Gabble, n. gibberish, babble, prate, prating, chatter, jargon.

gabble, v. gibber, jabber, babble, prate, chatter.

gable, n. Associated Word: pediment.

gad, n. goad.

gag, v. silence, muzzle, muffle, hush, suppress; retch.

gag, n. muffler, muzzler, silencer.

gain, n. increase, profit, advantage, increment, acquisition, accumulation, accretion, store, hoarding; emolument, lucre.

gain, v. get, acquire, achieve, win, obtain, attain; conciliate, persuade, induce.

gainsay, v. contradict, dispute, deny, controvert, impugn.

gaiters, n. pl. spats, spatterdashes, leggings, gramashes, puttee.

gale, n. wind, tempest; excitement, confusion, flurry.

gall, n. bile; bitterness, rancor, spite, malignity.

gall, n. (Slang) impudence, audacity, effrontery, insolence.

gall, v. chafe, fret; vex, annoy, harass, worry, exasperate.

gallant, a. polite, deferential, courtly, chivalrous.

gallant, n. spark, beau, cicisbeo, philander; lover, suitor; seducer, paramour.

gallantry, n. chivalry, bravery, heroism; courtliness, politeness, deference; intrigue.

gall bladder. cholecystis.

gallery, n. balcony; corridor, passage, passageway; museum.

galloping, n. Associated Words: rataplan, tantivy.

gallstone, n. bilestone, biliary calculus.

galoot, n. (Slang) rowdy, blusterer.

galore, n. and a. plenty, abundance, in abundance, abounding.

gambler, n. gamester, card-sharper, blackleg, punter. Associated words: decoy, croupier, capper, by-bidder.

gambol, v. caper, frolic, play, sport, frisk, curvet.

game, n. play, amusement, pastime, diversion, fun, sport; contest; prey, quarry; scheme, plan, project, undertaking, enterprise, stratagem.

game, a. plucky, resolute, unyielding, courageous, unflinching, indomitable, undaunted, unconquerable; (Colloq.) crippled, lame, crooked, deformed.

gang, n. band, crew, company, group, crowd, set, squad, party, number, clique.

gangling, a. (Colloq.) lanky, spindling.

gangrene, n. mortification, sphacelation.—v. mortify, sphacelate.

gangrenous, a. mortified, mortifying, sphacelate.

gap, n. hiatus, rift, crevice, rent, interstice, chasm. See opening.

gape, v. yawn, oscitate; gaze, stare.

gape, n. yawn, yawning, gaping, oscitancy, oscitation; rictus (the gapes).

gaping, n. yawning, oscitancy, oscitation; staring.

garbage, n. offal, refuse, swill, waste. Associated Word: scavenger.

garble, v. pervert, distort, falsify, misstate, wrench, misquote, misrepresent.

garbling, n. perversion, distortion, falsification, misstatement, misrepresentation.

gardener, n. horticulturist.

gardening, n. horticulture.

garland, n. wreath, chaplet, coronal, bays, laurel; anthology, rosary.

garnish, v. embellish, beautify, decorate, trim, adorn.

garniture, n. garnish, garnishment, embellishment, decoration, trimming.

garret, n. attic, cockloft.

gaseous, a. aeriform, gassy, gasiform; tenuous, thin, unsubstantial.

gash, v. slash, incise.

gash, n. incision, slash.

gasp, n. pant, panting.—v. pant.

gassing, n. (Slang) boasting, vaunt, gasconade, palaver, vapor, moonshine.

gassy, a. gaseous, aeriform; (Slang) boastful, bombastic, vaporous, inflated.

gate, n. entrance, portal; wicket; turnstile, turnpike; postern; tollgate; sluice gate; stanch; herse, portcullis.

gather, v. congregate, assemble, convene, muster, collect, concentrate; harvest, pick, glean, pluck, crop, reap; accumulate, amass, hoard, garner; contract, compress; pucker, plait, ruffle, shirr; infer, conclude, deduce; maturate.

gather, n. pucker, plait, ruffle, shirring.

gathering, n. collection, crowd, assembly, congregation, concourse, assemblage, muster, party, company; accumulation, amassing, amassment; abscess, imposthume, ulcer, boil, carbuncle, suppuration, maturation, pustule.

gaudy, a. showy, flashy, meretricious, ostentatious, tawdry, garish.

gaunt, a. emaciated, pinched, attenuated, meager, lean.

gawk, n. gawky, booby, lout, simpleton, hind, boor.

gawky, a. ungraceful, clumsy, ungainly, loutish, boorish, uncouth.

gay, a. merry, sportive, frolicsome, lively, exhilarating, vivacious, jolly, blithe, airy, boon, convivial, jovial, joyous; brilliant, dashing, gallant, showy; garish, gaudy, flashing, tawdry; (Colloq.) loose, dissolute, fast.

gayety, n. merriment, mirth, hilarity, sportiveness, conviviality, joviality, light-heartedness, elation.

gear, n. rigging, tackle, gearing, mechanism, draught-gear; accouterments, trappings.

geld, v. castrate.

gem, n. jewel.

general, a. indefinite, vague, ill-defined; prevalent, extensive; usual, common, ordinary, regular. Antonyms: specific, definite.

generality, n. bulk, common run, mass, main body; universality, generalness.

generalship, n. strategy.

generate, v. procreate, beget, engender, reproduce; originate, produce, propagate.

generation, n. procreation, reproduction, prolification, begetting; origination, production, formation.

generative, a. generating, procreative, genial.

generosity, n. magnanimity, nobleness; liberality, munificence, bounty, bountifulness, beneficence, lavishsess.

generous, a. magnanimous, noble, highminded, ingenuous; munificent, bountiful, open-handed, liberal, lavish, charitable, unstinted; abundant, plentiful, overflowing. Antonyms: illiberal, ungenerous, stingy, scant, miserly, penurious.

genial, a. generative, procreative; cheerful, pleasant, agreeable, cordial, friendly, hearty.

genitals, n. pl. See sexual organs.

gentle, a. well-born, genteel, high-born; docile, tractable, tame, subdued; mild, quiet, peaceable, meek, unobtrusive; bland, soothing, pacific, clement, tender, humane; courteous, cultivated, deferential. Antonyms: drastic, refractory, vicious, brusque, harsh, rough, severe, rigorous, intractable, indocile.

gentleman, n. Antonyms: cad, boor, churl, Philistine, guy, lout.

gentlemanly, a. courteous, deferential, polite, urbane, gallant, well-bred.

genuine, a. authentic, veritable, sterling, unmixed, real, pure; sincere, heartfelt, unaffected. Antonyms: spurious, counterfeit, false, supposititious, adulterated.

germ, n. origin, first principle; embryo, bud, seed, spore.

German, a. Teutonic.

german, a. related, allied.

German, n. Teuton.

German characteristic. Germanism, Teutonicism.

germane, a. related, allied, akin, relevant, appropriate.

German Federal Council. Bundesrath.

German House of Representatives. Reichstag.

German measles. rubella.

German silver. packfong.

germ destroyer. germicide.

gesture, n. gesticulation, gesturing.—v. gesticulate.

get, v. procure, obtain, acquire, secure, gain, achieve, attain, realize; induce, persuade, prevail on, win; betake remove; receive; beget, procreate, engender.

get ahead. advance, prosper, flourish, thrive, proceed; forestall.

getatable, a. (Colloq.) accessible. Antonym: inaccessible

get back. return; recover, recuperate, reclaim, retrieve, regain.

get clear. be acquitted, be released, escape.

get down. descend, alight, dismount.

get off. descend, alight, dismount; escape, be released, be acquitted.

get on. mount; prosper, advance, progress.

get out. extricate, release.

get over. surmount, overcome, conquer; recover from.

getting, n. acquisition, obtaining, receiving, acquirement, procurement.

gewgaw, n. bawble, gaud, knickknack, trifle, toy, trinket, bagatelle.

ghastly, a. cadaverous, ghostly, pallid, pale, horrible, shocking, repulsive.

ghost, n. shade, phantom, apparition, spectre, spook, revenant, sprite, wraith; spirit.

ghostly, a. spiritual; spectral, phantomlike.

ghost worship. sciotheism.

ghoul, n. vampire.

giant, n. colossus, monster, Hercules, Goliath, Titan, Cyclops, Brobdingnagian, ogre.

gibberish, n. jargon, jabber, gabbling, babble, drivel.

gibe, v. scoff, flout, jeer, sneer, ridicule, deride, mock.

gibe, n. ridicule, sneer, sarcasm, derision, mockery.

giddy, a. fickle, mercurial, volatile, flighty, unstable, inconstant, thoughtless; light-headed, dizzy, vertiginous.

gift, n. gratuity, present, largess, offering, grant, donation, boon, bounty, bequest, benefaction, contribution, subsidy, legacy, alms, donative, douceur, dotation, sportula; endowment, talent.

gifted, a. talented.

gigantic, a. enormous, colossal, Herculean, vast, Cyclopean, prodigious, Titanic, Gargantuan, Brobdingnagian.

giggle, n. snicker, snigger, titter.

gimcrack, n. device, toy, plaything, trinket, knickknack, jiggumbob.

gin, n. trap, snare, springe, artifice, toils; windlass, crane; Holland gin, schnapps.

gingerly, adv. carefully, cautiously, timidly, fastidiously.

giraffe, n. camelopard.

gird, v. encircle, engird, surround, equip, prepare.

girdle, n. cestus, sash, belt, band, cincture.

girl, n. maiden, maid, lass, lassie, damsel, miss, nymph, virgin; domestic, maid, waitress; ingenue; soubrette; filly, gill; wench; hoiden, hussy, minx; coleen (Anglo-Irish).

girlhood, n. maidenhood, virginity.

girth, n. belly-band; circumference.

gist, n. core, substance, pith, marrow, essence.

give, v. confer, bestow, accord, grant, vouchsafe, donate, contribute, impart, yield, afford, assign. Antonyms: withhold, refuse.

give and take. exchange, interchange, reciprocate, alternate.

give back. return, restore, refund.

give in. yield, surrender, succumb, recede. Antonyms: resist, withstand.

given, a. granted, assumed; disposed, inclined; stated, specified.

give off. emit, exhale.

give out. announce, proclaim, publish, report; fail, be inadequate, be exhausted.

giver, n. donor.

give up. surrender, disgorge; yield, cease, desist, quit, relinquish, waive, cede, succumb, abdicate, abandon, desert. Antonyms: resist, withstand, continue, persist.

give way. withdraw, retire, recede; yield, collapse.

giving, n. conferring, bestowal, granting, benefaction.

giving and taking. reciprocity, reciprocation.

glad, a. pleased, delighted, happy, joyous, joyful, gratified, rejoiced, merry, exhilarated, elated, cheery, animated, gladsome, jubilant, felicitous, refreshing, exhilarating. Antonyms: sad, sorrowful. See sad.

gladden, v. cheer, delight, please, exhilarate, gratify, buoy, elate, rejoice.

gladness, n. delight, pleasure, elation, exhilaration, jubilation, rejoicing.

glamour, n. charm, witchery, magic, spell; illusion, glitter, delusion, glory. Antonyms: disillusionment, disenchantment.

glance, n. glimpse; allusion; gleam, flash, glitter.

glance, v. glimpse; allude, hint; gleam, beam, glitter.

glare, v. glitter, glisten, dazzle; frown, glower.

glaring, a. dazzling, intense, brilliant; flagrant, notorious, barefaced.

glass, n. flint glass, crystal glass; aventurine; murrhine glass; strass (artificial gems); schmelze (Bohemian glass); crystal, obsidian.

glass, n. tumbler, goblet, bumper, beaker, schooner, bocal; decanter; carafe; looking-glass, mirror, speculum, cheval glass, pier glass; lens, spyglass, microscope, telescope, binocular, binocle, opera glass, lorgnette, polyscope, altiscope, optigraph, prism, reflector, refractor; hourglass; barometer; hydrometer; pipette; graduate; hygrometer; monocle; cloche; bolthead, matrass.

glass, n. Associated Words: vitrifacture, vitrifaction, vitrics, vitrify, vitriform, vitrified, vitrifiable, vitric, devitrify, devitrification, glazier, glazing, crizzel, invitrifiable vitreous, vitrescent, vitrescence, hyalography.

glasses, n. pl. spectacles, eye-glasses, pince-nez, goggles, blinkers, barnacles, lorgnette, louchettes.

glassy, a. vitreous, crystalline, transparent, crystal.

Glauber's salt. sulphate of soda.

gleam, v. glimmer, glitter, radiate, beam, scintillate, sparkle.

gleam, n. beam, ray, glimmer, glance, flash; splendor, sparkle, gleaming.

glee, n. merriment, joy, mirth, gayety.

gleeful, a. merry, gay, mirthful.

gleety, a. ichorous.

glib, a. smooth, slippery; fluent, voluble, bland, oily.

glimmering, n. glimmer, glimpse, inkling, glance.

glimpse, n. glance; flash; inkling.

glisten, v. sparkle, shine, gleam, flash, glitter, glister.

glister, v. sparkle, glisten, glitter.

glitter, n. brilliancy, shine, gleam, fulgency, radiance.

glitter, v. sparkle, gleam, glisten, glister.

glittering, a. sparkling, glistening, glistering, gleaming, bright, tinsel.

globe, n. sphere, ball, orb.

gloom, n. gloominess, shadow; melancholy, depression, dejection, despondency.

gloomy, a. dark, dismal, obscure, dim, shaded, lowering, overcast, lurid; melancholy, dejected, sad, despondent, pessimistic, disheartened, morose, crestfallen, glum, saturnine; disheartening, depressing, discouraging.

glorious, a. magnificent, grand, resplendent, splendid, admirable, noble, excellent; (Colloq.) hilarious, ecstatic, elated.

glory, n. fame, renown, honor, eminence, celebrity; pomp, magnificence, splendor; pride, exultation, arrogance; halo, nimbus, aureole. Antonyms: ignominy, dishonor, obscurity, ingloriousness, shame, reproach.

glory, v. exult, boast, vaunt.

Glory be to the Father. Gloria Patri.

gloss, n. luster, polish, sheen, glaze, enamel; show, pretense; commentary, note, annotation, comment, postil.

gloss, v. annotate, comment, illustrate; glaze, polish; palliate, extenuate, gloss over.

glossy, a. shining, sleek, sheeny, lustrous, polished, glazed, glace; specious, plausible.

glove-maker, n. glover.

glowing, a. ardent, passionate, warm, flushed; luminous, incandescent.

glue, v. cement, glutinate, agglutinate. Antonyms: unglue, deglutinate.

glum, a. moody, dumpish, sullen, sulky, morose, sour.

glut, v. satiate, sate, cloy, surfeit; overfeed, overstock, oversupply.

glut, n. superfluity, superabundance, overstock, excess.

glutton, n. gormandizer, belly-god, cormorant, gormand; wolverine.

gluttonous, a. voracious, gluttonish.

gluttony, n. voracity, gormandism.

gnawer, n. rodent; pl. Rodentia.

gnawing, a. rodent.

go, v. operate, pass, move, advance, repair, hark, budge, stir, resort, frequent, wend; circulate; tend, conduce, contribute; depart; reach, extend.

go, n. fashion, vogue, mode, custom, style; animation, mettle, Spirit, fire; (Colloq.) energy, life, enterprise, push, perseverance, stamina; (Slang) circumstance, occurrence, incident, happening, event.

goad, n. gad, prick; instigation, spur, stimulant.

goad, v. urge, incite.

goal, n. bourne, end, aim, destination.

goat, n. buck; Billy goat; Nanny goat; Capra; Capricorn.

goatish, a. hircine, caprine.

go back. return, recede, retreat, retrograde, back, withdraw.

go back on. (Colloq.) apostatize, desert, renounce, forsake, be traitorous.

go before. precede, antecede.

goblin, n. gnome, hobgoblin, spectre, bugaboo.

go between. intervene, interpose, intercede, mediate.

go-between, n. middleman, agent, broker, procurer, factor, intermediary, arbitrator, referee, intercessor, advocate, interagent, negotiator.

go beyond. surpass, transcend, exceed, overstep, transgress.

go-by, n. neglect, ignoring, pretermission.

god, n. deity, divinity, idol. Associated Words: deify, deification, apotheosize, apotheosis, theogony, Olympus, pantheon, deicide, deifie, deiform, mythology, polytheism, monotheism, theomachy, cuhemerism, monolatry, undeify, undeification, oracle.

God, n. the Supreme Being, the Creator, Jehovah, Infinite Spirit, Deity, the First Cause, the Almighty; (Hebrew) Elohim, El Shaddai, Adonai, Jah. Associated Words: theism, deism, atheism, theocracy, theocrasy, theology, theomachy, pantheism, acosmism, pancosmism, theocentric, thearchy, theomania, theosophy, theochristic, theodicy, theophany, demiurge, anthropomorphism, anthropomorphology, tetragrammaton, anthropopathism, psychotheism.

godfather, n. sponsor.

godless, a. irreligious, impious, atheistical, ungodly.

godlike, a. divine.

godlessness, n. irreligion, impiety, atheism, ungodliness.

godly, a. devout, religious, pious, saintly.

godmother, n. sponsor.

godsend, n. boon, windfall.

going, n. traveling; departure; exit, egress, exodus.

going back. return, recession, retreat, withdrawal, retrogradation.

going back on. apostasy, defection, renunciation, perfidy, desertion, unfaithfulness.

going before. precedence, antecedence, priority.—a. precedent, antecedent, prior, preceding.

going between. intercession, mediation, intervention, interposition, arbitration.—a. mediatorial, intercessory, mediatory.

goiter, n. bronchocele, tracheocele.

gold, n. aurum; bullion, (uncoined gold). Associated words: alchemist, alchemy, auriferous, alloy, assay, assayer, assaying, filigree, aurated, auric, aureate, aurific, aurigraphy, aurivorous, aurocephalous, platinum, aurous, billet, carat, chlorination, chrysography, cupel, foil, cupellation, gild, orphrey, vermeil, gilded, gilding, gilt, orris, amalgamated, goldsmith, bonanza, schlich, inaurate, inauration, ingot, lingot, lode, nugget, ore, ormolu, pinchbeck, blick, Mannheim gold.

golden age. Associated Word: Saturnian.

gondolier, n. Associated Word: barcarolle (song).

goneness, n. (Colloq.) inanition, faintness, exhaustion, languor.

good, a. virtuous, worthy, moral, exemplary, conscientious, sterling, meritorious, saintly, guileless; humane, altruistic, philanthropic, benevolent, indulgent; desirable, excellent, expedient, commendable, beneficial, auspicious, propitious, favorable; clever, dexterous, competent, adroit, proficient, ready.

good, n. welfare, benefit, advantage, weal, well-being, utility, interest; virtue, excellence, worth, character, value.

good-bye, n. farewell, adieu, au revoir.

good fellow. trump, brick, bon vivant.

good graces. favor, friendship, regard.

good humor. amiability, geniality, affability, complaisance.

good-looking, a. comely, handsome, pretty, personable.

good nature. amiability, benignity, geniality, complaisance, good humor, affability.

good-natured, a. amiable, jovial, affable, complaisant, indulgent, good-humored, genial.

goods, n. pl. chattels, effects, possessions; merchandise, wares, commodities.

goose, n. gander (male goose); gosling (young goose); graylag, ganza (wild goose); goslet; pl. geese; Anseres, Anseriformes. Associated Words: anserene, anserous, gosherd, yang, honk, gaggle, cackle.

goose, n. simpleton, gull, dupe, witling, numskull.

gore, v. stab, pierce, penetrate.—n. blood, cruor; gusset.

gorge, n. gully, defile, ravine, pass.

gorge, v. bolt, gulp, eat greedily; glut, stuff, satiate.

gorgeous, a. magnificent, elegant, resplendent, grand, splendid.

gossip, n. tattler, tale-bearer, frump, quidnunc; gossipry.

go to bed. retire.

gourd, n. calabash.

gout, n. podagra, arthritis.

govern, v. direct, control, regulate, command, reign, influence, restrain, bridle, guide.

governable, a. manageable, obedient, submissive.

government, n. governance, sway, dominion, command, regency, authority, regulation, administration. Antonyms: anarchy, license, subjection.

governor, n. chief magistrate, executive. Associated Word: gubernatorial.

gown, n. dress; robe; wrapper; cassock, soutane.

grab, v. seize, snatch, clutch, grasp, pluck.

grace, n. compassion, lenity, mercy, benevolence, love, excellence, virtue; beauty, loveliness, gracefulness, comeliness; refinement, elegance, courtliness, culture, polish; holiness, saintliness, sanctity, devoutness.

grace, v. adorn, beautify, embellish; dignify, honor, exalt.

graceful, a. elegant, easy, willowy, courtly, polished. Antonyms: See ungraceful.

graceless, a. depraved, abandoned, reprobate, shameless, incorrigible.

gracious, a. merciful, lenient, beneficent, compassionate, benign, tender; graceful, elegant; courteous, debonair, complaisant, urbane, affable.

graduate, n. alumnus; pl. alumni.

graft, v. ingraft, march.

grafting, n. ingrafting, ingraftment, inarching.

grain, n. kernel, seed; cereals (edible grains); granule, pellet. Associated Words: granary, sheaf, shock, farina, graniferous, chaff, glume, grits, groats, grist, Ceres, flail, thrash, windrow, frumentaceous, frumentation.

grain, n. fiber, texture; disposition, humor, temper; particle, whit, mite, scintilla, atom, iota, jot, trace.

grain-eating, a. granivorous.

grainy, a. granular, granulate, granulated, granulous.

grand, a. august, imposing, sublime, stately, magnificent, splendid, palatial, lofty, consummate, glorious, superb, elegant, majestic, gorgeous, luxurious, impressive, dignified, illustrious, noble.

grandeur, n. splendor, magnificence, elegance, sublimity, majesty, augustness.

grandfather, n. grandsire, patriarch.

grandiose, a. impressing, imposing; bombastic, turgid, declamatory, grandiloquent.

grandmother, n. grandam.

grandparent, n. Associated Word: aval.

grant, v. convey, transfer, code; give, bestow, allot, deign, vouchsafe; admit, concede, allow, comply, permit.

grant, n. conveyance, transfer, cession;, concession; gift, bounty, subsidy.

grant back. recede.

grape-culture, n. viticulture.

grapes, n. pl. Associated Words: vineyard, vineyardist, arbor, grapery, pergola, viticolous, marc, must, prokris, rape, coulure, racemation, tartar, argol.

grape-sugar, n. glucose, dextrose, diabetic sugar, starch sugar.

grapple, v. seize, attack, clutch, grasp, struggle, wrestle, contend.

grappling dogs. spandogs.

grappling iron. grapnel, grab, grapple.

grasp, v. seize, clutch, clinch, clasp, gripe; struggle, wrestle; comprehend, understand.

grasp, n. seizure, apprehension, gripe, clasp, grip, prehension; hold, possession; comprehension, understanding.

grasping, a. avaricious, sordid, covetous, niggardly, greedy.

grass, n. herbage, pasture, pasturage; sward, sod, greensward, lawn, esplanade. Associated Words: agrostology, agrostologist, agrostography, gramineous, graze, palea, graminology, gramineal, swath, rowen, aftermath, turf, tussock, hassock, aftergrass, fog, glume, graminaceous.

grass-eating, a. graminivorous, herbivorous.

grass-eating animals. Herbivora.

grateful, a. thankful. Antonym: ungrateful.

gratification, n. satisfaction, indulgence, enjoyment, fruition, pleasure, delight.

gratify, v. satisfy, indulge, content, delight, humor, Antonyms: deny, mortify.

grating, a. harsh, jarring, rasping, discordant.

gratitude, n. thankfulness. Antonym: ingratitude.

gratuitous, a. spontaneous, free, voluntary; unrepaid, unrequited; uncalled for, unwarranted, unfounded.

grave, a. important, momentous, serious; sober, solemn, staid, demure, sedate, quiet, thoughtful, subdued, sepulchral.

grave, n. tomb, sepulcher, charnel-house, ossuary, sepulture; tumulus, barrow.

grave-clothes, n. pl. cerements, shroud, winding-sheet.

gravel, n. pebbles, grit, shingle; arena; gravelstone, pebble, calculus.

graven, a. carved, sculptured.

graver, n. engraver, sculptor; burin.

grave wax. adipocere.

gray, a. hoary; slate, drab, maltese, mouse-colored.

grease, n. lubricant, fat.—v. lubricate.

greaser, n. lubricant, lubricator.

greasy, a. sebaceous, oily, unctuous, oleaginous, fatty.

great, a. immense, enormous, prodigious, gigantic; numerous, countless; superior, excellent, admirable; eminent, famous, illustrious, distinguished, renowned, famed, noted; egregious, flagrant, serious, grievous; fabulous, excessive, immoderate, exorbitant.

greatest, a. supreme, superlative, utmost, maximum.

greatest good. summum bonum.

great-hearted, a. magnanimous.

great-heartedness, n. magnanimity.

great spirit. Manito (Amer. Ind.)

greediness, n. avarice, voracity, avidity, covetousness, rapacity, gluttony, insatiableness, cupidity.

greedy, a. avaricious, grasping; sordid, covetous; insatiable, ravenous, voracious, gluttonous, rapacious; insatiate.

greedy-gut, n. (Low) glutton, gormand.

Greek, a. Grecian, Hellenic.

Greek, n. Grecian, Hellene; Romaic, Hellenic, Neo-Hellenic.

Greek, n. (Colloq.) mystery.

green, a. verdant, emerald, virid, virescent; immature, unripe; raw, untrained, callow, unsophisticated, awkward, inexperienced, unskilled, undisciplined, gullible; unseasoned; fresh, undecayed. Antonyms: sear, parched, seasoned, ripe, experienced, veteran.

greenhorn, n. (Colloq.) tyro, novice, gull, dupe, yahoo, gudgeon.

greenhouse, n. conservatory.

green manuring. sideration.

greenness, n. verdancy, viridity, verdure; rawness, immaturity, unripeness; inexperience, unsophisticatedness, gullibility..

greensand, n. marl.

green-sickness, n. chlorosis.

greet, v. address, salute, hail, accost.

greeting, n. salutation, salute.

grief, n. anguish, sorrow, heartbreak, regret, remorse, dolor, misery, heartache, woe, tribulation, rue, affliction, bereavement, trial, adversity, distress, grievance.

grievance, n. wrong, injustice, resentment, trouble, complaint, gravamen (Law).

grieve, v. mourn, regret, lament, rue, weep, sorrow, bewail, deplore; wound, afflict, try, distress, pain.

grievous, a. afflictive, distressing, deplorable, lamentable, painful; heinous, atrocious, flagitious, outrageous, flagrant, egregious, nefarious; plaintive, pitiful.

grill, n. gridiron, broiler.

grilling, n. broiling, grillade.

grimy, a. begrimed.

grind, v. crush, powder, pulverize, comminute, bruise, bray, triturate, levigate; harass, persecute, oppress.

grind, n. grinding, pulverization; (Slang) drudgery; (Slang) dig.

grinder, n. abradant.

grinding, n. pulverization, trituration, crushing, levigation.—a. abradant.

grinding stone. millstone, muller, metate.

grip, n. clutch, grasp; (Colloq.) grippe.

grip, n. (Colloq.) gripsack, valise, satchel, traveling-bag.

grip, v. seize, clutch, grasp, clinch.

gripes, n. pl. colic.

griping, n. gripes, colic.

grippe, n. influenza.

gristle, n. cartilage.

gristly, a. cartilaginous.

grit, n. firmness, resolution, courage, fortitude, spirit, determination.

gritty, a. sandy; (Colloq.) unyielding, plucky, spirited, determined, resolute.

grizzly bear. Ephraim (Hunter's name).

groan, n. and v. moan.

grogblossom, n. rosedrop, rosy whelk.

grogshop, n. dramshop, saloon.

groom, n. valet; hostler, stable-man; bridegroom.

groove, n. rut, channel, furrow; chamfret, rabbet, fluting; stria, striation.

groove, v. channel, furrow; chamfer, flute.

grooved, a. channeled, chamfered, fluted, striated.

gross, n. aggregate.

grotesque, a. fantastic, bizarre, outlandish, baroque, whimsical.

grouchy, a. (Colloq.) unamiable, sullen, surly, cynical, morose, cross.

ground, n. soil, earth, dirt, clod, loam, mould, clay, land; premise, reason, consideration, motive, inducement, reason; terra-firma.

ground hog. woodchuck, American marmot.

groundless, a. unfounded, chimerical, baseless, unauthorized.

grounds, n. pl. settlings, sediment, dregs, precipitate.

ground squirrel. chipmunk, hackee.

groundwork, n. foundation, basis, base.

group, n. cluster, assemblage, crowd.

grouty, a. (Colloq.) unamiable, sulky, sullen, cynical, surly, morose.

grovel, v. crawl, sneak, cringe, wallow, fawn.

groveling, a. debased, abject, servile, sneaking.

grow, v. increase, extend, augment, wax, accrue, develop, expand, mature, flourish, thrive; vegetate, sprout, pullulate, germinate, bourgeon; raise, cultivate. Antonyms: wane, atrophy, blast, diminish, stunt, stagnate.

grower, n. cultivator.

growing, a. developing, waxing, increasing, flourishing.

growing together. accretion, concretion, coalescence.—a. coalescent, accretive.

growl, n. grumble, snarl, gnarl.

growler, n. grumbler, snarler, murmurer, cynic, pessimist, misanthrope.

growth, n. growing, development, accretion, extension, increase, augmentation, increment, enlargement; excrescence hypertrophy, overgrowth; germination, cultivation, pullulation, sprouting. Antonyms: atrophy, decrease, blasting, undevelopment.

grow together. coalesce, concrete, accrete

grub, v. drudge, slave, moil; root out, uprooc, eradicate.

grub, n. caterpillar, maggot, larva, grubworm.

grub-ax, n. mattock.

grudge, n. ill-will, hatred, antipathy, rancor, aversion, enmity, resentment, envy.

grudge, v. begrudge, resent, envy.

grudgeful, a. envious, resentful.

grudgingly, adv. unwillingly, reluctantly, sullenly, enviously resentfully.

gruff, a. ungracious, brusque, surly, rude, impolite, stern.

grum, a. morose, surly, sour, glum; guttural, low, rumbling.

grumble, v. murmur, repine, complain, croak; growl, snarl.

grumbler, n. complainer, croaker, fault-finder, growler.

grumpy, a. (Colloq.) surly, disgruntled, grouty, irritable, sullen.

guarantee, n. warranty, security, surety.

guard, v. protect, defend, shield, shelter, fortify, preserve. Antonym: expose.

guard, n. guardsman, watch, watchman, sentinel, patrol, sentry, picket; convoy, escort, body-guard; defense, protection, shield, safeguard, bulwark, armor; attention, heed, watch, circumspection. Associated Word: cordon.

guarded, a. cautious, wary, circumspect, careful, reserved, non-committal.

guardian, n. defender, guard, tutelary saint, keeper, warden, protector, defense, guardian angel. Antonyms: ward, protege.

guardian, a. tutelary, protecting, tutelar.

guardianship, n. protection, care, watch, wardenship, tutelage.

guess, v. conjecture, speculate, surmise; think, suppose, presume, apprehend, believe, daresay, opine.

guess, n. conjecture, surmise, supposition, speculation.

guesswork, n. conjecture.

guide, v. pilot, steer, direct, govern, conduct.

guide, n. conductor, pilot, director; cicerone; polestar; rudder, regulator; mentor, monitor, counsellor; key, clew.

guidebook, n. itinerary.

guiding star. loadstar, polestar, Cynosure.

guild, n. society, association, fraternity, corporation, brotherhood.

guile, n. subtlety, cunning, wiliness, deceit, insincerity, artifice.

guileful, a. deceitful, crafty, artful, wily, subtle, designing.

guileless, a. innocent, artless, sincere, undesigning, ingenuous.

guilt, n. criminality, guiltiness, complicity, culpability, crime; wrong, offense, transgression, sin. Antonyms: innocence, inculpability.

guiltless, a. inculpable, blameless, innocent.

guilty, a. culpable, punishable, criminal, peccant, sinful.

guise, n. way, custom, manner, mien; garb, shape, appearance, dress, cloak.

gulch, n. gully, ravine.

gulf, n.abyss, chasm; vortex, whirlpool, rapids, maelstrom; bay.

gulfweed, n. sargasso.

gull, n. cheat, swindle, humbug, fraud; dupe, gudgeon, cully; seamew, mew, cob.

gullet, n. esophagus.

gullible, a. credulous.

gully, n. gulch, ravine, gorge, couloir.

gumboll, n. parulis.

gummy, a. viscous, adhesive.

gumption, n. (Colloq.) shrewdness, sagacity, discernment, acumen, common sense.

gum-yielding, a. guttiferous.

gun, n. firearm, weapon, rifle, shotgun, blunderbuss, musket, flobert, pistol, revolver, derringer, cannon, swivel gun, matchlock, breech-loader, stanchion gun, arquebus, Krupp gun, Winchester, howitzer, gatling gun, flintlock. Associated Words: bayonet, gunsmith, bore, caliber, trigger, hammer, ramod, armory, armorer, gunsmithery, holster.

gun-cotton, n. pyroxylin.

gunner, n. cannoneer.

gunroom, n. wardroom.

guns, n. pl. artillery, ordnance, cannon, armament, arms.

gunsmith, n. armorer, gunmaker.

gunwale, n. portoise.

gush, v. rush, pour, stream, spout.

gushing, a. rushing, pouring; (Colloq.) effusive, demonstrative, ebullient, sentimental.

gusto, n. enjoyment, appreciation, relish, taste.

gut, n. intestine.—v. disembowel, eviscerate.

guts, n. pl. intestines, bowels, entrails.

gutter, n. eaves trough, cullis; conduit, channel, drain, rindle; groove.

guttersnipe, n. (Slang) street Arab, gamin.

gutting, n. disembowelment, evisceration.

guy, n. guy-rope, stay, shore; scarecrow, dowdy, fright, effigy.

guy, v. steady, guide, shore, stay (with a rope); (Colloq.) fool, baffle, ridicule.

gymnast, n. athlete.

gymnastic, a. athletic, calisthenic.

gymnastics, n. pl. athletics, calisthenics.

gypsy, n. Romany, Bohemian; Romany, Romanes (language); schemer, sharper.

gypsy, a. nomadic, vagabond.