Eager, a. ardent, avid, zealous, impetuous, vehement, intent, animated, impatient, fervent, athirst, impassioned ravenous, anxious, glowing, keen. Antonyms: indifferent, apathetic, dispassionate, phlegmatic, unconcerned unmoved, stolid.

eagerness, n. impatience, avidity, fervor, zeal, intensity, empressement, impetuosity, vehemence, heartiness, intentness ardor, devotion.

eagle, n. Aquila, bird of Jove; eaglet (young eagle). Associated words: aquiline, eyry, aerie.

ear, n. (of grain) spike.

ear, n. (external) auricle, pinna, concha; (inner) labyrinth. Associated Words: otology, otologist, aurist (ear doctor), auricular, otography, otopathy, aural, auditory, otiatrics, lappet, otoplasty, tympanitis, otorrhea, auricled, alveary, otolith, lobe, otic, binaural, malleus, stapes, incus.

earache, n. otalgia, otalgy. Associated Word: otalgic.

eardrum, n. tympanum.

earlier, a. antecedent.

early, a. seasonable, timely, forehanded; premature.

earnest, a. unfeigned, ardent, sincere, fervent, impassioned, zealous, intent.

earnest, n. sincerity, seriousness, good faith; pledge, handsel, token, foretaste. Antonym: jest.

earnestness, n. ardor, sincerity, fervency, seriousness, intentness, unction.

earpick, n. auriscalp.

earring, n. eardrop, pendant; girandole.

ear-shaped, a. auriform.

earth, n. world, terra firma, globe; land, soil, ground. See world.

earthborn, a. terrigenous, human; groveling, abject, base.

earthenware, n. crockery, pottery, stoneware, porcelain, Delftware.

earthling, n. mortal, tellurian, tellurist.

earthly, a. worldly, carnal, groveling, sordid; terrestrial, terrine; temporal; possible, conceivable.

earthly-minded, a. worldly-minded, sensual, groveling, unspiritual.

earthquake, n. earthshock, earth tremor. Associated Words: seismology, seismic, seismography, seismometry, seismal, seismometer, seismograph, seismogram, seismoscope, microseism, microseismic, meizoseismal, coscismal, anaseismic, isoseismic.

earthwork, n. fortification, embankment.

earthworm, n. angleworm, dewworm, lumbric, lumbricus.

earthy, a. terrestrial, terrene, earthly; gross, carnal, groveling, low.

ear-trumpet, n. sonifer, otophone, auricle.

earwax, n. cerumen.

ease, n. facility, easiness; repose, quiescence, comfort, tranquillity, contentment, peace, serenity; unrestraint, informality, abandon. Antonyms: constraint, difficulty, discomfort, uneasiness, awkwardness.

ease, v. facilitate, mitigate, appease, assuage, allay, soothe, alleviate, palliate, release, relax, mollify.

easiness, n. ease, facility.

east, a. Associated Words: orientate, orientation, Orient, Orientalism, Orientalist, orientalize, orientality.

eastern, a. oriental, orient, ortive.

easy, a. facile, slight; comfortable, untroubled, quiet, tranquil; gullible, facile, credulous, submissive, compliant, tractable; affluent, independent; smooth, fluent, unconstrained.

easy-going, a. mild-tempered, ease-loving, unenterprising, inactive, happy-go-lucky.

eat, v. feed, devour; bolt, gulp, gorge. Antonyms: abstain, fast, diet, starve, famish.

eat, v. consume, corrode, erode, fret.

eatable, a. edible, comestible, esculent. Antonym: inedible.

eaten away. eroded, erose, fretted.

eating, n. feeding, repast; (excess in eating) gluttony, gormandism, bolting, gulping, superalimentation; browsing. Associated words: aristology, gastronomy, gastronome, gastronomer, epicure, epicurism, diet, dietetics, dietary, commensal, dietarian, gastronomic, gourmet, gormand, cormorant, glutton, omnivorous, appetite, hunger, hungry, gustatory, pantophagist, pantophagous, pantophagy.

eating, n. corrosion, erosion, fretting, canker.

eating-house, n. restaurant, cafe, chophouse, buffet.

eating-room, n. dining-room, refectory.

eating together. commensalism.

ebb, n. reflux, refluence; decline, wane, deterioration, retrogression.

ebb, v. recede, return, retire; decline, wane, deteriorate, decay.

ebbing, a. receding, refluent, falling.

eccentric, a. whimsical, erratic, unconventional, irregular, odd, idiosyncratic.

eccentricity, n. whimsicality, oddness, unconventionality, freakishness, irregularity.

echo, n. reverberation. Associated Word: catacoustics.

echo, v. resound, reverberate.

eclipse, n. occultation; obscuration, extinction, concealment, outrivaling.

eclipse, v. obscure, outshine, surpass, outrival, overcast.

economical, a. frugal, saving, thrifty, provident. Antonyms: See extravagant.

economize, v. save, retrench, husband.

economy, n. thrift, frugality, thriftiness, retrenchment; management, administration, system.

eczema, n. tetter, milk crust.

eddy, n. vortex, whirlpool.

edge, n. verge, brink, border, margin, rim, extremity; sharpness, intensity, zest, poignancy, sting; selvage, selvedge, listing; bevel, flange.

edge, v. sharpen, fringe, border, rim; hitch along.

edgy, a. touchy, sharp, irritable, excitable, irascible.

edible, a. eatable, esculent, comestible. Antonym: inedible

edict, n. mandate, decree, proclamation, rescript, manifesto, ordinance.

educate, v. teach, instruct, school, nurture, edify, enlighten.

educated, a. learned, versed, erudite, scholarly, enlightened, schooled, literate.

education, n. culture, learning, schooling, tuition, scholarship, nurture, enlightenment, literacy.

efface, v. expunge, obliterate, erase, eradicate.

effect, n. result, outcome, consequence, issue; validity, force, weight; execution, performance, realization; meaning, tenor, purport, intent; ensemble.

effect, v. effectuate, accomplish, realize, achieve, consummate, compass.

effective, a. effectual, efficient, potent, cogent, availing, productive.

effectual, a. efficacious, effective, efficient, availing, successful. Antonym: ineffectual.

effeminate, a. womanish, unmanly, cockney.—n. cockney.

effervescence, n. ebullition. Antonyms: ineffervescence, defervescence.

effete, a. exhausted, infecund, unfruitful, wasted, barren.

efficacious, a. potent, effectual, effective, productive. Antonym: inefficacious.

efficacy, n. potency, effectiveness, efficiency, productiveness. Antonyms: inefficacy, impotency.

efficient, a. competent, capable, proficient, effectual, potent, efficacious.

effort, n. attempt, endeavor, trial, essay, venture, exertion, strain, struggle.

egg, n. ovum, germ, cell; spawn. Associated Words: ooelogy, ooelogist, ovology, oviferous, yolk, glair, albumen, embryo, oviparous, oviposit, oviposition, vitellus, fecundate, impregnate, impregnation, fecundity, clutch, vitelline, oviduct, Ovipara, ovulation, ovulist, tread, treadle, chalaza, addle, ooemeter, ooescope, spawn.

egg, v. urge on, instigate, incite.

egg-shaped, a. oval, ovoid, oviform.

egotism, n. self-conceit, vanity, egoism, self-exaltation.

egotistical, a. conceited, overweening, vain, self-conceited, self-important, opinionated.

Egyptian dancing girl. alme; ghawazi.

Egyptian peasant. fellah.

Egyptian ruler. Khedive.

eight, n. Associated Words: octonary, octopede, octant, octave, octavo, octet, octic, octad, octameter.

eight-angled, a. octangular, octagonal.

eightfold, a. octuple.

eight-sided, a. octagonal, octahedral, octangular.

eight-sided figure. octagon.

eight-sided solid. octahedron.

eight tones. Associated Words: diatonic, diatonically.

eight years. octennium. Associated Words: octennial, octennially.

eighty years. Associated Words: octogenarian, octogenary.

eject, v. void, discharge; oust, evict, dislodge.

ejection, n. voiding, discharge; ousting, dispossession.

elastic, a. resilient, springy, extensible, ductile, rebounding, tensible.

elasticity, n. resiliency, springiness, extensibility, ductility. Antonyms: inelasticity, irresilience.

elated, a. elate, exhilarated, overjoyed, jubilant.

electric, a. stimulating, inspiriting, electrifying, magnetic, thrilling.

elegance, n. beauty, grace, richness, sumptuousness, luxuriousness.

elegant, a. courtly, sumptuous, luxurious, rich.

element, n. constituent, ingredient; pl. rudiments, first principles.

elemental, a. rudimental, elementary, constituent.

elementary, a. rudimental, elemental, constituent, primary; simple, uncompounded.

elephant, n. Associated Words: howdah, pachyderm, kraal, corral, keddah, ankus, mahout.

elevate, v. lift, raise; promote, advance, aggrandize, exalt; ennoble, dignify.

elevation, n. promotion, aggrandizement, exaltation, dignity, advancement; eminence, hill.

eleven years. Associated Words: undecennary, undecennial, undecennially.

elf, n. sprite, fairy, imp, fay, gnome, urchin.

elfish, n. mischievous, impish, elvish, prankish.

embankment, n. levee, dike; terreplein.

embarrass, v. disconcert, discompose, mortify, abash, chagrin, nonplus, pose, perplex; impede, obstruct, annoy, involve, harass, hamper, incumber.

embarrassing, a. disconcerting, distressing, perplexing, confusing.

embarrassment, n. discomposure, chagrin, abashment, mortification, disconcertion.

embellish, v. decorate, beautify, garnish, bedeck, ornament.

embellishment, n. adornment, decoration, beautification, ornamentation; ornament, garniture, garnish, trimming.

embezzle, v. peculate, defalcate.

embezzlement, n. peculation, defalcation.

embezzler, n. defalcator, peculator.

embroidery frame. tabouret.

embryo, a. undeveloped, rudimentary.

emery, n. abradant.

emigrant, n. emigrator, immigrant.

emigrate, v. migrate.

emigration, n. migration, exodus; emigrants.

eminent, a. distinguished, renowned, illustrious, famous, celebrated.

emphasis, n. accentuation.

emphasize, v. accentuate.

empire, n. sovereignty, sway, dominion, supremacy; realm, domain, kingdom.

emptiness, n. vacancy, inanition; hollowness, mockery, inanity; space, vacuum, void; frivolity, triviality, senselessness.

empty, a. depleted, vacant, inane; unoccupied, void, vacant, unfilled, tenantless, blank, evacuated; free, devoid of, lacking, destitute; senseless, hollow, vain, delusive, unsatisfying, inane, unreal; deflated.

empty, v. deplete, exhaust, unload, unburden, evacuate; disembogue; deflate.

emptying, n. depletion, exhaustion, evacuation, discharge, vacating.

enamel, n. Associated Words: cloisonne, champleve.

enchant, v. bewitch, charm, enrapture, captivate, enravish, transport, delight.

enchantment, n. charm, witchery, fascination, glamour, illusion; sorcery, conjuration, witchcraft, spell. Antonyms: disenchantment, disillusionment.

enchantress, n. siren, inamorata, charmer, sorceress, witch.

encircle, v. environ, encompass, surround, gird, circumscribe, enfold.

encounter, n. meeting, collision, rencounter; battle, contest, conflict, onslaught, attack.

encourage, v. enhearten, reassure, embolden, inspirit, stimulate, revive, rally, foment, countenance, incite.

encouragement, n. enheartenment, reassurance, incentive, stimulation, stimulus, incitement, fomentation, patronage, countenance.

encouraging, a. reassuring, inspiriting, cheering, assuring.

encroach, v. trespass, intrude, intrench, infringe, trench, invade.

encroachment, n. trespass, intrusion, intrenchment, infringement, invasion, inroad.

end, n. termination, terminal, terminus, extremity, limit, bound; close, finale, conclusion, finis, cessation; issue, result, consequence, sequel, conclusion, peroration; purpose, intention, design, aim, goal, object, intent; remnant, fragment; extermination, annihilation, destruction; surcease.

end, v. terminate, conclude, finish, discontinue, cease, close.

endable, a. terminable.

endanger, v. imperil.

ending, n. termination, conclusion.

endless, a. interminable, illimitable, limitless, unlimited, boundless, infinite; continuous, uninterrupted, continual perpetual, unending, eternal, everlasting.

endowment, n. dotation, bounty, grant, bequest, talent, faculty, dower.

endurable, a. sufferable, tolerable. Antonyms: unendurable, insufferable.

endurance, n. permanence, continuance, persistence, abidance, continuation; sufferance, patience, fortitude, forbearance, resignation, toleration.

endure, v. suffer, experience, undergo; stand, brook, tolerate, submit to, abide; sustain, support, bear; last, abide, continue, remain, persist. Antonyms: succumb, falter, yield, surrender.

enduring, a. lasting, durable, permanent, imperishable.

enemy, n. foe, adversary, opponent, antagonist, rival, hostile. Associated Words: hostile, hostility, feud, enmity, inimical, antagonism.

energetic, a. forcible, potent, vigorous, cogent, active, strenuous, effective.

energizing, a. potent, vitalizing, invigorating, alacrifying.

energy, n. power, potency, force, vigor, zeal, strength effectiveness.

engage, v. pledge, bind, commit; betroth, affiance, plight; engross, employ, busy, occupy.

engaged, a. occupied, employed, engrossed; affianced, betrothed.

engagement, n. betrothal, affiance, betrothment; contract, pledge, stipulation, promise; encounter, combat, fight, conflict, action.

engine, n. locomotive, mogul, traction engine.

England, n. Albion (Ancient name). Associated Words: Anglomaniac, Anglomania, Johnny Bull, Great Britain, anglicize, anglicization, Anglophobe, Anglophobia.

English, a. British, Anglican.

Englishism, n. Anglicism, Briticism.

English legislature. Parliament.

Englishman, n. Britisher, Briton.

engrave, v. chisel, carve, grave, cut; imprint, infix, impress; stipple.

engraving, n. celature, graving, chiseling, carving; print, plate, stippling, stipple.

enjoyment, n. pleasure, delight, gratification, delectation, felicity, fruition.

enlarge, v. magnify, amplify, augment, expand, develop, increase, extend, swell; dilate, descant, launch out, expatiate; ennoble, broaden.

enlargement, n. augmentation, extension, expansion, dilation, development, growth, increase, amplification, dilatation, ennoblement; expatiation.

enmity, n. hostility, unfriendliness, opposition, antagonism, malignity, hatred, animosity, malevolence, rancor, antipathy, feud.

enormity, n. atrocity, heinousness, flagrancy, depravity.

enormous, a. colossal, monstrous, gigantic, mammoth, prodigious, huge; heinous, atrocious, nefarious, flagrant, flagitious.

enough, n. sufficiency, plenty, abundance, adequacy. Antonyms: deficiency, inadequacy, surplus.

enough, adv. sufficiently, adequately, fully.

enrich, v. fertilize; embellish, adorn, beautify; endow.

enrichment, n. fertilization; endowment; embellishment, decoration, adornment.

enroll, v. enlist, register, matriculate, list, record.

enrollment, n. registration, matriculation, enlistment; register, record, roster.

enslave, v. enthrall, subjugate, overcome.

enslavement, n. enthrallment, subjugation, subjection, bondage, slavery.

entangle, v. interweave, complicate, tangle, enmesh, snarl; insnare, puzzle, involve.

entanglement, n. complication, intricacy, snarl, tangle, embarrassment, imbroglio.

enter, v. penetrate, pierce, perforate; embark in, enlist in; insert.

enterprise, n. project, undertaking; activity.

enterprising, a. active, stirring, energetic, venturesome.

entertain, v. divert, amuse, please, junket, beguile, cheer; harbor, hold, lodge.

entertaining, a. diverting, amusing, interesting.

entertainment, n. diversion, amusement, recreation, pastime, play, divertissement; banquet, junket, feast, collation.

enthusiasm, n. eagerness, intensity, ardor, fervor, fervency, verve, empressement, unction. Antonyms: indifference, wariness, caution, calmness, lukewarmness.

enthusiast, n. zealot, fanatic, devotee, partisan.

enthusiastic, a. eager, zealous, fanatical, fervent, impassioned.

entice, v. seduce, allure, persuade, inveigle, wheedle, tempt.

enticement, n. seduction, allurement, temptation, lure, decoy, inducement.

enticing, a. seductive, alluring, tempting.

entire, a. complete, undivided. See whole.

entirety, n. completeness, integrity, totality, wholeness.

entrance, n. ingress, access; entree; entry, portal, inlet, gate, door.

entrap, v. insnare, entangle, decoy, entrammel, entice.

entry, n. entrance, access; hall, vestibule; memorandum, minute, record.

envelop, v. surround, inwrap, inclose, encircle, encompass, environ.

envelope, n. wrapper, inclosure, capsule, case, sheath.

enveloping, a. surrounding, enfolding, circumambient, encircling.

environment, n. conditions, entourage.

epicure, n. gourmand, gastronome, gourmet; sensualist, voluptuary; sybarite, epicurean.

epicurean, a. sensual, voluptuous, luxurious, sybaritic.

epicurism, n. hedonism, epicureanism, eudaemonism; sensuality, luxury; gastronomy.

epitome, n. compendium, abstract, digest, synopsis.

equal, a. cooerdinate, tantamount, equivalent, corresponding, identical, commensurate, proportionate, adequate, sufficient; equable, uniform, equitable, even.

equal, n. peer, mate, compeer, match, cooerdinate. Antonyms: inferior, subordinate.

equality, n. cooerdination, uniformity, parity, agreement. Antonyms: See inequality.

equilibrium, n. equipoise, balance.

equip, v. accouter, furnish, fit out, gird.

equipage, n. equipment; carriage, turnout; suite, train, retinue.

equipment, n. apparatus, accouterments, paraphernalia, rigging, gear.

equipoise, n. equilibrium.

equivalent, a. tantamount, equal, commensurate; interchangeable.

eradicate, v. extirpate, exterminate.

eradication, n. extirpation, extermination.

erase, v. expunge, rub out, efface, obliterate, dele, delete.

erasure, n. expunging, erasion, obliteration.

erect, v. build, raise.

erect, a. upright, vertical, raised; undaunted, bold, undismayed. Antonyms: horizontal, recumbent, prone, inverted, oblique, cringing.

erection, n. building, raising, construction.

erosion, n. corrosion, eroding.

err, v. misjudge, mistake, blunder; deviate, sin.

errand, n. mission, commission.

erratic, a. nomadic, wandering; eccentric, fanciful.

erring, a. peccable, sinful, fallible, weak. Antonyms: impeccable, infallible, inerrable.

erroneous, a. false, incorrect, untrue, mistaken, inaccurate, wrong.

error, n. mistake, inaccuracy, blunder, misapprehension, falsity, misconception. Associated Words: fallibility, infallibility, fallible, errant, errancy, inerrancy, inerrability.

errors, n. pl. errata; sing. erratum.

erudition, n. learning, scholarship.

eruption, n. outburst, outbreak; exanthema, rash, efflorescence.

erysipelas, n. Saint Anthony's fire, rose.

escort, n. guard, convoy, usher.

Eskimo, n. Husky.

Eskimo house. topek, igloo.

Eskimo language. Husky.

especial, a. special, particular, specific.

essay, n. dissertation, article, disquisition, thesis; attempt, effort, trial.

essential, a. indispensable, necessary, requisite. Antonyms: nonessential, superfluous.

establish, v. found, organize, institute; substantiate, verify, ratify.

establishment, n. organization, founding, institution; substantiation, verification.

esteem, v. respect, value, honor, revere; rate, reckon, estimate.

esteem, n. respect, honor, regard; opinion, judgment, estimation. Antonyms: disesteem, aversion, odium, antipathy, unpopularity.

estimable, a. computable, calculable; meritorious, worthy, excellent. Antonyms: inestimable, incalculable, incomputable.

estimate, v. appraise, value, rate, prize; compute, calculate, reckon.

estimation, n. esteem, respect, honor; appraisement, valuation, estimate.

estrange, v. alienate, disaffect.

estranged, a. alienate, alienated.

estrangement, n. alienation, disaffection.

eternal, a. self-existent, infinite; endless, asonian. See everlasting.

eulogist, n. encomiast, panegyrist, praiser.

eulogistic, a. laudatory, panegyrical, encomiastic.

eulogize, v. laud, praise, extol, panegyrize.

eulogy, n. encomium, panegyric, laudation, praise.

Europe and Africa. Associated Words: Eurafric, Eurafrican.

Europe and Asia. Associated words: Eurasian, Eurasiatic, Scythia.

evade, v. shun, avoid; elude, parry, foil, baffle; prevaricate, equivocate, dodge, quibble.

evaporate, v. vaporize, evanesce.

evaporation, n. vaporization, evanescence; exhalation. Associated words: volatile, volatility, volatilize, evaporable.

evasion, n. evading, eluding, escape; baffling, foiling; prevarication, equivocation, sophistry, tergiversation, subterfuge, dodge, excuse.

evasive, a. equivocal, indefinite, elusive.

even, a. plane, level, flush, flat, smooth; equable, uniform, unvarying.

evening, n. dusk, twilight, nightfall, eventide, even, gloaming. Associated Words: vespertine, vespertinal, erepuscular, erepusculous, soiree, vesper.

evening prayer. compline.

evening service. vespers; evensong.

evening star. Hesper, Hesperus, Venus, Vesper.

evenness, n. uniformity, smoothness, equanimity, equableness.

event, n. occurrence, affair, incident, happening; consequence, result, outcome.

evergreen, a. indeciduous.

everlasting, a. continual, perpetual, interminable, unceasing, eternal, endless, incessant, never-ending; deathless, immortal, aeonian, imperishable; (Colloq.) constant, continual.

everlasting, n. eternity; immortelle.

every-day, a. commonplace, common, customary.

every now and then. occasionally, repeatedly, frequently.

everywhere present. omnipresent, ubiquitous.—n. omnipresence, ubiquity.

evident, a. manifest, obvious, clear, palpable, patent.

evil, a. sinful, immoral, sinister, unrighteous, vicious, pernicious. See bad.

evil, n. wickedness, depravity, sin, iniquity, perniciousness, Belial, unrighteousness; disaster, misfortune, calamity, reverse; injustice, damage, injury, wrong, mischief.

evil-doer, n. sinner, malefactor, culprit, offender, delinquent. See wrong-doer.

evil-minded, a. malicious, malignant, wicked, depraved.

evolution, n. development, unfoldment, evolvement, unfolding.

exact, a. precise, accurate, true, literal, undeviating; punctilious, methodical, rigid, severe, rigorous, strict.

exact, v. demand, extort, wrest.

exacting, a. severe, harsh, oppressive, peremptory.

exaction, n. extortion, oppression.

exactness, n. precision, accuracy, strictness, exactitude, correctness, scrupulousness.

exaggerate, v. overstate.

exaggerated, a. overstated, colored, hyperbolical.

exaggeration, n. overstatement; hyperbole.

exalt, v. elevate; dignify, ennoble, aggrandize; magnify, apotheosize, extol.

exaltation, n. elevation, aggrandizement, loftiness, apotheosis.

exalted, a. sublime, elevated, lofty, grand, dignified.

examination, n. inquiry, autopsy, scrutiny, inspection, investigation, audit, inquest, reconnoissance, inquisition, recension, probing, review.

examine, v. inspect, scrutinize, question, audit, heckle, reconnoitre, review, search, probe, investigate, catechise.

examiner, n. inspector, investigator, inquirer, questioner, catechiser, resensionist, auditor, censor, reviewer, inquisitor.

example, n. sample, specimen, exemplification; model, pattern, prototype, copy, archetype, exemplar; precedent instance, illustration, case. Associated Words: exemplify, exemplification, exemplary, praxis.

exasperate, v. provoke, irritate, incense, anger; aggravate, imbitter, intensify.

exasperation, n. provocation, irritation, offending, aggravation, anger; exacerbation.

exceed, v. surpass, transcend; outvie, excel, outdo; preponderate, predominate.

exceeding, a. surpassing.

excel, v. outrival, outstrip, surpass, eclipse, outdo, outvie, transcend, exceed.

excellence, n. preeminence, transcendence, superiority, eminence, integrity, probity, goodness, worth, merit, virtue.

excellent, a. estimable, meritorious, good, worthy, choice.

excess, n. superabundance, superfluity, redundancy, redundance, overplus, surplus, surplusage, residue, remainder exuberance, rampancy; overdoing, exorbitance, immoderation; debauchery, dissoluteness, intemperance, immoderation.

excessive, a. superfluous, exuberant, superabundant, disproportionate; outrageous, unreasonable, exorbitant inordinate, extravagant, fabulous, immoderate, extreme.

exchange, v. trade, barter, traffic, commute, interchange, reciprocate, bandy, permute.

exchange, n. traffic, trade, barter, commutation, interchange, reciprocity, permutation; Bourse; agiotage.

excitable, a. susceptible, sensitive, emotional, impressible, mobile; irritable, choleric, passionate, irascible, fiery, waspish. Antonyms: unexcitable, imperturbable, calm.

excite, v. stimulate, arouse, inflame, incite, provoke; perturb, agitate, disconcert, discompose, distract, unsettle.

excited, a. perturbed, agitated, disconcerted. Antonyms: calm, serene, tranquil, nonchalant.

excitement, n. perturbation, agitation, commotion, furore, inquietude, sensation, tumult, turmoil, flurry, ebullition; incitement, stimulus; arousing, awakening. Antonyms: imperturbation, calmness, serenity, non-chalance.

exciting, a. stirring, rousing, stimulating, sensational.

exclaim, v. ejaculate, shout, vociferate.

exclamation, n. ejaculation, vociferation, outcry; interjection, ecphonesis.

exclamation point. ecphoneme.

exclude, v. debar, preclude; except, omit; eject, expel.

exclusion, n. debarment, preclusion; exception, omission; ejection, expulsion.

excrement, n. faeces, stools, dejections; dung, ordure. Associated words: scatology, eccrinology, faecal, excrementitious, void, defecate, defecation.

excusable, a. venial, pardonable, justifiable. Antonyms: See inexcusable.

excuse, v. absolve, forgive, pardon, exonerate, palliate, justify, extenuate, acquit, exculpate, release.

excuse, n. justification, apology, plea, exoneration, palliation, extenuation, pardon; subterfuge, evasion, pretext, makeshift.

execute, v. effectuate, perform, accomplish, consummate, achieve; electrocute, behead, guillotine, hang.

execution, n. performance, effectuation, consummation, perpetration, accomplishment.

executioner, n. hangman.

exercise, n. performance, application, practice, employment, use; activity; training, discipline, drilling; drill, praxis, lesson, task; gymnastics, calisthenics; gestation.

exercise, v. employ, apply, busy, exert; practice, discipline, drill, train; distress, worry, harass.

exertion, n. effort, struggle, attempt.

exhaust, v. drain, deplete; debilitate, prostrate, enervate.

exhausted, a. depleted, drained, consumed, spent, effete.

exhaustion, n. consumption, depletion, draining, dissipation, lassitude, collapse, inanition, weariness, prostration.

exhaustless, a. inexhaustible.

exhibit, v. display, show.

exhibition, n. display, show.

exhumation, n. disinterment, disentombment.

exhume, v. disinter, disentomb.

exile, n. banishment, proscription, expatriation.

exile, v. banish, expatriate.

exiled person. exile, expatriate.

exorbitant, a. unreasonable, inordinate, excessive, fabulous.

expand, v. dilate, distend, enlarge.

expansion, n. dilation, distension, enlargement.

expatiate, v. descant.

expect, v. anticipate.

expectation, n. expectancy, anticipation.

expel, v. eject, drive out; ostracize, banish, proscribe, exile; excommunicate; discharge, void, eject, evacuate; exclude, remove, dismiss.

expelling, n. expulsion, ejectment, dismissal; banishment, exile, ostracism, proscription.—a. expulsive.

expend, v. disburse.

expenditure, n. disbursement.

expense, n. outlay, cost, charge, expenditure.

expensive, a. costly, dear, high-priced. Antonym: inexpensive.

experienced, a. practiced, veteran. Antonym: inexperienced.

experiment, n. test, trial. Associated Words: empiric, empirical, empiricism, empiristic, tentation.

experimental, a. empirical, tentative.

expert, a. skilled, proficient, an fait, adroit. Antonyms: See inexpert.

expert, n. adept, master, dabster, connoisseur, masterhand. Antonyms: tyro, bungler.

explain, v. expound, elucidate, unfold, interpret.

explainable, a. explicable, interpretable, solvable. Antonyms: See unexplainable.

explainer, n. expositor, interpretator, commentator, exegetist, elucidator.

explanation, n. elucidation, exposition, explication, interpretation; solution, deduction, key. Associated Words: exegetics, exegesis, hermeneutics.

explanatory, a. expository, elucidative, interpretative, exegetical.

explode, v. burst; detonate, detonize.

exploit, v. develop, utilize.

exploitation, n. utilization, exploiture.

explosion, n. detonation, detonization; bursting; outburst.

explosive, n. dynamite, lyddite, nitro-glycerine, fuse, thorite, tonite, fulgurite.

expose, v. exhibit, show, display; uncover, unveil; imperil, endanger, subject, jeopardize; disclose, reveal, unmask, denounce. Antonyms: conceal, suppress, dissemble, hide, veil.

expose, n. divulgement, disclosure, exposure.

exposition, n. display, exposure; explanation; commentary postillation; fair.

expostulate, v. remonstrate.

expostulation, n. remonstration.

exposure, n. exposing, disclosure, divulgement, revelation, expose; subjection, liability, jeopardy.

express, a. explicit, definite, positive, specific, unmistakable. Antonyms: vague, tacit, ambiguous, implied, equivocal, indefinite.

express, v. say, utter; signify, represent, indicate, denote, designate, mean.

expression, n. assertion, statement, utterance, declaration, representation, indication; phrase, term, word; modulation.

expulsion, n. expelling, ejection, debarment, exclusion.

exquisite, a. beautiful, rare, choice; discriminating, fastidious; keen, acute, poignant; matchless, consummate, incomparable.

extend, v. lengthen, prolong, protract; jut, project; enlarge.

extensible, a. extendible, ductile, tensible. Antonyms: inextensible, rigid, inelastic.

extension, n. enlargement, expansion, protraction; projection. Associated Words: tensility, tensibility, tensile.

extent, n. magnitude, size, volume; reach, compass.

exterminate, v. eradicate, extirpate, uproot.

extermination, n. eradication, extirpation, uprooting.

external, a. outward, exterior, superficial, extrinsic.

extol, v. eulogize, praise, laud, exalt.

extortion, n. exaction (undue), overcharge, rapacity, vampirism.

extortionate, a. oppressive, exacting; (Colloq.) exorbitant.

extortioner, n. harpy.

extra, a. supplemental, additional, supplementary, supernumerary.

extract, n. essence, quintessence; excerpt, quotation, citation, selection.

extraordinary, a. uncommon, unusual, remarkable, egregious, phenomenal, signal, noteworthy, exceptional, unprecedented.

extravagance, n. improvidence, prodigality, waste; preposterousness, enormity, exorbitance, immoderation. Antonyms: economy, thrift, frugality.

extravagant, a. wasteful, unthrifty, prodigal, improvident, lavish; wild, immoderate, preposterous, inordinate, exorbitant. Antonyms: See thrifty.

extreme, a. outermost, utmost, farthest; last, final, ultimate; ultra, radical, fanatical.

extreme, n. extremity, acme, climax.

extremist, n. radical.

exuberance, n. superabundance, rampancy, excess, copiousness, luxuriance, lavishness.

exuberant, a. overflowing, copious, excessive, rampant, wanton, superabundant, rank, luxuriant.

exultant, a. triumphant, jubilant, joyous.

eye, n. optic. Associated Words: optics, optician, ocular, oculary, oculate, oculifonn, ophthalmology, ophthalmologist, ophthalmic, optometry, ophthalmostat, optometrist, chatoyant, chatoyment, cynosure, orbit, strabismus, rheum, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscopy, astigmatism, optography, blear, blear-eyed, bleary, ophthalmometer, orbital, orbitary, amaurosis, ocellated.

eyebrows, n. pl. supercilium. Associated Word: superciliary.

eye doctor. oculist.

eye-glasses, n. pl. pince-nez, monocle, lorgnette, spectacles, goggles, blinkers.

eyelashes, n. pl. cilia. Associated Word: ciliary.

eyelid, n. palpebra; pl. palpebrae. Associated Words: palpebral, palpebrate.

eyesore, n. blemish, defect.

eyewater, a. collyrium.