Fable, n. apologue (moral fable); fiction, fabrication, myth, untruth.

fabler, n. fabulist.

fabulous, a. fictitious, feigned, unverified; exorbitant, inordinate, excessive.

face, n. countenance, visage, physiognomy, features; front, exterior; obverse; facet; effrontery, confidence, assurance, audacity, impudence. Associated Words: facial, domino, complexion, multifaced, rouge, cosmetic, grimace, Janus-faced, lineament, profile, silhouette, maskoid, smirk, physiognomist.

face, v. confront, meet; bully, bluff; veneer; plane, dress, smooth.

face ague. tic douloureux.

face guard. mask, beaver.

face to face. vis-a-vis, tete-a-tete.

facsimile, n. duplicate, copy, reproduction, likeness, counterpart.

fact, n. reality, actuality, truth.

faction, n. dissension, sedition, rebellion, insurgency, division.

factious, a. turbulent, seditious, rebellious, refractory, insubordinate.

factor, n. broker, middleman, consignee, commission merchant, agent; constituent, element.

factory, n. manufactory, shop, plant, mill.

facts, n. pl. data.

faculty, n. endowment, capability, talent, ability, knack, gift; competency, dexterity, skill ingenuity, adroitness.

fade, v. decay, decline, droop, languish, evanesce, disappear.

fadeless, a. unfading, permanent, fast, perennial.

fading, a. fugitive, evanescent, declining.

faeces, n. pl. excrement, stools.

fail, v. default, lack; deteriorate, decline, retrograde; disappoint, desert; miscarry, foil; become bankrupt.

failing, n. shortcoming, deficiency, imperfection, foible, fault, infirmity, defect, errancy, fallibility, decline, deterioration.

failure, n. failing, deficiency, shortcoming, lack; omission, pretermission, default, nonperformance, neglect, dereliction nonfulfillment, nonobservance; nonsuccess, miscarriage, frustration, abortion, foil, fizzle, fiasco; deterioration, decline, declension, retrogression; bankruptcy, insolvency.

faint, a. weak, languid, exhausted, feeble; indistinct, dim, faded, dull; timorous, faint-hearted.

faint, v. swoon.

faint-hearted, a. timorous, timid, diffident, fearful, cowardly.

faint-heartedness, n. timidity, diffidence.

fainting, n. swoon, syncope.

fair, a. impartial, equitable, unbiased, just, honorable, unprejudiced, ingenuous; average, middling, tolerable, so-so, passable; comely, attractive, pretty, handsome; blond, light; unsullied, untarnished, spotless.

fair, adv. clear, openly, frankly, honestly, favorably, auspiciously, impartially.

fair, n. bazaar; exposition.

fair and square. equitably, impartially, fairly, honestly.

fairly, adv. impartially, equitably, openly, favorably, auspiciously.

fair play. justice, equity.

fair-spoken, a. plausible, bland, civil, suave.

fairy, n. fay, elf, pigwidgeon, pixy, sprite, sylph, Puck, Robin Goodfellow, Mab, Oberon, Titania.

faith, n. credence, belief, trust, dependence, credit, reliance, confidence; dogma, tenet, creed, religion, persuasion; fidelity, loyalty, faithfulness; promise, engagement, word. Antonyms: doubt, incredulity, misgiving, unbelief. Associated Words: Fides, fiduciary, fiducial, bona fide, pistiology.

faithful, a. true, constant, stanch, unwavering, devoted, loyal; trustworthy, reliable, conscientious; exact, accurate, precise.

faithfulness, n. constancy, devotion, loyalty, fidelity, true-heartedness, fealty, allegiance, trustworthiness; exactness, accuracy.

faithless, a. unbelieving, skeptical, incredulous, doubting, disloyal, false. See unfaithful.

faithlessness, n. unbelief, incredulity, doubt; disloyalty, perfidy. See unfaithfulness.

fake, n. (Slang) trick, swindle, imposture, fraud, delusion, humbug, imposition.

fake, v. (Slang) cheat, swindle, humbug, defraud, manipulate, fraudulently.

faker, n. (Slang) trickster, swindler.

fall, v. descend, drop, gravitate; collapse, founder, slump, tumble, topple; subside, decrease, decline, settle, moderate; sin, do wrong, go astray; apostatize; empty, discharge, disembogue.

fall, n. descent, collapse, tumble, drop; decrease, decline, depreciation, slump; cadence; declivity, slope; prostration, downfall, subversion; autumn; disemboguement, discharge.

fallacious, a. sophistical, misleading, illusive, untenable, inconsistent.

fallacy, n. deception, delusion, misconception; sophism, sophistry, paralogism.

fallals, n. pl. (Colloq.) frippery, gewgaws, ornaments.

fall away. emaciate; renounce, desert, rebel; apostatize, backslide; decline, languish.

fall back. recede, retreat, retire, withdraw.

fallen, a. dropped, prostrate, degraded, depreciated, debased.

fallibility, n. errancy. Antonym: infallibility.

fallible, a. errable, erring. Antonym: infallible.

fall in. collapse, cave in.

falling away. emaciation, pining; renunciation, desertion, revolt, unfaithfulness; apostasy, defection, backsliding; decline, declension.

falling back. recession, retreat, retirement, withdrawal.

falling down. prostration, collapse.

falling in with. meeting; concurrence, agreement, compliance.

falling off. dropping; withdrawal, separation, detachment; apostasy, defection, desertion; depreciation, deterioration.

falling out. See quarrel.

falling short. deficiency, inadequacy, deficit, shortcoming.

falling sickness. epilepsy.

falling star. meteor.

falling stone. meteorite, aerolite.

falling to pieces. disintegration, dilapidation.—a. ramshackle, dilapidated, disintegrating.

fall off. drop; withdraw, separate; apostatize, backslide; depreciate, deteriorate.

fall on. attack, assault, assail.

fall out. See quarrel.

fallow, a. uncultivated, untilled; dormant, inactive.

fall short. be deficient, be inadequate.

fall to pieces. disintegrate.

false, a. spurious, forged, counterfeit, sham, supposititious, unauthentic, bogus, feigned, fallacious, make believe, hypocritical, assumed, pseudo, sophistical, untenable; unveracious, dishonest, erroneous, untruthful; disloyal, perfidious, traitorous, disingenuous, insincere, recreant, faithless, unfaithful.

false friend. traitor, betrayer, Judas.

falsehood, n. inveracity, untruthfulness; lie, fiction, untruth, mendacity, fabrication, canard.

false key. picklock.

false name. pseudonym, nom de plume. Associated words: pseudonymous, pseudonymity, pseudepigraphous pseudepigraphy.

false swearing. perjury.

false writing. forgery, pseudography, pseudograph.

falsification, n. counterfeiting, forgery, falsifying; misrepresentation, distortion.

falsify, v. misstate, misrepresent, garble, distort, pervert; confute, refute, disprove.

falter, v. hesitate, tremble, waver, vacillate.

faltering, a. wavering, hesitating.

faltering, n. hesitation, indecision, wavering, vacillation.

fame, n. celebrity, note, eminence, renown, glory, reputation, repute. Antonyms: obscurity, ingloriousness, oblivion, ignominy, disrepute.

familiar, a. intimate, close, cordial, near, friendly, bosom; informal, unreserved, unconstrained, easy, unceremonious; conversant, well-known. Antonyms: unfamiliar, shy, ceremonious, distant.

familiarity, n. intimacy, conversance, acquaintance; informality, freedom, unconstraint; disrespect, unreserve. Antonyms: unfamiliarity, strangeness.

familiarize, v. habituate, accustom, inure, break in.

family, n. household; genealogy, lineage, ancestry. Associated words: genealogist, foris-familiate, pedigree, nepotism, nepotic, cadency, gens.

family way. pregnancy. Associated Words: pregnant, gravid, enceinte.

famous, a. renowned, famed, noted, celebrated, eminent, illustrious, distinguished, far-famed. Antonyms: obscure, inglorious, unknown, notorious.

fan, n. flabellum (Eccl.), Associated Words: brin, panache, plicate, plicated.

fan, v. winnow; cool, ventilate; stimulate, rouse, foment, provoke, encourage.

fanatic, n. extremist, visionary, zealot.

fanatical, a. fanatic, rabid, uncompromising, over-zealous.

fancied, a. imaginary.

fanciful, a. whimsical, capricious, visionary, imaginative, unpractical; chimerical, fantastic, illusive, phantasmic, quixotic, bizarre, erratic.

fancy, n. imagination, conception, conceit, idea, apprehension, impression, opinion, notion; caprice, whim, whimsey, fantasy, vagary, maggot, crotchet; inclination, liking, fondness, penchant, taste.

fancy, a. ornate, elaborate, ornamental; fanciful, exorbitant, fabulous, extravagant.

fancy, v. believe, imagine, apprehend, conjecture, conceive, like.

fandangle, a. fantastic, highfaluting, ornamental.

fang, n. tusk.

fan-shaped, a. plicate, flabelliform, flabellate.

fantastic, a. fanciful, imaginary; unreal, phantasmal, spectral, illusive; whimsical, capricious, erratic; grotesque, irregular, odd, rococo, baroque, bizarre.

fantod, n. (Slang) worry, excitement, fuss, fidget; indisposition, sulks.

far, a. distant, remote; alienated, estranged, unfriendly.

farce, n. burlesque, travesty, caricature, sham, take-off.

farcical, a. burlesque, ludicrous, ridiculous, absurd.

farewell, n. adieu, leave-taking, good-bye, valediction, conge, valedictory.

farewell, a. parting, valedictory, final.

far-fetched, a. forced, strained, catachrestic.

farm, n. grange; plantation; croft; hacienda.

farmer, n. agriculturist, husbandman, granger.

farming, n. agriculture, husbandry.—a. agricultural.

far-off, a. remote, distant, far-away.

far-sighted, a. hypermetropic, presbyopic; long-sighted, sagacious.

far-sightedness, n. hypennetropia, presbyopia, hyperopia; long-sightedness, sagacity.

far-sighted person. presbyope.

fascinate, v. bewitch, enchant, charm, captivate, enamor, infatuate, entrance, enrapture, enravish. Antonyms: disillusionize, decharm, repel.

fascinating, a. charming, captivating, bewitching, siren, witching, entrancing.

fascination, n. enchantment, witchcraft, bewitchery, sorcery, magic, witchery, captivation, charm, enravishment Antonyms: disenchantment, disillusionment.

fashion, n. vogue, style, mode.

fashionable, a. stylish, in vogue, smart, modish.

fast, a. immovable, firm, rigid; impregnable, strong, invincible, invulnerable, fortified; steadfast, faithful, true; permanent, durable; rapid, swift, fleet, quick, expeditious, speedy; unrestrained, dissolute, dissipated, rakish, wanton, profligate, immoral.

fast, adv. swiftly, rapidly, quickly, with celerity, post-haste, speedily, expeditiously; fixedly, firmly, immovably.

fast and loose. inconstant.

fasten, v. secure, fix, barricade, lock, bind, tie, attach, tether, rivet, moor, cement, affix, annex, clinch, clamp, append.

fastidious, a. critical, squeamish, punctilious. Antonyms: careless, indiscriminate, slovenly.

fastness, n. fixedness, immovability, firmness, security, impregnability; fortress, stronghold, citadel; swiftness, celerity, rapidity, expedition, quickness, haste.

fat, a. fleshy, plump, corpulent, obese, portly, pursy, burly, chubby, pampered, gross, squab, stout, pudgy; adipose; fertile, productive; lucrative, remunerative, profitable.

fatal, a. mortal, deadly.

fatality, n. fatalness, fate, destiny; mortality; disaster, calamity.

fate, n. destiny, lot, doom; chance, fortune; Moira; karma; kismet; predestination.

fated, a. destined, doomed, predestined, foredoomed.

fateful, a. ominous.

Fates, n. pl. Destinies, Parcae (Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos).

father, n. pater familias, procreator, sire, patriarch; founder, originator, author. Associated Words: affiliate, affiliation, filiation, patricide, patricidal, paternalism, parricide, agnate, agnation, patrimony.

father, v. beget, engender, procreate.

fatherhood n. paternity.

fatherly, a. paternal.

fatigue, n. weariness, lassitude, languor, exhaustion.

fatigue, v. weary, tire, jade, exhaust, fag, bore.

fatness, n. corpulency, obesity, embonpoint, plumpness, fleshiness, stoutness, portliness, pudginess; adiposity; fertility, richness.

fatten, v. batten.

fatty, a. adipose, greasy, unctuous, oleaginous, sebaceous.

fatty tumor. lipoma.

fault, n. defect, imperfection, failing, foible, shortcoming, blemish, flaw; demerit, dereliction, offense, indiscretion, lapse, delinquency. Antonyms: merit, perfection, beauty, impeccability.

fault-finder, n. caviler, critic, grumbler, carper, repiner, censurer, censor, complainer.

fault-finding, a. captious, caviling, critical, derogatory, dissatisfied, grumbling, censorious, discontented, querulous, carping.

fault-finding, n. carping, criticism, grumbling, murmuring, captiousness, cavil, reprehension, dissatisfaction, animadversion, stricture, repining.

faultiness, n. defectiveness, imperfection, culpability, peccability.

faultless, a. perfect, blameless, impeccable, inerrable, unblemished.

faulty, a. imperfect, defective; blamable, culpable, peccable, erring.

faun, n. satyr, sylvan.

favor, n. countenance, regard, good-will, kindness; support, promotion, befriending, championship, espousal, countenancing. Antonyms: disfavor, opposition.

favor, v. support, countenance, encourage; resemble.

favorable, a. propitious, auspicious, conducive, beneficial, partial, helpful. Antonyms: unfavorable, unpropitious, inauspicious.

favoring, a. partial, approving, helpful.

favoritism, n. partiality; nepotism. Antonym: impartiality

fawn, v. truckle, curry favor, court.

fawner, n. sycophant, bootlicker, footlicker.

fawning, a. sycophantic, obsequious, servile, truckling.

fear, n. apprehension, anxiety, solicitude, alarm, dread, trepidation, consternation, panic, dismay, terror, fright, cowardliness, timidity, pusillanimity; reverence, awe, veneration.

fear, v. apprehend, dread, be afraid of; reverence, venerate, stand in awe of.

fearful, a. apprehensive, alarmed, afraid, frightened; timid, timorous, faint-hearted, cowardly, craven, pusillanimous, meticulous; terrible, frightful, dreadful, grim, awful, dire, fell, atrocious, ghastly, terrifying, alarming, appalling.

fearless, a. intrepid, courageous, bold, valorous, undaunted, unafraid, unflinching.

feasibility, n. practicability.

feasible, a. practicable.

feast, n. banquet, repast, regale, Junket, festivity. Associated words: convivial, conviviality.

feast, v. banquet, junket; delight, gratify.

feastful, a. festive, festal.

feat, n. exploit, achievement, stunt, act, deed.

feather, n. plume, quill, pinion.

feather, v. fledge.

feathered, a. fledged.

feathering, n. endysis.

feather in the cap. (Colloq.) honor, trophy.

featherless, a. unfledged, desplumate, callow.

feathers, n. pl. plumage; aigret; panache, remiges (quill feathers); down (soft under feathers); coverts; rectrices. Associated words: plumassier, pterylography, endysis, ecdysis, moult, moulting, mew, desplumation, preen, barb, midrib, shaft, barbule, pompon, plumassary.

feathery, a. plumy, pennaceous.

feature, n. aspect, appearance; lineament; trait, characteristic, peculiarity.

federation, n. confederation, league, confederacy, union.

fee, n. retainer, tip, honorarium, perquisite.

feeble, a. infirm, doddering. See weak.

feeble-minded, a. half-witted, defective, imbecile.

feeble-minded person, defective, imbecile.

feed, v. bait, regale.

feed, n. provender, fodder.

feel, v. touch, handle; grope, grabble; experience, suffer.

feeler, n. antenna, tentaculum, tentacle, horn, palpus. pl. antennae, tentacula, palpi.

feeling, a. susceptible, sensitive, sentient, sympathetic. Antonyms: insentient, unfeeling, stoic, impassive.

feeling, n. sensibility, sensation, sentiency; emotion. Antonyms: insensibility, impassivity, numbness.

feign v. pretend, dissemble, simulate, affect, counterfeit, assume.

feigned, a. pretended, simulate, simulated, counterfeit, dissembled, assumed. Antonyms: real, sincere, unfeigned.

feigning, n. simulation, dissembling.

feint, n. pretense, blind, stratagem.

felicitate, v. congratulate.

felicitation, n. congratulation.

fellow-countryman, n. compatriot.

fellowship, n. companionship, communion, converse, association.

felon, n. criminal, convict; whitlow.

felonious, a. heinous, atrocious, nefarious, flagitious, infamous.

female, a. feminine; pistillate (Bot.).

female warrior. Amazon.

fence, n. pale, palings, palisade, stockade, hurdle, raddle, defense, protection, enclosure.

fence, v. defend, fortify, protect; equivocate, evade, parry, shift, prevaricate.

fencing, n. swordsmanship, gladiature, swordplay, gladiatorism.

fend, v. ward off, avoid, parry.

fender, n. protection, defense, screen, guard; dashboard, splashboard.

ferment, n. harm, leaven, yeast; enzyme, histozyme, zyme, zymophite.

fern, n. brake, bracken, maiden hair, Venus hair, poly-pody.

ferns, n. pl. Filices, Pteridophyta. Associated Words: pteridology, filicology, pteridologist, filical, filicic, filici-form, filicoid, frond, spore, filicite, cryptogamous.

ferocious, a. rapacious, ravenous, truculent, fell, savage.

ferocity, n. rapacity, fierceness.

ferrotype, n. tintype.

fertile, a. fruitful, fecund; pistillate. Antonyms: infertile infecund, barren.

fertility, n. fruitfulness, fecundity, richness. Antonyms: infertility, infecundity, barrenness.

fertilization, n. enriching; fecundation, impregnation.

fertilize, v. enrich, manure; fecundate, impregnate.

fertilizer, n. manure, guano, phosphate of lime, compost.

fervency, n. See ardor.

fervent, a. See ardent.

fervid, a. See ardent.

fervor, n. See ardor.

fester, v. suppurate, maturate, ulcerate; rankle.

fester, n. sore, pustule, festering, abscess, imposthume, rankling.

festering, n. suppuration, maturation, ulceration; fester, rankling.

festering, a. suppurating, maturating; rankling.

festival, n. fete, banquet, feast, holiday.

festive, a. festal, convivial, festival.

festoon, n. garland.

fetid, a. malodorous, stinking, noisome.

fetter, n. shackle, bond, hamper, restraint.

fetter, v. shackle, manacle, hamper; restrain, impede.

fever, n. Associated Words: febrifacient, febrific, febrierous, febrifuge, febrifugal, pyretology, pyretic.

feverish, a. febrile.

fever spots. petechiae.

fewness, n. paucity.

fiat, n. order, decree, mandate, edict, command.

fib, n. falsehood, untruth.

fiber, n. staple, thread, filament, pile.

fickle, a. vacillating, volatile, mercurial, irresolute, fitful, capricious, unstable, inconstant, variable, wavering. Antonyms: constant, unwavering, steadfast, resolute.

fickleness, n. vacillation, irresolution, inconstancy, volatility, tergiversation, capriciousness.

fiddle, n. violin; kit.

fiddler, n. violinist.

fidelity, n. loyalty, fealty, faithfulness; truth, integrity. Antonyms: infidelity, faithlessness.

fidgets, n. pl. restlessness; dysphoria.

field, n. meadow, lea; campaign, savanna, croft; scope, range, room, province, domain, region, realm, rowen (stubble field).

fiend, n. demon.

fiendish, a. diabolical, atrocious, infernal.

fierce, a. violent, unrestrained, furious, immoderate, impetuous, vehement, passionate, ferocious, fiery, mettlesome. Antonyms: tame, gentle, docile.

fiery, a. igneous; vehement, impetuous, passionate, irascible, irritable.

fifteen-sided figure. quindecagon.

fifteenth day of March, May, July, and October. ides.

fig, n. fico, snap, fillip.

fig, n. Associated Words: caprification, caricous.

fight, n. combat, battle, engagement, struggle, encounter, fray, affray, melee, scrimmage (Colloq.); pugnacity, belligerence. Associated words: militant, combative, combativeness, bellicose, belligerent, pugnacious.

fight, v. battle, combat, militate, struggle, cope with.

fighter, n. warrior, champion, combatant, vindicator, gladiator, belligerent.

fight shy. avoid, elude.

figment, n. fabrication.

figurative, a. typical, representative, emblematical; metaphorical, tropical.

figure, n. shape, form, outline, tournure, conformation, image, effigy, statue, bust, figurehead, likeness; numeral, digit, number; type, emblem, symbol; caryatid; atlantes, telamones; figurine; diagram, drawing; dash, conspicuousness, show.

figure, v. compute, cipher, calculate; contrive, scheme, plan; symbolize, typify, represent.

figure of speech. trope, metaphor.

file, n. line, row; rasp, quannet.

filing, n. limature, limation.

fill, n. thill, shaft.

fill, n. sufficiency, plenty.

fill, v. satisfy, cloy, satiate, sate, glut, stuff; occupy, hold; replenish; expand, dilate, distend, inflate, bloat; pervade.

fill out. extend, inflate, complete, amplify.

film, n. pellicle.

filter, v. strain, clarify, filtrate; percolate, exude, ooze, seep, transude, infiltrate.

filtering, n. filtration; percolation, exudation, transudation, infiltration.

filth, n. squalor, foulness, corruption, Augean stable, muck, dirt.

filthy, a. nasty, dirty, squalid, foul; smutty, obscene, indecent, ribald, lewd.

finally, adv. ultimately, eventually, lastly.

find fault. object, disapprove, demur, cavil, except, criticize, carp, repine, complain, grumble.

finding, n. discovery; verdict.

finding out. detection, discovery.

find out. discover, detect, ascertain, solve, unriddle.

fine, n. amercement, mulet, penalty.—v. mulet, amerce.

fine, a. refined, nice, exquisite, excellent, recherche, elegant, splendid, admirable, choice, select, attractive, delicate, subtle, minute, capillary, tenuous, thin, subtile, ethereal, attenuated, filmy, flimsy, gossamery, slender; comminuted, bolted, pulverized, impalpable, powdered. Antonyms: coarse, crude, unbolted, stout, crass, thick.

fine arts. Associated Words: esthetics, aesthetic, aestheticism, aesthete.

finedrawn, a. subtle.

finery, n. ornaments, decorations, frippery, clothes, gewgaws.

finespun, a. subtle, attenuated.

finesse, n. artifice, stratagem, maneuvering, ruses.

finger, n. digit; medius (middle finger); minimus (Little finger); index (fore or index finger). Associated Words: digital, digitation, interdigital.

finger, v. touch, handle; thrum, strum.

finger bone. phalanx, internode; pl. phalanges.

finger-shaped, a. digitiform.

finical, a. over-particular, fastidious.

finicky, a. (Colloq.) finical, fastidious, squeamish, dainty.

finish, v. complete, elaborate.

finish, n. completion, elaboration.

fire, v. ignite, kindle; (Slang) discharge, dismiss; inflame, irritate, arouse, excite, incite; animate, quicken, vitalize, enthuse, inspirit; stoke; bake, burn, torrefy.

fire, n. combustion, ignition, burning; phlogiston; conflagration, holocaust, deflagration; flame, blaze; bonfire, balefire, feu de joie, beacon. Associated Words: pyrology, pyrography, pyromania, pyrophobia, incendiary, incendiarism, arson, lurid, Moloch, fuel, combustible, pyroleter, smolder, ignis fatuus, Vulcan, Hephaestus.

fire-arm, n. See gun.

fire-arms, n. pl. guns, gunnery, artillery.

firebug, n. incendiary, pyromaniac.

fire-damp, n. carbureted hydrogen.

firedog, n. andiron.

fireman, n. fire-tender, stoker.

fireproof, a. incombustible, asbestic.

fireside, n. hearth, ingleside.

fireworks, n. pl. Associated Words: pyrotechnics, pyrotechnist, pyrotechnician, pyrotechnic, pyrotechny.

fire-worship, n. pyrolatry, Parseeism, Mazdeism, Magianism, Zoroastrianism.

fire-worshiper, n. pyrolater, Gheber, Parsee, Magian, Zoroastrian.

firm, a. fast, immovable, secure; compact, solid, dense, compressed; fixed, resolute, constant, unwavering, unshaken, steadfast, stanch, determined, invincible, inflexible, incompliant. Antonyms: flaccid, soft, vacillating, irresolute, lax, yielding, facile, inconstant.

first, a. earliest; foremost, leading, chief, premier; primary, primal, primordial, primitive, primeval, pristine, original, aboriginal, primogenial; elementary, rudimentary, initial.

first, adv. primarily, originally.

firstborn, n. Associated Words: primogeniture, primogenial, primogenitureship.

first-formed, a. original, protoplastic.

first installment. earnest, handsel.

first principles. rudiments, principia.

first produce or offspring. firstling.

first-rate, a. excellent, first-class.

fish, n. fry, alevin (young fish); ichthyolite, monilife, (fossil fish). See fishes.

fish, v. angle, trawl, troll; poach (fish unlawfully).

fish eggs. spawn, roe.

fisherman, n. fisher, piscator, angler.

fishes, n. pl. Pisces; Piscifauna (fishes of a region), Associated words: ichthyology, ichthyologist, ichthyophagy, ichthyophagist, ichthyography, ichthyolatry, piscatology, pisciculturist, piscary, piscine, shoal, kench, minnow, aquarium, piscivorous, piscatorial, warren, spawn, cauf, creel, kibblings, bait, pisciform, piscinal.

fish culture. pisciculture.

fish glue. isinglass, ichthyocoll; carlock.

fish hawk, n. osprey.

fishing, n. angling, trawling, trolling, whiffing, spillet fishing, bultow fishing.

fishlike, a. pisciform, ichthyic.

fish line. Associated Words: snell, snood, leader, sinker, bob, float, boulter.

fishskin, n. ichthyosis.

fish soup. chowder.

fishy, a. fishlike; (Colloq.) extravagant, exaggerated, improbable.

fistic, a. pugilistic.

fisticuffs, n. pl. boxing, pugilism.

fit, n. spasm, paroxysm, convulsion; access, outburst, attack; epilepsy, catalepsy; humor, whim, caprice, fancy.

fit, a. meet, becoming, suitable, proper, appropriate, congruous, adequate, expedient, congruent, apposite, qualified, eligible, competent, befitting, apt, convenient.

fit, v. adapt, qualify, prepare, equip, accommodate, shape, adjust, trim.

fitful, a. variable, capricious, unstable, inconstant, spasmodic, changeable.

fitness, n. becomingness, appropriateness, competency, qualification, congruity, eligibility.

fitting, a. suitable, proper, fit, befitting.

five, n. cinque, quintuplet, quintette; quintuplets. Associated words: quinary, quintuple, quintuplicate, quincunx.

five-angled, a. pentagonal.

five-angled figure. pentagon, pentahedron.

five cents. nickel.

fivefold, a. quintuple.

five languages. Associated Word: pentaglot.

five-sided, a. pentagonal, pentahedral.

five years. quinquennium, lustrum. Associated Words: quinquennial, quinquennially.

fir, v. mend, repair, restore, adjust; rivet, fasten; settle, fasten, establish, implant, define.

fix, n. (Colloq.) dilemma, predicament, plight, quandary. Antonyms: extrication, release.

fixed, a. immovable, established, stable, firm, unchangeable steadfast, stereotyped.

fixings, n. pl. (Colloq.) embellishments, trimmings.

fizzle, n. (Colloq.) failure, fiasco.

flabbergast, v. (Jocular) astonish, amaze, surprise, dumfound.

flabbergastation, n. (Jocular) astonishment, amazement.

flabbiness, n. flaccidity, limpness.

flabby, a. yielding, limp, soft, flaccid. Antonyms: firm, stiff, rigid.

flag, n. colors, standard, banner, gonfalon, pennon, pennant, ensign, guidon, streamer, banderole; iris, fleur-de-luce. Associated words: furl, unfurl.

flagrant, a. glowing, flaming, ardent; atrocious, heinous, wicked.

flake, n. film, flock, lamina, scale.

flame, n. blaze, fire; love, sweetheart. Associated Words: lambent, flamineous, flammiferous, flammivomous, flambage.

flame, v. blaze. Antonym: smolder.

flameless a. aphlogistic.

flaming, a. blazing, afire, flagrant; dazzling, brilliant; ardent, passionate.

flare, v. flicker, flutter; dazzle, blaze, glare; flaunt.

flare, n. glare, flicker.

flare-up, n. (Colloq.) passion, anger, outburst.

flash, n. gleam, glare, coruscation.

flash, v. glitter, gleam, glisten, coruscate, sparkle.

flash, n. instant, moment.

flashy, a. dazzling, coruscant; gaudy, tawdry, meretricious showy.

flask, n. betty, matrass, bolthead.

flat, a. level, even, plane, smooth; prostrate, prone; stale, insipid, vapid, tasteless, unsavory, unpalatable, mawkish; peremptory, unqualified, positive; spatulous, spatulate; sonant, vocal. Antonyms: convex, concave, warped, cambered, undulating, protuberant, projecting.

flat, n. lowland, champaign; floor, suite.

flatboat, n. punt.

flatfoot, n. splayfoot.

flatfooted, a. splayfooted; (Slang) determined, resolute, unwavering, firmfooted.

flatiron, n. sadiron.

flatnosed, a. simous.

flatter, v. blandish, cajole, wheedle, compliment.

flatterer, n. wheedler, sycophant, toady, pickthank, flunky, Jenkins, adulator, blandisher.

flattering, a. wheedling, adulatory, alluring, blandiloquent, sycophantic, obsequious.

flattery, n. adulation, blandishment, wheedling, flummery, blandiloquence, cajolery.

flaunting, a. ostentatious, showy.

flavor, n. savor, taste, relish, zest, gusto, race, tang, sapidity.

flavorless, a. insipid, vapid, unpalatable, savorless, tasteless.

flavorous, a. sapid, palatable, savory, gustable.

flaw, n. defect, fault, blemish, imperfection.

flawless, a. faultless, perfect.

flawy, a. defective, faulty.

flay, v. skin, excoriate.

fleece, v. plunder, swindle, despoil, strip.

fleet, n. squadron, navy, flotilla, armada.

fleeting, a. impermanent, transient, transitory, evanescent, ephemeral, fugitive, temporary.

flesh, n. meat, carnage; pulp (of fruit); carnality, sensual appetites; carrion (decaying flesh). Associated words: incarnate, incarnation, excarnate, excarnation, carnate, carneous, trichina, trichinosis, carnassial, carnification, carnify.

flesh-eaters, n. pl. Carnivora.

flesh-eating, a. carnivorous, sarcophagous.—n. sarcophagy.

flesh-eating animal. carnivore, sarcophagan, sarcophile.

fleshiness, n. corpulence, obesity, plumpness, embonpoint. See fatness.

fleshliness n. carnality, sensuality.

fleshly, a. carnal, sensual, sensuous.

fleshy, a. corpulent, fat, portly, obese, plump.

flexibility, n. pliability, pliancy, suppleness, litheness, ductility, compliance.

flexible, a. pliable, supple, flexile, pliant, lithe, limber; compliant, yielding. Antonyms: inflexible, incompliant.

flight, n. flying; exodus, hegira; fleeing, absconding.

flighty, a. volatile, capricious, mercurial, giddy, fickle.

flimflam, n. trick, deception, lie.—v. trick, deceive.

flimsy, a. superficial, unsubstantial, weak, feeble, shallow, frivolous.

flinch, v. shrink, wince, recoil, blench, withdraw.

flinders, n. pl. splinters, fragments.

flinty, a. unimpressible, impenetrable, adamantine, unyielding.

flippant, a. voluble, glib, fluent; pert, malapert, forward.

flirt, n. coquette, jilt, jill.—v. coquet, philander.

flirtation, n. coquetry.

flirtatious, a. coquettish.

float, n. raft; buoy.

floating, n. flotation, flotage, supernatation.—a. supernatant.

flock, n. covey, herd, bevy, drove, pack, lot, group, brood, litter. Associated Words: gregarious, gregal, gregariously, gregariousness.

flog, v. See whip.

flood, n. deluge, inundation, overflow, cataclysm, freshet. Associated Words: antediluvial, antediluvian, diluvial, diluvian, alluvium, alluvial, alluvion.

flood, v. inundate, deluge, overflow, submerge.

flood-gate, n. sluice-gate.

floor, v. prostrate, fell, overthrow; embarrass, nonplus.

floor, n. planching, pavement; story, loft.

floor timber. joist.

floral ornament. anthemion, boughpot, palmette.

florid, a. flushed, rubicund. See red.

florist, n. floriculturist.

flounce, n. ruffle, furbelow, frill.—v. flounder.

flour, n. Associated Words: farinaceous, farina, gluten, meal, aleurometer, aleuromancy, stive, dredge, bolt.

flour box. dredging box.

flourish, v. thrive; wave, brandish.

flourish, n. embellishment; curlycue, paraph; fanfare, call; parade, show, display; brandishing, waving.

flout, v. mock, jeer, gibe, sneer, deride.

flow, v. circulate; proceed, emanate, issue. Antonyms: stagnate, ebb.

flower, n. blossom, bloom; floret, floweret (little flower). Associated Words: floral, floricultural, floriculture, florist, floriculturist, florilege, florification, floriferous, botany, botanical, botanist, botanize, inflorescence, estivation, anther, petal, calyx, corolla, sepal, anthesis, anthography, anthoid, antholite, anthology, anthomania, anthophagous, anthophilous, anthotaxy, bouquet, bract, corona, corymb, cyme, chloranthy, efflorescence, Flora, perianth, pistil, pistillate, staminate, pollen, prefloration raceme, reflorescence, pollinate, pollination, stamen, stigma, umbel, verticil, verticillate, whorl, spadix, spathe, floriated, floriation.

flower beds. Associated Words: parterre, platband, terrace.

flowering, a. phaenogamous, phaenogamian.—n. inflorescence

flowering plants. Phaenogamia.

flowerless, a. cryptogamous.

flowerless plants. Cryptogamia.

flower pot. Associated Words: cachepot, girandole.

flowery, a. florid, ornate, figurative.

flowing, a. running, gliding, fluent, cursive. Antonym: stagnant.

flowing back. refluent, ebbing.—n. refluence, ebb.

flowing in. influx.—a. influent, incurrent.

flowing out. efflux, effluxion, effluence.—a. effluent, excurrent.

flowing round. circumfluent.

fluctuate, v. vacillate, waver, oscillate, whiffle, swerve. Antonyms: continue, persist, adhere, abide, remain, stand fast.

fluctuation, n. vacillation, wavering, oscillation, instability.

fluent, a. flowing, gliding; voluble.

fluid, n. liquid, liquor, solution.

flunk, v. (Colloq.) fail, back out.—n. failure.

flunky, n. lackey, footman, servant; snob, toady, sycophant.

flunkyism, n. toadyism, sycophancy.

flurried, a. agitated, excited, perturbed, confused.

flurry, n. squall, breeze, wind; agitation, excitement, commotion.

flush, n. blush, glow; thrill; rosiness, redness.

flush, a. liberal, prodigal, free, lavish; even, plane, level, flat; prolific, fecund, exuberant; affluent.

fluster, v. perturb, discompose, confuse, disconcert, embarrass, agitate.

fluster, n. perturbation, discompose, confusion, agitation.

flustrate, v. (Colloq.) fluster, agitate.

flustration, n. (Colloq.) agitation, fluster, perturbation, confusion.

fluted, a. chamfered, channeled, grooved.

flutter, v. tremble, palpitate; hover; oscillate, fluctuate, vacillate, waver.

flutter, n. tremor, agitation, palpitation; confusion, disorder, commotion.

fly, a. (Slang) wide-awake, knowing.

fly, v. wing, soar, flit, mount, hover; decamp, abscond, flee.

flyaway, a. flighty, giddy, unrestrained, volatile.

flying, a. awing, volant, volitant, soaring.

flying, n. aviation, flight.

flying machine. aeroplane, aerodrome, biplane, monoplane. Associated words: hangar, aviator, aerodynamics, aviatrix.

foam, n. froth, spume, spumescence.—v. froth, spume.

foamy, a. frothy, spumy.

fodder, n. provender, forage, stover; ensilage. Associated Words: silo, ensile.

foe, n. antagonist, enemy, adversary, opponent.

fog, n. haze, mist, vapor, brume; confusion (of the mind).

fog, v. befog, obscure, confuse.

foggy, a. misty, hazy, brumous, vaporous; beclouded, confused, obscure.

fogy, n. (Colloq.) fogram, mossback.

foil, v. baffle, frustrate, thwart, circumvent.

foist, v. interpolate.

fold, n. doubling, plait, convolution; sheep-pen, cote; embrace.

fold, v. double; embrace, infold, clasp.

folding stool. faldstool.

foliage, n. leafage, leaves.

folks, n. pl. (Collog.) people, persons.

follow, v. succeed, chase, pursue, tag; dodge; result, proceed, flow, ensue, spring, issue; pursue, practice, engage in; trace, track, trail.

follower, n. pursuer; attendant, retainer, henchman; disciple, partisan, advocate, adherent, votary; imitator, copier.

following, n. pursuance, pursuing, pursuit; sequence, consecution, succession; adherents, dependents, retinue; vocation, trade, profession, business.

following, a. succeeding, ensuing, consecutive, pursuant.

folly, n. foolishness, fatuity, indiscretion, unwisdom, absurdity, imprudence.

foment, v. encourage, instigate, nurse; stupe.

fond, a. indulgent, over-affectionate, doting; affectionate, loving; baseless, vain, unfounded.

fondle, v. caress, pet, coddle, cosset, indulge, humor.

fondness, n. indulgence, doting; affection, devotion, love; partiality, liking, preference, predilection, propensity, appetite.

food, n. aliment, nutriment, nourishment, pabulum, nutrition, fare, diet, bread, meat, rations, victuals, subsistence, commons, provisions, viands, regimen, finding, sustenance, eatables, refreshments, comestibles, trencher, ambrosia, broma, manna. Associated Words: bromatology, bromatologist, alimental, alimentary, pabular, appetite, alimentation, nutrition, superalimentation, pantophagist, pantophagous, pantophagy, polyphagous, polyphagy, bromography, dietary, regimen, dietarian, dietetics, dieter, dietist, asitia, cater, caterer, sitology, chyle, chyme, victualer, steward, cibation, sitophobia, omnivorous, delicatessen, proteid, nitrogen, protein, commissariat, commissary.

food for cattle. feed, fodder, provender, forage, pasturage.

food room. larder, buttery, pantry, spence.

fool, n. idiot, imbecile, natural; simpleton, dolt, dunce, defective, witling, dotterel, driveler, blockhead, beetlehead, ninny, ignoramus, numskull, booby, clodpate, nincompoop, ass, wiseacre, dunderhead, halfwit, oaf, dullard, coot, mooncalf; zany, harlequin, buffoon, jester, merry-andrew, droll, clown, scaramouch. Associated Words: stultify, stultification.

fool, v. dupe, gull, delude, hoodwink, deceive, hoax, trick, beguile, victimize, cully; trifle, toy, dawdle.

fooling, n. foolishness, folly; zanyism, mummery, buffoonery, monkey-tricks, harlequinism.

foolhardy, a. daredevil, reckless, rash.

foolish, a. idiotic, senseless, irrational, silly, imbecile, witless, insensate, weak-minded, half-witted, brainless, fatuous, fatuitous, insagacious, unintelligent; indiscreet, imprudent, ridiculous, absurd, asinine, inept, nonsensical, puerile.

foolishness, n. idiocy, imbecility, fatuity, silliness, irrationality, insagacity; imprudence, indiscretion, unwisdom, folly, absurdity, ineptitude, puerility.

fool's bauble. marotte.

foot, n. paw; hoof; base, bottom, extremity. Associated Words: chiropody, chiropodist, pedicure, orthopedy, orthopedic, orthopedist, pedal, plantigrade, bastinado, taligrade, palmigrade, cloven, ball, instep, phalanges.

foot-bath, n. pediluvium, pedilavium (Eccl.).

footboy, n. page, lackey.

footing, n. foothold; rank, status, standing, grade; amount, total; tread, step.

footlicker, n. sycophant, fawner, toady, lickspittle.

footman, n. infantryman (foot-soldier); lackey.

footpad, n. highwayman, brigand, robber, thug.

footprint, n. footmark, track, footstep; spoor.

foot-shaped, a. pediform.

foot-soldiers, n. pl. infantry.

footstep, n. footmark, footprint, track, trace, vestige; spoor; footfall, tread, step.

footstool, n. cricket, hassock.

foozle, v. bungle.—n. foozling, bungle, bungler.

fop, n. coxcomb, dude, dandy, exquisite, popinjay, blade, jackadandy. Antonyms: sloven, guy.

foppish, a. coxcombical, dandified, finical, exquisite. Antonyms: slovenly, seedy.

foppishness, n. foppery, dandyism, coxcombry, dudishness.

for all that. nevertheless.

forasmuch as. in as much as, since, whereas, seeing that.

foray, n. See raid.

forbear, v. refrain, stop, pause, withhold, abstain; endure, tolerate.

forbearance, n. withholding, refraining; long-suffering, patience, indulgence, toleration.

forbearing, a. long-suffering, patient, indulgent, tolerant, lenient.

forbears, n. pl. ancestors, forefathers.

forbid, v. prohibit, interdict, inhibit, restrain, taboo, preclude, proscribe.

forbidden, a. prohibited, proscribed, interdicted, contraband, inhibited, illicit, taboo.

forbidding, a. repellent, repulsive, offensive, abhorrent, odious, repelling, grim.

forbidding, n. prohibition, interdiction, proscription, restraint, inhibition, taboo.

force, v. compel, coerce, necessitate, constrain, oblige, make; impel, obtrude, extort, wrest; capture, storm; rape, ravish. Antonyms: induce, inveigle, seduce, persuade.

force, n. strength, energy, power, vigor, might, potency, cogency, validity, efficacy, efficiency; compulsion, coercion, violence, constraint, tension, impetus; armament, troops, army, legion, battalion, phalanx. Associated Words: dynamics, dyne, statics, perforce, dynamic, mechanics, brunt, kinit.

forced, a. involuntary, compulsory, strained, far-fetched. Antonyms: spontaneous, voluntary, discretional, optional, elective.

forcible, a. energetic, potent, effective, compulsory, coercive, drastic, vigorous.

forcing, n. compelling, compulsion, coercion, extortion, necessitation, constraint; rape, ravishment. Antonyms: discretion, option, election, free-will.

forearm, n. antibrachium.

forebode, v. portend, presage, foreshadow, augur betoken, foretell.

foreboding, n. premonition, presentiment, augury, prescience, foreknowledge.

forecast, n. predetermination, premeditation, forethought.

foredoom, v. predestine, preordain.

forefather, n. ancestor, progenitor, forbear; pl. ancestry, lineage, progenitors, forbears.

forego, v. quit, relinquish, surrender, yield, do without; precede.

foregoer, n. predecessor, forefather; forerunner, herald, harbinger, precursor, avant-courier.

foregoing, a. previous, anterior, preceding, fore, prior, antecedent, aforesaid.

forehead, n. brow, sinciput. Antonym: occiput.

foreign, a. alien, extraneous, exotic, peregrine; remote, adventitious, inappropriate.

foreigner, n. alien; emigrant, immigrant. Antonyms: native, indigene, citizen.

foreign word, plant, or custom. exoticism, exotic.

foreknowledge, n. prescience.

foremilk, n. colostrum.

foreordain, v. preordain, predestinate, foredoom, predetermine.

foreordination, n. predestination, predetermination.

forerun, v. precede, herald.

forerunner, n. precursor, harbinger, herald, avant-courier.

foreshadow, v. presage, presignify, prognosticate, prefigure, augur.

foresight, n. prescience, foreknowledge, prudence.

foreskin, n. prepuce. Associated Words: circumcise, circumcision, preputial.

forest, n. wood, woodland, timber-land, woods, wold, wildwood. Associated Words: sylvan, sylviculture, nemophilist, nemophily, nemoral, afforest, afforestation, Silenus, hamadryad, glade, reforestize, reforestation, reboise, reafforest, forestry, forester, disboscation, disforest disforestation, hag, assart, camass, cruise, cruiser.

forestall, v. anticipate; preoccupy, monopolize.

foretell, v. predict, prophesy, prognosticate, augur, presage, portend, forebode, bode, divine, foreshadow, presignify.

foreteller, a. See prophet.

foretelling, a. prophetic, prognostic, portentous, predictive, oracular, augurial, divinatory.

foretelling, n. prediction, prophecy, foreshowing, prognostication, augury, presage, foreboding, presignification, divination, oracle.

forethought, a. aforethought, prepense, deliberate.

forethought, n. premeditation, prescience, forecast, precaution, prudence, providence.

foretoken, n. omen, prognostic, premonition, sign, augury.

forever, adv. eternally, continually, perpetually, everlastingly.

forewarning, n. premonition.—a. premonitory.

forfeit, n. forfeiture, philopena; fine, mulct, penalty, amercement.

forge, n. smithy, stithy, smithery.

forger, n. fabricator, falsifier, counterfeiter.

forgery, n. counterfeiting, falsification, counterfeit, pseudograph, pseudography; (Civ. Law) falsi crimen.

forgetfulness, n. amnesty, amnesia, oblivion, Lethe; ecmnesia.

forget-me-not, n. myosotis.

forgivable, a. pardonable, venial.

forgive, v. pardon, excuse, absolve, condone, exculpate, connive, acquit.

forgiveness, n. pardon, remission, absolution, condonation, acquittal, indulgence.

forgiving, a. compassionate, indulgent, placable, remissive. Antonyms: unforgiving, implacable.

forgo, v. omit, relinquish, let slip.

fork, n. fourchette; divarication, branch, crotch; prong, tine; pew, grain.

fork, v. ramify, branch, divaricate.

forked, a. furcated, bifurcated, crotched, zigzag.

forked support. crotchet.

forlorn, a. deserted, forsaken, lorn, disconsolate, lonesome.

form, n. shape, structure, configuration, figure, conformation, cast, mould, tournure; formula, ritual; formality, ceremonial, conventionality; symmetry; image, phantom; mould, pattern, model.

form, v. shape, fashion, mould.

formal, a. ceremonial, express, explicit, punctilious, methodical, prim, ceremonious, conventional.

formality, n. ceremoniousness, precision, punctiliousness, ceremony; conventionality.

formative, a. plastic, creative.

former, a. antecedent, preceding, previous, prior, foregoing, bygone, quondam, ci-devant.

formerly, adv. heretofore, aforetime.

formless, a. shapeless, amorphous, chaotic.

formula, n. ritual, ceremony, ceremonial; rule, principle; recipe.

formulary, n. ritual, ceremonial, rule, formula.

forsake, v. quit, abandon, leave; renounce, reject, relinquish, forswear.

forsaken, a. abandoned, deserted, derelict, lorn.

forsaking, n. desertion, abandonment.

forswear, v. renounce, abjure, disavow.

fort, n. fortress, fortification, citadel, fastness, stronghold, bulwark, redoubt.

forthwith, adv. immediately, directly, instantly.

fortification, n. See fort.

fortress, n. See fort.

fortunate, a. lucky, favored; auspicious, favorable. Antonyms: See unfortunate.

fortune-teller, n. chiromancer, palmist, chirosophist, fatiloquist, sibyl.

fortune-telling, n. chiromancy, palmistry.

forty-niner, n. Argonaut.

forum, n. tribunal.

forward, a. anterior, fore; overready, presumptuous, brazen, impertinent, obtrusive, intrusive; premature, precocious.

forward, v. advance, promote, accelerate, expedite, further; transmit, send, ship.

forwarding, n. transmission.

fossil, n. Associated Words: paleontology, paleontography, ichnology, fossiliferous, in situ.

fossilist, n. paleontologist.

fossilization, n. fossilification, lapidification.

fossilize, v. petrify, lapidify; mummify.

fossilized, a. petrified; antiquated, old-fashioned.

foster, v. nourish, nurse, support; promote, encourage, advance.

foul, a. filthy, squalid, dirty, polluted; scurrilous, abusive, obscene, insulting, blasphemous, vituperative, vulgar; shameful, detestable, odious, abominable, loathsome, disgusting, repulsive, offensive; unpropitious, unfavorable; feculent, roily, turbid, dreggy, dreggish.

foul, v. defile, soil, dirty, pollute.

foul-mouthed, a. scurrilous, opprobrious, abusive; blasphemous, profane, obscene, smutty.

found, v. establish, plant, institute; cast, form, mould.

foundation, n. substructure, base, groundwork; founding establishment; endowment; grillage. Antonym: superstructure. Associated words: fundamental, basic, caisson.

founder, n. establisher, institutor, father, planter, originator, moulder; closh.

founder, v. fall, stumble; fail, miscarry.

fount, n. spring, fountain.

fountain, n. fount, spring, jet d'eau; source, fountainhead, origin; Castalia.

four, n. quaternion, quaternary, tetrad, quadruplet, quartette; quadruplets. Associated Words: quadrisection quadripartite, quadripartition, quadruplication, quarter, quadruply, quadruple.

four cities. tetrapolis.

fourfold, a. quadruple, quadruples, quadruplicate.

four-footed, a. quadruped.

four-handed, a. quadrumanous.

four-handed animals. Quadrumana.

four hundred. Associated Word: quadrigenarious.

four-sided, a. quadrangular, square, quadrilateral, tetragonal, tetrahedral.

four-sided figure. square, tetragon, quadrangle, rhombus.

foursquare, a. quadrangular.

fourth, n. quarter.

four years, quadrennium. Associated Words: quadrennial, quadrennially.

fox, n. Reynard, Renard, tod, Charlie. Associated Words: vulpine, vulpicide, skulk.

foxglove, n. digitalis.

foxy, a. cunning, sly, wily, crafty.

foyer, n. greenroom.

fracas, n. brawl, uproar, disturbance, quarrel.

fractious, a. unruly, perverse, irritable, ugly, waspish.

fracture, n. rupture, breach, breaking.

fragile, a. brittle, frangible, frail, delicate.

fragility, n. brittleness, frangibility, frailty.

fragment, n. remnant, chip, scrap, flinder, piece, flitter.

fragmentary, a. disconnected, fractional, incomplete.

fragrance, n. perfume, aroma, redolence. Antonyms: fetor, stench, inodorousness.

fragrant, a. sweet-smelling, redolent, aromatic, balmy, sweet-scented. Antonyms: inodorous, scentless, fetid.

frail, a. fragile, brittle, frangible; feeble, weak, infirm.

frailty, n. fragility, frangibility, brittleness; imperfection, fault, defect.

frame, v. devise, plan, contrive, compose; invent, fabricate; adjust, fit, conform.

framework, n. frame, skeleton.

frank, a. candid, unreserved, outspoken, ingenuous, undisguised.

frankness, n. candor, unreserve, ingenuousness.

frantic, a. distracted, frenzied, crazed, raving.

fraternal, a. brotherly.

fraternity, n. brotherhood, brotherliness.

fraud, n. imposture, deceit, humbug, duplicity, imposition, chicanery, wile, circumvention, guile, hypocrisy, malversation, graft, surreption. Associated Words: collude, collusion, collusive, connivance.

fraudulent, a. deceptive, wily, crafty, subtle, surreptitious, knavish.

fraught, a. laden, freighted, charged, pregnant.

fray, n. fight, battle, combat, broil, affray; fret, chafe.

frazzle, v. fray, tatter.

frazzle, n. tag end, tatter.

freak, n. whim, vagary, caprice, whimsey, humor, crotchet, fancy.

freakish, a. whimsical, capricious, fanciful, erratic, crotchety, vagarious.

freckle, n. lentigo, lenticula.

freckled, a. spotted, lentiginous.

free, v. liberate, manumit, disinthrall, deliver, emancipate, release, enfranchise, disengage, exonerate, acquit, extricate, disentangle.

free, a. exempt, immune, independent, unrestrained; liberated, freed, released, emancipated, delivered; unconstrained, unreserved, informal, familiar, frank, ingenuous, communicative, artless, candid; gratuitous, spontaneous, voluntary, optional; liberal, open-handed, generous, bountiful, lavish, flush, munificent, hospitable; unrestrained, immoderate, prodigal, dissolute, lax; ready, eager, prompt, willing. Antonyms: subject, reserved, formal, coercive, arbitrary, restrained, bound.

free and easy. (Colloq.) informal, unceremonious, unrestrained.

freebooter, n. buccaneer, pillager, pirate, sea robber.

freebooting, n. plunder, pillaging, robbery.

freedom, n. exemption, immunity; liberty, independence, self-government, autonomy; privileges, immunities, franchises; ease, facility, unconstraint, laxity; candor, frankness, informality; latitudinarianism. Antonyms: subjection, liability, dependence, heteronomy, reserve, constraint, subordination, repression.

free-handed, a. liberal, open-handed, lavish.

freeing, n. emancipation, manumission, liberation, release, disinthrallment, enfranchisement, extrication, disengagement, discharge, exoneration.

free-liver, n. epicure, epicurean, voluptuary, bon vivant.

free-living, n. epicurism.

freely, adv. bounteously, readily, abundantly, gratuitously, voluntarily, liberally, copiously, spontaneously, unreservedly.

free-thinker, n. infidel, unbeliever, skeptic.

free-will, a. voluntary.

freezable, a. congealable.

freeze, v. congeal.

freezing, n. congelation, congealment.

freight, n. cargo, lading, load; freightage.

Frenchism, n. Gallicism.

French policeman. gendarme.

French Protestant. Huguenot.

frenzied, a. distracted, frantic.

frenzy, n. distraction, rage, fury, delirium.

frequenter, n. habitue.

freshen, v. refresh, revive, renovate, renew.

fresh-water, a. fresh, unsalted; unskilled, raw, inexperienced, untrained.

fret, v. chafe, abrade, fray, rub; gnaw, corrode; roughen, ruffle, agitate; worry, harass, tease, irritate, vex, fume, rankle.

fret, n. vexation, agitation, irritation; herpes, tetter, ringworm; whelk, wale, ridge.

fretful, a. irritable, petulant, querulous, peevish, captious, spleeny.

fribbling, a. frivolous, trifling.

friction, n. abrasion, attrition, confrication, rubbing; clashing, disagreement.

friend, n. wellwisher, intimate, confidante, chum, associate; patron, advocate, adherent, supporter; ally, confrere; Quaker.

friendliness, n. comity, amity, good will, amicability.

friendly, a. amicable, favorable, kind; fraternal, hospitable, neighborly, cordial; favorable, propitious, salutary, advantageous. Antonyms: See unfriendly.

friendship, n. amity, intimacy, amicability, friendliness. Antonyms: enmity, estrangement, alienation, disaffection, hostility, aloofness.

fright, n. alarm, fear, consternation, terror, dismay; ogre, scarecrow, guy, dowdy.

frighten, v. terrify, alarm, scare, intimidate, dismay, affright, daunt, appall, terrorize.

frightful, a. terrible, dreadful, hideous, ogreish, fearful, alarming, grewsome, grim, dire, direful, awful, Gorgonian, horrible.

frill, n. ruffle, gathering, furbelow.

fringe, n. edging, margin, confine, border, fimbriation.

fringed, a. fimbriate, fimbriated, fimbricate.

frisk, n. frolic, gambol.—v. leap, skip, gambol, frolic, play.

frisky, a. frolicsome, sportive, coltish, playful, gay.

frivolous, a. trivial, trifling, petty, puerile, insignificant.

friz, v. curl, crisp, frizzle.—n. curl, frizzle.

frizzle, n. curl, friz.—v. curl, crisp, frizz.

frock, n. gown; smock-frock; soutane, cassock.

frog-eating, a. ranivorous, batrachophagous.

frogs, n. pl. Associated Words: Batrachomyomachy, ranarium, amphibious, batrachoid, batrachian, ranine.

frolic, n. prank, lark, gambol, escapade, fun.

frolicsome, a. playful, prankish, sportive, frisky.

from head to foot. throughout, completely, cap-a-pie.

front, n. facade; obverse, face; van, fore-rank, front rank.—a. anterior, foremost.

frost, n. rime, hoarfrost; uncordiality, unsociability, reserve.

frosting, n. icing.

frosty, a. cold, icy; uncordial, distant, aloof, unsociable; pruinose.

froth, n. spume, foam.

frothing, n. rant.

frothy, a. spumy, foamy, spumous; trivial, frivolous, unsubstantial.

froward, a. refractory, unyielding, disobedient, insubmissive, untoward.

frown, n. scowl, lower, glower.

frowning, a. scowling, lowering, glowering, stern.

frowzy, a. strong-smelling, fetid, rank, musty, rancid, malodorous; slatternly, disordered, untidy, disheveled, dowdy.

frugal, a. economical, saving, sparing, thrifty, provident.

frugality, n. economy, parsimony, thriftiness, thrift.

fruit, n. produce, harvest, crop; offspring, consequence, result, outcome, fruitage.

fruit, n. fruitage, fruitery. Associated Words: pomology, Pomona, pomologist, carpology, carpologist, carpophagous, drupe, carpomania, raceme, fructiferous, fructify, fructification, bletting, pulp, rind, orchard, nursery, pepinnery, fruitchafer, pomiculture, sarcocarp.

fruit-eating, a. frugivorous, fructivorous, carpophagous.

fruiterer, n. fruit-dealer, costermonger, coster.

fruitful, a. prolific, productive, fertile, frugiferous, fecund, bountiful.

fruitless, a. unfruitful, infertile, infecund, acarpous, barren; unavailing, useless, vain.

fruit-seller, n. fruiterer, coster, costermonger (peddler).

fruit sugar. levulose.

frump, n. (Colloq.) gossip.

frustrate, v. baffle, defeat, disappoint, foil, balk, thwart, circumvent, nullify.

frustration, n. defeat, disappointment, balking, foiling, nullification.

frying-pan, n. spider, skillet.

fuddled, a. muddled, tipsy, drunk, intoxicated, boozy, groggy.

fudge, n. See balderdash.

fuel, n. combustibles.

fugitive, a. fleeing; evanescent, short-lived, fugacious, volatile, ephemeral, impermanent, transient.

fugitive, n. runaway, runagate, renegade, deserter.

fulfill, v. accomplish, complete, consummate, realize, satisfy, fill, answer, meet; discharge, perform.

fulfillment, n. consummation, accomplishment, fruition, realization; discharge, performance.

full, a. filled up, replete; copious, ample, plethoric, plenteous, bountiful, abundant, liberal; complete, plenary; sated, surfeited, cloyed, glutted, gorged, saturated; engrossed with.

full swing. carte blanche, liberty, unrestraint.

fulsome, a. offensive, nauseous, disgusting, excessive, gross, immoderate.

fume, n. exhalation, reek, smoke, steam, vapor.

fume, v. smoke, reek; storm, rage, bluster.

fun, n. merriment, mirth, gayety, frolic, jest, pleasantry, drollery, waggery, waggishness, facetiousness, divertisement amusement, relaxation, jocularity.

function, n. duty, province, office, business, part; discharge, performance, execution; party, entertainment, festivity, reception.

fundament, n. buttocks.

fundamental, a. basal, elementary, original, essential, radical.

fundamentally, adv. primarily, essentially, radically.

funeral, n. obsequies.

funeral director. undertaker.

funeral oration. eloge.

funeral pile. pyre.

funeral song. dirge, elegy, requiem.

funereal, a. exequial, mournful, solemn, sad.

Fungi, n. pl. Thallophytes (toadstools, mushrooms, etc.). Associated Words: spawn, spore, mycophagy, fungivorous, mycetophagous, amanitine, mycelium, fungic, fungicide, fungoid, fungiform, fungous, mycologist.

fungology, n. mycology.

fungus, n. thallogen, thallophyte; granulation, proud flesh.

funk, v. stink; (Colloq.) flinch, recoil, shrink back.

funk, n. (Colloq.) recoiling, flinching; shirk, coward.

funnel, n. tunnel.

funnel-shaped, a. infundibular, infundibulate, infundibuliform.

funny, a. comic, comical, amusing, droll, laughable, farcical, witty, jocular, jocose, ludicrous, burlesque, facetious, risible, absurd, waggish, humorous, jesting.

fur, n. peltry, pelage. Associated Words: furrier, furriery, tippet, pelisse.

furbelow, n. flounce, frill, ruffle.

furbish, v.polish, burnish, scour, clean.

Furies, n. pl. Erinyes, Eumenides (Tisiphone, Alecto Megaera).

furious, a. infuriated, angry, raging, violent, frenzied, turbulent, fierce.

furnish, v. supply, provide, contribute, bestow, purvey, cater.

furniture, n. goods, movables. Associated Words: cabinet-maker, cabinet-making, upholstering, shook.

furthermore, adv. moreover, besides.

fury, n. wrath, rage, indignation, ire, frenzy; virago, termagant, shrew, vixen, beldame, Xantippe; agitation, excitement, turbulence.

fuse, v. melt, liquefy, dissolve, smelt; commingle, blend, amalgamate, intermix.

fusion, n. melting, fluidity; intermingling, amalgamation, coalition, blending, intermixture.

fuss, n. ado, bustle, to-do, pother, agitation, excitement.

fuss, v. pother, fume, fret; disturb, annoy, bother.

fussy, a. fidgety, fastidious, finical, particular, scrupulous, overnice, pernickety.

fustian, n. bombast, rant, rodomontade; twaddle, nonsense, balderdash.

futile, a. vain, bootless, ineffectual, unavailing, abortive, useless.

fuzz, n. down, pubescence.

fuzzy, a. downy, pubescent.