rabbit, n. hare, coney, bunny, cottontail.

rabbitry, n. warren.

rabble, n. mob, rabblerout, populace.

rabid, a. violent, raging, furious; intolerant, fanatical, uncompromising, rampant.

rabies, n. hydrophobia. Associated Words: rabid, rabietic, hydrophobic, antihydrophobic.

race, n. Associated Words: ethnology, ethnography, ethnologist, ethnic, racial, ethnogeny, holethnos, holethnic, interracial.

race-course, n. race-track, ring, circus, career, hippodrome, curriculum, stadium.

racer, n. courser.

rack, n. pain, torture, agony; amble, pacing; crib, manger; distaff; arrack.

rack, v. stretch, strain, torture, agonize; harass, persecute, torment.

rack and ruin. (Colloq.) destruction, ruin.

racket, n. din, uproar, clamor, babel, clangor, blare, noise, hullabaloo, hilarity, vociferation; (Slang) carouse, revel, dissipation.

racy, a. fine-flavored, pungent, rich; spirited, piquant, fresh and lively. Antonyms: insipid, vapid, tasteless, flavorless, dull, prosaic.

radiance, n. effulgence, refulgence, brilliancy, brightness.

radiant, a. effulgent, refulgent, brilliant. See bright.

radiate, v. shine, beam, gleam; diverge.

radiated, a. divergent.

radiation, n. irradiance, irradiation; divergence. Antonym: convergence.

radical, a. original, fundamental; extreme, thorough-going; primitive. Antonyms: conservative, moderate, slight, trifling, derivative.

radical, n. root, etymon, radix.

radically, adv. fundamentally.

raff, n. heap, jumble.

raffle, n. lottery.

raft, n. float, catamaran; (Slang) lot, multitude, collection, heap.

rag, n. tatter, flitter, shred, patch, frazzle, fragment.

ragamuffin, n. tatterdemalion, scarecrow.

rag-baby, n. mopsey, moppet.

rage, n. fury, wrath, passion; (Colloq.) vogue, mode, fashion. See anger.

rage, v. storm, fume, rave.

ragged, a. rent, torn, frazzled; rough, jagged; ragamuffin, tatterdemalion.

raging, a. furious, raving, infuriated, wroth, frenzied, flagrant, rampant.

rag-picker, n. chiffonier.

raid, n. foray, incursion.

rail, v. upbraid, reproach, censure, scoff.

railing, n. invective, vituperation, reproach, upbraiding, contumely. See abuse.

raillery, n. banter, pleasantry, jesting, asteism.

railroad, n. railway.

railroad, v. (Colloq.) hurry, rush.

raiment, n. See clothes.

rain, n. (fine rain) drizzle, mizzle, mist, misle; shower. Antonym: drought.

rainbow, n. iris.

rain gauge. ombrometer, udometer, pluviometer, pluviograph, ombrograph, hyetometer.

rainy, a. showery, wet, pluvious, pluvial.

raise, v. uplift, lift; hoist, heave; erect, build, rear; elevate, advance, exalt; enhance, augment; excite, arouse; propagate, grow, cultivate; rear; levy, collect.

raising, n. uplifting, lifting, elevation, hoisting; erection, rearing; exaltation, elevation; propagation, growing, cultivation.

rake, n. libertine, lecher, debauchee, roue, wencher, rakehell, satyr.

rakish, a. licentious, dissolute, libertine, immoral, lecherous, lewd.

rally, v. collect, reunite; recover, recuperate; assemble; banter, satirize, joke.

ram, n. buck; (Astron.) Aries.

ram, v. cram, stuff, compress.

ramble, v. rove, range, stroll, stray, straggle, roam, wander.

ramble, n. stroll, wandering, rambling.

rambler, n. rover, wanderer, roamer, stroller.

rambling, a. roving, wandering; discursive, digressive, incoherent.

ramp, v. spring, leap, bound, romp.

rampage, n. (Slang) debauchery, passion, excess, unrestraint.

rampageous, a. (Low) rampant, unrestrained, unruly, violent.

rampancy, n. exuberance, luxuriance.

rampant, a. exuberant, luxuriant, rank, wanton, excessive; uncontrollable, violent, raging, furious, unbridled.

rampart, n. fortification, bulwark, security, vallum.

ramshackle, a. dilapidated, disjointed.

rancid, a. musty, tainted, rank, frowzy.

rancor, n. malignity, vindictiveness, hatred, virulence, malevolence, bitterness.

rancorous, a. malevolent, vindictive, malignant, hateful, virulent, bitter.

random, a. haphazard, chance, stray, aimless, hazarded.

range, v. arrange, rank, class, classify; rove, roam, ramble; correspond.

range, n. extent, reach, sweep, compass, scope, latitude; order, class, kind, series, rank; compass, register.

rank, a. exuberant, luxuriant, rampant, vigorous; violent, extreme, excessive, immoderate, gross; rancid, musty, frowzy, fetid, stale; offensive, impalatable, fulsome, foul, gross.

rank, n. row, line, range, order, tier, series; grade, class, order, division; position, station, degree; eminence, distinction.

rank, v. classify, arrange, dispose, class, group, be ranked.

rankling, n. festering, inflammation; heart-burning, resentment.

ransack, v. rummage.

ransom, n. release, liberation, redemption, deliverance.

ransom, v. redeem, rescue, liberate, deliver.

rant, v. declaim, spout, rave, vociferate.

rant, n. rodomontade, ranting, vociferation, bombast.

ranting, a. bombastic.

rap, v. knock.—n. knock, thump, thwack.

rapacious, a. predatory, predaceous, ravenous; avaricious, grasping, extortionate, voracious.

rapacity, n. voracity, rapaciousness, greediness, avarice.

rape, n. constupration, defloration, ravishment, violation.

rape, v. ravish, constuprate, violate, deflower.

rapid, a. swift, fast, fleet, expeditious, cursory, quick, speedy, hasty, furious.

rapidity, n. swiftness, celerity, velocity, haste, speed, fleetness.

rapidly, adv. swiftly, fast, post haste.

rapine, n. plundering, sack, pillage, spoliation, depredation.

rapscallion, n. (Colloq.) rascal, rogue, scoundrel, knave, miscreant.

rapt, a. enraptured, fascinated, transported, spellbound; absorbed, engrossed.

rapture, n. ecstasy, transport, delight, bliss, beatitude.

rapturous, a. ecstatic, beatific, delightful, ravishing, transporting.

rare, a. uncommon, unusual, strange, infrequent, singular, curious; exquisite, fine, incomparable, recherche; sparse, dispersed; subtile, fine, thin, rarefied, tenuous; underdone.

rare bird. rara avis.

rarebit, n. delicacy, tidbit, dainty.

rarely, adv. infrequently, seldom.

rascal, n. rogue, scoundrel, caitiff, scamp, knave, villain, miscreant, varlet, trickster, renegade, scapegrace, rapscallion.

rascality, n. chicanery, improbity. See badness.

rash, a. incautious, precipitate, overhasty, indiscreet, inconsiderate, impulsive, temerarious, madcap, headlong, foolhardy, unwary, reckless.

rash, n. exanthema, eruption, efflorescence.

rashness, n. temerity, precipitancy, indiscretion, incaution, recklessness.

rasp, v. grate, file; offend.

rasping, a. grating.—n. pl. scobs.

rate, v. estimate, value, appraise; assess; scold, censure, chide, berate, reprove.

ratification, n. confirmation, sanction, substantiation, corroboration.

ratify, v. confirm, sanction, substantiate, corroborate.

ration, n. allowance, portion, allotment.

rational, a. reasoning; intelligent, sane, sound, judicious, wise, reasonable, equitable. Antonyms: irrational, insane, injudicious, unwise, unreasonable.

rationale, n. explanation, exposition, reason.

rattle, v. clatter; chatter, prate, babble, prattle; disconcert, confuse, discompose.

rattle, n. clatter; chatter, babble, prattle; crepitaculum; rale.

rattle-headed, a. giddy, rattle-brained, thoughtless.

ravage, v. plunder, pillage, devastate, sack, desolate, despoil.

ravage, n. plunder, pillage, devastation, spoliation, sack, despoliation, rapine.

rave, v. rage, rant, storm.

ravel, v. unravel.

ravening, a. rapacious, insatiable, predatory, ferocious.

ravenous, a. voracious, rapacious, ravening, insatiable.

ravine, n. gorge, defile, clough, lin, gully, gulch.

raving, a. irrational, delirious, maniacal, wild, phrenetic.

ravish, v. transport, enrapture, enchant; rape.

ravishing, a. rapturous, ecstatic, transporting, beatific, delightful.

ravishment, n. ecstasy, transport, rapture; rape.

raw, a. uncooked; unprepared, crude; immature, unripe; galled, sore, sensitive; inexperienced, unskilled, green.

rawboned, a. gaunt, skinny.

raw meat. Associated Word: omophagic.

raw sugar. cassonade.

ray, n. beam, gleam.

raze, v. erase, efface, rase; overthrow, subvert, demolish.

reach, v. attain.

reachable, a. attainable, accessible.

reach the highest point. culminate.

react, v. repeat; resist, oppose; rebound, recoil.

read, v. peruse.

readable, a. legible. Antonyms: unreadable, illegible.

reader, n. peruser.

readiness, n. promptness, facility, alacrity. Antonyms: unreadiness, reluctance.

reading, n. perusal; recitation, prelection.

reading desk. lecturn.

real, a. genuine, veritable, actual, true. Antonyms: fictitious, unreal, spurious, ostensible, artificial, feigned, sham.

reality, n. actuality, verity. Antonyms: unreality, phantasm, simulation, phantom.

realization, n. fulfillment, effectuation.

realize, v. effectuate.

really, adv. actually, truly, indeed, veritably, verily.

realm, n. kingdom, dominion; domain, region, sphere, department.

realty, n. real estate.

ream, n. twenty quires, 480 sheets.

rear, a. hindmost.

rear, v. raise, lift, elevate; erect, build; bring up.

rearing, n. elevation, raising; erection.

reason, n. motive, consideration, design, purpose, rationality, logic, account. Associated Words: dialectics, logic, syllogism, premises, conclusion.

reason, v. ratiocinate, syllogize; argue, remonstrate, expostulate.

reasonable, a. rational; logical, just; conscionable, fair, moderate, equitable.

reasoner, n. logician.

reasoning, n. ratiocination, argumentation, syllogism, discursus; (sophistical or false) sophistry, fallacy, casuistry.

reata, n. lariat, lasso, riata.

rebate, n. deduction, discount, allowance.

rebel, n. insurgent, revolter, turncoat.

rebel, v. revolt, mutiny.

rebellion, n. insurrection, insurgency, mutiny, sedition, revolt, insubordination.

rebellious, a. insurgent, seditious, mutinous, insubordinate, refractory. Antonyms: dutiful, submissive, docile, compliant, deferential, obedient.

rebound, v. recoil, ricochet; reverberate, reecho.

rebound, n. rebounding, resilience, repercussion, recoil, ricochet.

rebuff, n. repulse, resistance, opposition, repellence, check, setback.

rebuff, v. repulse, resist, repel, oppose.

rebuke, v. reprove, upbraid, censure, reprehend, chide, admonish.

rebuke, n. reproof, censure; chastisement, punishment.

recall, v. revoke, annul, retract, recant, rescind, repeal, abjure; remember, recollect.

recall, n. revocation, rescission, repeal, recantation, retraction.

recalling, a. revocatory.

recant, v. retract, abjure.

recantation, n. retraction, abjuration, retractation.

recapitulate, v. summarize.

recapitulation, n. summary, resume.

receipt, n. receiving, reception; formula, recipe, formulary; voucher.

receive, v. take, accept; admit, allow; welcome; hold, contain.

receiver, n. recipient, donee; beneficiary; receptacle; fence (receiver of stolen goods).

recent, a. new, late.

receptacle, n. container, repository.

reception, n. receipt, receiving; levee, soiree, function; acceptance, welcome, admittance.

recess, n. retreat, withdrawal, retirement; intermission; alcove, niche, nook, retreat; seclusion, privacy.

recipe, n. formula, receipt.

recipient, n. receiver, beneficiary, donee, conferree.

reciprocity, n. reciprocation, interchange.

recital, n. recitation, narration, narrative.

recitation, n. reciting, rehearsal; cantillation (recitation with musical modulations).

recite, v. relate, recount, repeat, deliver; cantillate.

reckless, a. heedless, inconsiderate, unmindful, thoughtless, temerarious, rash, uncircumspect, incautious, hasty, foolhardy.

reckon, v. compute, calculate, count, enumerate; esteem, regard.

reckoning, n. computation, calculation, enumeration; settlement, adjustment.

reclaim, v. tame, domesticate; reform.

reclamation, n. reclaiming, recovery, reformation.

reclining, a. recumbent, leaning, lying.—n. recumbence, reclination.

recluse, a. solitary, eremitic.

recluse, n. solitary, eremite, anchoret, hermit.

reclusion, n. seclusion, eremitism.

recoil, v. rebound, react; flinch, shrink, quail.

recollect, v. remember.

recollection, n. remembrance, memory, reminiscence.

recommend, v. commend, praise.

recommendation, n. commendation.

recompense, v. See repay.

reconcile, v. conciliate, propitiate, pacify; harmonize, adjust, settle. Antonyms: estrange, disaffect, alienate.

reconciliation, n. conciliation, pacification, appeasement, reunion.

recondite, a. See abstruse.

record, n. register, memoir, diary, chronicle, minute, memorandum, note, annals, document, muniment, cartulary; testimony, witness, attestation.

recorder, n. register, registrar; cartulary.

records, n. pl. annals, archives.

recover, v. regain, reclaim, retrieve, repair, recoup, recruit, rally, repossess, recuperate.

recoverable, a. retrievable.

recovery, n. retrieval, recuperation, regaining, restoration, convalescence.

recreancy, n. cowardliness, mean-spiritedness, pusillanimity, apostasy.

recreant, a. mean-spirited, pusillanimous, cowardly, craven, faithless, false, apostate.

recreation, n. pastime, amusement, relaxation, diversion, sport, fun, divertisement.

rectify, v. correct, amend.

rectitude, n. probity, integrity, uprightness, honesty, virtue.

rector, n. pastor, clergyman, priest.

rectorship, n. rectorate, pastorate.

rectory, n. parsonage.

red, n. carmine, crimson, scarlet, cerise, garnet, vermilion. Associated Words: rubefacient, rubefaction.

red, a. florid, blushing, flushed, ruby, ruddy, rubicund, blowzed, rubescent, auburn (reddish brown).

redeem, v. repurchase; regain, recover; ransom, rescue, deliver.

redeemer, n. ransomer, deliverer, savior.

redemption, n. repurchase; ransom, salvation, deliverance, rescue.

red-letter, a. fortunate, auspicious, happy.

redoubtable, a. formidable, terrible; valiant, courageous, brave.

redound, v. contribute, conduce, react.

red pepper. cayenne pepper.

redress, n. reparation, amends, indemnification, relief.

reduce, v. diminish, lower, degrade, minimize, depress, debase; humble, conquer, subdue, vanquish, subjugate, subject.

reduction, n. diminution, abatement, minimization, decrement, debasement; subjugation, subjection, conquest, subdual, overthrow.

redundance, n. superabundance, superfluity, excess, plethora.

redundant, a. superabundant, superfluous, excessive, plethoric.

reecho, n. reverberation.—v. reverberate, resound, peal.

reek, n. fume, vapor, exhalation, effluvium, steam.

reeking, a. fumy, vaporous, steaming, smoky.

reel, v. stagger.

refer, v. allude.

referable, a. attributable, ascribable, traceable, assignable.

referee, n. umpire, judge, arbitrator, arbiter.

refine, v. purify, defecate, clarify, sublimate, subtilize, sublime, devulgarize, decrassify.

refined, a. exquisite, polished, fine, well-bred, courtly, cultured; purified, sublimated, subtle, subtilized.

refinement, n. culture, elegance, polish, fastidiousness; purification, sublimation, subtility, clarification, tenuity. Antonyms: vulgarity, coarseness, crudity, barbarity, Philistinism.

reflect, v. mirror; rebound, revert; meditate, ruminate, consider, contemplate.

reflection, n. meditation, contemplation, rumination; stricture, animadversion.

reforestization, n. reforesting, reafforestation, reboising.

reforestize, v. reafforest, reboise.

reform, v. reclaim, regenerate, convert, amend.

reformable, a. corrigible. Antonym: irreformable.

reformation, n. reform, reclamation, betterment, improvement.

refraction, n. deflection.

refractory, a. See unruly.

refrain, v. restrain, curb, check; forbear, abstain, desist.

refresh, v. revive, enliven, reanimate; renovate, renew, restore.

refreshing, a. reviving, reanimating, cooling, reinvigorating, refective.

refreshment, n. collation, lunch, refection, regalement.

refuge, n. stronghold, asylum, retreat, covert; shelter, protection, security, guard; expedient, device, shift, resort.

refugee, n. fugitive, runaway.

refund, v. repay, return, restore.

refusal, n. dissent, denial, non-acceptance, negation; option, preemption.

refuse, v. deny, decline; reject, rebuff, repulse.

refuse, n. offal, dregs, offscum, garbage, fag-ends, recrement, riffraff, lees, dross, draff, offscouring, rubbish, waste, culls.

refutable, a. confutable. Antonym: irrefutable.

refutation, n. confutation, disproof.

refute, v. confute, disprove.

regain, v. recover, retrieve.

regal, a. kingly, royal.

regale, v. feast, entertain, gratify.

regalia, n. pl. insignia.

regard, v. heed, observe, consider.

regard, n. respect, esteem, estimation, opinion; respect, reference, relation; heed, attention, observation, notice. Antonyms: disregard, heedlessness. See disregard.

regardful, a. mindful, heedful, attentive, observant.

regardless, a. heedless, careless, unmindful, inattentive, indifferent.

regards, n. pl. compliments, respects.

region, n. district, quarter, locality, neighborhood, vicinity.

register, n. list, roll, schedule, roster; registrar, recorder.

register, v. record, enroll, matriculate.

registration, n. registry, enrollment, matriculation.

regret, n. sorrow, compunction, deprecation, rue.

regret, v. deplore, be sorry for, rue, deprecate.

regular, a. formal, normal, conventional, systematic: steady, uniform, methodical, constant; (Colloq.) unmitigated, thorough, out-and-out.

regularity, n. uniformity, symmetry, shapeliness, constancy, order, system, method. Antonyms: irregularity, inconstancy, unshapeliness, disorder.

rehash, n. rechauffe.

reign, n. sovereignty, rule, dominion; regnancy, sway, power, influence; kingdom, realm.

reins, n. pl. loins.

reject, v. cast away, discard; refuse, decline, rebuff, repulse, contemn, repudiate.

rejection, n. refusal, declination, rebuff, repulse, discarding, repudiation.

rejoice, v. glory, exult; gladden, cheer, delight, please, exhilarate.

rejoicing, n. joy, gladness, exultation, delight, pleasure.

relate, v. recount, narrate, tell.

related, a. allied, cognate, german, agnate, akin, kindred; consanguineous; cognate; agnate; correlated, correlative.

relation, n. connection, bearing, relationship, reference, correlation, alliance, correspondence, relevancy; affinity, consanguinity, kindred, kinship, cognation, filiation; telling, account, recital, narration, narrative, detail, report. Antonyms: irrelation, alienage.

relationship, n. kindred, affinity, alliance, kinship, cognation.

relationship by blood. consanguinity; cognation; agnation.

relationship by marriage. affinity.

relative, a. relating, referring, respecting, pertaining; particular, definite, specific, pertinent.

relative, n. relation, kinsman, kinswoman, connection; cognate, agnate. Associated Words: nepotism, nepotic, nepotist.

relax, v. loosen, slacken; abate, diminish, mitigate, temper.

relaxation, n. loosening, slackening; diversion, recreation, rest.

relay, n. reinforcement.

release, v. liberate, loose, discharge, free, acquit, extricate, disengage, relinquish, absolve, remit, relieve, exonerate, disencumber.

release, n. liberation, discharge, deliverance, acquittance, extrication, exoneration, disengagement, freedom.

relentless, a. ruthless, implacable, unrelenting, inexorable, unmerciful.

relevancy, n. pertinency, applicability, relevance.

relevant, a. pertinent, germane, apposite.

reliability, n. trustworthiness.

reliable, a. trustworthy, trusty, dependable.

reliance, n. dependence, confidence, trust.

reliant, a. confident, trusting.

relics, n. pl. leavings, remains, reliquiae, remnants; memorial, souvenir, memento, trophy, keepsake. Associated Words: reliquary, confession, hierotheca.

relict, n. widow.

relief, n. alleviation, mitigation, comfort, ease, succor, palliation, assuagement, help; redress, remedy; relay, reinforcement; prominence, projection.

relieve, v. assuage, alleviate, allay, lessen, remedy, ease, mitigate, palliate, succor, extricate, disentangle, disburden, redress, disengage.

relieving, a. mitigative, assuasive, palliative, remedial, emollient, lenitive, comforting.

religious, a. pious, godly, devout, righteous, devotional; strict, exact, scrupulous, conscientious.

relinquish, v. surrender, waive, forego, renounce, cede, abandon, desert.

relinquishment, n. surrender, abandonment, renunciation.

relishable, a. palatable, gustable.

reluctance, n. unwillingness, disinclination, aversion.

reluctant, a. disinclined, unwilling, averse, loath, indisposed.

remain, v. See stay.

remainder, n. residue, remnant, balance, rest, surplus, surplusage, residuum.

remaining, a. residual, remanent, remainder.

remains, n. pl. relics, debris, remnants; corpse.

remand, v. recommit, send back.—n. recommitment.

remark, v. notice, observe, heed, see, note; say, state, assert.

remark, n. comment, observation.

remarkable, a. noteworthy, striking, extraordinary, wonderful, notable.

remediless, a. irremediable, incurable, desperate, irreparable, insanable.

remedy, v. heal, cure, repair, relieve, redress, alleviate, assuage, palliate.

remedy, n. medicine, cure, antidote, corrective, specific, restorative, panacea, alterant, carminative, medicament, arcanum, prescription, nostrum, elixir, balm; reparation, cure, redress, aid, relief.

remember, v. recollect, recall.

remembrance, n. recollection, memory, reminiscence; souvenir, keepsake, memento, memorial, trophy, reminder. Antonyms: forgetfulness, amnesia, amnesty, oblivion.

remembrancer, n. memento, souvenir, keepsake, trophy, memorial.

reminder, n. remembrancer.

remiss, a. negligent, derelict, careless, slack, heedless, neglectful.

remission, n. surrender, relinquishment; discharge, acquittance; abatement, assuagement, mitigation, subsidence; absolution, exculpation, forgiveness.

remmnant, n. remainder, residue, rest; fragment, piece.

remonstrance, n. expostulation, protest, protestation.

remonstrant, a. expostulatory, remonstrative.

remonstrate, v. expostulate, protest.

remonstrative, a. expostulatory, remonstrant.

remorse, n. self-reproach, sorrow, regret, penitence; pity, compassion, sympathy.

remorseless, a. implacable, ruthless, merciless, unmerciful.

remote, a. distant.

remoteness, n. distance.

removal, n. displacement, dislodgement, transference, expulsion, elimination, dismissal, discharge, ejection, dispossession, divestiture, extraction.

remove, v. move, displace, transfer, dislodge; dismiss, discharge, divest, dispossess, eject; extract, isolate, abstract, withdraw.

remuneration, n. See pay.

remunerative, a. profitable, lucrative.

rend, v. tear, rive, lacerate, cleave, sunder.

render, v. repay, restore; translate, interpret, construe; extract, try out; yield up, contribute.

rendering, n. repayment, restoration; contribution, surrender; translation, version; extraction.

rending, n. tearing asunder, laceration, riving.

renegade, n. deserter, recreant, backslider, turncoat; rebel, traitor; vagabond, outcast.

renew, v. renovate, rejuvenate, restore, rebuild, remodel, reconstruct, revamp, redintegrate, repair; regenerate, transform.

renewal, n. renovation, repair, restoration, redintegration, reconstruction, rejuvenation, regeneration.

renounce, v. disclaim, disown, repudiate, reject; forswear, abjure, forsake.

renouncement, n. renunciation, abnegation, repudiation, abdication, rejection.

renovation, n. restoration, renewal, rehabilitation, reconstruction.

renown, n. celebrity, repute, fame, notoriety, note.

renowned, a. famous, celebrated, eminent, far-famed, illustrious. Antonyms: unrenowned, obscure, inglorious, unknown.

rent, v. lease, let, hire.

renter, n. lessee, tenant.

renunciation, n. abjuration, denial, disownment, disclaimer, abnegation.

repair, v. mend, restore, patch, tinker, revamp, darn, cobble, remodel; indemnify, redress, atone for, retrieve, regain.

repair, n. renovation, restoration, reconstruction, reparation, rehabilitation.

reparable, a. restorable, retrievable. Antonyms: irreparable, irretrievable.

reparation, n. restoration, rehabilitation, instauration, renovation; atonement, restitution.

repartee, n. bon mot.

repay, v. refund, restore, reimburse; recompense, requite; revenge, avenge, retaliate.

repayment, n. restoration, reimbursement; recompense, requital; retaliation, revenge.

repeal, v. revoke, rescind, abrogate.

repeal, n. revocation, rescission, abrogation.

repeat, v. iterate, reiterate, verbigerate.

repeating, n. repetition, iteration, reiteration; verbigeration.

repel, v. repulse, rebuff, resist, oppose.

repellence, n. repulsion, rebuff, opposition.

repellent, a. repulsive, repelling.

repentance, n. penitence, contrition, compunction, remorse. Antonym: impenitence.

repentant, a. contrite, penitent. Antonyms: unrepentant, impenitent.

repetition, n. iteration, reiteration, recurrence; verbigeration; tautology; echo, rote; recapitulation; reverberation.

repine, v. complain, murmur.

replace, v. restore, refund, repay.

replacement, n. restoration, reinstatement.

repletion, n. excess, superabundance, surfeit; plethora.

reply, v. answer, respond, rejoin, retort.

reply, n. answer, response, rejoinder; retort, repartee.

report, n. rumor, on dit, hearsay, bruit; account, statement, communication; fame, repute, reputation; sound, noise, repercussion, detonation, discharge, explosion; cahier; description, narrative, narration, recital.

report, v. announce, communicate, describe; bruit, circulate, promulgate, publish. Antonyms: suppress, withhold, reserve.

repose, n. rest, inactivity, motionlessness; composure, tranquillity.

repository, n. depository, storehouse, depot, magazine.

represent, v. show, typify, symbolize; personate, impersonate; portray, delineate, depict.

representative, a. delegated, vicarious; typical, figurative, symbolical, emblematic.

representative, n. deputy, delegate, vicar, proxy, agent, substitute, vicegerent, surrogate, regent, commissioner, envoy, emissary, ambassador, exponent.

repress, v. quell, subdue, suppress, overpower, restrain, curb, stifle.

repression, n. suppression, restraint, quelling, check.

reproach, v. censure, upbraid, rebuke, reprimand, revile, chide, vilify.

reproach, n. censure, scurrility, contumely, invective, odium, obloquy, shame, disgrace.

reproachful, a. upbraiding, opprobrious, abusive; shameful, disgraceful, scandalous.

reprobate, a. abandoned, depraved, profligate, incorrigible.—n.castaway, outcast, wretch.

reprobate, v. condemn, denounce, reject, abandon.

reprobation, n. condemnation, denunciation, censure abandonment.

reproduce, v. portray, duplicate, imitate; generate, beget, propagate.

reproduction, n. duplication, copy, imitation; generation, procreation, propagation.

reproof, n. See censure.

reprovable, a. culpable, censurable, reprehensible, blamable, reproachable.

reprove, v. See censure.

repudiate, v. reject, renounce, disavow, abjure, disclaim.

repudiation, n. disavowal, rejection, abjuration, disclaimer, disowning.

repugnance, n. aversion, reluctance, unwillingness, hostility, antipathy.

repugnant, a. hostile, contrary, refractory, adverse, offensive, antagonistic, opposed.

repulse, v. repel, reject.

repulse, n. repulsion, repelling, rejection, refusal, rebuff.

repulsive, a. repellent, offensive, forbidding, revolting.

reputation, n. repute, name, credit, esteem, honor.

repute, n. reputation, esteem, credit.

reputed, a. putative.

request, n. asking, solicitation, demand, instance, prayer, petition, entreaty, suit, quest.

request, v. ask, supplicate, petition, beg, entreat, importune, beseech.

require, v. demand, claim, exact, need, want, necessitate, enjoin.

requirement, n. demand, requisition, requisite; command, essential, need.

requisite, a. necessary, required, essential, indispensable.

requital, n. recompense, remuneration, retribution, recaliation, reprisal.

requite, v. compensate, remunerate, repay, pay, retaliate, avenge, reciprocate.

rescue, n. deliverance, liberation, salvation, ransom, extrication, disentanglement.

rescue, v. release, deliver, liberate, recapture, redeem, save, extricate, disenthrall.

resemblance, n. likeness, similitude, similarity, analogy, parity, semblance.

resentment, n. dudgeon, umbrage, displeasure, grudge.

reserve, n. reticence, constraint, uncommunicativeness, taciturnity, restraint.

reserved, a. retained, withheld, excepted; uncommunicative, reticent, taciturn, restrained.

residence, n. dwelling, domiciliation, abode, habitancy, habitation, domicile, home.

resident, n. denizen, inhabitant, dweller, residentiary.

residue, n. remainder, remnant, residuum, rest, balance; surplus, excess.

resign, v. demit, abdicate, withdraw, surrender, relinquish, submit.

resignation, n. surrender, abdication, demit; forbearance, fortitude, long-suffering, patience.

resigned, a. surrendered; uncomplaining, submissive, patient.

resist, v. oppose, withstand, impugn, oppugn, defy, baffle, contravene, rebuff.

resistance, n. opposition, renitence, recalcitration, oppugnation, antagonism, rebuff.

resistant, a. resisting, opposing, renitent.

resistless, a. irresistible.

resolute, a. determined, unwavering, unflinching, steadfast, firm, pertinacious.

resolution, n. firmness, determination, pertinacity, persistence, steadfastness, constancy; resolve, purpose, determination; decomposition, solution, dissolution.

resolvable, a. solvable, resoluble, dissolvable.

resolve, v. determine; dissolve, liquefy.

resolve, n. resolution, determination, intention, purpose, design.

resonance, n. reverberation.

resonant, a. resounding, reverberating.

resound, v. reverberate, reecho, peal.

resound, n. echo, reverberation.

resounder, n. resonator, reverberator.

resounding, a. resonant.

resource, n. resort, expedient, device, shift.

resources, n. pl. assets, means.

respect, n. care, caution, regard; esteem, veneration, deference, reverence, homage, obeisance; reference, regard; particular, feature. Antonyms: See disrespect.

respect, v. esteem, venerate, revere, honor, reverence.

respectable, a. reputable, honorable, estimable; moderate, fair, average.

respectful, a. deferential, courteous, polite, obeisant, reverent. Antonyms: disrespectful, discourteous, defiant, irreverent.

respective, a. relative; particular, own.

respect of persons. partiality, favoritism.

respects, n. pl. compliments, regards, devoirs.

response, n. reply, answer, rejoinder, retort, repartee, antiphon, antiphone, antiphony.

responsibility, n. accountability, liability; duty, trust.

responsible, a. accountable, answerable, amenable. Antonyms: irresponsible, unaccountable, independent.

responsive, a. responding, antiphonal.

responsory, n. antiphone, antiphony, antiphonary.

rest, n. quiet, quietness, inactivity, repose, ease, tranquillity, quiescence, stillness, stagnation, security, cessation, abeyance, intermission, respite, reprieve, pause, recess, sabbatism; caesura, pause; support, stay, brace; residue, remainder, balance, residuum, others; surplus. Antonyms: activity, agitation, unrest, commotion.

rest, v. stop, halt, pause, desist; repose, recline, lie; trust, rely, depend, acquiesce.

restaurant, n. cafe, eating-house, chophouse, refectory, buffet.

restaurant keeper. restaurateur.

rest house. caravansary (in Eastern countries).

resting, a. reclining, lying, incumbent.

resting on something else. superincumbent.—n. superincumbence.

restitution, n. repayment, restoration, return, indemnification; reparation, requital, compensation.

restive, a. restless, impatient, fidgety, intractable, uneasy, fractious, rebellious.

restless, a. restive, fidgety, agitated, unquiet, uneasy, kicksy-wicksy.

restlessness, n. restiveness, the fidgets, uneasiness, agitation, turbulence, dysphoria.

restoration, n. return, restitution, replacement, reinstatement, reparation; repatriation; renewal, renovation, redintegration, reconstruction, rehabilitation, instauration; recuperation, recovery.

restore, v. repair, renew, reconstruct, rehabilitate, redintegrate, remodel; replace, refund, return; repatriate; resuscitate, reestablish, revive.

restrain, v. repress, suppress, check, bridle, curb, constrain; abridge, circumscribe, limit, restrict, narrow; withhold, forbear; debar, prevent, interdict, prohibit.

restraint, n. repression, constraint, check, suppression; limitation, prevention; confinement, duress.

restrict, v. restrain, limit, confine, repress, curb, circumscribe.

restriction, n. restraint, constraint, confinement, repression, circumscription, limitation.

result, v. terminate, end, eventuate, redound, issue, accrue, ensue.

result, n. consequence, effect, issue, event, outcome, eventuation, sequence; decision, resolve.

resume, n. recapitulation, summary, abstract.

resurrect, v. (Slang) disentomb, disinter, unbury, exhume.

resurrection, n. resurgence, revivification.

retain, v. keep, hold, reserve.

retainment, n. retention.

retaliate, v. avenge, requite, repay.

retaliation, n. revenge, requital, retribution.

retard, v. impede.

retarding, n. retardation.

retentive, a. tenacious. Antonyms: unretentive, irretentive.

reticence, n. reserve, uncommunicativeness, taciturnity.

reticent, a. taciturn, reserved, uncommunicative.

retinue, n. train, suite, followers.

retire, v. withdraw, retreat, recede, retrocede, leave, secede.

retired, a. secluded, sequestered, unfrequented, withdrawn.

retirement, n. withdrawal, seclusion, retreat.

retiring, a. diffident, shy, coy, shrinking, reserved, modest.

retract, v. recant, rescind, recall, disavow.

retraction, n. recantation, rescission, disavowal.

retreat, n. retirement, withdrawal; refuge, asylum, seclusion, privacy, fastness.

retreat, v. retire, withdraw, recede.

retrench, v. curtail, lessen, diminish, abridge; limit, confine.

retrenchment, n. diminution, curtailment, abridgment, lessening.

retribution, n. retaliation, repayment, requital.

retrograde, v. retrocede, recede, decline, deteriorate.

retrogression, n. retrogradation, decline, regression, deterioration.

return, v. restore, repay, refund, replace; recur, regress, reappear, revert; requite, retaliate, repay; repatriate.

return, n. restoration, restitution, repayment, requital, retribution, redress; recurrence, regress, reversion; repatriation, atavism; recrudescence; relapse.

returning, a. recurrent, recurring, intermittent.

reveal, v. disclose, unveil, expose, divulge, impart.

revel, n. carousal, festivity, saturnalia.

revel, v. carouse; luxuriate, wanton.

revelation, n. disclosure, divulgement, exposition, apocalypse.

reveler, n. carouser, bacchanal, roysterer, bacchant, bacchanalian.

revelry, n. reveling, carousal, wassail, saturnalia, riot, bacchanal.

revenge, v. avenge, retaliate, wreak vengeance.

revenge, n. vengeance, retaliation.

revengeful, a. vindictive, implacable, resentful, rancorous.

revenue, n. income.

reverberate, v. resound, reecho.

reverberation, n. resonance, reecho.

revere, v. venerate, reverence, honor, respect.

reverence, n. veneration.

reverence, v. revere, venerate.

reverent, a. reverential, humble.

reverse, v. invert; overthrow, subvert, overturn; revoke, annul, rescind, countermand.

reverse, n. opposite, contrary, counterpart; reversal; misfortune, failure.

reversion, n. succession; atavism; escheat.

review, v. reconsider, revise, reexamine, retrace.

review, n. reexamination, reconsideration, retrospect, revision.

revile, v. vilify, traduce, asperse, reproach, malign, calumniate.

revilement, n. vilification, traducement, aspersion, reproach, calumniation, contumely.

reviling, a. scurrilous, vituperative, contumelious, reproachful, abusive.

revisal, n. revision, emendation, recension.

revision, n. revisal, recension, emendation.

revivable, a. resuscitable.

revival, n. revivification, reanimation, resuscitation, restoration, renaissance, renascence.

revivalist, n. evangelist.

revive, v. resuscitate, reanimate, quicken, revivify, reinspirit, revitalize, restore, reinspire, rally.

revivification, n. resuscitation, reanimation, revival, quickening.

revocation, n. recall, repeal, reversal, abjuration, recantation.

revoke, v. repeal, reverse, recant, rescind, abrogate, countermand, retract, abjure.

revolt, n. rebellion, sedition, uprising, mutiny, insurrection, insubordination, insurgency.

revolt, v. rebel, mutiny; disgust, nauseate, shock, offend.

revolter, n. insurgent, rebel, mutineer, renegade.

revolting, a. nauseating, repulsive, fulsome, abhorrent, disgusting.

revolution, n. rotation, gyration; rebellion, revolt.

revolve, v. rotate, spin, gyrate, turn; devolve; brood over, ruminate, ponder, consider.

revolver, n. pistol, repeater.

revolving, a. rotary, gyrating, gyratory, rotatory.—n. revolution, rotation.

reward, n. recompense, requital, guerdon, meed, remuneration premium, bonus, bounty, douceur, merit; honorarium; retribution, retaliation, penalty.

reward, v. requite, recompense.

rhyme, n. jingle, poetry.

rhymer, n. poetaster, versifier, rhymester, rhymist.

rib, n. costa. Associated words: costal, intercostal, sternal, asternal.

ribald, a. indelicate, gross, indecent, obscene, lewd.

ribaldry, n. obscenity, indecency, lewdness.

ribbon badge of honor. cordon.

rice refuse. shude.

rich, a. wealthy, opulent, affluent, well-to-do, moneyed; abundant, copious, bountiful, plentiful; fecund, fertile, luxuriant, prolific, exuberant, teeming, productive; sumptuous, luxurious; delicious, luscious, hearty, nutritive gorgeous, elegant, beautiful; vivid, bright, intense. Antonyms: poor, infertile, indigent, plain.

rich, n. (newly rich) Nouveau riche.

riches, n. pl. See wealth.

rich man. nabob, Croeoeus, Dives, plutocrat, millionaire.

richness, n. opulence, wealth, affluence; abundance, profusion; luxuriance, sumptuousness, costliness, elegance, fertility, fecundity. Antonyms: poverty, infertility.

rickets, n. rachitis.

rickety, a. ramshackle, dilapidated, tottering, crazy.

rid, a. free, clear, disencumbered.

rid, v. free, disburden, relieve, disencumber, dispose, dispatch.

riddance, n. deliverance, relief, disencumbrance.

riddle, n. enigma, puzzle, problem, rebus, crux, conundrum, paradox.

rider, n. equestrian, horseman; equestrienne (female), jockey, postilion.

ridge, n. crest; whelk.

ridicule, n. mockery, gibe, jeer, burlesque, raillery, satire, sarcasm, irony.

ridicule, v. deride, satirize, scoff, rally, banter, burlesque, lampoon, mock, scout, jeer, taunt, twit.

ridiculous, a. preposterous, absurd, farcical, burlesque, ludicrous.

riding boots. top boots.

riding on horseback. equestrianism, equitation.

rife, a. abounding, prevalent, plentiful, replete.

rifle, v. strip, fleece, despoil, pillage, devastate.

rift, n. cleft, fissure, crack, gap, crevice, cranny, break, chink.

rig, v. equip; bedizen, accouter.

rigging, n. dress, tackle, equipment, gear.

right, a. just, true, equitable, honest, rightful, lawful, correct, true, accurate, reasonable, ethical, condign, appropriate, proper, suitable, seemly, relevant, consistent, fortunate, auspicious, favorable; dexter, dextral, dextrorse.

right, v. correct, rectify, emend; make restitution, redress.

right, n. prerogative, privilege, immunity, exemption.

right, n. uprightness, rectitude, probity, integrity, propriety, justice, morality, virtue, equity; title, claim; authority. Associated words: ethics, casuistry, deontology, redress, ethology, aretology.

right along. continuously, constantly, uninterruptedly.

right away. immediately, straightway, right off, instantly, instanter, at once.

righteous, a. pious, religious, devout, godly, saintly; equitable, just, right.

righteousness, n. godliness, holiness, sanctity. Antonym: unrighteousness.

right-handed, a. dexterous.

right-handedness, n. dexterity, dextrality.

rigid, a. inflexible, stiff, unyielding, unpliant; rigorous, severe, austere, strict.

rigidity, n. stiffness, inflexibility, severity, rigor.

rigmarole, n. (Colloq.) nonsense, flummery, balderdash, twaddle.

rigor, n. rigidity, inflexibility, austerity, severity, asperity, sternness, inclemency, stringency.

rigorous, a. severe, stringent, strict, unyielding; inclement, severe.

rile, v. (Colloq.) roil; anger, vex, offend.

rill, n. streamlet, rivulet, runnel, brook.

rily, a. (Colloq.) roily, turbid.

rim, n. brim, margin, edge, brink, verge, border; felly (rim of a wheel).

rime, n. hoarfrost.

rind, n. skin, peel. Antonym: pulp.

ring, v. sound, resound, reverberate; toll, knell, chime, ding, tinkle, clang.

ring, n. circle, hoop; grommet, gimmal, terret, manilla, lute; annulation, annulet. Associated Words: annular, annularity, annulate, signet, dactyliology, dactylioglyphy, dactylioglyph, cameo, intaglio, lapidary, lapidist, posy.

ring, n. arena; clique, coterie, set, cabal.

ringing, n. sounding, resounding, reverberation, tolling, clang, chime, clam, tinkling, knell, clangor.

ringlet, n. tress, curl, lock.

ringworm, n. circular herpes, serpigo.

riot, n. tumult, uproar; revelry.

rioter, n. reveler, carouser, roysterer.

riotous, a. wanton, luxuriant, unrestrained; seditious, tumultuous, turbulent, insubordinate, rebellious.

rip, n. rent, tear.

rip, n. (Slang) harridan, hag.

ripe, a. mature, ripened; consummate, complete, perfect; suppurated, matured; rareripe.

ripen, v. mature, maturate.

ripeness, n. maturity, completeness, consummateness, development.

ripple, v. fret.

rise, v. ascend, mount, arise, levitate; tower; swell, increase, grow, enlarge; emerge; proceed, spring, emanate, originate; rebel, revolt; transcend (rise above).

rise, n. ascent; spring, source, origin, beginning; increase, advance, appreciation, augmentation; elevation, hill, knoll.

rise again. resurge.

risible, a. funny, ludicrous. See laughable.

rising, a. ascending, ascendant.

rising, n. ascent, ascension, rise, levitation, levee, emergence; insurrection, uprising.

rising again. resurrection, resurgence.—a. resurgent.

risk, n. unsafety, danger, peril, jeopardy, hazard, imperilment.

risk, v. hazard, endanger, peril, imperil, jeopard, jeopardize.

risky, a. hazardous, unsafe, perilous, jeopardous, dangerous, precarious.

rite, n. ceremony, ordinance.

ritual, n. liturgy, consuetudinary.

rival, n. competitor, emulator, antagonist.—a. competing, competitive, emulative.

rival, v. compete, emulate.

rivalry, n. competition, emulation, contention.

riven, a. cleft, split, rent asunder.

river, n. Associated Words: potamology, potamography, riparian, riparious, fluvial, levee, wady, estuary, fluviatic, fluviatile, bayou, pothole, dredge, fluvicoline, fluviograph, fluviometer, crevasse, anadron, tributary, embouchure, barrage.

rivulet, n. rill, creek, streamlet, runnel, runlet, brook, bourn.

road, n. thoroughfare, avenue, highroad, highway, street, lane, passage, artery, roadstead, boulevard, esplanade, turnpike, tramroad, causeway, corduroy road, anchorage, impasse.

road agent. highwayman, bandit.

roam, v. ramble, stray, rove, range, wander.

roar, n. bellow, bellowing.

roar, v. bellow; boom, peal, resound, thunder.

roast, v. bake; torrefy, parch; (Colloq.) banter.

rob, v. plunder, pillage, fleece, despoil, rifle, sack, spoliate, loot, forage.

robber, n. bandit, brigand, buccaneer, burglar, depredator, despoiler, footpad, filibuster, forager, desperado, corsair, freebooter, highwayman, picaroon, marauder, pillager, pirate, plunderer, raider, thief, ladrone.

robbery, n. larceny, burglary, theft, plundering, piracy, peculation, depredation, brigandage, buccaneering, despoliation, loot, sack.

robe, n. gown.

robing room of a church. vestry, sacristy.

robust, a. strong, sinewy, muscular, brawny, stalwart, vigorous, sound.

rock, n. bowlder; crag.

rocking-horse, n. cockhorse.

rod, n. wand, cane, stick; pole, perch, 16-1/2 feet.

roe, n. roebuck; ova, spawn (of fishes).

rogue, n. knave, miscreant, scamp, rascal, sharper. See scoundrel.

roguery, n. cheating, knavery, fraud; mischievousness.

roguish, a. knavish, tricky; waggish, sportive, arch, mischievous.

roil, v. make turbid, rile.

roily, a. turbid, muddy, feculent.

roll, n. scroll; roster, record; convolution, trundle, coil.

roll, v. wheel, whirl, revolve, rotate, turn, gyrate, spin, trundle, circumgyrate; inwrap, infold, convolve; wallow, welter; rock, sway, lurch, titubate, fluctuate.

rolled, a. coiled, convoluted, involuted.

roller, n. cylinder; fillet.

rolling, a. rotating, circumrotary; undulating, hilly; voluble.

rolling, n. rotation, wheeling, circumrotation, titubation, involution.

romantic, a. imaginary, impractical, chimerical, picturesque, fanciful, fantastic.

roof timber. rafter.

room, n. space, compass, range, scope, latitude; apartment, chamber, compartment. Associated Word: suite.

roomer, n. lodger.

roomy, a. spacious, capacious, commodious.

roost, n. perch.

rooster, n. cock, chanticleer; cockerel (young); capon (castrated).

root, n. rootstock, radix, taproot, spur; rootlet, radicel; tuber, bulb.

root, n. etymon, stem, radix, radical.

rooted, a. radicated; implanted, fixed, ingrained.

rooting, n. radication; burrowing; implantation.

rooting out. uprooting, eradication, extirpation.

rope, n. cordage, cable, hawser, lasso, lariat, cabestro, tether, tow; pl. shrouds, ratlines. Associated Words: marline, marline spike, marling, strand, oakum, winch, windlass, lif, contline.

rope-dancer, n. funambulist, equilibrist, acrobat.

rope-dancing, n. funambulation. Associated Words: funambulate, funambulatory, poy.

rope-walker, n. equilibrist.

ropy, a. stringy, tenacious, sticky.

rose, n. Associated Words: attar, rodomel.

rose-colored, a. roseate, rosy; alluring.

rosedrop, n. grogblossom, rosy whelk.

rose-grower, n. rosarian.

rose rash. roseola.

rosery, n. rosarium, rosary.

rosin, n. colophony.

rostrum, n. platform, stage, dais.

rosy, a. rose-colored, roseate, ruddy, alluring.

rot, n. decomposition, decay, putrescence, corruption, putridity. Antonyms: preservation, imputrescence, incorruption, soundness.

rotary, a. turning, rotating.

rotary motion. rotation. Associated Words: trochilics, trochilic.

rotate, v. revolve, turn, gyrate, whirl.

rotation, n. turning, revolution; succession.

rotten, a. decayed, putrid, putrescent, carious, corrupt, decomposed, putrefied; malodorous, fetid.

rottenness, n. putrefaction. See rot. Associated Words: antiseptic, imputrescible, septic, putrescible, aseptic.

rotund, a. round, spherical, globular, orbicular.

rotundity, n. roundness, sphericity, circularity, globosity.

roue, n. rake.

rouge, n. ferric oxide, crocus; cosmetic.

rough, a. uneven, jagged, craggy, rugged, cragged, scraggy; rude, inurbane, burly, unrefined, discourteous, uncivil, blunt, bluff, brusque, austere, abrupt, gruff, boorish, uncourtly; boisterous, tumultuous, tempestuous, stormy; harsh, hard, severe, inclement, drastic, violent; harsh, grating, raucous, discordant, inharmonious; unkempt, disheveled, shaggy; incomplete, superficial, cursory, crude, uncut, unpolished, scabrous.

rough, n. bully, ruffian, rowdy.

round, a. circular, spherical, orbicular, orbed, globular, annular, discoid, rotund; cylindrical; convex, protuberant, bulging; orotund.

round, n. revolution, cycle, rotation, series, succession; rung, rundle, ranee, step; circuit, beat; bout.

roundabout, a. circuitous, indirect, tortuous; encircling, ambient, circumambient, encompassing.

roundabout language. circumlocution.

round building or room. rotunda.

roundelay, n. rondeau, rondel, round.

roundness, n. circularity, globularity, sphericity, rotundity, cylindricity, globosity, annularity, orbiculation, orotundity, convexity.

rouse, v. See arouse.

rousing, a. exciting, stirring; (Colloq.) astounding, startling.

rout, n. overthrow, defeat, discomfiture, vanquishment: clamor, tumult, uproar, din, brawl; mob, rabble.

rout, v. vanquish, defeat, scatter.

route, n. course, way, road, passage.

routine, a. custom, round, course.

rove, v. range, ramble, straggle. See wander.

rover, n. See wanderer.

row, n. (Colloq.) brawl, broil, affray, rumpus, squabble, melee, tumult, fracas.

row, n. rank, line, file, series.

rowdy, n. (Colloq.) ruffian, rough, bully, hoodlum, larrikin.

royal, a. kingly, regal, imperial, monarchical, palatine; august, majestic, princely.

royal mace. scepter.

royalty, n. kingship, sovereignty, regality, regency; sovereign, majesty; domain, realm.

rub, n. friction; hindrance, impediment, obstruction, pinch, difficulty; sarcasm, jeer, jibe, taunt; whetstone.

rub, v. abrade, chafe, scrape, grate, fret; embrocate; massage; graze, scour, smooth, smear, fray; burnish, furbish, polish.

rubber, n. caoutchouc, India-rubber; overshoe, galoshe, galoche; eraser. Associated Words: vulcanize, vulcanization.

rubbing, n. friction, abrasion, attrition, chafing, fraying; embrocation; massage.

rubbing out. erasure, obliteration, effacement.

rubbish, n. trash, litter, lumber, refuse, debris, garbage, dross, trumpery.

rubicund, a. ruddy, florid.

rub out. erase, obliterate, expunge, efface.

rub up. burnish, scour, polish.

ruck, n. wrinkle, crease; (Colloq.) common sort.

rudder, n. Associated Word: tiller.

ruddy, a. red, florid, rubicund, blowzed.

rude, a. crude, unpolished, raw, rough, indelicate, unrefined, coarse, undisciplined, uncivilized; inelegant, inartistic, artless; uncivil, discourteous, inurbane, impolite, romping, hoidenish; boisterous, turbulent, violent, inclement, tumultuous; unwrought, unfashioned.

rudiment, n. element; embryo; pl. elements, accidence.

rudimentary, n. rudimental, elementary, initial; embryonic, embryo.

rue, v. regret, deplore.

rueful, a. woeful, sad, lugubrious, mournful.

ruffian, n. monster, villain, rowdy, desperado.

ruffle, n. ruff, frill, flounce, furbelow; perturbation, flurry, bustle.

ruffle, v. pucker, pleat, wrinkle; rumple, derange, disarrange, disorder; agitate, discompose, perturb, disconcert; swagger, strut.

rugged, a. irregular, rough, uneven, scraggy, cragged, craggy; inclement, tempestuous, turbulent, boisterous, wild; (Colloq.) robust, hardy, vigorous; austere, crabbed, harsh, unfeeling.

ruin, n. bane, pest, plague.

ruin, n. wreck, destruction, undoing, dilapidation, disorganization, perdition, ruination, subversion, shipwreck, downfall, havoc, demolition.

ruin, v. overthrow, subvert, destroy, wreck, ruinate, impoverish.

ruination, n. ruin.

ruinous, a. destructive.

rule, n. regulation, prescript, prescription, order, ruling; standard, criterion, touchstone, brocard; maxim, law, canon; norm; government, sway, regency, domination, authority, direction, empire, dynasty, supremacy, administration, regime.

rule, v. govern, dominate; restrain, influence, sway, prevail, dominate, preponderate, domineer.

ruler, n. governor, sovereign, monarch, president, king, potentate, dynast, lord, satrap, rajah, emir, caliph, burgrave, procurator, Pharaoh, interregent, despot, regent, dominator, arbiter, viceroy, vicegerent, autocrat, oligarch, liege lord, protector, kaiser, czar, dey, doge, mogul, pasha, bey, tetrarch, khedive, sultan, emperor.

ruling, a. regnant, reigning; predominant, dominative, dominant, prevailing.

ruling, n. government, regnancy.

rum, a. (Slang) queer, odd, old-fashioned.

ruminate, v. meditate, muse, ponder, reflect.

rumination, n. meditation.

rummage, v. ransack.

runmy, a. (Slang) strange, odd, freakish, singular.

rumor, n. hearsay, gossip, bruit, on dit.

rump, n. buttocks.

rump bone. aitchbone, edgebone, natch bone.

rumple, v. crumple, wrinkle, pucker, crease.

rumple, n. crumple, pucker, wrinkle, crease.

rumpus, n. (Colloq.) disturbance, quarrel, affray, brawl, row, fracas.

run, v. sprint, lope, scamper, scud, speed, his, hasten, scour, scuttle, flee, race, pace, gallop, trot; proceed, flow; melt, fuse; elapse, pass; pursue, follow, tag; stampede; abscond.

run, n. running, sprint, sprinting; course, series, repetition pressure, demand, importunity; generality.

run, n. brook, rill, streamlet, rivulet.

run after. pursue, follow, tag.

runagate, n. renegade, deserter, apostate, vagabond.

runaway, n. fugitive, absconder, deserter, truant, renegade.

runaway, a. fugitive, absconding, truant.

run away. flee, escape, desert, elope, abscond.

run away with. accompany.

run down. decline, deteriorate; decry, belittle, disparage, derogate.

rung, n. round, rime, rundle (of a ladder).

run into. collide.

runner, n. racer, sprinter; messenger, courier.

running, a. successive, consecutive; flowing, easy, cursive; continuous; trailing.

running after. pursuit.

running away. desertion, fleeing, absconding, elopement.

running down. decline, deterioration; decrial, disparagement.

running into. collision.

running out. expiration, extension, expatiation, extinction.

run out. expire; extend, spread; expatiate, descant; become extinct.

run over. overflow.

runround, n. (Colloq.) felon, whitlow.

runt, n. dwarf, pygmy.

run through. squander, dissipate; transfix, impale, pierce.

ruption, n. breach, rupture.

rupture, n. disruption, breach; hernia.

rural, a. rustic, country, countrified, pastoral, bucolic, agrestic.

ruralism, n. ruralness, rurality, rusticity.

ruralize, v. rusticate.

ruse, n. artifice, wile, trick, stratagem, maneuver, feint, dodge.

rush, v. press, hurry.

rush, n. activity, demand.

Russia, n. Associated Words: Russian, russianize, Russification, russify, Russophile, Russophobia, Russophobe, Duma, vodka.

Russian peasant. muzhik, moujik.

rust, n. corrosion, aerugo, verdigris; mildew, blight, mould; pating.

rust, v. corrode; degenerate (in idleness), decline.

rustic, a. rural, country, agrestic; unpolished, countrified, uncouth, rude, rough; coarse, plain, simple, inelegant, homely; artless, unaffected.

rustic, n. countryman, farmer; boor, churl, hind, put, carl, yokel.

rusticate, v. ruralize.

rustle, n. rustling, frou-frou.

rustlings a. whispering, susurrous.

rust of plants. ferrugo.

rusty, a. seruginous; ferruginous; reasty, rancid, musty, fusty, mildewed; discolored, stained; rubiginous.

rut, n. groove; roaring (of waves), rote.

rut, n. oestrus, heat, oestruation. Associated Word: oestrual.

ruth, n. pity, tenderness, compassion, mercy.

ruthful, a. pitiful, tender, compassionate, merciful.

ruthless, a. pitiless, cruel, truculent, relentless, implacable, fell, hard-hearted.

ruthlessness, n. truculence, implacability, cruelty, mercilessness.

ruttish, a. lustful, salacious, lascivious.

rye, n. Associated Words: ergot, ergotism, ergotized.