Ubiquitous, a. omnipresent.

ubiquity, n. omnipresence.

udder, n. mamma. Associated Words: escutcheon, garget.

ugly, a. repulsive, unsightly, loathsome, hideous, grewsome, frightful; (Colloq.) crossgrained, ill-natured, unamiable, inaffable, surly, refractory, vicious, indocile, spiteful, sullen, morose; uncomely, hard-visaged, homely, ill-favored, hard-featured.

ulcer, n. fester, gathering, imposthume, pustule, ulceration. Associated Words: sanies, sanious.

ulcerate, v. suppurate, fester, maturate.

ultimate, a. final, farthest, extreme.

ultimately, adv. finally.

ultra, a. extreme.

umbrage, n. resentment.

umpire, n. referee, judge, arbitrator, arbiter.

unabated, a. undiminished, unassuaged.

unable, a. incapable.

unabundant, a. scarce, deficient, rare.

unacceptable, a. objectionable, unwelcome, undesirable.

unaccountable, a. incomprehensible, inexplicable, inscrutable.

unaccustomed, a. unfamiliar, unwonted, unused.

unacquainted, a. unfamiliar, strange.

unadulterated, a. unsophisticated, unalloyed, pure.

unadvised, a. imprudent, unwise, indiscreet, inconsiderate.

unaffected, a. unmoved, untouched, unimpressed; artless, naive, sincere, natural, unfeigned.

unafraid, a. undaunted, unappalled, unabashed, undismayed.

unalterable, a. immutable, unchangeable.

unambitious, a. unenterprising, indifferent.

unamiable, a. cross, ungracious, surly, unfriendly, irascible.

unanimity, n. unison, accord, agreement.

unanswerable, a. irrefutable, incontrovertible.

unappeasable, a. insatiate, insatiable, unquenchable, implacable.

unappreciable, a. imperceptible.

unapproachable, a. inaccessible, distant.

unarmed, a. defenseless, unguarded, unprotected.

unasked, a. unsolicited, voluntary, free-will.

unassailable, a. impregnable, invincible, secure, invulnerable.

unassorted, a. mixed, promiscuous, indiscriminate.

unatonable, a. inexpiable, irremissible.

unattainable, a. unachievable, impracticable, impossible.

unauthentic, a. spurious, supposititious, uncanonical, apocryphal, fictitious.

unavailing, a. futile, nugatory, ineffectual, abortive, vain, bootless.

unavoidable, a. inevitable, unpreventable, ineludable.

unaware, a. unconscious, unmindful, insensible.

unbearable, a. intolerable, insufferable, unendurable.

unbecoming, a. inappropriate, unseemly, unsuitable, indecorous.

unbegotten, a. self-existent.

unbelief, n. incredulity, skepticism, doubt, infidelity, distrust, suspicion.

unbelievable, a. incredible, implausible, fabulous.

unbeliever, n. doubter, skeptic, infidel, free-thinker, nullifidian.

unbelieving, a. incredulous, doubtful, skeptical, nullifidian.

unbend, v. relax.

unbending, a. inflexible, unyielding, rigid, unpliant, resolute, incompliant.

unbiased, a. unprejudiced, impartial, unjaundiced, neutral, disinterested.

unbidden, a. unasked, uninvited; spontaneous, voluntary, volitional.

unblamable, a. blameless, inculpable, irreprehensible, innocent.

unblushing, a. shameless, unabashed, brazen-faced, indecent, immodest.

unbosom, v. confess, reveal, divulge.

unbounded, a. illimitable, boundless, unlimited, limitless, immeasurable, vast, infinite, immense.

unbreakable, a. infrangible; inviolable (said of a promise or vow).

unbreakableness, n. infrangibility; inviolability.

unbreathable, a. irrespirable.

unbridled, a. unrestrained, uncurbed, uncontrolled, licentious, immoderate.

unbroken, a. whole, intact; inviolate, inviolated; undisturbed, sound, profound; wild, untamed.

unburnable, a. incombustible, asbestic, incremable.

unbury, v. exhume, disentomb, disinter.

unburying, n. exhumation, disentombment, disinterment.

uncanny, a. weird, eerie.

uncanonical, a. apocryphal, unauthentic.

unceasing, a. incessant, perpetual, perennial, ceaseless.

unceremonious, a. informal, unconstrained; bluff, blunt.

uncertain, a. distrustful, hesitating; dubious, precarious, problematical, insecure; equivocal, ambiguous, indefinite, irresolute, inconstant, fickle, variable, capricious; fallible.

uncertainty, n. distrust, hesitation, doubt, dubiousness, dubiety, incertitude; irresolution, variableness, inconstancy, capriciousness; ambiguity, indefiniteness; contingency, fortuity; fallibility; suspense.

unchangeable, a. immutable, invariable, changeless, stereotyped, unalterable, unmodifiable, permanent, constant.

unchanging, a. unvarying, permanent.

uncharitable, a. illiberal, intolerant, ungenerous, bigoted, censorious.

unchaste, a. incontinent, impure, lewd, wanton, immoral.

unchastity, n. incontinence, wantonness, lechery, licentiousness, lewdness, impurity.

unchecked, a. unbridled, unrestrained, unhampered, untrammeled, uncurbed.

unchurch, v. excommunicate.

uncivil, a. discourteous, rude, churlish, boorish, brusque, impolite.

uncivilized, a. savage, barbarous, unreclaimed, benighted.

unclassifiable, a. nondescript.

uncle, a. Associated Word: avuncular.

unclean, a. soiled, dirty, foul, filthy, nasty, uncleanly; tref (Jewish); polluted, defiled, impure.

uncommon, a. unusual, singular, rare, unique, queer, strange, odd, anomalous, exceptional, abnormal, variant, nondescript, extraordinary, noteworthy, remarkable, aberrant.

uncommunicative, a. reserved, taciturn, reticent, secretive.

uncompelled, a. voluntary, spontaneous, gratuitous, unconstrained, volitional.

uncomplaining, a. resigned, patient, forbearing, long-suffering, meek.

uncomplimentary, a. unflattering, frank, derogatory, blunt.

uncompromising, a. inflexible, irreconcilable, intransigent, firm.

unconcern, n. indifference, nonchalance, apathy, disinterestedness.

unconcerned, a. indifferent, nonchalant, cool, apathetic, disinterested.

unconditional, a. absolute, unqualified, unrestricted, carte blanche.

uncongenial, a. disagreeable, unpleasant.

unconnected, a. disconnected, separate, isolated, abrupt, incoherent.

unconquerable, a. invincible, insuperable, impregnable, indomitable, inexpugnable.

unconscionable, a. unreasonable, inordinate, exorbitant, excessive.

unconscious, a. unaware, insensible; comatose; ingenuous, artless, naive.

unconsciousness, n. insensibility; coma.

unconstrained, a. spontaneous, uncompelled, voluntary, natural.

uncontradictable, a. incontrovertible, indisputable, incontestable.

uncontrollable, a. ungovernable, irrepressible.

unconvincing, a. inconclusive.

uncouple, v. disconnect, detach, disjoin, loose.

uncourtly, a. rude, gawky, ungraceful, awkward, inelegant.

uncouth, a. awkward, clumsy, rude, ungainly, loutish, gawky, ungraceful.

uncover, v. disclose, reveal, expose, show.

unction, n. anointing; unguent, ointment; fervor, emotion, fervency, enthusiasm.

uncultivated, a. untilled, fallow.

uncultured, a. unlettered, ignorant; philistine.

undaughterly, a. unfilial.

undecaying, a. imperishable, amaranthine, perennial, undying, fadeless; imputrescible, incorruptible.

undeceive, v. disabuse, disillusionize, disillusion.

undeceiving, n. disillusion, disillusionment.

undecided, a. unsettled, pending; wavering, irresolute, dubious, controvertible.

undecipherable, a. illegible.

undefinable, a. unexplainable, undeterminable.

undefined, a. vague, indefinite, obscure; boundless, limitless.

undemonstrative, a. staid, quiet, demure, phlegmatic, sedate.

undeniable, a. incontestable, indisputable, unquestionable, indubitable, irrefragable, incontrovertible, unimpeachable.

under, prep. beneath, below, subordinate, inferior, subject to.

under, a. subordinate, subaltern, inferior, subjacent.

underbrush, n. undergrowth, jungle.

underground, a. subterranean, subterraneous, subterrene, subterrestrial.

underhand, a. underhanded, surreptitious, clandestine, covert.

underhand, adv. clandestinely, covertly, secretly, surreptitiously.

underhanded, a. covert, clandestine, surreptitious, underhand.

underline, v. underscore.

underling, n. subordinate, inferior, understrapper.

underlying, a. fundamental, basic.

underrate, v. underestimate, undervalue, underprize.

understand, v. comprehend, apprehend, grasp, discern.

understandable, a. comprehensible, intelligible.

understanding, n. comprehension, discernment, apprehension; accord, entente, harmony, agreement. Associated Word: tacit.

under the rose. secretly, privately, confidentially, sub rosa.

undervalue, v. depreciate, vilipend, despise; underrate, underestimate.

under water. submarine, subaquatic, subaqueous, submerged.

underwear, n. underclothing; lingerie.

underwrite, v. insure; subscribe.

undeserved, a. unmerited, unjust.

undeserving, a. unworthy, unmeritorious, indign.

undesigned, a. unpremeditated, unintentional, accidental.

undesigning, a. artless, guileless, sincere.

undesirable, a. inexpedient; objectionable, unacceptable, ineligible.

undetermined, a. unsettled, irresolute, wavering, indeterminate, abeyant.

undeveloped, a. in embryo, embryonic, immature, abeyant, embryo, imperfect; atrophied, dwarfed, rudimentary, stunted, abortive, puny.

undevelopment, n. immaturity; atrophy, abortion; embryo.

undignified, a. unseemly, unbecoming, groveling, servile, obsequious.

undiminished, a. unabated, unlessened.

undiscernible, a. imperceptible, indiscernible.

undisputable, a. incontrovertible, incontestable, indisputable, undeniable.

undissolvable, a. insoluble, indissolvable, indissoluble.

undo, v. reverse, annul, nullify, abrogate, neutralize, invalidate; loose, unfasten, disentangle; impoverish, ruin.

undoing, n. reversal, annulment, invalidation, abrogation; impoverishment, ruin.

undoubted, a. indubitable, unquestioned, unchallenged, undisputed.

undoubting, a. sure, confident, sanguine, implicit.

undress, n. dishabille, negligee.

undress, v. disrobe, strip, divest, doff, disarray.

undressing, n. disrobing, stripping.

undue, v. unreasonable, immoderate, exorbitant, excessive, disproportioned.

undutiful, a. disobedient, unfilial.

undying, a. deathless, immortal.

unearth, v. uncover, disclose, ferret out.

unearthly, a. weird, supernatural, preternatural, eerie, apalling, terrific.

uneasiness, n. restlessness, inquietude, perturbation, anxiety, agitation, malaise.

uneasy, a. restless, restive, anxious, perturbed, impatient.

uneatable, a. inedible, incomestible.

uneducated, a. illiterate, benighted. See ignorant.

unemotional, a. phlegmatic.

unendurable, a. intolerable, insufferable.

unequal, a. unmatched, uneven, disparate; ill-balanced, disproportioned, incommensurate, inequitable; inequable, irregular; inadequate, insufficient.

unequaled, a. unmatched, unexampled, incomparable, superior, preeminent, peerless, unsurpassed, unrivaled, exceeding, superlative, sans pareil.

unequalness, n. inequality, unevenness, disproportion, inadequacy.

unerasable, a. indelible, inerasable, permanent.

unerring, a. certain, sure, unfailing, infallible, inerrable, impeccable.

unescapable, a. inevitable, unavoidable.

unessential, a. nonessential, immaterial, unnecessary.

uneven, a. jagged, rugged, rough, hummocky, humpy, protuberant, unequal.

unexcelled, a. unequaled, unsurpassed, superior, supreme.

unexcitable, a. imperturbable, phlegmatic.

unexhaustible, a. exhaustless, inexhaustible.

unexpected, a. unforeseen, unanticipated, unlooked for.

unexperienced, a. inexperienced, unpracticed.

unexplainable, a. inexplicable, inscrutable, uninterpretable.

unexpressible, a. inexpressible, unutterable, ineffable.

unextinguishable, a. unquenchable, insuppressible.

unfading, a. perennial, amaranthine, permanent, enduring.

Unfailing, a. sure, certain, constant, inexhaustible, infallible, inevitable.

unfair, a. unjust, partial, unconscionable, inequitable, disingenuous.

unfairness, n. injustice, inequity, partiality.

unfaithful, a. disloyal, faithless, perfidious, undutiful, renegade, apostate, recreant, derelict, false, treacherous, traitorous, treasonable, untrustworthy, pervert, inconstant, unsteadfast, fickle.

unfaithfulness, n. disloyalty, perfidy, apostasy, recreancy, inconstancy, treachery, treason, bad faith, dereliction, fickleness, defection.

unfaltering, a. steadfast, unwavering, unswerving.

unfamiliar, a. unaccustomed, strange, novel; inconversant, unacquainted.

unfathered, a. fatherless; bastard, illegitimate.

unfathomable, a. abyssmal, immeasurable; inscrutable.

unfavorable, a. adverse, inimical, unpropitious, inauspicious, malign, derogatory, hostile.

unfeathered, a. unfledged, callow, squab.

unfeeling, a. insensible, insensate, insentient, numb, apathetic, impassible, impassive; stoic, callous, cruel, stern, incompassionate, unpitying, brutal, inclement.

unfeelingness, n. insensibility, impassibility, impassivity, torpidity, numbness, apathy; unkindness, cruelty, stoicism, incompassion, inclemency.

unfeigned, a. genuine, sincere, unaffected, unassumed.

unfinished, a. incomplete.

unfit, a. unsuitable, ineligible, inappropriate, unqualified, incompetent, inapt, inept.

unfit, v. disqualify, incapacitate, disable.

unfitness, n. ineligibility, unsuitableness, incompetency, irrelevance, disqualification.

unflattering, a. uncomplimentary, derogatory, frank.

unfledged, a. callow, unfeathered, squab.

unflinching, a. resolute.

unfold, v. unfurl, expand, evolve, unroll; disentangle, unravel, resolve; divulge, disclose, reveal, elucidate.

unfoldment, n. evolution, evolvment, expansion, unrolling; disentanglement, interpretation, explanation.

unforced, a. spontaneous, voluntary, optional, unconstrained.

unforgivable, a. unpardonable, irremissible, inexpiable.

unforgiving, a. implacable, irremissive, relentless.

unfortunate, a. unlucky, unsuccessful, disastrous, ill-starred, ill-fated.

unfounded, a. baseless, groundless.

unfriendliness, n. enmity, inimicalness, hostility, disfavor, antipathy, disaffection, alienation, estrangement, unfriendship.

unfriendly, a. hostile, ill-disposed, inimical, malign, unamicable, disaffected, alienated, estranged, antagonistic, unfavorable, adverse.

unfruitful, a. unproductive, effete, unprolific, infertile, acarpous.

ungainly, a. awkward, gawky, ungraceful, lumbering, loutish, wooden, uncouth.

ungenerous, a. illiberal, narrow, sordid, uncharitable, stingy.

unglue, v. deglutinate.

ungodly, a. godless, impious, irreverent, profane, unrighteous.

ungovernable, a. unruly, unmanageable, refractory, intractable, mutinous, impotent, irrepressible, rampant, unbridled, impetuous.

ungraceful, a. awkward, uncourtly, clumsy, uncouth, lumbering, ungainly, wooden, gawky.

ungrateful, a. ingrateful, unthankful; disagreeable, offensive.

ungratefulness, n. ingratitude.

ungrateful person. ingrate.

unguarded, a. defenseless, unprotected; incautious, unwary.

unhair, v. depilate.

unhairing, n. depilation. Associated Word: depilatory.

unhallowed, a. unsanctified, profane.

unhandy, a. inconvenient; clumsy, awkward, maladroit.

unhappiness, n. infelicity, misery, distress, sorrow, woe.

unhappy, a. infelicitous, unfortunate; miserable, wretched, sad, sorrowful, disconsolate, woeful, distressed, heart-sick, mournful, lugubrious; deplorable, calamitous, distressing, grievous, inauspicious, unpropitious, malign.

unharmed, a. unscathed, inviolate, uninjured, unhurt, intact, scathless.

unharmonious, a. inharmonious, discordant, dissonant, harsh.

unhealable, a. insanable, incurable.

unhealthful, a. unwholesome, insalubrious, unsanitary, unhealthy, morbific, pestiferous.

unhealthfulness, n. insalubrity, unwholesomeness.

unhealthy, a. unhealthful, unwholesome, insalubrious, noxious, noisome, pestiferous, pernicious, unsanitary, unhygienic, morbid, morbific, pestilent, insalutary; sickly, unsound, diseased, morbid, invalid.

unheard of. unprecedented, exceptional; unknown, obscure.

unheeded, a. disregarded, ignored, unnoticed.

unholy, a. unhallowed, unconsecrated, profane, impious, evil, ungodly.

unhonored, a. inglorious, unsung, unrenowned, obscure.

unhurt, a. See unharmed.

uniform, a. unvarying, invariable, constant, undeviating; consonant, consistent. Antonyms: diverse, difform, anomalous, variant, heterogeneous, variable.

uniform, n. livery, dress, regimentals.

uniformity, n. sameness, even tenor; invariability, regularity, equableness, conformity, consonance, consistency. Antonyms: diversity, variation, anomaly.

unimaginative, a. matter-of-fact, prosaic, literal, practical, unromantic.

unimportance, n. immateriality, insignificance, triviality, paltriness.

unimportant, a. immaterial, insignificant, trivial, paltry.

unimpressible, a. unimpressionable, impassible, stoical, impassive.

unintentional, a. accidental, unpremeditated, fortuitous, undesigned.

union, n. coalition, combination, merger, fusion, unification, incorporation, conjunction, amalgamation, coalescence, junction, league, confederacy, federation, alliance; agreement, concurrence, unison. Antonyms: disunion. See separation.

unique, a. unmatched, unexampled.

unite, v. join, combine, annex, associate, link, couple, yoke, splice; consolidate, merge, amalgamate, fuse, confederate, unify, coalesce, concur, cooeperate.

united, a. combined, incorporate, federated, confederate, affiliated, unified, blended, leagued, conjugate, yoked, amalgamated.

unity, n. oneness, singleness; concord, harmony, agreement, uniformity, unison, concert.

universal language. pasilaly; Esperanto.

universal writing. pasigraphy.

unjust, a. unfair, inequitable, iniquitous, unmerited.

unjustifiable, a. indefensible, inexcusable, unwarrantable.

unkind, a. cruel, harsh, austere, rigorous, incompassionate, inclement, brutal.

unkindness, n. cruelty, brutality, severity, incompassion, incivility, disfavor.

unknowable, a. incognizable, incognoscible, unascertainable, unintelligible, incomprehensible.

unknowingly, adv. unwittingly, ignorantly, unconsciously, inadvertently.

unknown, a. obscure, inglorious, unrenowned, nameless, undistinguished; unascertained, unexplored, unapprehended; anonymous.

unknown person. stranger, ignote.

unladylike, a. hoidenish, pert, ill-bred.

unlawful, a. illegal, illicit, contraband, illegitimate, unlicensed.

unleavened, a. azymous.

unleavened bread. azym.

unlike, a. dissimilar, different, diverse, sundry, variant, heterogeneous, unique, nondescript.

unlikelihood, n. improbability, unlikeliness.

unlikely, a. improbable; unpromising.

unlikeness, n. dissimilarity, dissimilitude, difference, contrast.

unlimited, a. limitless, illimitable, infinite, absolute, unbounded.

unload, v. disburden, unlade, relieve.

unlooked-for, a. unexpected, unanticipated, unforeseen, chance.

unlovely, a. uncomely, homely, plain, unattractive, repulsive.

unlucky, a. unfortunate, luckless, ill-starred, unhappy, untoward.

unmaidenly, a. hoidenish, rude, boisterous, pert.

unman, v. emasculate, castrate; dishearten, discourage, unnerve, intimidate; emolliate, effeminate.

unmanageable, a. ungovernable, intractable, refractory, fractious; cumbersome, unwieldy.

unmanly, a. ignoble, cowardly, mean; womanish, effeminate cockney.

unmanned, a. emasculated, effeminate.

unmannerly, a. impolite, discourteous, boorish, uncivil, rude.

unmanning, n. emasculation, castration; debilitation; discouragement.

unmarried, a. single, celibate.

unmarried man. bachelor, celibate, agamist.

unmarried woman. spinster.

unmatchable, a. peerless, matchless, incomparable, inimitable, unique.

unmatched, a. unequaled, matchless, incomparable, nonpareil.

unmeaning, a. meaningless, senseless; insignificant, inexpressive.

unmeant, a. unintentional.

unmelodious, a. discordant, harsh, dissonant, inharmonious, unmusical.

unmeltable, a. infusible.

unmerciful, a. cruel, pitiless, merciless, inclement, unsparing, stern, unrelenting, ruthless, brutal, incompassionate, unkind; (Colloq.) excessive, fabulous, exorbitant, immoderate.

unmindful, a. oblivious, inadvertent, inattentive, heedless.

unmistakable, a. manifest, palpable, obvious, patent, evident, distinct, unambiguous.

unmixable, a. immiscible.

unmixableness, n. immiscibility.

unmovable, a. fixed, stable, immobile.

unmoved, a. calm, dispassionate, indifferent, unstirred, impassive, stoical.

unmusical, a. inharmonious, discordant.

unnatural, a. abnormal, monstrous, anomalous, aberrant, variant, preternatural, exceptional, irregular; artificial, affected, feigned, assumed simulated, constrained.

unnecessary, a. superfluous, useless, needless, uncalled for, expletive, redundant, supernumerary.

unneighborly, a. unsociable, exclusive, distant, unaccommodating.

unnoticed, a. unheeded, unnoted, surreptitious.

unobjectionable, a. unexceptionable.

unobtainable, a. unprocurable, unattainable, inaccessible.

unobtrusive, a. unpretentious, unassuming, modest.

unorthodox, a. heterodox.

unpacifiable, a. implacable, unappeasable, unreconcilable.

unpaid, a. outstanding, payable, due, unliquidated.

unpardonable, a. inexpiable, unatonable, irremissible, unforgivable.

unpassable, a. impassable.

unpenetrable, a. impenetrable, impervious, imperforable.

unpierceable, a. imperforable, impenetrable.

unplanted, a. fallow.

unpleasant, a. disagreeable, uncongenial.

unplowed, a. fallow.

unpopular, a. disliked, obnoxious, odious, offensive.

unpopularity, n. odium, disesteem, obnoxiousness.

unpractical, a. impractical, visionary, Utopian.

unpraiseworthy, a. uncommendable, illaudable, indign.

unprejudiced, a. impartial, unbiased, unjaundiced.

unpremeditated, a. extemporaneous, offhand, impromptu, extempore.

unpretending, a. unobtrusive, modest, unpretentious, unostentatious.

unpretentious, a. unpretending.

unpreventable, a. unavoidable, inevitable.

unprincipled, a. unscrupulous.

unproductive, a. unfruitful, barren.

unprofessional, a. amateur.

unprofitable, a. unremunerative, profitless; futile, fruitless, unavailing.

unpromising, a. unlikely; inauspicious, unpropitious.

unqualified, a. incompetent, ineligible; absolute, unconditional.

unquenchable, a. unslakable, insatiate, insatiable, quenchless.

unquestionable, a. incontrovertible, irrefutable, incontestable, indubitable, obvious, indisputable.

unquestioned, a. undoubted, implicit.

unravel, v. disentangle, extricate, ravel; decipher, unfold.

unreachable, a. inaccessible.

unreadable, a. illegible.

unreal, a. fanciful, imaginary, visionary, unsubstantial, shadowy, chimerical, illusive, phantasmal, phantasmagorial.

unreasonable, a. irrational, absurd, unwise, preposterous, senseless; excessive, exorbitant, unfair, unconscionable, inordinate.

unreclaimable, a. irreclaimable, irretrievable, hopeless, incorrigible.

unrecognized, a. ignored, disregarded, unacknowledged.

unreconcilable, a. antagonistic, incompatible, irreconcilable, implacable, unpacifiable.

unrecoverable, a. irrecoverable, irreparable, irretrievable, irrecuperable.

unredeemed, a. forfeited, unransomed, unfulfilled.

unrefonnable, a. irreformable, incorrigible.

unrelenting, a. relentless, implacable, inexorable, remorseless, pitiless, unmerciful.

unreliable, a. untrustworthy, undependable, uncertain.

unremediable, a. irremediable.

unremitting, a. indefatigable, persevering, unceasing, constant.

unrepairable, a. irreparable.

unrepentant, a. impenitent, incontrite.

unreserve, n. frankness, candor, ingenuousness.

unreserved, a. frank, undissembling, candid, ingenuous; unconditioned, unlimited.

unresistible, a. irresistible.

unresisting, a. passive, submissive, long-suffering.

unrest, n. unquietness, restlessness, uneasiness, disquietude, inquietude.

unrestrained, a. unbridled, ungoverned, uncurbed, riotous, impotent, saturnalian, rampant; licentious, dissolute, profligate.

unrestraint, n. freedom, liberty, license, abandon.

unrestricted, a. unlimited, unfettered, uncircumscribed.

unrevivable, a. irrevivable, irresuscitable.

unrighteous, a. unholy, evil, iniquitous, wicked, vicious.

unrivaled, a. peerless, matchless, inimitable, incomparable, supreme.

unroll, v. unfold, unfurl, evolve.

unrolling, n. unfolding, unfurling, evolvement, evolution.

unromantic, a. prosaic, pragmatical, matter-of-fact, practical, literal.

unruly, a. turbulent, ungovernable, refractory, insubordinate, fractious, insurgent, indocile, disobedient, froward, vicious, intractable, rebellious.

unsafe, a. insecure, risky, perilous, dangerous, hazardous, imperiled, precarious.

unsafety, n. insecurity, danger, risk, peril, hazard, jeopardy.

unsalable, a. invendible, unmarketable.

unsatisfactory, a. disappointing, insufficient.

unsatisfiable, a. insatiable, insatiate.

unsavory, a. offensive, rank, unpleasant; insipid, savorless, mawkish, unpalatable, vapid.

unsay, v. recall, retract, recant.

unsaying, n. recantation, retraction.

unscrupulous, a. unprincipled, unconscientious, dishonest, dishonorable, knavish.

unsearchable, a. inscrutable.

unseasonable, a. inopportune, ill-timed, untimely, premature.

unseasonably, adv. malapropos, untimely.

unseemly, a. unbecoming, improper, indecorous.

unseen, a. invisible, unperceived, secret, unnoticed, unobserved, clandestine, surreptitious, furtive, concealed, underhand.

unselfish, a. magnanimous, disinterested, altruistic, charitable.

unselfishness, n. magnanimity, altruism, beneficence, liberality.

unsentimental, a. matter-of-fact, prosaic, pragmatical, practical.

unserviceableness, n. inutility.

unsettle, v. disorder, derange, upset, unhinge, disconcert.

unsettled, a. undetermined, dubious, unadjusted, controvertible, disputable; irresolute, fickle, changeable; roily, feculent, turbid.

unshapely, a. misshapen, deformed.

unsheltered, a. exposed, unprotected.

unshod, a. discalced, barefooted, discalceated.

unshrinking, a. unflinching, determined, resolute.

unsightly, a. offensive, repulsive.

unskilled, a. unpracticed, unskillful, empirical.

unskillful, a. maladroit, inexpert, unskilled, clumsy.

unsociable, a.morose, uncompanionable, inaffable, ungenial, taciturn.

unsolvable, a. insoluble, inexplicable.

unsophisticated, a. unadulterated; innocent, guileless, gullible, ingenuous.

unsound, a. defective, impaired; sophistical, fallacious, illogical, untenable.

unsparing, a. liberal, ungrudging, profuse; severe, unmerciful.

unspeakable, a. ineffable, unutterable, inexpressible.

unspotted, a. spotless, pure.

unstable, a. insecure, unsteady, irresolute, inconstant, erratic.

unsteadfast, a. unstable, inconstant, wavering, irresolute.

unsteady, a. inconstant, precarious, wavering, variable, vacillating, wabbly.

unstinted, a. plentiful.

unstudied, a. extemporaneous, extempore, impromptu, offhand.

unsubmissive, a. insubordinate, refractory.

unsuccessful, a. unfortunate, unlucky, unprosperous; abortive, fruitless, unavailing, bootless, ineffectual, futile.

unsuitable, a. inappropriate, incongruous, incompatible.

unsupplied, a. destitute.

unsurmountable, a. insuperable.

unsurpassed, a. peerless, transcendent, superior, unrivaled, matchless.

unsusceptible, a. unimpressionable, unfeeling.

unsuspecting, a. unsuspicious, gullible, credulous, indubious, unsophisticated.

unsustainable, a. untenable, controvertible.

untangle, v. unravel, disentangle.

untaxed, a. scot-free, exempt.

unteachable, a. indocile, intractable.

unthankful, a. ungrateful.

unthankfulness, n. ingratitude.

untidy, a. disorderly, slatternly, littered.

untillable, a. inarable.

unfilled, a. fallow.

untimely, a. premature, unseasonable, inopportune, ill-timed, malapropos.

untiring, a. indefatigable, unceasing, tireless, unremitting, unwearied.

untrodden, a. trackless, pathless.

untrue, a. inveracious, mendacious, false, untruthful, unfaithful.

untruth, n. falsehood, fiction, fabrication, lie.

untruthful, a. inveracious, mendacious, lying.

untruthfulness, n. mendacity, inveracity, falsehood.

untwist, v. unravel, disentangle, feaze.

unused, a. unaccustomed, unfamiliar.

unusual, a. uncommon, curious, rare, odd, unique, extraordinary, anomalous, irregular.

unutterable, a. unspeakable, ineffable.

unvarying, a. invariable, monotonous, uniform.

unveil, v. expose, uncover, reveal, disclose.

unviolated, a. inviolate, inviolated, inviolable.

unwarrantable, a. unjustifiable, indefensible.

unwavering, a. steadfast, resolute.

unwearied, a. indefatigable.

unweighable, a. imponderable.

unwholesome, a. baneful, insalubrious. See unhealthy.

unwieldy, a. ponderous, cumbersome, clumsy.

unwilling, a. reluctant, indisposed, loath, disinclined, averse.

unwind v. disentangle, unravel.

unwise, a. imprudent, injudicious, inexpedient, indiscreet.

unwittingly, adv. unknowingly, undesignedly, inadvertently.

unworthy, a. unmeritorious, undeserving, despicable, contemptible.

unwritten, a. traditional.

unyielding, a. inflexible, stiff, unbending, incompliant, indomitable, insubmissive, tenacious, unimpressible, impliable, obdurate, intractable, game, resolute.

upbraid, v. reproach, scold, chide, rate, reprove, reprimand, twit.

upbraiding, n. scolding, reproach, reprimand, censure, reprehension.

up grade. ascent, acclivity.

uphill, a. ascending, acclivous, rising.

uphold, v. support, sustain, vindicate, defend.

upkeep, n. maintenance.

upper, n. vamp (of a shoe).

upper-hand, n. advantage, mastery, dominion, control.

upper ten. (Colloq.) aristocracy, elite, bon ton.

uppish, a. (Colloq.) proud, arrogant, assuming.

upright, a. erect, perpendicular, vertical; honorable, honest.

uprightness, n. perpendicularity, verticality, erectness; honesty, integrity.

uproar, n. turmoil, fracas, clamor, tumult, commotion, din, hubbub.

uproarious, a. (Colloq.) clamorous, obstreperous, boisterous, noisy, turbulent.

uproot, v. eradicate, extirpate.

uprooting, n. eradication, extirpation.

upset, v. overturn, overset, capsize, invert, overthrow; disconcert, discompose, perturb, agitate, unnerve, excite.

upshot, n. event, result, issue, outcome, consequence.

upside down. inverted; disordered, topsy-turvy.

upstart, n. parvenu, snob, mushroom.

up to snuff. (Slang) knowing, acute, sharp.

upward, a. ascending, acclivous (sloping upward).

urge, v. egg, importune, exhort; impel, force; incite, instigate, goad.

urgency, n. insistence, pressure; importunity; exigency, stress, necessity; incitement.

urgent, a. pressing, imperative, insistent, exigent, importunate, pertinacious, imperious.

urine, n. piss, emiction; stale (urine of horses and cattle). Associated words: uronology, urinal, urinate, urination, micturition, urethra, uric, uretic, uriniferous, enuresis, anuresis, diabetis, strangury, urolith, lateritious sediment, uroscopy, urinary, urea, diuretic.

usage, n. treatment; custom, practice, use.

use, n. employment, application, service, utilization, exploitation; necessity, need; utility, avail, advantage, usefulness, service; custom, usage, practice. Antonyms: disuse, obsolescence, desuetude, inutility. Associated Words: obsolescent, obsolete, obsoletism, utilitarian, utilitarianism, utilizable, chrestomathic.

use, v. employ, apply, utilize, exploit; treat, behave toward; practice, exercise; consume, exhaust; accustom, habituate, familiarize, inure.

useful, a. serviceable, advantageous, available.

usefulness, n. utility, advantage.

useless, a. unserviceable, futile, worthless, unavailing, bootless, ineffectual, null, nugatory, abortive.

uselessness, n. inutility, futility, unserviceableness.

usher, v. show to a seat; introduce, forerun, precede, herald, escort.

usual, a. ordinary, general, accustomed, conventional, prevailing, everyday. Antonyms: See unusual.

usually, adv. ordinarily, generally, customarily, commonly.

usurp, v. arrogate, seize, appropriate, accroach.

usurpation, n. arrogation, seizure, appropriation.

utility, n. usefulness. Antonym: inutility. Associated Words: utilitarian, utilitarianism, utilizable.

utilize, v. use, employ, exploit.

utmost, a. farthest out, extreme, last; greatest, maximum, uttermost.

Utopian, a. chimerical, visionary, fanciful, air-built.

utter, v. speak, pronounce, express.

utter, a. complete, absolute, perfect; unconditional, unqualified, peremptory.

utterable, a. pronounceable, expressible.

utterance, n. speech, articulation.

utterly, adv. entirely, completely, wholly, unconditionally, altogether.

uttermost, a. extreme, utmost, farthest.