictatorial, magisterial, lordly, dogmatical, supercilious, imperious, cavalier, overweening.

overcharge, n. extortion.

overcoat, n. great coat, topcoat, ulster, raglan, inverness, surtout, paletot.

overcome, v. surmount, conquer, subdue, master, vanquish, overpower, subjugate.

overcoming, a. conquering, overmastering, overwhelming, irresistible.

over-confident, a. rash, presumptuous, incautious.

overdo, v. overwork, overtask, overtax, exhaust; exaggerate.

overeat, v. gorge, glut, satiate.

overfeed, v. surfeit, stuff, satiate, gorge, pamper.

overfeeding, n. surfeit, superalimentation, pampering.

overfill, v. surcharge.

overflow, n. deluge, flood, inundation; exuberance, superabundance, profusion.

overflow, v. inundate, deluge, engulf.

overflowing, n. overflow, inundation; exuberance, copiousness, superabundance.

overfull, a. surcharged, plethoric, surfeited, gorged.

overfullness, n. plethora, surfeit, satiety, engorgement, congestion, repletion.

overhang, n. projection.

overhead, adv. aloft, above.

overlapping, a. obvolute, obvoluted, imbricate, imbricated.—n.imbrication.

overlook, v. supervise, oversee; inspect, overhaul, examine, neglect, disregard, skip, slight, ignore; condone, connive at, forgive.

overnice, a. fastidious, squeamish.

overplus, n. surplus, excess, surplusage, residue, rest.

overpower, v. vanquish, subdue, conquer, overcome, defeat, crush, overwhelm, rout, master, subjugate, overmatch.

overpowering, a. overwhelming, conquering, irresistible, overmastering.

overpowering, n. vanquishment, conquering, defeat, subjugation, overthrow.

overrate, v. overvalue, overestimate, overprize.

overreach, v. outwit, dupe, swindle. See cheat.

override, v. trample upon, supersede, annul, abrogate.

overrule, v. annul, rescind, abrogate, revoke, supersede, set aside.

overruling, a. predominant, prevailing, controlling.

overruling, n. abrogation, cancellation, rescission.

overrun, v. infringe, invade.

oversee, v. superintend, supervise.

overseer, n. superintendent, supervisor, inspector, taskmaster, foreman, monitor.

overshoe, n. galoshe, rubber, arctic.

oversight, n. superintendence, supervision, care, inspection, surveillance, control, charge; overlooking, connivance, omission, failure, inadvertence, default, inattention, lapse.

overstate, v. exaggerate.

overstep, v. exceed, trespass, infringe, intrench, encroach.

oversupply, n. excess, superabundance, surfeit, glut, repletion.

overt, a. public, apparent, unconcealed, patent.

overthrow, v. upset, overturn; demolish, prostrate, subvert, defeat, vanquish, rout, overpower, overcome, subjugate, raze, worst.

overthrow, n. overthrowing, demolition, subversion, undoing, reversal, prostration, defeat, bouleversement.

overtop, v. transcend, surpass, dwarf, overshadow.

overture, n. See offer.

overvalue, v. overrate, overestimate, overprize.

overweening, a. haughty, arrogant, cavalier, supercilious, lordly, conceited.

overweening, n. conceit, arrogance, superciliousness, lordliness.

overweight, n. preponderance.

overwhelm, v. overflow, submerge, ingulf, drown, overpower, crush.

overwhelming, a. irresistible, overpowering.

owing, n. indebtedness.

owing, a. due, payable, unpaid; ascribable, traceable, imputable, attributable, referable; indebted.

own, v. admit, acknowledge, confess, allow, concede, grant; possess. Antonyms: disown, deny.

owner, n. proprietor.

ownership, n. proprietorship, claim, title.

oysters, n. pl. Mollusca, Ostrea. Associated Words: ostreaceous, ostreaculture, ostreophagist, ostreophagous, ostriferous, bivalve, spawn, cultch, spat.