Habit, n. wont, custom, practice, usage, habitude, addiction, way, routine.

habitual, a. wonted, customary, regular, accustomed.

habituate, v. accustom, addict, inure, familiarize. Antonyms: disaccustom, wean.

hag, n. vixen, virago, termagant, harridan, fury, Jezebel, beldame.

haggard, a. gaunt, emaciated, hollow-eyed.

haggle, v. hack, hackle; chaffer, higgle.

haggler, n. higgler, chafferer.

hail, v. accost, salute, address, signal.

hail-storm, n. Associated Words: paragrandine, paragrele.

hair, n. bristle; pubescence; pubes; tentaculum, palpus; lock, tress; coiffure; chignon; forelock. Associated Words: trichology, depilatory, depilitant, depilate, depilation, disheveled, bandeau, barrette, tonsure, pomade, follicle, sac, fillet, ecdysis, endysis, bandoline, piliferous, piliform, piligerous, coiffeur, tousled.

hairiness, n. hirsuteness, hirsuties, pubescence, villosity, capillament, hypertrichosis.

hairless, a. bald, glabrous, depilous.

hairsplitting, a. subtle, fine.

hair-worm, n. gordius.

hairy, a. hirsute, shaggy, bristly, pubescent.

half, adv. partially, imperfectly.

half, n. moiety.

half-blooded, a. hybrid, mongrel, degenerate, half-breed.

half-hearted, a. indifferent, lukewarm, perfunctory.

half-moon, n. crescent. Associated Word: semilunar.

halfway, adv. in the middle, imperfectly, partially.—a. intermediate, midway.

half-witted, a. imbecile, defective, silly, dull-witted, witless.

half-yearly, a. semi-annual, bi-annual.

hall, n. auditorium, lyceum; vestibule, entry, court; corridor, passage, lobby; manor-house; odeon.

hallow, v. consecrate, venerate, reverence, sanctify, bless.

hallowed, a. holy, sacred, consecrated, dedicated, blessed, sanctified.

hallucination, n. aberration, chimera, fallacy, self-deception, delusion, phantasm, illusion.

halo, n. nimbus, glory, aureola, aureole.

haloed, a. glorified, aureoled.

halve, v. bisect, dimidiate.

halving, n. bisection, dichotomy, dimidiation.

hammer, n. sledge, sledge-hammer, maul, mallet, beetle, gavel, kevel, crandall, marteline. Associated Words: peen, hephestic, poll.

hammer, v. beat, forge, malleate, beetle.

hammer and tongs. vigorously, forcibly, energetically.

hamper, v. fetter, shackle, impede, restrain, hinder, encumber, embarrass.

hamper, n. hanaper; shackle, fetter, restraint, impediment.

hamstring, n. hough.—v. disable, cripple, lame, hough.

hand, n. paw, manus. Associated Words: chirology, chiromancy, palmistry, chiropody, chiropodist, chirognomy, chirographer, chirographist, chirogymnast, chirologist, cheirosophy, manicure, chiromancer, manual, chirography, ambidextral, ambidextrous, ambidexterity, ambidexter, achirous, chiragra, fist, manacle, castanets, mount, discriminal, bimanual, bimanous.

handbag, n. satchel, reticule.

handbook, n. manual, guidebook, vade mecum, hornbook, enchiridion.

handcuff, n. manacle, fetter, shackle.

hand down. transmit (in succession).

handle, n. bail; hilt, haft.

handy, a. dexterous, adroit, ready; convenient.

hang, v. suspend; dangle; execute; droop, drop; append, attach; depend, rest; hover, impend, threaten; lean, incline, slope; lynch.

hang, n. (Colloq.) connection, arrangement, plan.

hang back. hesitate, falter, be reluctant.

hangdog, a. sneaking, ashamed, shamefaced, guilty.

hanger-on, n. tagtail, satellite, parasite, sycophant, dependant, vassal, minion, sponger, toady, heeler, toadeater, fawner, votary.

hanging, a. suspended, pendent, pendulous, pensile, dangling.

hanging, n. suspension; execution; drapery, valance, tapestry, dorsal, lambrequin. Associated Words: gallows gibbet.

hanging on. persistence, tenacity, importunity.

hangman, n. executioner.

hangnail, n. agnail.

hang out. project, protrude.

hang over. impend, project.

hang to. cling.

hanker, v. long for, yearn, crave, covet, lust.

hankering, n. longing, craving, yearning.

haphazard, n. chance, accident, random.

happen, v. occur, befall, betide; supervene, intervene.

happiness, n. felicity, blessedness, delight, gladness, pleasure, ecstasy, bliss, rapture, merriment, mirth, elation, beatitude, joy. Antonyms: sorrow, grief. Associated Words: eudemonics, eudemonist, eudemonism, eudemonic, beatify, beatification, hedonics, hedonist, hedonic, hedonism, felicific, felicitate, felicitation.

happy, a. joyous, light-hearted, gay, blissful, glad, delighted, elated, merry, ecstatic, buoyant, cheerful, gratified, joyful, beatific, rapturous, felicitous, blithe, halcyon, charmed, exultant, ravishing, gladdened; lucky, prosperous, successful; auspicious. Antonyms: See unhappy.

happy-go-lucky, a. improvident, easy-going, unthrifty.

harangue, n. declamation, ranting, effusion, screed, tirade.

harangue, v. declaim, spout, rant.

harass, v. fatigue, tire, weary; annoy, vex, torment, perplex, distress, persecute, worry, bother.

harbinger, n. forerunner, precursor, herald, messenger.

harbor, n. refuge, shelter, asylum, retreat; port, haven, destination.

hard, a. firm, solid, compact, impenetrable, unimpressible, unyielding, rigid, adamantine, dense, insoluble, flinty, indurate, indurated, infrangible; arduous, laborious, wearisome, onerous, burdensome, toilsome, tiresome, exhausting, difficult, knotty, intricate, puzzling, incomprehensible; irresistible, uncontrollable; severe, rigorous, unendurable, oppressive, unjust, grievous, calamitous, incompliant; stern, unyielding, obdurate, unfeeling, exacting, insensible, hard-hearted, callous, implacable, inflexible; repelling, constrained, inelegant; severe, inclement, rigorous; excessive, immoderate; unprosperous, unfavorable, disastrous.

hard case. (Colloq.) incorrigible, reprobate, derelict, outcast.

hard coal. anthracite, glance coal.

harden, v. indurate, solidify; petrify, ossify, sear, brutalize, embitter; inure, season, fortify, steel, brace, accustom.

hardened, a. indurated; callous, inexorable, ossified, petrified, obdurate, incorrigible, inveterate, case-hardened, seared, depraved, graceless, impenitent, confirmed; sclerosed, sclerotic.

hardening, n. induration; habituation, confirmation; solidification, petrifaction, ossification; sclerosis (Med.).

hard-headed, a. shrewd, astute, sagacious.

hard-hearted, a. unsympathetic, inexorable, ruthless, unsparing, stern, obdurate, incompassionate.

hardihood, n. boldness, bravery, courage, intrepidity, fortitude; audacity, effrontery, impudence.

hard lines. hardship, difficulties, adversity.

hardness, n. induration, compactness, impenetrability, solidity, firmness, adamant. Associated Word: durometer.

hardship, n. privation, adversity, affliction, reverse, calamity, disaster, visitation.

hardware, n. ironmongery.

hardy, a. courageous, intrepid, brave; hearty, hale, robust, lusty.

hare-brained, a. heedless, reckless, rash, giddy, careless.

harem, n. concubines, seraglio.

harlot, n. prostitute, courtesan, whore.

harlotry, n. prostitution, whoredom.

harm, v. injure, hurt, damage, impair, scathe, mar, deface, abuse, misuse.

harm, n. injury, damage, detriment, scath, mischief, misfortune.

harmful, a. injurious, pernicious, detrimental, baneful, noxious, prejudicial, deleterious, ruinous, hurtful.

harmless, a. innocuous, innoxious; inoffensive, peaceable; uninjured, unscathed.

harmonious, a. symmetrical, correspondent, consistent, congruent, conformable; consonant, symphonious, melodious amicable, peaceable. Antonyms: inharmonious, discordant, antagonistic, incompatible.

harmonize, v. agree, chime, tally, correspond, accord; adjust, reconcile.

harmony, n. concord, agreement, concurrence, consonance chime, unison, unanimity; concordance, congruity, adaptation, consistency. Antonyms: discord, antagonism, variance, contention, incongruity, inconsistency, dissension, opposition.

harness, n. saddlery; accouterments, armor, array, gearing, equipment, tackling, gear; caparison, trappings, Associated Words: saddler, saddlery.

harness, v. equip, array, caparison, tackle.

harp, n. lyre. Associated Words: harpist, lyrist, lyrism, lyric, plectrum.

harpy, n. extortioner, oppressor.

harrow, v. wound, lacerate, tear, distress, torture, harass.

harsh, a. inharmonious, rough, disagreeable, unpleasant, raucous; dissonant, strident, discordant, cacophonous: austere, morose, severe, ungracious, inurbane, discourteous, churlish, uncivil, blunt, bluff, brusque, acrimonious, caustic, acrid, repulsive.

harum-scarum, a. (Colloq.) wild, giddy, reckless, volatile, indiscreet, hare-brained.

harvest, n. ingathering; crop, produce, yield, fruit.

hash, n. ragout, gallimaufry, potpourri, ollapodrida, olio, rechauffe (rehash).

haste, n. celerity, swiftness, dispatch, expedition, speed, quickness; hurry, urgency, precipitance. Antonyms: slowness, dilatoriness.

hasten, v. accelerate, expedite, quicken, precipitate press, urge; hurry.

hastiness, n. haste, precipitancy, precipitation, precipitance, speediness.

hasty, a. swift, rapid, quick, fast; precipitate, rash, eager, precipitant; cursory, hurried, superficial.

hatch, v. breed, incubate; concoct, excogitate, brew, scheme.

hatcher, n. incubator.

hatchet, n. small ax; tomahawk; machete; dolabra.

hate, v. dislike, detest, abhor, despise, abominate, loathe, execrate.

hateful, a. execrable, odious, detestable, abominable, malevolent, malicious.

hatred, n. hate, aversion, detestation, animosity, malignity, antipathy, spite, feud, malice, grudge, malevolence, resentment, dislike, abhorrence.

haughtiness, n. arrogance, hauteur, superciliousness, disdain, contumely.

haughty, a. arrogant, supercilious, disdainful, cavalier, magisterial, assuming, lordly.

haunt, n. resort.

hauteur, n. arrogance, contumely, superciliousness, haughtiness, overweening.

haven, n. harbor, port, retreat, asylum, refuge, shelter.

havoc, n. destruction, devastation, waste, ruin, desolation, demolition, wreck.

hawk, n. falcon; goshawk, kestrel. Associated Words: accipitral, raptorial.

haystack, n. rick.

hazard, n. chance, contingency, casualty; risk, random, jeopardy, danger, peril, venture. Antonyms: safety, security, assurance, certainty, surety.

hazard, v. venture, risk, jeopard, endanger.

hazardous, a. perilous, precarious, risky, unsafe, dangerous.

haze, n. obscurity, dimness, fog, vapor, mist, confusion.

hazy, a. foggy, misty, vaporous; obscure, confused.

head, n. poll, cephalon; costard (Contemptuous), noddle, pate. Associated Words: phrenology, phrenologist, craniology, craniologist, cephalology, sinciput, occiput, cephalism, behead, decapitate, decapitation, capitation, vertex, crown, skull, cranium, fontanel, trepan, coronal, microcephaly, craniometry, macrocephaly, cephalic, per capita, scalp.

head, n. chief, leader, commander, director; crisis, culmination; spike; section, department, category, class.

head, a. principal, chief, leading, cardinal, foremost, main, premier.

headache, n. megrim, cephalalgy, galea.

headdress, n. coiffure.

heading, n. title, caption.

headland, n. cape, promontory, foreland.

heading off. interception.

headless, a. acephalous; beheaded, decapitated; leaderless, unorganized.

headlong, adv. headforemost; precipitately, rashly; pell-mell, helter-skelter, confusedly.

head off. intercept.

headsman, n. executioner, Jack Ketch.

headstrong, a. willful, perverse, stubborn, intractable, froward.

heal, v. cure, repair; cicatrize.

healing, a. curative, sanative, restorative, remedial, mollifying, sanatory, therapeutic, lenitive, medicinal, emollient, assuasive.

health, n. Associated Words: hygiene, Hygeia, hygienic, hygienics, eucrasy, sanitation, sanitarian, soteriology, eutrophic, hygienist, sanitary.

healthful, a. healthy; salubrious, wholesome.

healthy, a. hale, well, hearty; salubrious, salutary, wholesome. Antonyms: unhealthy, ill, sickly, morbid, delicate, diseased.

heap, n. pile, mass, accumulation, lot, stack, cumulation.

heap, v. amass, accumulate, pile, stack, cumulate.

hearer, n. auditor.

hearing, n. audition, listening; audience; earshot, sound, hearing distance. Associated Words: auditory, acoumeter, acoumetry, acoustic, audible, audibility, audiometer, deaf, deafness, microcoustic, microphonous, otacoustic, inaudible, inaudibility, clairaudient, clairaudience, audient, audiphone, sonometer, audile.

hearsay, n. rumor, report, gossip, bruit, on dit.

heart, n. cardia; conscience, character; essence, core, pith, kernel, marrow. Associated Words: cardiology, carditis, cardiac, cordial, cardialgia, cardiometry, dexiocardia, systole, diastole, pericardium, endocardium, auricle, ventricle, valve, aneurism, stethoscope, peridiastole.

heart-broken, a. disconsolate, inconsolable, broken-hearted.

heartburn, n. cardialgia, water-brash, pyrosis.

heartburning, n. discontent, resentment, envy, rankling.

hearthstone, n. hearth, fireside, ingleside. Associated Words: Vesta, Hestia.

heartless, a. acardiac; cruel, pitiless. See cruel.

heart-shaped, a. cordate, cordiform.

heartwood, n. duramen.

hearty, a. cordial, heartfelt, sincere; healthy, robust, hale; nourishing, nutritious.

heat, n. warmth, caloric; cauma. Associated Words: pyrology, pyrologist, thermology, pyrometry, pyrometer, pyronomics, calorifics, therm, thermal, pyrography, caloric, calorie, thermic, swelter, thermostat, thermometer, thermometry.

heat, n. vehemence, fire, ardor, impetuosity, fervor, fervency, zeal, intensity, enthusiasm; oestrus, rut.

heat, v. warm, calefy.

heathen, a. pagan, heathenish, paganic, gentile, paganish; irreligious, godless.

heathen, n. pagan, idolater.

heathenism, n. idolatry, paganism, pagandom, gentilism; irreligion, godlessness.

heathenize, v. paganize.

heat stroke. insolation.

heaven, n. Paradise, Elysium, Eden, the New Jerusalem, glory; Olympus, Elysium, Elysian, Arcadia; Valhalla, Walhalla; Nirvana.

heavenly, a. celestial, supernal; divine, beatific, ravishing, sublime, ecstatic.

heaviness, n. weight, ponderosity, ponderousness, gravity.

heavy, a. weighty, massive, ponderous; burdensome, oppressive, onerous, severe; unraised, soggy, indigestible, unleavened.

heavy hand. severity, oppression, persecution, tyranny, extortion.

hector, v. torment, tease, plague, bully, harass.

heed, v. mind, regard, consider, notice, attend.

heed, n. regard, attention, consideration, notice. Antonyms: disregard, inattention.

heedful, a. attentive, circumspect, cautious, vigilant, mindful. Antonyms: inattentive, uncircumspect, unmindful, careless, heedless.

heel bone. calcaneum, fibulare.

height, n. altitude, loftiness; elevation; stature, tallness; eminence, exaltation; summit, zenith, apex, culmination. Associated words: altimetry, altimeter, hypsometry, hypsometer.

heinous, a. atrocious, flagrant, flagitious, monstrous, nefarious.

heir, n. inheritor; scion; coheir, parcener.

hell, n. inferno, infernal regions, Gehenna, limbo, abyss, Avernus, Pandemonium, Abaddon, Styx, Hades, Sheol, the grave; Naraka (Buddhism).

hellish, a. infernal, malignant, fiendish, diabolical, atrocious.

helm, n. rudder, tiller, wheel; steersman, pilot; command, control, administration.

helmet, n. casque, headpiece, morion, sallet.

help, v. abet, assist, befriend, succor, aid, cooeperate, collaborate, second, facilitate, subsidize; remedy, ameliorate, alleviate, promote, further.

help, n. aid, assistance, succor, support, facilitation, backing, subsidy, subvention, cooeperation; remedy, relief, cure, restorative.

helper, n. assistant, ally, auxiliary, supporter, abettor, helpmeet, associate, coadjutor, confederate, deputy, aider, colleague, acolyte, adjuvant, collaborator, subsidiary, co-aid, cooeperator, accessory, accomplice.

helpful, a. assistant, conducive, instrumental, useful, salutary.

helping, a. assisting, auxiliary, subsidiary, accessory.

helter-skelter, adv. (Colloq.) irregularly, disorderly, pell-mell, headlong.

hem in. environ, surround, encompass, beset, hedge in.

hen, n. partlet; pullet (young hen).

herald, n. messenger, forerunner, precursor, harbinger, crier.

herald, v. proclaim, announce, foretell, usher in.

herd, n. drove; rabble, mob, multitude. Associated Words: gregarious, gregal.

herdsman, n. ranchman, vaquero, cowboy, vacher.

hereditary, a. ancestral, patrimonial, inheritable, inherited.

heritage, n. inheritance, hereditament, patrimony; possession.

hermit, n. recluse, anchoret, anchorite, eremite, solitary, cenobite.

heroic, a. valiant, bold, daring, brave; desperate, drastic, extreme.

heroism, n. courage, valor, bravery, prowess, fortitude, intrepidity.

hesitancy, n. indecision, vacillation, uncertainty, irresolution, wavering.

hesitate, v. doubt, vacillate, falter, dubitate, waver, scruple, demur, deliberate.

hesitation, n. indecision, doubt, vacillation, reluctance, wavering.

hidden, a. covert, latent, concealed; recondite, esoteric, abstruse, unrevealed.

hide, v. veil, cloak, conceal, dissemble, cache, secrete, mask; skulk, lurk.

hidebound, a. untractable, bigoted, obstinate, uncompromising.

hideous, a. horrible, grim, ogreish, grisly, repulsive, ugly, ghastly, shocking.

hiding, n. concealment, secretion.

high, a. lofty, tall, elevated, towering.

high and dry. aground, beached, stranded.

high and mighty. (Colloq.) arrogant, overbearing, domineering, lordly.

higher, a. supernal.

highest, a. loftiest, superlative, meridian, maximum, supreme, topgallant.

highest good. summum bonum.

highest point. meridian, culmination, zenith, maximum.

highfaluting, a. bombastic, grandiloquent.—n. bombast.

highflown, a. bombastic, grandiloquent, pretentious, magniloquent, grandiose.

highflying, a. aspiring, presumptuous, ambitious, Icarian.

highgo, n. (Colloq.) spree, revel, carousal.

highhanded, a. overbearing, tyrannical, arbitrary, autocratic, despotic.

high jinks. (Colloq.) revelry, carousal, wild sport.

highland, n. plateau.

high liver. gormand, sybarite, epicure, gourmet, voluptuary, gastronomer, bon vivant.

high living. gormandism, sybaritism, epicurism, luxury. Antonyms: asceticism, abstemiousness, moderation.

highminded, a. magnanimous, honorable, noble. Antonyms: mean, base, low, servile, abject, ignoble.

highmindedness, n. magnanimity.

high time. full time; (Slang) carousal, revelry.

hightoned, a. shrill, acute; magnanimous, honorable; (Colloq.) fashionable, aristocratic.

highwayman, n. bandit, desperado, road agent, outlaw, footpad.

hill, n. mound, eminence, knoll, elevation; monadnock; butte; monticle; copple; Acropolis; foothill.

hillock, n. knoll, mound.

hilly, a. undulating, uneven, rolling.

hind, n. rustic, boor, peasant.

hinder, n. (Slang) buttocks, rump, seat, fundament.

hinder, a. rear, back.

hinder, v. retard, obstruct, hamper, impede, forestall, forefend, check, thwart, foil.

hindrance, n. retardation, hindering; obstacle, impediment, obstruction, restraint, frustration, encumbrance, check.

hinge joint. diarthrosis, ginglymus.

hint, v. intimate, suggest, imply, allude to, refer.

hint, n. allusion, suggestion, insinuation, intimation, innuendo, inkling.

hip, n. haunch, huckle; (hip-bone) innominate, ilium, ischium, pubis. Associated Words: sciatic, ischial, ischiatic, coxalgia, acetabulum.

hire, n. salary, wages, pay, stipend, remuneration, compensation.—v. engage; let, lease.

hireling, a. mercenary, venal.—n. mercenary.

hiss, n. sibilation, sibilance, hissing.—v. sibilate, whiz.

hissing, a. sibilant, sibilatory.

history, n. annals, chronicle, record, account; biography, autobiography. Associated Words: historic, historicity, historian, historiology, historiography, Clio, prehistoric.

hit, v. smite, buffet, strike.

hitch, n. catch, impediment, obstacle, obstruction, contretemps.—v. hook, yoke, unite, attach.

hoard, v. garner, amass, save, treasure.

hoard, n. store, supply, stock, accumulation.

hoarse, a. harsh, discordant, husky, raucous, guttural.

hobgoblin, n. sprite, goblin, bugaboo.

hobo, n. (Colloq.) tramp, vagrant, vagabond.

hodgepodge, n. medley, farrago, salmagundi, potpourri.

hog, n. swine, porker; boar; sow; barrow (castrated); glutton. Associated Word: porcine.

hoggish, a. swinish, gluttonous, voracious.

hoitytoity, a. flighty, giddy, thoughtless.

hold, v. sustain, restrain, retain, detain, withhold, arrest; contain; clutch, grasp, grip, clinch.

hold back. check, restrain, impede, curb, retard.

holdback, n. check, hindrance, restraint, impediment.

holder, n. tenant, occupier; incumbent.

hold in. restrain, curb, check, repress, retain, rein.

holding, n. restraint, retention, checking, continence, tenacity, detention; tenure, incumbency. Antonyms: incontinence, release.

hole, n. cavity, excavation, pit, perforation, rent, fissure, opening, aperture, delve, cache, concavity, mortise, puncture, orifice, eyelet, crevice, loophole, interstice, gap, spiracle, vent, bung, pothole, manhole, scuttle, scupper, muset, muse; cave, holt, den, lair, retreat, cover, hovel, burrow. Antonyms: imperforation, closure. Associated words: auger, drill, gimlet, bodkin, bore, bit, puncture, perforate, pink, awl, stylet, imperforable, imperforate, punch, wimble, pierce, eyeleteer, dibble, plug, spigot, spile, gouge, puncheon, probe.

holiday, n. festival, fete, fiesta (Sp.).

holiness, n. sanctity, piety, godliness, devoutness, sacredness.

hollow, a. excavated, cavernous, vacant, void, unfilled, empty; cannulated; concave, depressed, gaunt, sunken; insincere, unsound, false, hypocritical. Antonyms: convex, protuberant, sincere.

hollow, v. scoop, excavate, concave.

hollow, n. depression, cavity, valley; concavity, channel, groove, concave, recess; correi.

holy, a. sacred, consecrated, hallowed, sanctified, saintly, godly, pious, guileless.

Holy Ghost. Paraclete, Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Sanctifier.

holy oil. chrism. Associated Words: chrismatory, chrismation, chrismal, cruet, ampulla, unction.

holy water. Associated Words: asperges, aspergill, aspergillum, aspersorium, aspersoir, stoup, font, benitier, cruet, hyssop.

homage, n. deference, obeisance, reverence, honor; fealty, fidelity, allegiance; adoration.

home, n. domicile, residence, dwelling-place, abode, dwelling, hearth, hearthstone; habitat, seat; asylum, retreat. Associated Words: domestic, domesticate, domesticity, domestication, inhabitativeness.

homeborn, a. native, indigenous.

homely, a. plain, plain-looking, uncomely; inelegant, rude.

homesickness, n. nostalgia. Associated Word: nostalgic.

homing instinct. orientation.

hone, n. oilstone.

honest, a. honorable, reputable; upright, sincere, guileless, ingenuous, incorruptible.

honesty, n. uprightness, probity, integrity, candor, sincerity, rectitude.

honey, n. Associated Words: melliferous, mellific, mellification, metheglin, mellifluent, mellifluous, mellite, mellivorous, meliphagan, meliphagous, hydromel, mead, comb.

honey-combed, a. alveolate, cellular, faviform, favaginous.

honey-dew, n. meligo, nectar.

honeysuckle, n. woodbine, caprifole.

honey-tongued, a. persuasive, seductive.

honor, n. respect, esteem, veneration, reverence, deference, homage; probity, integrity, magnanimity, uprightness, chastity, decency, virtue, modesty; eminence, distinction, fame; glory, excellency, pride. Antonyms: dishonor, disesteem, irreverence, improbity, disrepute, reproach.

honor, v. esteem, respect, revere, reverence, venerate; dignify, exalt, elevate.

honorable, a. upright, honest, equitable, reputable, magnanimous.

honors, n. pl. titles, dignities, privileges. Associated Words: timocracy, timocratic, honorary, honorific.

hood, n. cowl, fascinator, capote, capoch, camail, amice, chaperon, capuchin, bashlyk (Russia).

hooded, a. cowled, capistrate.

hoodlum, n. (Colloq.) rowdy, larrikin.

hoodwink, v. deceive, impose upon, delude, hoax, dupe, overreach.

hook, n. hasp, clasp, catch; crook, tenaculum, peavey, clives, agraffe, fluke, pot-hook, cant-hook, cleek, trammel, cottrel; snare, decoy, trap; bill-hook, sickle.

hook, v. fasten, catch, secure; entrap, ensnare; gore; (Colloq.) steal.

hooked, a. aquiline, bent, curvated, uncinate.

hookedness, n. aquilinity, incurvation.

hoot, v. shout, deride, denounce, execrate.

hop, v. spring, jump, skip, frisk, bound, leap, caper, trip, gambol, dance.

hope, n. optimism, anticipation. Antonyms: despair, desperation, pessimism.

hopeful, a. expectant, optimistic, promising, sanguine.

hopeless, a. despairing, disconsolate, desperate, unpromising

hops, n. pl. Associated Words: lupulin, humulin, lupuline.

horde, n. troop, gang, throng, crowd, multitude (nomadic and predatory).

horn, n. antler; epithema; antenna. Associated Words: cornification, cornute, dehorn, croche, gore, crocket.

horn, n. trumpet, bugle, cornet, trombone; cornucopia; shophar (Jewish); spur.

horning, n. (Slang) charivari.

hornless, a. polled, mulley, mooley, dodded.

horns of a dilemma. alternatives.

horny, a. ceratose, corneous, cornified, callous, hard.

horrible, a. dreadful, terrible, hideous, shocking, grim, ghastly, atrocious, revolting, nefarious, appalling, heinous, dire, grewsome, execrable, awful.

horrid, a. offensive, detestable, horrible.

horror, n. abhorrence, dread, consternation, detestation.

horror-stricken, a. horror-struck, horrified, appalled.

horse, n. Equus; (male) stallion, stud, sire; (female) mare, dam; (young) colt, foal, filly; (small) pony, tit, mustang; steed, charger, nag, gelding, cockhorse, cob, pad, padnag, roadster, punch, broncho, warragal, sumpter, centaur, hackney, jade, mestino, pintado, roan, bat horse, Bucephalus, Pegasus, Dobbin, Bayard, hobby-horse. Associated words: equine, equestrian, equestrianism, equestrienne, equerry, fractious, hostler, groom, hostlery, postilion, coachman, jockey, hippocampus, hippogriffe, manege, chack, hippology, hippophile, hippotomy, tandem, equitation, farriery, equitant, paddock, hippiatrics, hippiatry, neigh, whinny, nicker, hopple.

horse block. montoir.

horse doctor. veterinarian, veterinary, veterinary surgeon, farrier, horse leech.

horseflesh, n. Associated Words: hippophagy, hippophagism, hippophagist, hippophagous, equivorous.

horse-fly, n. breese-fly, bot-fly.

horse-laugh, n. guffaw, cachinnation.

horse-louse, n. nitter.

horseman, n. jockey; equestrian; cavalier; cavalryman; chasseur.

horseshoer, n. farrier, blacksmith.

horseshoeing, n. farriery.

horse-trader, n. jockey.

hose, n. hosiery; tubing.

hospital, n. infirmary, asylum, retreat, sanitarium. Associated words: nosocomial, hospitalism.

host, n. entertainer; landlord, hotel-keeper; multitude, throng, horde; army, legion. Associated Word: xenial.

host, n. Associated Words: ciborium, pyx, paten, monstrance, ostensory, ostension, ostensorium.

hostile, a. antagonistic, inimical, unfriendly, repugnant, adverse.

hostility, n. enmity, animosity, unfriendliness, opposition, warfare, aggression.

hostler, n. groom.

hot, a. torrid, sultry, fiery, scalding, scorching, grilling, broiling, tropical, candent; vehement, passionate, irascible, fervid, ardent, piquant, pungent, acrid, spicy.

hot-blooded, a. ardent, passionate, irritable, excitable, irascible.

hotel, n. hostelry, inn, tavern, caravansary.

hotel-keeper, n. hosteler, host, landlord, inn-keeper, Boniface.

hot room of Roman baths. caldarium.

hot springs. Thermae.

hound, v. importune, harass.

house, n. dwelling, residence, domicile, abode, habitation; mansion, palace; tenement; chateau, pavilion, villa, manse, phalanstery, lodge; kiosk; topek; hutch; (religious house) monastery, convent; firm, company, concern; palafitte.

house, v. shelter, protect, harbor; abide, dwell, lodge.

household, n. family, menage.

household gods. Lares et Penates. Associated word: lararium.

housewarming, n. infare (Local U.S.).

hovel, n. hut, shanty, shack, cabin, den, dugout.

howl, v. yowl, roar, ululate, yawl.—n. yowling, ululation, howling, wail.

hub, n. nave; protuberance, hummock.

hubbub, n. tumult, uproar, din, clamor, commotion, racket, hurly-burly.

huckleberry, n. whortleberry.

huckster, n. peddler, hawker, chapman, cadger, hucksterer.

huff, n. petulance, tiff, pet.

huffy, a. petulant, touchy, irritable.

hug, n. embrace.—v. embrace, clasp.

huge, a. mammoth, colossal, vast, stupendous, enormous.

hullabaloo, n. (Colloq.) uproar, vociferation, hubbub, din, clamor, tumult.

hum, n. drone, murmur, buzz, bombination; croon.

hum, v. drone, murmur, buzz, bombinate; croon.

humble, a. lowly, meek, modest, unassuming, unpretentious.

humble, v. humiliate, debase, abase, degrade.

humbug, n. imposition, hoax, deception, imposture, charlatanism, quackery, cajolery; impostor, deceiver, cheat, charlatan.

humbug, v. deceive, impose on, hoax.

humdrum, a. monotonous, tedious, prosy, tiresome.—n. monotony, tedium.

humiliate, v. humble, mortify, abash, disgrace, degrade.

humiliation, n. abasement, mortification, degradation, ignominy; humbleness, meekness.

humility, n. meekness, lowliness, self-abasement, diffidence, modesty.

humor, n. disposition, temper, mood; facetiousness, jocularity, waggery, pleasantry, wit, satire; pl. caprices vagaries, whims, fancies, whimsies.

humor, v. indulge, please, gratify, temporize. Antonyms: discipline, deny, curb, mortify.

humorist, n. wag, droll, jester, wit.

humorous, a. facetious, droll, comical, jocular, waggish.

hump, n. protuberance, hunch.

humpbacked, a. hunchbacked, deformed.

humpy, a. protuberant, humped, uneven.

hunch, n. hump, protuberance; chunk, lump.

hundredfold, a. centuple.

hundred years. century, centenary, centennial.

Hungarian, n. Magyar.

hunger cure. nestitherapy, limotherapy, limotherapia.

hungry, a. voracious, ravenous, eager; starved, depleted, infertile, barren.

hunky, a. (Slang) even, square, all-right, satisfactory.

hunt, v. chase, pursue, follow; search, seek, ransack, rummage, ferret; poach (hunt unlawfully).

hunt, n. chase, pursuit, search, hunting.

hunter, n. huntsman, sportsman, Nimrod; seeker, pursuer, chaser; Diana.

hunting, n. chase, hunt, field-sport. Associated Words: quarry, game, poaching, poacher, mort, yoicks, hoicks.

hunting horn. bugle.

hurly-burly, n. tumult, bustle, turmoil, confusion, commotion.

hurrah, n. cheer, huzza.

hurricane, n. cyclone, tornado, typhoon.

hurried, a. cursory, hasty, superficial.

hurry, n. haste, speed, dispatch, expedition, precipitancy, celerity.

hurry, v. hasten, impel, expedite, accelerate, speed, precipitate.

hurt, v. damage, wound, impair, harm, injure, offend, harry.

hurt, n. injury, wound, detriment, harm, damage.

hurtful, a. See injurious.

husband, n. spouse, benedict. Antonyms: bachelor, celibate. Associated Words: marital, monandry, polyandry cuckold, cuckoldom, henpecked.

hush, v. silence, still, repress, suppress; appease, allay.

husk, n. glume, hull, rind, shell, bark, kex.

husky, a. dry, raucous, harsh, discordant, guttural, hoarse.

hussy, n. jade, quean; jilt, flirt, jill.

hustle, v. jostle.

hut, n. hovel, shack, shed.

hybrid, n. mongrel, crossbreed, cross.—a. mongrel, crossbred.

hypocrisy, n. dissimulation, Pharisaism, sanctimoniousness.

hypocrite, n. dissembler, Pharisee, formalist, dissimulator.

hypocritical, a. Pharisaical, canting, dissembling, sanctimonious, insincere. Antonyms: sincere, unfeigned, undissembling, ingenuous.