Wabble, v. stagger, vacillate, reel.

waddle, v. toddle, totter.

wade, v. ford.

wading birds. Grallatores, Grallae.

wading place. ford.

wage, v. stake, bet, wager.

wager, v. bet, stake, pledge, hazard, speculate.

wages, n. compensation, pay, earnings, hire, salary.

waggery, n. humor, facetiousness, pleasantry, drollery, jesting, jocularity.

waggish, a. frolicsome, facetious, roguish, arch, sportive, prankish.

wagon, n. vehicle, wain; caravan, van.

wagon-maker, n. wainwright, wagonwright, wheelwright.

waif, n. estray, stray, wastrel.

waist, n. corsage, bodice; blouse, basque; girth (waist measure).

waistcoat, n. vest, doublet.

wait, v. tarry, stay, linger, await, abide; (Colloq.) delay, postpone, defer, procrastinate.

wait, n. waiting, delay, halt, stop; ambush, ambuscade.

waiter, n. attendant, servitor, lackey, garcon (Fr.); salver, tray.

waiting, n. tarrying, lingering, delay; abeyance, suspension, quiescence.

waiting-room, n. station, depot.

waive, v. relinquish, forego, surrender.

wake, v. awake, waken; arouse, rouse, revive.

wakeful, a. sleepless, insomnolent; vigilant, watchful.

wakefulness, n. sleeplessness, insomnia, insomnolence; vigilance, watchfulness.

waken, v. awake, awaken, wake.

Wales, n. Cambria (Ancient name).

walk, n. stroll, promenade, constitutional; gait, step, carriage; sidewalk, mall; ambulatory. Associated Words: ambulant, ambulatory, ambulatorial, peripatetic pedometer, odograph, gradient, gravigrade, stilts, shambling, shuffling, locomotion, alure.

walk, v. stroll, tramp, stride, plod, trudge, tread, ambulate, pace, march, promenade, shamble, stalk, strut, step, bundle, toddle, daddle, waddle, shuffle, gad, galavant, hike, saunter, foot it, slouch; perambulate (walk through or about).

walker, n. pedestrian, ambulator, perambulator.

walking, n. ambulation, pedestrianism, strolling, perambulation.

walking papers. dismissal.

wall, n. foundation; partition; defense, breastwork, rampart, battlement, bulwark, parapet, fortification. Associated Words: mural, murage dado, buttress, coping, intramural, wainscot, alcove, niche, abutment, pointing, fresco, studding, underpinning.

wallet, n. pocket-book, purse.

wallow, v. welter, flounder; grovel.

walrus, n. morse, sea-cow.

wand, n. verge, rod; baton, mace, truncheon.

wander, v. ramble, range, rove, stroll, roam, stray, straggle, itinerate, saunter, gad, peregrinate, digress, expatiate; depart, deviate, swerve.

wanderer, n. nomad, vagrant, rover, rambler, stroller, peregrinator, vagabond, itinerant, pilgrim, waif, wayfarer, landloper.

wandering, n. rambling, ranging, roving, strolling, itineracy, peregrination, pilgrimage; digression, expatiation, departure, deviation, divergence, errantry; aberration, delirium, raving, irrationality; divagation.

wandering, a. nomadic, migratory, itinerant, vagrant, vagabond, landloping, wayfaring, errant, unsettled, devious, excursive, digressive, deviating.

wane, v. decrease, diminish, fade.—n. decrease, diminution, decrescence.

want, n. deficiency, lack, dearth, scarcity, need, default, absence, shortness, inadequacy, paucity, insufficiency, scarceness; desideratum, requirement; destitution, distress, straits, privation, indigence, penury, poverty.

want, v. need, require; desire, wish, crave.

wanting, a. absent, lacking, missing, deficient, defective, needy, destitute.

wanton, a. unrestrained, uncontrolled, unchecked, unbridled undisciplined; luxuriant, rampant, exuberant, excessive, rank; dissolute, licentious, immoral, unchaste; frolicsome, playful, sportive; reckless, heedless, inconsiderate.

war, n. hostilities, warfare, strife, battle, crusade, belligerence. Associated Words: Bellona, Mars, belligerent, bellicose, tactics, casus belli, strategy, cartel, campaign, mobilize, mobilization, demobilize, demobilization, munitions, disarmament.

war, v. contend, fight, combat, militate, wage war.

warble, v. trill, carol, yodel.

warble, n. trill, carol, yodel.

warcry, n. slogan, war-whoop.

ward, n. guardianship, guard, tutelage; protege. Associated Word: pupillary.

ward, v. ward off, fend off, avert, parry, repel, forefend.

warden, n. church warden; keeper, custodian, curator, warder.

warder, n. keeper, guard, warden; mace, truncheon; turnkey.

warding off. parry, evasion, averting.

wardship, n. pupillage, pupillarity, minority.

warehouse, n. storehouse, depot, magazine, repository, depository.

wares, n. pl. merchandise, commodities.

warfare, n. war, hostilities; crusade, struggle, strife, militancy.

war-horse, n. charger; Bucephalus.

warlike, a. military, martial, belligerent, bellicose.

warm, a. lukewarm, tepid, thermal; zealous, ardent, fervent, sanguine, fervid, glowing, eager, enthusiastic; temperate, genial; irascible, choleric, irritable, peppery, fiery; vehement, violent, heated, passionate, animated, spirited; sultry, muggy; incalescent.

warm, v. heat.

warm-blooded, a. homothermous, homoiothermal.

warmed over. rechauffe.

warm room of Roman baths. tepidarium.

warmth, n. heat; ardor, fervor, passion, earnestness, fervency, cordiality, vehemence, enthusiasm, zeal, empressement.

warn, v. admonish, caution, notify, premonish, apprise, advise, forewarn, signal.

warner, n. admonisher, monitor, sentinel, sentry, mentor.

warning, a. cautioning, monitory, mentorial, monitorial, ominous, admonitory, admonishing.

warning, n. premonition, forewarning; caution, admonition, monition; portent, omen, beacon.

warp, v. twist, bend, bulge; pervert, distort, bias.

warped, a. twisted, bent, bulging, protuberant, distorted.

warp thread. stamen.

warrant, v. guarantee, assure, insure; justify, defend; affirm, attest, vouch.

warrant, n. commission, authority; guaranty, surety; voucher, attestation.

warrantable, a. justifiable, defensible.

warranty, n. guaranty, guarantee, security, warrant.

wart, n. excrescence, ecphyma, verruca; condyloma (venereal wart). Associated Word: catheretic.

warty, a. excrescent, verrucose, verruciform.

wary, a. guarded, cautious, circumspect, careful, vigilant.

wash, v. lave, bathe, absterge, foment, rinse; launder.

wash, n. lotion.

washbowl, n. lavatory, washbasin, laver.

washerwoman, n. laundress.

washhouse, n. laundry.

washing, n. ablution, bath, bathing, lavement; abstersion, detersion, fomentation; laundering, laundry.

washing away. detergent, abluent.

washing soda. sodium carbonate.

washstand, n. commode.

wasp, n. Associated Words: vespid, vespiform, vespine, vespoid.

waspish, a. irascible, irritable, snappish, touchy, petulant.

wasp nest. vespiary.

waste, v. squander, misspend, fritter away, dissipate, dawdle; desolate, devastate, despoil, sack, pillage, ravage, strip; decline, decay, pine, wither, dwindle, molder.

waste, a. refuse, rejected, unused, unproductive, untilled, inarable, worthless; desolate, devastated, stripped, ravaged, pillaged; superfluous, exuberant, unnecessary; excrementitious.

waste, n. wasting, squandering, dissipation, decrement, prodigality; wilderness, wild, desert; remnants, offal, recrement, garbage, refuse, rubbish; desolation, devastation rapine, ravage, havoc, destruction, sacking, pillage, despoliation.

wasteful, a. extravagant, prodigal, unthrifty, improvident infrugal, lavish, thriftless.

waster, n. spendthrift, prodigal, squanderer.

wasting, n. squandering, dissipation, prodigality, improvidence; emaciation, decline.

watch, n. vigil, outlook, attention; watcher, patrol, watchman, sentry, perdue, picket, guard, sentinel, vedette, guardsman, Argus.

watch, n. horologe.

watch, v. keep vigil, be on the lookout, keep guard.

watchful, a. vigilant, heedful, attentive, alert, circumspect wary, Argus-eyed.

watchfulness, n. vigilance, circumspection, wariness, heedfulness.

watching, n. vigil, vigilance; espionage, surveillance.

watchmaker, n. horologer, horologist.

watchmaking, n. horology, horography.

watchman, n. sentinel, guard, Argus, Cerberus. See watch.

watch-pocket, n. fob.

watch-tower, n. observatory.

watchword, n. countersign, password, shibboleth, parole.

water, v. irrigate.

Water, n. Associated Words: aquatic, aquarium, aqueduct, alluvial, alluvion, affusion, aquapuncture, alluvium, diluvium, anhydrous, enhydrous, amphibious, amphibian, aquiferous, aquiform, aquiparous, buoy, coffer, cofferdam, debacle, cataclysm, dehydrate, dehydration, irrigation, diluvian, douche, glairin, baregin, hydragogue, hydrant, hydrate, hydration, hydrated, hydraulicon, hydrodynamics, hydroextractor, hydrogen, oxygen, hydrognosy, hydrographer, hydrography, hydrologist, reservoir, hydrolysis, hydromania, hydromaniac, hydraulic, hydromancy, hydromechanics, hydrometry, hydrophanous, hygrophilous, hydrorrhea, hydroscope, hydrostatic, hydrofuge, hydrostatics, hydrotic, hydrotherapeutics, hydrous, siphon, seepage, philhydrous, sluice, turbine, hydraulics, current, undertow.

water, n. lymph; serum.

water-bearer, n. Aquarius.

water bottle. carafe.

water brash. water-qualm, pyrosis.

water-clock, n. clepsydra; hydroscope.

water-closet, n. privy.

water color. aquarelle.

water-course, n. channel, ditch, canal, moat, sewer, drain, aqueduct, gutter, trench, wady.

water-cure, n. hydropathy.

water-doctor, n. hydropathist.

waterfall, n. cascade, cataract, fall, linn.

wateriness, n. aquosity.

waterless, a. anhydrous.

water-lily, n. Nymphae.

waterman, n. ferryman, boatman.

water-nymph, n. Naiad, hydriad.

water on the brain. hydrocephalus.

water on the chest. hydrothorax.

water plant. aquatic, hydrophyte. Associated Word: hydrophytology.

water-pox, n. varicella, swine-pox.

water-qualm, n. water brash, pyrosis.

watershed, n. divide.

water sports. aquatics.

water wheel. tympanum, turbine.

watery, a. aqueous; ichorous, serous, sanious.

watery discharge. hydrorrhea.

wattle, n. gill, caruncle.

wave, n. undulation, surge, eagre, bore, swell, billow, breaker; ripple; whitecap; signal, flourish; swelling, excitement, tide. Associated Words: rote, trough, rut, crest.

wave, v. undulate, float, flutter; flourish, brandish; beckon, signal.

waver, v. vacillate, fluctuate, veer, oscillate, hesitate.

wavering, a. vacillating, fluctuating, oscillating, unstable, irresolute, uncertain.

wavering, n. vacillation, fluctuation, indecision, irresolution, oscillation, hesitancy.

wavy, a. undulatory, undulating, undulated.

wax, n. beeswax; spermaceti; adipocere (grave wax); ozocerite, mineral wax. Associated words: cerography, ceroplastics, ceroplasty, cerograph, cerographist, cerotic, ceromancy, cerate, encaustic, ceroma, inceration, cerotene, incerative, cerographic, ceroplastic, cetin.

wax, v. cere; increase, grow, develop, become larger.

waxy, a. waxen, ceraceous, ceral; facile, pliable, fictile, impressible, plastic.

way, n. manner, method, mode, fashion, style, guise, custom, habitude, wont, practice; distance, interval, space; passage, transit, progression, advance; means, device, expedient, contrivance; direction; road, track, path, thoroughfare.

wayfarer, n. traveler, pilgrim, passenger, wanderer.

wayfaring, a. traveling, passing.

way in. entrance.

waylay, v. ambush.

way out. exit, egress.

wayward, a. disobedient, perverse, froward, willful, intractable, headstrong.

waywiser, n. odometer, pedometer, perambulator.

weak, a. feeble, infirm, debilitated, weakly, fragile, delicate, invalid, emasculated, enervated; vulnerable, assailable, unguarded, unprotected, exposed; frail, pliant, tender; peccable, fallible, errable, erring, indiscreet; impotent, ineffectual, inefficacious, ineffective; illogical, unsustained, inconclusive, lame, unsatisfactory; vacillating, irresolute, wavering, unstable; diluted, thin, insipid, vapid; slight, gauzy, sleazy, flimsy, brittle, fragile; unsound, unsubstantial, defective, unsafe, rickety.

weaken, v. debilitate, enfeeble, enervate, unnerve, emasculate, incapacitate, sap, undermine, unman, exhaust, deplete; dilute, thin; invalidate; impair, diminish, lower, decline.

weakening, a. debilitant; diluent, attenuant.

weak-kneed, a. yielding, irresolute, pliant, vacillating.

weak-minded, a. feeble-minded, foolish, shallow, witless.

weakness, n. debility, feebleness, infirmity, enervation, debilitation, frailness, fragility, impotence, invalidism; vulnerability, accessibility, exposedness; foible, defect, deficiency; peccability, errability, fallibility; inefficacy, ineffectiveness; vacillation, indecision, instability, irresolution; atony, asthenia.

wealth, n. opulence, affluence, riches, fortune, competence. Associated Words: economics, Pluto, plutocracy, plutology, chrysology, chrematistics, plutomania, plutocrat, plutocratic, magnate.

wealthy, a. opulent, affluent, rich, capitalistic, independent.

wean, v. disaccustom, alienate, detach.

weaning, n. ablactation; alienation.

wear away. abrade, fray, erode, corrode, fret, chafe.

wearied, a. tired, fatigued, exhausted, weary, fagged, jaded.

weariness, n. fatigue, lassitude, languor, exhaustion, ennui.

wearing away. abrasion, attrition, detrition, corrosion, erosion.

weary, a. tired, fatigued, worn, exhausted, wearied, spent, fagged, ennuye.

weary, v. tire, fatigue, exhaust, jade, fag, bore.

weather, n. Associated Words: meteorology, meteorologist, barometer.

weather-cock, n. weather-vane.

weave, v. entwine, interlace, mat, plait, braid, plat, fabricate.

weaving, n. Associated Words: loom, textile, textorial, textrine, spindle.

web, n. texture, tissue.

web-footed, a. palmiped, palmated, fin-toed, lobate.

wedding, n. nuptials, marriage, espousals.

wedge, n. embolus, chock, quoin, scotch.

wedge-shaped, a. cuneiform, sphenoid.

weed, v. uproot, extirpate.

weeding, n. sarculation; extirpation, rooting out.

weeding machine. aberuncator.

week day. Associated Word: ferial.

weekly, a. hebdomadary, hebdomadal.

weep, v. sob, cry.

weeping, n. sobbing, crying.

weevil, n. curculio.

weighable, a. ponderable.

weight, n. heaviness, ponderousness, gravity, ponderosity, poise, heft; encumbrance, pressure, incubus, clog, burden; importance, consequence, moment, significance.

weighty, a. heavy, ponderous, massive, onerous; momentous, important, pregnant, serious.

welcome, n. greeting, salutation.

welfare, n. prosperity, happiness, weal, success, well-being.

well, a. good, desirable, fortunate, expedient, favorable, beneficial, advantageous; healthy, sound, undiseased, hale, hearty.

Welsh, a. Cymric, Cambrian.—n. Cymry.

Welshman, n. Cambrian.

welter, v. wallow, flounder, roll.

west, n. Associated Words: Occident, Hesperian, Hesperus, Hesperides.

western, a. occidental.

west wind. Associated Word: favonian.

wet, a. damp, moist, humid, soaked.

wet, v. moisten, dampen, soak, imbrue, saturate.

wet blanket. check, damper, discouragement.

whalebone, n. baleen.

whale oil. train oil.

wharf, n. pier, quay, dock; jetty.

whatnot, a. etagere, cabinet.

wheat, n. Associated Word: mattamore. See grain.

wheedle, v. cajole, blandish, inveigle.

wheedling, n. cajolery, blandishment, inveiglement.

wheel, n. cycle; truckle, caster, roulette, rowel; gear, cogwheel, miter wheel; pulley, sheave (wheel of a pulley). Associated words: spoke, felly, hub, strake, tire, straddle, cog, sprocket, linchpin, arbor, axle, axletree, sprag, traction, trochilics, trochilic, ratchet, flange, skid, rotiform.

whetstone, n. oilstone. Associated Word: coticular.

whey cure. serumtherapy, serotherapy.

whim, n. vagary, caprice, fancy, crotchet, freak, humor, maggot, notion, quirk.

whimsey, n. whim.

whimsical, a. capricious, vagarious, notional, crotchety, fantastic.

whine, n. whimper, puling, complaint.—v. whimper, pule, complain.

whiningly, a. plaintively, querulously.

whinny, n. and v. neigh.

whip, v. lash, beat, thrash, flog, drub, punish, chastise, trounce, flagellate, castigate, scourge, switch, spank, maul, fustigate; (Slang) conquer, defeat; jerk, snatch, whisk.

whip, n. horsewhip, crop, scourge, lash, switch, rattan, thong, knout, cat-o-nine-tails, quirt (rawhide); koorbash (Africa).

whipping, n. chastisement, castigation, punishment, scourging, trouncing, flagellation, beating, lashing, fustigation, flogging, mauling; defeat.

whippletree, n. whiffletree, swingletree, singletree.

whirl, v. spin, revolve, twirl, rotate, gyrate, wheel, pirouette.

whirl, n. circumvolution, rotation, gyration, swirl.

whirling, a. spinning, rotating, vertiginous, gyratory.

whirling, n. spinning, rotation, gyration, turbination, pirouette.

whirlpool, n. maelstrom, vortex, eddy; Charybdis.

whirlwind, n. cyclone, typhoon.

whiskers, n. pl. beard; (of a cat) vibrissa.

whiskey, n. spiritus frumenti. Associated words: faints, distill, distiller, distillery, poteen, moonshine, moonshiner.

whisper, n. susurrus, susurration, whispering, sibilation; innuendo, suggestion, intimation.

whistling, n. rhonchus, rale (Med.).

whit, n. particle, atom, iota, jot, tittle, bit, mite, mote, ace, scintilla, scrap.

white, a. blanched, bleached, etiolate, pale; hoary.

white heat. incandescence.

white hot. incandescent.

white lead. ceruse, carbonate of lead.

white livered, a. cowardly, pusillanimous, dastardly.

whiten, v. bleach, blanch, pale, etiolate, decolorize.

whitening, n. bleaching, blanching, etiolation.

white race. Caucasian race.

whites, n. leucorrhea, fluor albus.

Whitsunday, n. Pentecost, Whitsuntide.

whiz, v. hum, buzz, whirr.

whole, a. all, total, entire; intact, complete, inviolate, integral, unbroken, unscathed, unabridged.

whole, n. sum, total, totality, all, aggregate, gross, integral. Antonyms: part, portion, fraction, disintegration.

wholeness, n. entirety, completeness, integrity. Associated Words: integral, integrate, integration, integrant.

wholesome, a. healthy, salubrious, salutary, nutritious, beneficial. Antonyms: See unhealthy.

whoop, n. halloo, hoot, shout, yell.

whooping-cough, n. chin cough, pertussis.

whore, n. harlot, prostitute, strumpet, courtesan, wench, Cyprian, bawd, drab, punk, woman of ill fame, demirep.

whoredom, n. prostitution, fornication, lewdness, harlotry, bawdry.

whorehouse, n. brothel, bawdy-house.

whoremaster, n. lecher, fornicator, whoremonger; pimp, procurer, pander.

whoremonger, n. whoremaster, debauchee, rake, wencher.

whorish, a. lewd, incontinent, licentious, meretricious, libidinous.

wicked, a. sinful, iniquitous, evil, immoral, depraved, vicious, pernicious, abandoned, unrighteous, heinous, flagitious.

wickedness, n. iniquity, depravity, immorality, sinfulness, vice, infamy, atrocity, evil, offense, flagrancy, unrighteousness.

wide, a. broad: extensive, vast; comprehensive.

wide-awake, a. alert, keen, vigilant, watchful, wary, attentive.

wideness, n. breadth, width.

widespread, a. prevalent, extended, extensive.

widow, n. relict. Associated Words: viduage, dower weeds, widowhood.

width, n. breadth.

wife, n. spouse, consort, helpmate, partner. Associated Words: uxoricide, uxorious, uxoriousness, coverture, dowry, polygamy, polygamist, monogamy, dower, dot, uxorial.

wig, n. peruke, toupee, periwig, toupet, jasey, scratch wig, bagwig.

wiggle, v. squirm, wriggle.

wigmaker, n. perruquier.

wigwam, n. tepee.

wild, a. untamed, undomesticated, feral, ferine; desert, waste, uncultivated, uninhabited; savage, ferocious, barbarous, uncivilized, cannibal; unrestrained, violent, turbulent, tempestuous, riotous, wanton, uncontrolled; visionary, bizarre, grotesque, impracticable; agrarian, agrestial.

wile, n. artifice, deception, guile, trick, ruse, craft.

will, n. volition, preference, choice; command, wish behest, order.

will, n. testament, devise. Associated Words: intestate, intestacy, testate, testacy, testamentary, testator, testatrix, surrogate, bequeathable, bequeather, bequeathment, bequest, codicil, devisee, devisor, intestable, legacy, legatee, legator, testable, nuncupative.

will, v. bequeath, devise, leave; decree, ordain, direct, order; wish, desire, want.

willful, a. refractory, headstrong, perverse, disobedient, inflexible.

willing, a. disposed, voluntary, desirous.

willingness, n. readiness, disposition, alacrity.

will-o'-the-wisp, n. ignis fatuus, Jack-o'-lantern, Jack-with-a-lantern.

willow, n. osier. Associated Words: osiery, osiered, salicaceous, salicin, withe, wicker.

willowy, a. lithe, graceful, pliant; osier, osiered.

wily, a. crafty, artful, intriguing, designing, tricky, insidious, politic.

win, v. achieve, attain.

wince, v. shrink, flinch, recoil.

wind, n. breeze, zephyr; draught; gale, squall; hurricane, tornado, cyclone, tempest, whirlwind, flurry; simoon, sirocco, monsoon, chinook, trade wind, levanter, typhoon, harmattan, solano. Associated Words: anemology, anemography, anemometry, Typhon, AEolus, gust, aeolian, bellows, cenemograph, anemophilous, fan, blast, aeolic, sough, soughing, lee, leeward, windward, anemogram, anemograph.

wind, n. flatulence. Associated Words: belch, belching, eructation, crepitus, ructation, tympany, carminative, flatulent, tympanitis.

wind, v. coil, twine, twist, wreathe; crook, meander, curve, deviate, sinuate, bend.

windfall, n. godsend, boon.

windflower, n. anemone.

wind gauge. anemometer.

winding, n. convolution, labyrinth, detour, meander, meandering, crook, bend, curve, angle, sinuation, contortion.

winding, a. circuitous, labyrinthian, meandering, spiral, serpentine, tortuous, deviating.

winding-up, n. conclusion, settlement, denouement, finale, end.

windlass, n. winch.

window, n. casement, ventilator, transom, fenestella, oriel, dormer window, bay window, luthern, rose window, moucharaby, oeil-de-boeuf, lunette window. Associated Words: fenestral, fenestrated, fenestration, squilgee, cancelli, tracery, mullion, mullioned, sash, sill, reveal, jamb, foliation, lintel, rabbet, splay, louver boarding, interfenestration, lattice, shutter.

windpipe, n. trachea, weasand, throttle. Associated Words: tracheal, tracheary, tracheitis, tracheotomy, tracheocele, tracheoscopy, bronchus.

windy, a. squally, gusty, tempestuous; flatulent.

wine, n. Associated Words: vinous, vintage, viniculture, vintner, vinometer, mull, stum, oenology, oenophilist, vinaceous, flagon, lees, oenolin.

wine-bibber, n. tippler.

wing, n. pinion. Associated Words: alary, alate, alation, elytra, neuration, shard.

wing, n. annex, ell; flank.

wink, v. nictate, nictitate; overlook, ignore, connive at.

winking, n. nictation, nictitation.

winning, n. achievement, gaining.

winning, a. charming, captivating, winsome, engaging.

winter, n. Associated Words: hibernation, hibernal, hibernacle, hyemation, hibernaculum, hyemal, brumal.

winter, v. hibernate.

wipe, v. swab; expunge, efface, obliterate, erase.

wipe, n. gibe, taunt, jeer, sarcasm.

wireless telegraphy. Associated Word: marconigram.

wire-pulling, n. intrigue.

wisdom, n. lore, learning, sapience, erudition, knowledge, enlightenment.

wise, a. erudite, sapient, learned, philosophical, enlightened, sage; sagacious, expedient.

wiseacre, n. pretender, sciolist, ignoramus.

wisely, adv. prudently, judiciously, sapiently, sagaciously.

wise man. Solon, sage, oracle, luminary, authority, philosopher, Nestor, savant, philomath, scholar.

wise men (of the East). Magi.

wish, v. desire, aspire; invoke, imprecate; congratulate, felicitate (wish happiness to).

wish, n. desire, longing, aspiration, hankering.

wishbone, n. merry thought, furculum; fourchette.

wishing, n. longing, aspiration.

wit, n. sense, understanding; repartee, drollery, facetiousness, jocularity, waggishness; wag, humorist.

witch, n. sorceress, enchantress; hag; siren; warlock (male witch).

witchcraft, n. sorcery, enchantments, necromancy, black art, conjuration, incantation; fascination, witchery.

witchery, n. witchcraft, sorcery; fascination, spell, charm, entrancement.

witch-hazel, n. hamamelis.

witching, a. bewitching, fascinating, charming.

withdraw, v. retire, retreat, quit; recall, retract, recant, disavow.

withdrawal, n. retirement, retreat; retraction, recantation, disavowal.

withering, a. blighting, blasting, marcescent.

with foal. pregnant.

withhold, v. refrain, abstain; refuse, deny.

withholding, n. restraint, repression, abstinence; refusal, denial.

witness, v. testify, bear witness, confirm, corroborate, attest.

witness, n. attestation, testimony, evidence; eye-witness, deponent, attestor.

witty, a. facetious, droll, sharp.

witty sayings. witticisms, conceits, facetiae, bons mots.

wizard, n. wonder-worker, magician, conjurer, sorcerer, enchanter, necromancer.

wizardry, n. wonder-working, sorcery, necromancy.

wolf, n. coyote; werewolf, lycanthrope.

wolfish, a. lupine, ravenous.

woman, n. dame, matron; mulier; adult. Associated Words: gynecology, gynecologist, gyniatrics, gyneocracy, gynecocracy, gynocracy, gynecian, gynarchy, gyneolatry, gyneolater, gynephobia, gynecopathy, philogynist, philogyny, misogyny, femicide, matriarchy, gynaeceum.

woman-hater, n. misogynist.

womanhood, n. womanliness, femininity, feminality.

womanish, a. effeminate, feminine.

womb, n. uterus, venter, matrix, matrice. Associated Words: uterine, metritis.

wonder, n. surprise, astonishment, amazement, awe; phenomenon, miracle, prodigy, marvel, rarity.

wonder, v. marvel.

wonderful, a. marvelous, wondrous, phenomenal, miraculous, portentous.

wonder-worker, n. wizard, magician, thaumaturge, thaumaturgist, necromancer.

wonder-working, n. wizardry, magic, sorcery, thaumaturgy, necromancy.

wonder-working, a. magical, thaumaturgic, miraculous, necromantic, wizard.

wont, n. habit, custom, practice.

wonted, a. accustomed, customary, usual, habitual.

wood, n. timber; duramen, heartwood; alburnum, sapwood; kindling, fuel. Associated Words: kyanize, fissile, fissility, lignification, lignify, ligniferous, lignescent, lignite, lignivorous, xylopyrography, pyrography, veneer, cord.

wood, n. forest, wold, grove, woodland, timberland, copse.

woodbine, n. honeysuckle, caprifole, eglantine; Virginia creeper.

woodcoal, n. charcoal; lignite, brown coal.

wood-engraving, n. xylography; woodcut.

wooden shoe. sabot, clog.

woodman, n. forester.

wood-nymph, n. dryad, hamadryad.

woods, n. pl. forest.

wood-sugar, n. xylose.

woody, a. wooden, ligneous; sylvan, bosky.

wooing, n. courtship.

wool, n. fleece; worsted, merino, pelotage; mortling, Associated words: laniferous, lanifical, lanigerous, lanolin, depilate, depilation, depilatory.

woolly, a. downy, fleecy, nappy, lanate.

word, n. term, vocable; etymon, root; derivative; signal, order, command; promise, affirmation, parole.

wordbook, n. dictionary, lexicon, thesaurus, glossary.

word for word. verbatim, literally.

wordiness, n. verbosity, prolixity, verbiage, pleonasm, redundancy.

wording, n. phrasing.

words, n. pl. phraseology; vocabulary. Associated Words: glossary, glossarist, glossography, glossology, glossologist, lexicology, lexicologist, etymology, etymologist, etymologize, neology, lexicography, terminology, paronomasia, pun, punning, onomatopoeoea, syncope, syncopation, literal, literally, literalism, transliteration, verbal, verbalist, verbalism, battology, logomachy, logomachist, verbarium, apocope, kyriology, metonomy, autonomasia, multiloquence, perissology, purism, purist, elision, polysynthesis, coin, coinage, apheresis, aphetic, aphetism, aphesis, onomatopoiesis, metaphrase, acrostic, rebus, synecdoche, verbicide, verbomaniac, locution.

words of an opera. libretto. Associated Word: librettist.

wordy, a. diffuse, prolix, verbose, redundant, pleonastic. Antonyms: terse, succinct, laconic.

work, v. toil, labor, strive; drudge, slave; operate, manipulate, perform; ferment, effervesce. Antonyms: shirk, idle, dabble, loaf, soldier (Colloq.).

work, n. industry, toil, labor, employment, occupation; effort, exertion, striving; drudgery; diligence, assiduity; business, duty, job, task; magnum opus. Antonyms: idleness, dalliance, trifling, sloth, sluggardy, truancy, dabbling, dilettanteism, relaxation, leisure, vacation.

work-bag, n. reticule.

worker, n. artisan, artificer, craftsman, handicraftsman, journeyman, mechanic, workman, laborer, operative, industrial. Antonyms: idler, drone, dabbler, sluggard, truant, dilettante, loafer, shirker.

working, a. industrious.

working man. worker, laborer.

working together., cooeperation; collusion; concurrence; collaboration.

workman, n. artisan, artificer, craftsman, journeyman. See worker.

work together. cooeperate; collude; concur; collaborate.

world, n. earth, creation, universe, cosmos; globe; planet; macrocosm, microcosm. Associated Words: cosmology, cosmologist, cosmography, cosmogony, cosmographer, cosmogonist, cosmometry, cosmoplastic, cosmic, cosmolatry, cosmopolite, cosmopolitan, cataclysm, ante-mundane, secularize, secularization, secularist, supermundane, geography, geology, paleontology, tellurian, telluric.

wordliness, n. secularity, secularism.

worldly, a. terrestrial, earthly, mundane, terrene; secular, temporal.

worldly-minded, a. irreligious, sordid, groveling.

worm, v. wriggle, insinuate.

worm killer. vermicide.

worm medicine. vermifuge, anthelmintic, helminthagogue.

worms, n. pl. Associated Words: helminthology, helminthologist, vermeology, vermeologist, vermifugal, verminivorous, vermin, vermiculate, vermiculated, vermiculation, taenifuge, helminthic, helminthiasis, vermicious, vermicular, vermiculose, anthelmintic, wormy.

worm-shaped, a. vermiform, vermicular, wormlike.

worn away. eroded, abraded, attrite.

worry, v. harass, vex, annoy, torment, tease, fret, trouble, pester, badger, harry, importune; be anxious, be solicitous, fret.

worry, a. anxiety, fretting, apprehension, concern, solicitude. Antonym: unconcern.

worrying, a. anxious, distressing, carking.

worship, n. adoration, homage; idolatry, deification, apotheosis. Associated Words: liturgies, liturgy, ritual, cult, fetish, fetishism, totem, totemism.

worship, v. adore, revere; idolize, deify, apotheosize, glorify.

worst, v. defeat, vanquish, conquer, overcome, overthrow, discomfit, rout.

worth, n. worthiness, excellence, virtue, merit, integrity, honor; value.

worthless, a. valueless, good-for-nothing, futile, trashy, unworthy, trumpery, scurvy, contemptible.

worthy, a. meritorious, excellent, estimable, deserving, reputable, exemplary, upright.

would-be, a. self-styled, soi-disant, presumptuous.

wound, n. hurt, injury, scath, lesion, trauma; traumatism. Associated Words: vulnerable, vulnerability, invulnerable, invulnerability, vulnerary, vulnific, sanies, sanious, pledget, spleget, dossil, ichor, probe, antiseptic, inviolable, violable, tent, autoplasty.

wound, v. injure, scath, hurt, maim, disable.

wrangle, n. altercation, dispute, squabble, brawl, bickering, quarrel.

wrangle, v. altercate, dispute, squabble, bicker, quarrel.

wrangler, n. disputant.

wrap, v. infold, swathe, bemuffle, envelop, muffle, swaddle.

wrapper, n. house-dress; negligee, kimono, peignoir; envelope, wrap, covering, capsule; tillot.

wrath, n. See anger.

wreath, n. garland, chaplet, festoon, crown.

wreck, n. desolation, ruin, havoc, devastation, ravage debris, derelict.

wreck, v. demolish, destroy, ruin, shatter, strand, founder, undo, raze.

wrest, v. wrench, wring, extort; distort, pervert, garble, falsify, misconstrue.

wretch, n. outcast, pariah, pilgarlic, vagabond, knave, rogue, scoundrel, caitiff, miscreant, scapegrace, villain, rascal, renegade, reprobate, rake, scullion, poltroon, varlet, ronion, libertine, blackguard, cullion, bezonian.

wretched, a. miserable, unhappy; contemptible, abject, despicable, paltry.

wring, v. writhe, squeeze, pinch; distort, pervert, wrest, exact, extort.

wrinkle, n. corrugation, pucker, crease, furrow, rumple, crinkle, ruck; (Colloq.) notion, fancy, whim, caprice, vagary, freak, whimsey; pl. crow's feet.

wrinkle, v. rumple, pucker, corrugate, crease, cockle, ruck, crumple.

wrinkled, a. corrugated, rumpled, puckered, cockled, creased, rugous.

wrist, n. carpus. Associated Words: carpal, carpale.

write, v. inscribe, indite; superscribe (write on the top or outside of anything); subscribe.

writer, n. scribe, scrivener, penman, secretary, amanuensis, correspondent, essayist, clerk, copyist, author, hack, calligrapher.

writing, n. handwriting, chirography, penmanship, hand, calligraphy; document, writ, indenture, debenture, certificate, charter, holograph; inscription, superscription, subscription. Associated Words: graphology, agraphia, graphomania, cacoethes scribendi, cursive, uncial, clerical, stylus, planchette, scotograph script, literary, cacography.

writing-desk, n. secretary, escritoire.

writing-room, n. scriptorium.

written above. superscript, suprascript.

written under. subscript, subscribed.

wrong, a. immoral, bad, wicked, sinful, evil, improper, criminal, vicious, unjust, contraband, wrongful, iniquitous, blameworthy, reprehensible, base, crooked, sinister; erroneous, mistaken, untrue, false, inaccurate, inexact, incorrect; inappropriate, unsuitable; reverse.

wrong, n. injustice, inequity, oppression, disservice, trespass, transgression, injury, tort, offense, grievance, detriment; error, falsity; immorality, vice, iniquity, sin, evil, improbity, guilt, misdoing, malpractice, offense, delinquency, peccancy, dereliction, mischief, obliquity, misdemeanor.—adv. amiss, erroneously.

wrong, v. cheat, damnify, defraud, maltreat, abuse.

wrong-doer, n. sinner, criminal, culprit, delinquent, offender, malefactor, transgressor, miscreant, profligate, pervert, crook, prevaricator.

wrong-doing, n. misdemeanor, malfeasance, malpractice, malversation, dereliction, iniquity, sin, immorality, wickedness, indiscretion, prevarication, chicanery, delinquency, transgression, graft, malfaction, demerit, default.

wrong-timed, a. ill-timed, inopportune, unseasonable.

wrought, a. worked, elaborated, finished.

wrought up. excited, perturbed, distracted, discomposed, agitated.

wry, a. twisted, distorted, awry; wrested, perverted.

wryneck, n. torticollis.


X-ray, n. the Roentgen ray. Associated Words: fluoroscope, fluoroscopy, cryptoscopy, cryptoscope.


Y. Associated Words: ypsiloid, ypsiliform.

yank, n. (Colloq.) pull, jerk, twitch.—v. pull, jerk, twitch, snatch.

yap, n. bark, yelp.

yard, n. three feet; enclosure, court, area, garth, courtyard, quadrangle, curtilage (Law).

yarn, n. worsted, warp, abb, spinel. Associated Word: skein.

yawn, v. gape, oscitate.

yawn, n. gape, gaping, yawning, oscitation, oscitancy.

yawning, a. gaping, oscitant.

yearbook, n. annual.

yearly, a. annual, anniversary.—adv. annually.

yearn, v. long, desire, hanker after, pine.

yearning, n. longing, hankering, pining.

yeast, n. harm, leaven, ferment.

yeasty, a. barmy.

yell, n. outcry, scream, shriek, howl, yowl, vociferation.

yell, v. scream, shriek, screech, bawl, howl, yowl, vociferate, hoot.

yellow, a. golden, sallow, tawny, ecru, amber, fallow, fulvous, croconic, jaundiced, fulvid, buff, luteous, saffron, ocherous, lurid.

yellowbird, n. goldfinch.

yellow race. Mongols, Mongolians.

yellows, n. jaundice; jeterus.

yelp, n. bark, yap, yaup.

yes, adv. yea, aye, ay.—n. affirmative, consent.

yield, v. produce, pay, return; submit, surrender, succumb, give up, capitulate; resign, relinquish, cede, forego, waive; concede, admit, grant, allow. Antonyms: resist, retain, withhold, refuse, withstand.

yield, n. product, crop, harvest.

yielding, n. production, bearing, surrender, relinquishment, submission, compliance, acquiescence, succumbing.

yielding, a. compliant, tractable, submissive, amenable, unresisting, docile, indulgent, irresolute, facile; plastic, fictile, pliant, flexible. Antonyms: See unyielding.

yoke, n. oxbow and bar, crosspiece; team, span, pair, couple; bond, link, chain, coupling.

yoke, v. couple, join, unite, link, hitch together; subject, enslave.

yokel, n. bumpkin, boor, rustic.

yolk, n. yelk, vitellus, oviplasma.

young, a. juvenile, youthful, immature, adolescent.

young, n. offspring. Associated Words: beget, prolific, fecundity, procreation, fetus, brood, generation, fetiferous, pregnant, pregnancy.

younger, a. junior.

youngest born. Associated Word: postremogeniture.

youth, n. juvenility, youthfulness; adolescence, teens, minority, nonage, juniority; young man, lad, boy, stipling, cadet, minor, juvenile, adolescent. Associated Words: rejuvenescence, rejuvenation, rejuvenate, rejuvenescent, rejuvenating, juvenescence, juvenescent.

youthful, a. immature, juvenile, adolescent, boyish. Antonyms: adult, manly, mature.