C. Associated Word: cedilla.

cabbage, n. savoy; colewort; broccoli; collards; Brussels sprouts. Associated Words: Brassica, brassicaceous.

cabbage, v. (Colloq.) steal, pilfer, purloin, filch.

cabin, n. hut, hovel, shanty, cot, shack, cottage.

cage, n. mew.—v. confine, coop up, encage, mew.

caged, a. imprisoned, confined.

cajole, v. beguile, wheedle, blandish, inveigle, flatter.

cajolery, n. wheedling, blandishment, beguilement.

cake, v. concrete, harden, solidify, coagulate.

calamitous, a. disastrous, deplorable, baleful, ill-fated, untoward, dire.

calamity, n. disaster, catastrophe, misfortune, casualty, reverse, adversity, mischance.

calculate, v. compute, reckon, estimate; forecast; (Colloq.) expect, intend, contemplate, plan.

calculating, a. scheming, forecasting, crafty, circumspect, cautious, wary.

calculation, n. computation, reckoning; expectation, anticipation; circumspection, wariness, forethought, caution.

calendar, n. almanac; list, schedule, register, catalogue, docket.

calf, n. Associated Words: vellum, parchment, veal, fatling, dogy, vitular, vituline, slink, slunk, calve, steer.

calico, n. print.

California poppy. eschscholtzia.

call, v. summon, bid, evoke, invite; convoke, assemble, muster, convene; entitle, name, designate, dub, denominate; invoke, petition, invocate.

call, n. summons, vocation, invocation, entreaty, appeal, invitation; signal; requirement, demand, requisition; election, appointment; interview.

calling, n. summons, call; vocation (divine summons); evocation, convocation; occupation, business, trade, employment, vocation, pursuit.

callous, a. unfeeling, insensible, hardened, unimpressible.

callow, a. unfledged, unfeathered; immature, green, inexperienced.

call to account. impeach, accuse.

calm, n. lull, tranquillity, quiet, placidity.

calm, a. still, serene, motionless, undisturbed, unruffled, pacific, placid, tranquil, halcyon; sedate, collected, imperturbable, unmoved, cool, composed, dispassionate. Antonyms: excited, stormy, agitated, ruffled, discomposed, perturbed, boisterous.

calm, v. lull, allay, hush, tranquillize, becalm, still, compose, quiet, appease, pacify, assuage, moderate, alleviate, conciliate, abate, console.

calmness, n. tranquillity, serenity, placidity, stillness, composure, imperturbability, dispassion, imperturbation, unconcern, equanimity, collectedness, self-possession. Antonyms: commotion, excitement, agitation, discomposure.

camel, n. dromedary (one hump); bactrian camel (two humps); deloul, maharik (the swift camel).

cameo, n. anaglyph. Antonym: intaglio.

camp, n. encampment; bivouac; cantonment, quarters. Associated words: castrensial, etape, decampment, decamp, castrametation.

camp, v. encamp.

canal, n. channel. Associated Words: towpath, berm, heelpath, lock.

cancel, v. annul, abrogate, rescind, nullify, quash, abolish, countermand. Antonyms: confirm, approve, corroborate, enforce, reenact, maintain.

cancellation, n. annulment, abrogation, rescission, nullification, countermanding.

cancer, n. carcinoma, carcinosis. Associated Words: cancerate, canceration, cancerous, cancriform, cancroid, solanoid.

candid, a. impartial, unbiased, fair; frank, ingenuous, unreserved, straightforward. Antonyms: disingenuous, deceitful, reserved, subtle.

candidate, n. aspirant, nominee, postulant, office-seeker, contestant (for an office).

candle, n. taper, cierge, rushlight, serge; pl. chandlery. Associated Words: chandler, wick, snuff, socket, accensor, petrostearine, sconce, sweal.

candlestick, n. candelabrum, jesse, girandole, lustre.

candor, n. impartiality, disinterestedness; frankness, ingenuousness, naivete, openness.

candy, n. confectionery, bonbon, sweetmeat, confection, comfit, confect, lollipop, caramel, fudge, fondant, praline, taffy, sugar plum, toffee.

candy maker. confectioner.

cane sugar. sucrose.

canker, n. corrosion, erosion, blight.

cannibal, n. anthropophagite.—a. anthropophagous.

cannibalism, n. anthropophagy; exophagy, endophagy.

cannibals, n. pl. anthropophagi, man-eaters, androphagi.

cannon, n. Associated Words: ordnance, cannonade, cannoneer, linstock, calibre, bore, cascabel, breech, reenforce, chase, muzzle, trunnion, rimbase, chamber, howitzer, mortar.

canny, a. cunning, crafty, wary, shrewd, cautious, prudent, circumspect; magical.

canoe, n. piroque (dugout); pitpan (Cen. Amer.); kayak (Arctic tribes).

canon, n. law, rule, regulation.

canonicals, n. pl. vestments; gown, robe, cassock, surplice, alb, pallium, cope, scapulary, dalmatic, stole, chasuble, tunicle, scarf, mantelleta, cowl, ephod, amice, mitre, capoch, biretta, chimere, rochet, scapular, planeta, maniple, tippet, plicata.

canopy, n. covering, awning, baldaquin, baldachin, tilt, tester, pavilion.

cant, n. slope, tilt, turn; bias, impulse; prating; idioms, parlance, vocabulary; affected piety, hypocrisy; slang, jargon, lingo, argot.

cant, v. tilt, tip, incline.

cantankerous, a. (Colloq.) perverse, contumacious, contentious, headstrong, contrary.

canteen carrier. (female) cantiniere, vivandiere.

canvas, n. tarpaulin; coutil.

canyon, n. gorge, ravine, gulch.

cap, n. biggin, biggon, biggonnet, busby, coif, berretta, biretta, barret, caul, callot, head-gear, turban, fez, calotte, toque, mortarboard, mitre, tarboosh, Tam-o-Shanter, zuchetto, wimple, shako, morion, mozetta, casque, helmet, mutch, montero, domino, beaver, glengarry, calpac, thrum cap, beret, keffieh, mortier, mobcap. Associated Word: visor.

cap, v. crown, complete, consummate, surpass, exceed.

capability, n. ability, capacity, competency, qualification, efficiency, proficiency.

capable, a. able, qualified, susceptible, competent, efficient, proficient. Antonyms: See incapable.

cape, n. promontory, headland.

caper, n. dido, trick, prank, leap, gambol, curlycue.

caper, v. gambol, frisk, cavort, leap, skip, prance, capriole.

capital, a. principal, leading, chief, cardinal, foremost; (Colloq.) excellent, first-rate.

capital letter, n. majuscule (ancient manuscripts). Associated word: cyriologic.

capitation, n. poll-tax.

caprice, n. fancy, whim, notion, freak, vagary, crotchet, quirk, whimsey, fickleness.

capricious, a. fanciful, whimsical, vagarious, inconstant, fickle, crotchety, volatile.

cap-shaped, a. pileate, pileated.

capsize, v. upset, overturn.

captain, n. commander, chieftain, leader, chief: skipper; colonel; master, foreman.

captious, a. critical, carping, censorious, caviling.

captivate, v. enchant, subdue, bewitch, fascinate, entrance, enamor, infatuate.

captivating, a. bewitching, fascinating, enchanting. See charming.

captivation, n. fascination, infatuation, charming.

captivity, n. bondage, servitude, thralldom, vassalage, slavery.

capture, v. seize, catch, apprehend, arrest, corral, deprehend.

capture, n. prey, prize; apprehension, arrest, seizure, catching.

car, n. cart, vehicle, chariot, caboose, tender, cage, coach, tram, truck.

carbolic acid. phenol, phenic acid.

cardinal, a. principal, chief, superior, preeminent.

cardinal virtues. prudence, temperance, justice, fortitude.

cardinals, n. pl. Associated Words: propaganda, conclave, cardinalate.

care, n. concern, anxiety, worry, apprehension; oversight, charge, management, tutelage, custody; ward, charge, protege, responsibility; attention, heed, caution, regard, circumspection, carefulness. Antonyms: See carelessness.

careful, a. cautious, watchful, provident, chary, attentive, circumspect, considerate, heedful, prudent, discreet, wary, mindful, choice, sparing, observant.

carefulness, n. caution, wariness, circumspection, chariness, forethought, precaution, watchfulness, discretion, concern, cautiousness.

careless, a. negligent, unconcerned, indifferent, heedless, inattentive, regardless, lax, incautious, remiss, inconsiderate, nonchalant, neglectful, unwary, imprudent, indiscreet, improvident, reckless, desultory, perfunctory, devil-may-care, slovenly, slack, supine.

carelessness, n. unconcern, indifference, negligence, heedlessness, remissness, incaution, nonchalance, inadvertence, laxity, improvidence, inattention, dereliction, indiscretion, recklessness.

cargo, n. freight, load, burden, lading, last.

caricature, n. exaggeration, burlesque, take-off, travesty, parody.

carking, a. harassing, worrying, distressing, vexatious.

carnal, a. sensual, fleshly, bodily; lustful, salacious; unregenerate.

carousal, n. revel, wassail, orgies, bacchanals, saturnalia, jamboree (Slang).

carouser, n. reveler, roysterer, debauchee, bacchanalian.

carp, v. cavil, censure.

carpenter, n. joiner.

carpet covering. drugget, bocking.

carping, a. caviling, censorious, captious, hypercritical, fault-finding.

carriage, n. carrying, transportation; bearing, behavior, deportment; air, mien, demeanor.

carriage, n. vehicle, conveyance, coach, gig, buggy, sulky, diligence, perambulator, cabriolet, brougham, surrey, chaise, stanhope, sedan, jumpseat, tally-ho, victoria, tumbrel, chariot, jingle, rockaway, hack, calash, cab, coupe, hansom cab, volante, cart, equipage, turnout, jaunting car, landau, phaeton, wagonette, jinrikisha, vandy, dogcart, kibitka, britzska, barouche, fly, whisky, post-chaise, droshki, trap, dos-a-dos, litter, palanquin, curricle.

carriage dog. Dalmatian dog.

carrier, n. messenger, conveyer; porter, bearer, teamster.

carrion, n. Associated Words: necrophagan, necrophagous, saprophagan, necrophilous, saprophagous, saprophytic, saprophyte.

carry, v. convey, transport, bear, waft, portage; carry out, complete, effectuate, consummate, accomplish.

carrying, n. transportation, conveyance, portage, transmission, conduction, delivery. Associated Words: portable, portability, unportable, palanquin, litter, sedan chair.

cart, n. vehicle, wagon, carriage; lorrie, truck, tumbril, carreta.

carte, n. menu, bill of fare.

Carthaginian, a. Punic.

cartilage, n. gristle. Associated Words: chondrology, chondrotomy, chondritis, chondroid, chondrification, chondrify, cartilaginous, gristly.

cart maker. cartwright.

carve, v. sculpture, chisel, engrave, fashion, mould.

carving, n. sculpture (in wood or ivory); anaglyptics, anaglyphy.

case, a. sheath, covering, capsule, receptacle, quiver, chest; event, happening, instance, circumstances, condition, affair, plight, predicament, dilemma, contingency.

case-hardened, a. seared, obdurate.

cash, n. coin, specie, currency.

cashier, n. cash-keeper; bursar, treasurer, purser.

cask, n. tierce, hogshead, pipe, puncheon, butt, tun.

casket, n. gemmary; coffin.

cassock, n. soutane.

cast, v. fling, hurl, throw, impel, pitch, sling; direct, turn, drop, deposit, place; exuviate, shed, molt, discard, shed, reflect, throw; compute, reckon, add, enumerate.

cast, n. throw, fling; exuviae, ejection, secretion.

castaway, n. outcast, reprobate, pariah, derelict.

castigate, v. chastise.

castigation, n. chastisement.

castiron, a. unyielding, indomitable, hardy.

castle, n. fortress, citadel, stronghold, fastness, donjon, keep; mansion, chateau.

castling, n. abortion.

cast off. discard, reject, slough.

cast-off, a. discarded, rejected.

castor oil. Associated Words: ricinoleic, ricinolein, ricinus, Palma Christi.

castrate, v. geld, alter; emasculate.

castrated person. eunich, spade.

castration, n. orchotomy, emasculation, gelding.

casual, a. chance, accidental, fortuitous, contingent.

casualty, n. accident, calamity, contingency, fortuity.

cat, n. feline, Felis, tabby, puss, pussy; kitten, kitty; grimalkin (an old she cat). Associated Words: purr, mew, miaul, caterwaul, feline, Felidae (cat family).

catacomb, n. grotto, crypt, cave.

catalogue, n. list, register, schedule, index, inventory, Associated word: raisonne.

cataract, n. waterfall, cascade, fall, lin.

catastrophe, n. disaster, calamity.

catch, v. seize, grasp, clutch, snatch, gripe, nab; apprehend; arrest; deprehend; overtake; insnare, entangle, entrap.

catch, n. capture, seizure, arrest, apprehension; hasp, hook, clasp.

catching, a. contagious, infectious, communicable, pestilential. Antonyms: noncontagious, incommunicable.

catching, n. seizure, apprehension, arrest.

catchword, n. cue.

category, n. class, state, condition, division, predicament.

cater, v. purvey.

cater-cornered, a. (Colloq.) diagonal.

caterer, n. purveyor.

cathartic, n. purgative, physic, purge, evacuant.

catholic, a. universal, general, world-wide; liberal, tolerant, unsectarian, broad-minded; Roman Catholic, Romish. Antonyms: uncatholic, sectarian, local, narrow, noncatholic.

catholicity, n. universality, catholicism; liberality.

catkin, n. ament.

cat's-eye, n. chatoyant, chrysoberyl. Associated Words: chatoyant, chatoyment.

cat's-paw, n. dupe, tool, cully, gull.

cattle, n. kine; Bos; Bovine quadrupeds; Taurus.

cattle-plague, n. rinderpest, murrain.

cattle-stealing, n. abigeat (Civil Law).

cause, n. origin, source; motive, incitement, inducement, incentive. Associated Words: aetiology, etiology, teleology, etiological, causation, causative, causality.

cause, v. occasion, induce, effect, originate.

caustic, a. burning, virulent, acrid, catheretic, mordacious, cutting, satirical.

caution, n. wariness, forethought, circumspection; advice, warning, admonition.

caution, v. forewarn, admonish, warn, counsel, advise, dissuade.

cautious, a. circumspect, prudent, wary. Antonyms: incautious, unwary.

cave, n. cavern, grotto, grot, den, catacomb, crypt. Associated words: speleology, spelean, stalactite, stalagmite, cavernicolous, troglodytic, caverned, cavernous.

cave-dweller, n. troglodyte.

cavil, v. carp, criticize.—n. objection, criticism (specious or frivolous).

caviling, a. carping, captious, cavilous, hypercritical.

Cayenne pepper. capsicum.

cease, v. discontinue, stop, desist, refrain.

ceaseless, a. incessant, unceasing, constant, uninterrupted, continual.

cedar tree. Associated Words: cedrine, cedrene.

cede, v. surrender, relinquish, grant.

ceding, n. cession.

celebrate, v. commemorate, solemnize, observe.

celebrated, a. famous, illustrious, noted, renowned, eminent, far-famed. Antonyms: obscure, inglorious, unrenowned.

celebration, n. commemoration, observance, solemnization.

celebrity, n. fame, renown, eminence.

cellar, n. basement.

celluloid, n. xylonite.

cement, n. adhesive, glue; lute, luting.

cement, v. cohere, join, glue, glutinate.

cemetery, n. necropolis, God's acre, graveyard, mortuary.

censer, n. thurible, incensory.

censor, n. inspector, reviewer, critic; caviler, censurer.

censorious, a. carping, captious, caviling, critical.

censurable, a. reprehensible, culpable, blamable, reproachable, illaudable.

censure, n. reproof, reprehension, blame, reprimand, objurgation.

censure, v. reprove, rebuke, reprehend, upbraid, objurgate, chide, inveigh against.

censuring, a. reprehensory, reproachful, reproving, objurgatory, condemnatory.

centenary, n. centennial, century.

centennial, n. centenary.

center, n. middle, midst. Antonyms: circumference, perimeter, rim, boundary. Associated Words: centrifugal, centrifugence, centricity, centripetal, centripetence, centrality, centralize, centralization, paracentric.

centerpiece, n. epergne.

central, a. middle, centric, centrical, equidistant.

century, n. centenary. Associated Words: centennial, secular.

ceremonious, a. formal, precise, punctilious. Antonyms: informal, free-and-easy.

ceremony, n. rite, form, ceremonial, solemnity; formality.

certain, a. assured, confident, convinced, satisfied, undoubting; undeniable, irrefutable, indubitable, incontrovertible, incontestable, sure; inevitable, unavoidable; unfailing, infallible, inerrable; fixed, stated, specified. Antonyms: indefinite, uncertain, doubtful. See uncertain.

certainty, n. sureness, confidence, assurance, surety; fact, truth. Antonyms: See uncertainty.

certificate, n. testimonial, credential, voucher.

certify, v. assure, attest, testify to, vouch for.

chafe, v. rub, gall, irritate; fret, fume, rage.

chaff, n. glumes, hulls, refuse.

chaff, n. banter, raillery, pleasantry, jesting, badinage.

chaff, v. jest, banter.

chaffy, a. acerose, palaceous, stramineous.

chagrin, a. mortification, abashment, vexation, confusion, discomposure, humiliation.

chagrin, v. mortify, abash, vex, confuse, humiliate.

chain, n. concatenation, catenation, series, congeries, carcanet, catena, chatelaine, necklace, gorget, links, torque; bond, shackle, fetter, tether.

chain, v. fetter, restrain, shackle, enslave, trammel, catenate.

chain wheel. sprocket wheel.

chair, n. seat; professorship; chairman.

chalice, n. grail.

chalk, n. Associated Words: calcography, calcographer, calcographic, chalkiness, crayon.

chalkstone, n. tophus. (Med.)

chalky, a. cretaceous.

challenge, v. defy, dare, brave.—n. defiance; exception, objection.

champion, n. defender, vindicator, protector, paladin; winner, hero, conqueror.

champion, v. defend, maintain, advocate, vindicate.

chance, v. befall; risk, venture.

chance, n. fate, fortune, luck, fortuity, hap, casualty, accident; possibility, likelihood, contingency; opportunity; hazard, jeopardy, risk, uncertainty.

chance, a. casual, fortuitous, accidental, contingent, random.

chancery, n. equity.

change, n. variation, alteration, transition, mutation, transposition, conversion, metamorphosis, innovation, transfiguration, permutation, transference, reversion, reaction, transmutation; substitution, commutation; variety, novelty, vicissitude. Associated word: mutanda. Antonyms: continuation, stability, conservatism, permanence, inertia, monotony, perpetuation, continuance, fixity, invariability, uniformity.

change, v. alter, transmute, shift, modulate, reverse, reform, vary, modify, convert, transform, transpose, transfer, exchange, substitute, commute. Antonyms: continue, persist, remain, abide.

changeable, a. mutable, variable, inconstant, unstable, unsteadfast, reversible, alterable, revocable, mobile, convertible, transmutable, commutable, kaleidoscopic, transformable, impermanent; volatile, fickle, mercurial, protean, irresolute, capricious, vacillating, fitful, inconstant, erratic, eccentric, crotchety; iridescent; chatoyant.

changeableness, n. mutability, variability, inconstancy, instability, vacillation, convertibility, transmutability, mobility, impermanence; volatility, irresolution, fickleness, capriciousness; iridescence; chatoyment.

changeless, a. permanent, immutable, inexorable, invariable, undeviating, unalterable, unvarying, constant, unconvertible.

changelessness, n. immutability, inalterability, permanence, conservatism, invariability, monotony, inconvertibility.

changeling, n. oaf; waverer, whiffler.

change of life. climacteric; menopause.

channel, n. water-course, canal, aqueduct, gutter, runway, alveus, conduit, duct; strait; furrow, chamfer, chamfret, groove, fluting; avenue, route, artery.

chant, v. intone, intonate, cantillate.

chant, n. intonation; introit; cantillation.

chaos, n. confusion, disorder, disorganization.

chap, n. crack, chink; boy, lad, youth; kibe.

chapel, n. oratory, chantry, bethel.

chapped, a. kibed.

chaps, n. pl. jaws, chops, flews.

chapter, n. branch. Associated Words: capitular, capitulary.

character, n. personality, nature, individuality. Associated Words: ethology, ethologist.

characteristic, n. trait, peculiarity, feature, attribute, attribution, idiosyncrasy.

characterize, v. distinguish.

charge, n. accusation, complaint, allegation, indictment, imputation, crimination, impeachment, arraignment, gravamen (burden of a charge); trust, ward; custody, care, responsibility, oversight, obligation, commission, management; onset, attack, assault, onslaught, fusillade; tutelage.

charge, v. impose, load, encumber; exhort, enjoin, adjure, instruct; commit, intrust; debit; accuse, indict, tax, impute, criminate, arraign; attack, assault.

chargeable, a. imputable, attributable, referrible.

charitable, a. benevolent, benign, beneficent, magnanimous; liberal, tolerant, lenient. Antonyms: uncharitable, illiberal, intolerant.

charity, n. benevolence, good will, love, benignity, philanthropy, beneficence, bounty, liberality, tolerance. Associated Words: eleemosynary, alms, dependent.

charlatan, n. pretender, quack, impostor, fraud, cheat, mountebank, empiric.

charlatanic, a. pretentious, empirical, quackish.

charlatanry, n. quackery, pretension, empiricism, charlatanism.

charm, n. spell, incantation, enchantment, conjuration; periapt, amulet, phylactery, talisman, fetich, abraxas; fascination, glamour, witchery, attraction, illusion, rhetoric; breloque (jewel); countercharm. Antonyms: disenchantment, repellence, disillusionment.

charm, v. enchant, fascinate, enamor, infatuate, enrapture, bewitch, captivate; allay, soothe, subdue. Antonyms: decharm, disillusionize, disenchant, repel.

charmer, n. enchanter, magician, sorcerer; siren, enchantress.

charming, a. bewitching, captivating, enchanting, enrapturing, entrancing, magical, fascinating, winning, ecstatic, siren, delightful, winsome, seductive, ravishing. Antonyms: charmless, unattractive, repellent, repulsive.

charnel house. ossuary, ossuarium, tomb, carnary.

chart, n. map. Associated Words: cartography, cartographer.

chary, a. frugal, careful, saving, cautious, circumspect.

chase, v. track, hunt, pursue; scatter, expel, drive, disperse, dispel.

chase n. hunting, field-sport, hunt, venery, chevy; pursuit.

chasm, n. abyss, gap.

chaste, a. virtuous, continent, undefiled, pure, inviolated, modest, innocent; classic, refined, pure, correct. Antonyms: See unchaste.

chasten, v. discipline, correct, punish; refine, purify, subdue.

chastise, v. castigate, chasten, punish, whip.

chastisement, n. castigation, chastening, punishment, whipping.

chastity, n. purity, virtue, continence.

chat, n. confabulation, talk, conversation, causerie, confab (Colloq.).

cheap, a. inexpensive, low-priced; inferior, mean, mediocre, of small value.

cheapen, v. depreciate; belittle, lower.

cheat, n. fraud, trick, hoax, finesse, imposition, imposture, swindle, humbug, bubble, wile, deception, stratagem, bunko, blind, thimblerigging; impostor, deceiver, quack, mountebank, thimblerigger, charlatan, empiric, trickster, swindler, blackleg, bamboozler, sharper; delusion, chicanery, mockery, counterfeit, fetch.

cheat, v. swindle, defraud, overreach, trick, bamboozle, hoodwink, dupe, hoax, bilk, thimblerig, hocus, bunko, beguile, cozen.

check, n. obstacle, restraint, curb, bridle, damper, barrier, restriction, rebuff, repulse, delay, interruption; bank check, cheque.

check, v. restrain, impede, curb, repress, bridle, checkmate.

checker, v. variegate, diversify, tessellate.

checkered, a. diversified, variegated, plaid, mosaic, tessellated.

checkers, n. draughts.

checking, a. repressive, restraining, curbing.

checkmate, v. defeat, vanquish, conquer, baffle.

cheek, n. jowl. Associated Words: zygoma, zygomatic, buccate, buccal, malar, buccinator, meloncus, meloplasty, melitis, dimple, jugal.

cheek, n. (Slang) effrontery, temerity, assurance, impudence, audacity.

cheeky, a. (Slang) audacious, bold, impudent, presumptuous, unabashed.

cheer, v. inspirit, elate, exhilarate, encourage, console, revive, gladden; applaud.

cheerful, a. cheery, buoyant, sunny, vivacious, optimistic, sanguine, elated, jubilant, lightsome, airy, exhilarating, exhilarated, jocund, chipper.

cheerfulness, n. cheeriness, buoyancy, elation, exhilaration, alacrity, jocundity, light-heartedness, optimism.

cheering, n. applause, plaudit; ovation.

cheerless, a. dismal, sombre, drear, dreary, gloomy, desolate, forlorn, sad, hopeless, despairing, joyless.

cheery, a. cheerful, pleasant, sunny, blithe, jovial, affable.

cheese-paring, a. scrimping, niggardly.

cheesy, a. caseous.

chemise, n. shirt, smock, shift, chemisette.

cherish, v. treasure.

cherry-colored, a. cerise.

chest, n. box, case, coffer, trunk, hutch, receplacle, bahut.

chest, n. thorax, breast. Associated Words: pectoral, pectorally, diaphragm, midriff.

chestnut, n. Associated Words: esculic, esculin, castanea, burr.

chestnut-colored, a. castaneous.

chew, v. masticate, munch; crunch, craunch, champ.

chewing, n. mastication; rumination, remastication.

chew the cud. ruminate.

chic, a. (Colloq.) in good taste, neat.—n. good form, style.

chicanery, n. trickery, chicane.

chicken, n. fowl; hen; rooster; pullet; poult; capon; pl. poultry, brood.

chicken-hearted, a. timid, fearful, cowardly.

chicken pox. varicella.

chide, v. admonish, censure, upbraid, scold.

chief, n. head, leader, commander, chieftain, captain.

chief, a. leading, supreme, main, head, principal, paramount, prime, cardinal, major, foremost.

child, n. progeny, offspring, issue; infant, babe, baby, tot, bairn, brat; bastard (illegitimate); orphan; foundling, waif; cockney (spoilt child); minor. Associated Words: pediatrics, prolicide, infanticide, puberty, philoprogenitive, philoprogenitiveness, misopedia, filicide, putti, filial, filiation, affiliation, affiliate.

childbirth, n. parturition, accouchement, childbed, lying-in, travail, labor, childbearing. Associated Words: tocology, midwife, midwifery, parturient, maieutic, layette, obstetrics, obstetrician, celation, puerperal, accoucheur, accoucheuse, fetus, post-partum.

childhood, n. nonage, infancy, minority, impuberty, pupilage.

childish, a. puerile, juvenile, infantile, immature.

childishness, n. juvenility, puerility, immaturity.

children, n. offspring, progeny, issue, descendants, posterity.

chill, n. chilliness, shiver, rigor.

chilly, a. cool, chill, raw, bleak.

chime, v. accord, agree, harmonize, be in unison.

chime, n. unison, harmony; carillon.

chimera, n. delusion, phantom, hallucination, illusion.

chimney, n. Associated Words: cowl, flue, hoveling, smoke jack, chimney-breast, tewel.

chimney corner. ingle nook, ingleside.

chin: n. Associated Words: genian, mental, gill, wattle, chuck, submental.

China, n. Celestial Empire, Cathay (Old name).

China clay. kaolin.

Chinaman, n. Chinese, Celestial, Mongol, Mongolian; mandarin; coolie.

china ware. china, porcelain.

Chinese, n. Associated Words: sinology, sinologue, sinicism, sinic, yamen, haikwan, hong, canque, sinological, Taoism, Confucianism, Manchu, kotow, li, abacus, chinoiserie, taotai.

Chinese idol. joss. Associated Word: ting.

chink, n. crack, cranny, crevice; (Colloq.) money, cash, coin.

chin whelk. sycosis.

chipper, a. lively, vivacious, cheerful, talkative.

chirp, v. chirrup, cherup, cheep, pue.

chivalrous, a. gallant, knightly, magnanimous, valiant.

chivalry, n. knighthood, gallantry, knight-errantry.

choice, n. selection, election, alternative, option, preference, discrimination, preferment, volition. Antonyms: coercion, compulsion, indiscrimination.

choice, a. select, rare, recherche; careful, sparing, chary Antonyms: indiscriminate, promiscuous, common.

choir-leader, n. chorister, precentor, choir-master.

choir vestments. cotta; cassock.

choke, v. strangle, throttle, stifle, suffocate, suppress.

choleric, a. irascible, irritable, petulant, testy.

choose, v. select, elect, prefer, cull, pick out.

chop, v. hack, mince, hash, haggle.

chop, n. stroke, chopping; jaw, chap; pl. flews.

chorus, n. (Greek.) Associated Words: strophe, antistrophe, epode.

chosen, a. selected.

Christmas, n. Yule, Yuletide, Christmastide.

Christmas mummer. guiser.

chronic, a. habitual, lingering, inveterate.

chronicle, n. record, account, narrative, diary, history.

chrysalis, n. aurelia, nympha, cocoon, kell.

chum, n. roommate; companion, intimate, associate, friend, crony.

church, n. temple, sanctuary, house of God, meeting house, fane; cathedral; chapel, oratory, minster, bethel, tabernacle, chantry; kirk (Scotch); synagogue (Jewish); denomination, sect; basilica. Associated Words: ecclesiastical, ecclesiology, ecclesiolatry, ecclesiasticism, parish, hierarch, hierarchy, hierocracy, hierolatry, hierology, hierarchism, irenics, cure, evangelical, verger, beadle, chancel, clearstory, nave, transept, vestry, presbytery, prebend, prebendary, lectern, apse, irenicon, living, benefice, sinecure, glebe, see, prelacy, convocation, synod, conference, conclave, consistory, crypt, schism, orthodoxy, heterodoxy, unchurch, sacristan, sacristy, Dorcastry, Sarum use.

church and state. Associated Words: Erastian, Erastianism.

church dignitary. prelate, primate, elder, deacon, dean, hierarch, bishop.

church fathers. Associated Words: patristic, patristics, patrology, patrist.

churchly, a. ecclesiastical.

church officer. vestryman, warden, presbyter, trustee.

churl, n. rustic, hind, bumpkin, lout, boor.

churlish, a. boorish, rude, morose, unamiable.

chyle, n. Associated Words: chylification, chylifaction, chylify, achylous, chylaceous, chylous, chyliferous, chylocyst, lacteal, chylopoiesis, chylopoietic.

chyme, n. Associated Words: chymification, chymiferous, chymify, chymous, achymous.

cigar, n. (small) stogie; tobie; cheroot.

cinch, n. (Colloq.) tight grip.

cipher, n. zero, naught, nothing; nonentity, nobody; device, monogram.

cipher writing. cryptography, crytograph, steganography, cryptogram.

circle, n. ring; circumference, periphery; circuit; clique, coterie, set, class; annulation, annulus.

circle, v. encircle.

circuitous, a. roundabout, devious, indirect.

circulate, v. disseminate, promulgate, diffuse.

circulation, n. dissemination, diffusion, promulgation, propagation.

circumference, n. periphery, circumscription, girth.

cistern, n. reservoir; impluvium.

cite, v. quote; specify, mention, name, refer to.

citizen, n. resident.

city, n. municipality.—a. municipal, urban.

civil, a. civic, political, municipal; courteous, obliging, polite. Antonyms: See uncivil.

civility, n. courtesy, politeness. Antonyms: incivility, discourtesy.

claim, v. demand, pretend; (Colloq.) assert, maintain.

claim, n. pretension, demand, requisition; title, right.

claimant, n. claimer, pretender, pretendant.

clamor, n. uproar, tumult, hubbub, racket, din.

clamorous, a. noisy, uproarious, bawling, obstreperous.

clandestine, a. hidden, stealthy, surreptitious, furtive, secret.

clannish, a. narrow, exclusive.

clap, n. gonorrhea.

clapboards, n. pl. siding, weatherboarding.

claptrap, a. humbug, stage trick, coupe de theatre.

clarity, n. clearness.

clash, v. collide, hurtle, crash together; contend, disagree; clatter, clang.

clash, n. collision, crash; opposition, interference, contrariety; clangor, clang.

clasp, v. grasp, grapple, clutch, seize; embrace, hug.

clasp, n. hook, hasp, fibula, morse, catch; embrace.

class, n. rank, order, category, species, variety.

class, v. classify, dispose, categorize.

classification, n. disposition, grouping; taxonomy.

clause, n. article, stipulation, proviso, provision.

claw, n. talon; dewclaw. Associated Words: ungual, unguicular, retract, retractile, unguiculate, pounced, unguiform.

claw, v. scratch, laniate, lacerate.

clay, n. argillaceous earth; pug, argil, hole, marl, kaolin. Associated Words: potter, pottery, figuline, fictile, pug, puddle.

clayey, a. argillaceous, argillous, argilliferous, luteous, cledgy.

clean, a. unsoiled, unsullied, immaculate, cleanly, neat; chaste, pure, virtuous, undefiled, incorrupt, uncontaminated; shapely, well-proportioned; kosher (Jewish).

clean, adv. wholly, perfectly, completely, quite, entirely, thoroughly.

clean, v. cleanse.

cleanse, v. purify, deterge, absterge, wash, disinfect, fumigate, depurate.

cleanser, n. abstergent, detergent, purifier, detersive.

cleansing, a. detergent, abstergent, abstersive, detersive, purifying.

cleansing, n. purification, detersion, purgation, abstersion, lustration, expurgation.

clear, a. transparent, diaphanous, pellucid, limpid, relucent, crystalline, lucid, crystal; unmistakable, plain, evident, obvious, unambiguous, distinct, explicit, manifest, palpable, patent, decipherable, express, comprehensible, graphic; serene, cloudless, unclouded, undimmed; clarion, sonorous, resonant, canorous, audible, piercing; pure, unmixed, unadulterated, unalloyed; in full, net; passable, unimpeded, unobstructed, open; acquitted; unburdened, exempt; clarified. Antonyms: opaque, obscure, indecipherable, ambiguous, equivocal, vague, cryptic, abstruse, inexplicable, roily, turbid, enigmatical, inexplicit, inaudible, adulterated, cloudy, befogged, unintelligible, doubtful.

clear, v. clarify; explain, interpret, elucidate, eclaircise; acquit, absolve, exonerate, vindicate; disengage, extricate, disentangle, disperse.

clearer, n. clarifier.

clearing, n. clarification, clearance, dispersion; interpretation, explanation, eclaircissement, denouement; exoneration, acquittal; assart.

clearness, n. clarity, distinctness; transparency, limpidity, lucidity, perspicuity, translucency; serenity. Antonyms: opacity, ambiguity, vagueness, intransparency.

cleave, v. adhere, cling, be loyal; split, rive, separate.

cleft, a. riven, split, divided.

clergy, n. ministers, the cloth, ecclesiastics, clergymen, clerisy. Antonym: laity.

clergyman, n. minister, divine, ecclesiastic, priest, pastor, parson, churchman, preacher, rector, curate, dominie, vicar, missionary, evangelist, patriarch, dean, bishop, chaplain, cleric, deacon, presbyter, imparsonee, kirkman, padre, cure, abbe. Antonym: layman.

clergyman's residence. parsonage, rectory, manse.

clerk, n. salesman, saleslady; accountant, recorder, registrar, prothonotary, amanuensis, bookkeeper. Associated Words: clerical, clerkship.

clever, a. adroit, skillful, expert, ingenious, deft, dexterous.

clients, n. pl. clientele.

cliff, n. crag, bluff, precipice; pl. palisades (line of bold cliffs).

climate, n. Associated Words: meteorology, phenology, climatology, acclimatable, acclimate, acclimation, acclimatize, acclimatization, climatic, climatize, climatography.

climax, n. culmination.

climb, v. clamber, scale.

climbing, a. scandent, scansorial.

cling, v. adhere, cleave, hold fast.

clip, v. shear, snip, nip, trim, prune, curtail.

clip, n. (Colloq.) blow, knock, thump, rap.

clique, n. coterie, circle.

cloak, n. mantle, coat, capuchin, dolman, palladium, pelisse; pretext, blind, mask.

cloak, v. conceal, mask, hide, veil, disguise.

clock, n. timepiece, timekeeper, horologe, horometer: clepsydra, isochronon; scarab, scarabee, beetle. Associated Words: horology, horography, horologiography., pendulum, strike, dial, tick.

clockmaker, n. horologist, horologer.

clodhopper, n. bumpkin, boor, hind, lout, clown, yokel.

clog, v. impede, hamper, encumber, restrain, obstruct.

clog, n. shackle, dragweight, deadweight, encumbrance; sabot, chopine.

cloister, n. monastery, nunnery, convent, abbey, priory, cenoby.

cloisterer, n. cenobite, recluse.

cloistral, a. monastic, cloistered, recluse.

close, a. oppressive, uncomfortable, muggy, unventilated; narrow, cramped; close-mouthed, secretive, reticent, reserved, uncommunicative, taciturn; dense, solid, compact, imporous; near, adjacent, adjoining; intimate, confidential; parsimonious, stingy, penurious niggardly, miserly, illiberal, close-fisted; exact, literal, faithful; intent, assiduous, fixed, intense.

close, v. shut, stop, occlude; conclude, finish, end, terminate; inclose, encompass, confine, environ; grapple, clinch; lute, calk.

close, n. conclusion, end; peroration; grapple; court, area, enclosure, inclosure, yard.

close-mouthed, a. wary, cautious, secretive, uncommunicative, reserved.

closeness, n. nearness, proximity, adjacency; density, compactness; intimacy; reticence, secretiveness; parsimony, stinginess, illiberality, penuriousness.

closet, n. private room; clothespress, ambry.

closing, a. concluding, final.

closing, n. stopping up, obstruction, blockade, occlusion; peroration.

clot, n. coagulation, coagulum.—v. coagulate.

cloth, n. fabric, material, drapery, textile, texture, woof, weft. Associated Words: draper, drapery, drape.

clothe, v. dress, attire, array, gird, drape.

clothes, n. pl. dress, clothing, garments, vesture, attire, apparel, drapery, costume, raiment, garb, vestment, habiliments, regalia, uniform, livery, guise, wardrobe, rig, toggery, frippery, regimentals, paraphernalia; (clerical) vestments, canonicals; trousseau (bride's).

clothing, n. clothes, raiment. Associated Words: frippery, wardrobe, habilatory.

cloud, n. nebulosity, rack; cirrus, cat's-tail, mare's-tail; cumulus, stratus, nimbus; cirro-cumulus, cirro-stratus, cumulo-stratus; storm scud, wane cloud; tarnish, blemish; eclipse, obscurity. Associated Words: nephology, meteorology, nubiferous, nephelodometer, nephelometer, nephoscope, nepheloid, nephograph.

cloud, v. overcast, becloud, obscure, shade, obfuscate; tarnish, sully, blacken.

cloudy, a. overcast, lowering, murky, overclouded, obscure, sullen, nebulous, hazy, dim; tarnished, indistinct, blurred; variegated, mottled.

cloven, a. bisulcate.

clover, n. trifolium, trefoil; alsike.

cloves, n. pl. Associated Words: eugenic, eugenin, clove, camphor, eugenol, caryophyllin.

clown, n. buffoon, jester, merry-andrew, zany, harlequin, droll, punch, mime, farceur, scaramouch, grimacier jackpudding; boor, lout, gawk, gawky, lubber, put, bumpkin, churl, carl, tike; rustic, hind, clodhopper, yokel, yahoo.

clownish, a. boorish, ungainly, awkward, loutish, churlish, gawky.

cloy, v. satiate, glut, surfeit, pall, sate.

club, n. cudgel, bludgeon, truncheon, bat, mace, staff, shillalah, waddy, bandy, knobkerry; society, coterie, association, sorosis (woman's club).

club, v. cudgel, beat, pommel; club together, combine, cooeperate.

club-bearer, n. claviger. Associated Word: clavigerous.

clubfoot, n. talipes.

clubfooted, a. taliped, talipedic.

club-shaped, a. clavate, clavated.

clue, n. intimation, hint, key.

clump, n. cluster, tuft, bunch, collection, thicket.

clumsy, a. ungraceful, lumbering, uncouth, unwieldy, unhandy, inapt, maladroit.

cluster, n. bunch, clump, tuft; racematiofl, fascicle, raceme, panicle; bevy, crowd.

clustered, a. aciniform, racemed, fascicled.

clutch, v. seize, grasp, grip, grapple, clench, grab, snatch.

clutch, n. grasp, seizure, hold; crampoons.

clutter, n. litter, disorder, jumble, confusion, disarray.

cluttered, a. disordered, littered, jumbled, disarranged.

coach, n. stage coach, tallyho, diligence; trainer.

coach dog. Dalmatian dog.

coachman, n. jehu, postilion, coach-driver, coachee (Slang).

coal, n. anthracite; bituminous; charcoal; culm, scoria, slack; ember. Associated Words: carbon, carboniferous, gobbing, strata, carbonize, carbonization, briquette, coke, brat, brattice, brettice.

coal-dealer, n. collier.

coalhod. scuttle.

coal-mine, n. colliery, coalpit.

coal-miner, n. collier.

coal-miner's consumption. anthracosis.

coal oil. kerosene, petroleum.

coals, n. pl. Associated Words: brasier, brazier, brasero.

coarse, a. crass, gross, unrefined, rude, unpolished, indelicate, ribald, homespun, vulgar, inelegant; unbolted, unpurified.

coast, n. seashore, seaboard, seaside, shore, strand, beach.

coat, n. sack, jacket, frock, tuxedo, cutaway, paletot, dreadnaught, ulster, capote, blouse, redingote, toga, cloak, surtout, duster, mackintosh, joseph, cardinal, pelerine, temiak (Eskimo).

coat of arms. armorial bearings, escutcheon, arms, crest.

coat of mail. hauberk, cuirass, habergeon, armor, mail.

coax, v. wheedle, cajole, persuade, entice, cog, tweedle.

cob, n. spike, axis; sea mew, gull.

cocoanut, n. Associated Word: copra.

cochineal, n. Associated Words: nopal, nopalry, carminic acid.

cock, n. rooster, chanticleer; capon (castrated); weather-cock, vane; chief, leader, dominator; faucet, stop-cock.

cockade, n. rosette.

cockahoop, a. boastful, defiant, vainglorious, blustering.

cock and bull story. canard.

cockatrice, n. basilisk.

cocker, v. fondle, indulge, pamper, pet, humor, coddle.

cockfighting, n. cockmatch, alectoromachy, alectryomachy.

cocky, a. (Slang) pert, saucy.

cocoa, n. Associated Word: theobromine.

coddle, v. parboil; pamper, fondle, cocker, humor, indulge.

coequal, a. cooerdinate.

coerce, v. constrain, compel, intimidate, restrain.

coercion, n. compulsion, restraint, force, repression, constraint.

coffee, n. Associated Words: caffeine, chiccory, biggin, pulp, parchment.

coffee-chaser, n. chasse.

coffee-house, n. cafe.

coffin, n. casket.

cog, n. cam, catch; trick, deception, fraud.

cogent, a. convincing, conclusive, forcible, influential.

coheir, n. parcener.

coheirship, n. parcenary.

coherent, n. consistent, logical.

coil, n. convolution, intervolution; entanglement, toil, mesh, perplexity; querl.

coil, v. convolve, intervolve.

coin, n. quoin, corner, coigne, wedge, plug, key.

coin, n. specie, cash; medallion. Associated Words: numismatic, numismatics, numismatist, numismatology, jugata, engrailment, nurling, milling, brockage, numismatography, numismatologist, nummary, rouleau, nummular, nummulary.

coin, v. mint; neoterize, neologize; fabricate, invent, originate.

coinage, n. minting; neologism, neology, neoterism.

coincide, v. concur, correspond, agree, harmonize, tally.

coincidence, n. concurrence, correspondence, agreement.

coincident, a. concurrent, contemporaneous;—followed by with.

coiner, n. minter; neologist, neoterist.

cold, a. cool, chilly; frigid, gelid, icy; nipping, bleak, raw, frosty, freezing; unresponsive, phlegmatic, passionless, chilling, stoical, apathetic, reserved.

cold, n. coldness, frigidity, gelidity, chilliness, algidity: catarrh.

cold-blooded, a. poikilothermal; deliberate.

colic, n. gripe, enteralgia, tormina.

collar, n. neckband, carcanet, ruff, ruche, collet, rabat, piccadilly, dickey, collarette.

collar-bone, n. clavicle.

collect, v. assemble, accumulate.

collection, n. assemblage, accumulation, aggregation, heap; offering, offertory; anthology, symposium, collectanea, miscellany, rosary, chrestomathy.

college, n. Associated Words: collegiate, Alma Mater.

college dress. academicals.

college grounds. campus.

college student. collegian.

collision, n. clashing, concussion, interference, brunt, impact.

colloquial, a. conversational, familiar, informal.

colony, n. settlement, dependency. Associated Words: colonial, colonist, planter, colonize, colonization, colonizationist.

color, n. hue, shade, tinge, tincture, tint; pigment, paint, dye, stain. Associated Words: chromatics, colorific, colorist, chromatism, chromatology, lake, decolorant, mordant, intinctivity, iridescent, iridescence, prismatic, pigmentation, fugacious, fugitive, fugacity, monochromatic, monochrome, polychromy, polychromatic, suffuse, suffusion, imbuement, chromatic, achromatic.

color, n. ruddiness, redness, flush, blush, rosiness; semblance, pretext; variety, shade, kind, species; pl. flag. Antonyms: decoloration, colorlessness.

color, v. dye, tinge, stain, imbue, tint, tincture, variegate; falsify, pervert, garble, palliate, gloss, distort; blush, flush. Antonyms: decolor, bleach, decolorize.

colorable, a. specious, plausible, palliated.

color-blindness, n. Daltonism, achromatopsy, acritochromacy.

colored, a. tinged, dyed, tinted, stained, discolored; specious, plausible.

colorific, a. tinctorial.

coloring, n. dyeing, staining, intinction, tinting, tinction, imbuement, variegation.

colorless, a. uncolored, faded; pale, pallid; neutral, characterless.

colossal, a. enormous, gigantic, monstrous, huge, prodigious, Titanic.

colt, n. filly (female); foal (male); hogget.

coltish, a. frisky, sportive, wanton, playful.

column, n. pillar, post, shaft, obelisk; file, line, row; pilaster; pl. peristyle, portico, colonnade. Associated Words: entablature, frieze, architrave, triglyph, cornice, base, shaft, capital, plinth.

comb, n. crest, caruncle, head-tuft.

combat, n. contest bout, struggle, contention, fight, joust, battle.

combatant, n. contestant, fighter.

combative, a. pugnacious, contentious, bellicose, belligerent.

combination, n. union, alliance, federation, confederacy, syndicate, league, cabal, merger, coalition, conspiracy, cooeperation, collusion; amalgamation, synthesis, incorporation.

combine, v. unite, incorporate, merge, amalgamate, blend, coalesce, confederate.

combine, n. (Colloq.) combination.

combined, a. united, confederated, federated, amalgamated, incorporated.

combing, n. pectination.

comblike, a. pectinal, pectinate, pectinated, pectiniform.

come, v. arrive, approach; come from, issue, proceed, ensue, flow, emanate, originate.

come after. follow, succeed. Antonyms: precede, antecede.

come again. return, recur.

come and go. alternate.

come between. intervene, interpose, interfere, contravene; cause estrangement, disaffect.

come down. descend, alight.

comely, a. good-looking, handsome, personable. Antonyms: uncomely, homely, plain.

come near. approach, approximate.

come round. recur; change, relent; circumvent, wheedle.

come short. be deficient.

come to. revive, recover; consent, yield, accede; arrive at, reach; amount to.

come to a head. suppurate, mature; culminate.

come under. subvene.

comfort, n. ease, consolation, solace, nepenthe, encouragement.

comfort, v. console, solace.

comforter, n. consoler, cheerer; comfortable.

comfortless, a. disconsolate, inconsolable, desolate, distressed.

comical, a. See funny.

coming, n. approach, arrival, advent.

coming between. intervention, interposition, interference, contravention.

comity, n. politeness, courtesy, civility, graciousness, urbanity.

command, v. order, direct, enjoin, require, bid.

command, n. order, mandate, injunction, charge, behest, requisition, bidding, direction, dictation, precept; authority, leadership, control.

commanding, a. authoritative, mandatory, imperative, dictatorial, imperious.

commandments, n. pl. The Decalogue. Associated Words: Kyrie elesion.

commence, v. begin.

commend, v. commit, consign, intrust; praise, extol recommend.

commendable, a. praiseworthy, laudable. Antonyms: unpraiseworthy, illaudable.

commendatory, a. laudatory, eulogistic.

comment, v. remark, descant, annotate.

comment, n. remark, observation; annotation, commentary, explanation.

commentator, n. annotator, expositor, scholiast, glossarist, postillator.

commerce, n. traffic, barter, business, trading; intercourse, communication.

commercial, a. mercantile.

commit, v. intrust, consign; perpetrate, do.

common, a. public, general; customary, usual, ordinary, unexceptional, commonplace, inconspicuous, average, mediocre; plebeian, proletarian.

commonalty, n. populace, proletariate, proletariat, varletry, bourgeoisie, ruck, rank and file, the common people.

commonly, adv. ordinarily, generally, customarily.

common man. commoner, proletary, plebeian.

commonplace, a. ordinary, banal, hackneyed, trite, platitudinous, prosaic.

commonplace, n. platitude, banality.

commotion, n. agitation, tumult, disturbance, turmoil, riot, perturbation, flurry, furore.

communion, n. participation, sharing, communication: association, fellowship.

communion, n. eucharist, Lord's Supper, sacrament: viaticum. Associated Words: elements, host, wafer, chalice, paten, credence, corporal, eucharistic, ciborium, ostension, purificator, impanation, transubstantiation, consubstantiation, concomitance, post-communion, ante-communion, volipresence, ostensorium, monstrance, sursum corda, dominicale, celebrant, communicant, consistentes, intinction.

communism, n. socialism, humanitarianism, Fourierism, Saint Simonianism, phalansterism.

compact, a. close, solid, dense, crowded, impenetrable, serried.

compact, n. covenant, agreement, pact, treaty, contract.

companion, n. associate, comrade, intimate, consort, partner, fellow, mate, chum, compeer, confederate, accomplice, ally, colleague, crony, confrere, concomitant, accessory.

companionable, a. affable, congenial, genial.

companionship, n. association, intimacy, fellowship, society, company.

company, n. guest, visitor; fellowship, companionship, association, society; companion, escort; assembly, group, concourse, crowd; corporation, syndicate, firm, house; troupe; band, guild. See society. Antonyms: seclusion, loneliness, retirement, host.

compare, v. collate, liken.

comparison, n. collation; illustration, similitude, simile.

compass, n. Associated Words: binnacle, gimbal.

compass, n. extent, reach, sweep.

compassion, n. pity, sympathy, commiseration, condolence mercy.

compel, v. force, make, constrain, oblige, necessitate, coerce, drive, dragoon, overpower.

compelling, a. forcible, coercive, constraining, imperative, compulsory. Antonyms: elective, optional, discretional.

compelling, n. compulsion, coercion, constraint, duress, force.

compendium, n. epitome, summary, digest.

competency, n. fitness, ability, qualification, efficiency, proficiency, capability.

competent, a. qualified, capable, efficient, proficient, able. Antonym: incompetent.

competition, n. emulation, rivalry, contention, strife.

competitor, n. rival, contestant, opponent, antagonist.

complain, v. murmur, repine, grumble, whine, croak.

complaining, a. murmuring, repining, querimonious, querulous, discontented, grumbling.

complaint, n. murmur, plaint, lamentation; malady, ailment, disease; accusation, allegation, information.

complete, v. finish, consummate, perfect.

complete, a. entire, consummate, whole, integral, plenary, unabridged, intact.

completion, n. consummation, integration, elaboration, finishing, realization, effectuation.

complex, a. composite, compound, mixed; complicated, intricate, involved. Antonyms: incomplex, simple, obvious.

complexity, n. intricacy, entanglement, complication.

compliance, n. yielding, concession, submission, obedience, acquiescence.

compliant, a. yielding, obedient, tractable, submissive, flexible.

complicated, a. complex, intricate, involved, entangled, complicate.

complication, n. intricacy, entanglement, involution, complexity, snarl, confusion, imbroglio. Antonyms: disentanglement, simplicity.

composure, n. self-possession, calmness, sedateness, equanimity.

compound, n. combination, mixture, concoction, amalgamation, intermixture, conglomeration, farrago, medley, synthesis, salmagundi, jumble, olio, hodgepodge, olla podrida.

comprehend, v. understand, fathom, grasp; embrace, comprise, embody, contain.

comprehension, n. understanding, apprehension. Antonyms: incomprehension, inapprehension.

comprise, v. comprehend, include, embrace, involve, contain, embody.

compulsion, n. constraint, coercion, obligation, coaction. Antonyms: discretion, spontaneity, volition, election, free-will.

compulsory, a. constraining, coercive, obligatory, unavoidable. Antonyms: optional, discretional, elective.

compunction, n. qualm, contrition, remorse, regret, sting of conscience.

compute, v. reckon, calculate, enumerate, rate, estimate.

comrade, n. associate, companion, mate, compeer.

comradeship, n. association, camaraderie.

concave, a. rounded, vaulted. Antonym: convex.

concealed, a. hidden, latent, secreted, clandestine, disguised.

concealment, n. secretion, hiding; secrecy, latency, privacy, seclusion, retirement; suppression.

conceit, n. idea, conception, fancy; whim, caprice, vagary, freak; priggery, vanity, egotism, self-conceit, inflation, self-glorification, overweening, conceitedness.

conceited, a. egotistical, priggish, bombastic, bumptious, vain, overweening, self-conceited.

concentrate, v. centralize, focus, consolidate; condense, rectify.

concentration, n. centralization, consolidation; condensation.

concept, n. conception, notion, idea.

conception, n. ideation, imagination; idea, concept, notion, impression.

concern, n. business, affair; moment, importance, interest, weight, consequence; solicitude, anxiety, uneasiness care; firm, house, company, partnership. Antonyms: unconcern, inconsequence.

concerned, a. solicitous, worried, anxious, apprehensive, troubled, uneasy. Antonyms: unconcerned, indifferent.

concerning, prep. regarding, about, respecting, touching, with reference to.

concert, n. accordance, concurrence, harmony; musicale.

concise, a. epigrammatic, sententious, succinct, laconic, pithy. Antonyms: diffuse, prolix.

conclude, v. decide, determine, resolve; end, close; infer, deduce; effect, arrange.

conclusion, n. decision, determination; inference, deduction, corollary, illation; close, end, peroration, finale, completion, denouement, l'envoy.

concoct, v. compound, mix; devise, contrive, invent, excogitate.

concrete, a. solidified, consolidated; specific, special, particular.

concretion, n. solidification, lapidescence, stone; clot, coagulation.

concubine, n. paramour, odalisque; pl. harem, seraglio.

condemn, v. denounce, anathematize, curse, execrate, reprobate, doom, ban. Antonyms: exonerate, exculpate, vindicate, absolve, justify, praise.

condemnation, n. denunciation, reprobation, execration, ban.

condemnatory, a. denunciatory, condemning.

condense, v. abridge, epitomize, reduce; compress, concentrate.

condescend, v. deign, vouchsafe.

condition, n. state, plight, category, predicament, situation, stipulation, provision, proviso, term, prerequisite.

conditional, a. contingent, subject, provisory.

conduce, v. lead, tend, contribute, redound, subserve, advance.

conduct, v. lead, pilot, escort, guide, attend, convoy; administer, manage.

conduct, n. guidance, management, leadership, administration, behavior, deportment.

confederate, a. confederated, federated, allied, leagued.

confederation, n. coalition, federation, league, confederacy, union.

confess, v. acknowledge, own, admit, avow; divulge, disclose, reveal.

confession, n. acknowledgment, avowal, admission; confiteor; shrift; exomologesis. Associated Words: shrive, shrift, confessional, shriven, shriver, shrift, father.

confidence, n. reliance, trust, faith, dependence; assurance, certainty. Antonyms: See doubt.

confidence game. swindle.

confident, a. sure, undoubting, sanguine, reliant, undaunted.

confine, n. boundary, border, frontier, limit.

confine, v. restrain, restrict, limit, circumscribe, pinion, inclose, bound; immure, imprison, incarcerate.

confinement, n. restraint, imprisonment, durance, duress, incarceration, immurement, limbo; limitation, circumscription; lying-in, childbirth.

confines, n. pl. boundaries, borders, precincts, outskirts, purlieus, marches, frontiers.

confirm, v. ratify, verify, corroborate, substantiate. Antonyms: See abrogate.

confirmation, n. ratification, corroboration, substantiation, verification.

conflict, n. clashing, antagonism, encounter, opposition, battle, struggle, strife, skirmish, contest, combat, affray, fray, scrimmage.

conflict, v. clash, interfere, collide, be contradictory.

conflicting, a. contending, contradictory, contrary, opposing.

confound, v. confuse, disconcert, abash, nonplus, bewilder.

confounded, a. confused, disconcerted, abashed; (Colloq.) extreme, excessive, odious, detestable.

confuse, v. disconcert, perplex, abash, fluster, embarrass, chagrin, pose, nonplus, bewilder, obfuscate, discompose, addle, obscure, confound, derange.

confusion, n. disorder, tumult, turmoil, disarray, jumble, chaos; babel, pandemonium, commotion; abashment, chagrin, agitation, disconcertion, mortification, consternation fluster, perturbation, discomposure, flustration, obfuscation, distraction, flurry.

confutation, n. disproof, refutation.

Confute, v. refute, disprove.

congenial, a. kindred, sympathetic; suited, suitable, agreeable, genial.

congratulate, v. felicitate, gratulate. Antonyms: commiserate, condole with.

congratulation, n. felicitation, gratulation.

conjecture, n. surmise, supposition.—v. surmise, guess, speculate.

conjuration, n. incantation, enchantment, spell, sorcery, magic art.

conjurer, n. sorcerer, magician, wizard, diviner, exorcist, enchanter.

connect, v. join, link, couple, attach, unite, affiliate; implicate.

connected, a. joined, coupled, linked, affiliated, related, akin, associated.

connection, n. union, alliance, relationship, junction, conjunction, affiliation, association, filiation; implication, relative, relation, kinsman; bond, tie, link, coupling vinculum. Antonyms: disconnection, detachment, isolation, incoherence.

conquer, v. defeat, overpower, down, vanquish, triumph, overthrow, subdue, subjugate.

conqueror, n. subjugator, subduer, vanquisher, victor; conquistador.

conquest, n. subjection, subjugation, victory, mastery, triumph, reduction, overthrow, rout.

conscience, n. Associated Words: casuistry, Erinys, compunction, qualm.

conscientious, a. scrupulous, just, upright, high-minded.

conscionable, a. reasonable, just.

conscious, a. cognizant, aware, sensible, apprised; sentient, percipient, knowing. Antonyms: See unconscious.

consecrate, v. dedicate, sanctify, hallow.

consent, v. agree, accord, concur, accede, yield, assent, acquiesce, comply, permit. Antonyms: dissent, disagree, refuse.

consent, n. concurrence, acquiescence, compliance, approval, permission, agreement.

consequence, n. result, effect, issue, event, sequence, sequel, outcome, upshot, eventuality; pursuance; importance, moment, weight. Antonym: inconsequence.

conservation, n. preservation, maintenance, keeping.

conserve, v. save, preserve.

consider, v. meditate on, ponder, contemplate, think about; regard, heed.

considerate, a. thoughtful, circumspect, heedful, mindful Antonyms: See inconsiderate.

consideration, n. deliberation, advisement, contemplation, deference; motive, reason.

console, v. comfort, cheer, condole with, solace, sympathize with.

consolidate, v. solidify, compress, concrete; unify, merge, incorporate, combine.

consolidation, n. unification, union, combination, incorporation.

consonant, n. Associated Words: spirant, fricative, surd, sibilant.

conspicuous, a. salient, noticeable, prominent, manifest. Antonym: inconspicuous.

conspiracy, n. plot, complot, machination, cabal, intrigue, collusion.

conspirator, n. conspirer, plotter, intriguer, caballer, machinator.

conspire, v. plot, complot, cabal, machinate, intrigue, collude.

constancy, n. steadfastness, stability, unchangeableness, resolution, loyalty, devotion, fidelity.

constant, a. permanent, unchanging; unwavering, unshaken, steadfast, stanch, unswerving, loyal, faithful; continuous, incessant, continual, perpetual, uninterrupted. Antonyms: See inconstant.

consternation, n. dismay, terror, alarm, panic, distraction.

constipated, a. costive, bound.

constipation, n. costiveness, stegnosis.

constitution, n. structure, physique, temperament.

constitutional, a. inborn, innate, organic, inbred, natural, congenital.

constrained, a. involuntary, forced, unnatural, embarrassed.

constraint, n. compulsion, coercion, force, pressure; restraint, restriction.

constrictor, n. sphincter.

consultation, n. conference, council, convocation, advisement.

consummate, a. perfect, supreme, complete, finished.

consummation, n. fulfillment, perfection, realization, attainment.

consumption, n. phthisis; consuming.

contact, n. touching, tangency, contingency, impact, juxtaposition, osculation, contiguity, apposition, syzygy.

contagion, n. virus, infection, contagium.

contagious, a. communicable, infectious, pestilential, pestiferous. Antonym: incommunicable.

contain, v. comprise, embody, include, comprehend, hold, restrain.

container, n. receptacle.

contaminate, v. corrupt, pollute, defile, infect, taint, vitiate, sully, debase.

contamination, n. corruption, pollution, defilement, vitiation, taint, infection.

contemporaneous, a. contemporary, synchionous, synchronal, coexistent.

contemporary, a. contemporaneous, coeval.

contempt, n. disdain, scorn, contumely, derision, detestation, disgrace, reproach.

contemptible, a. despicable, abject.

contemptuous, a. disdainful, supercilious, scornful, insolent, flouting, cynical, contumelious, haughty.

contend, v. struggle, vie, wrestle, combat, compete; dispute, maintain, argue.

content, v. satisfy, appease, gratify.

contented, a. content, satisfied.

contention, n. controversy, dissension, altercation, quarrel, dispute.

contentious, a. disputatious, litigious, quarrelsome; dissentious, polemical.

contest, n. rivalry, match, tournament, tourney, competition, emulation; dispute, controversy, dissension, contention.

continual, a. ceaseless, incessant, constant, uninterrupted, unremitting.

continuance, n. endurance, persistence, constancy, continuation.

continuation, n. protraction, prolongation, continuance, perpetuation.

continued, a. prolonged, protracted, extended; serial.

continuous, a. ceaseless, uninterrupted, unceasing, continual, constant, running. Antonyms: intermittent, occasional, inconstant.

contraband, a. prohibited, forbidden, unlawful, illegal.

contract, v. reduce, narrow, condense; incur, acquire; covenant, agree; shrivel, shrink; syncopate.

contract, n. agreement, compact, covenant, pact, protocol, treaty, concordat, convention, stipulation.

contracting, a. astringent, puckering, contractile.

contraction, n. astriction, constriction, stricture, syncopation, condensation.

contradict, v. gainsay, controvert, impugn, dispute, contravene.

contradiction, n. gainsaying, opposition, contrariety, antagonism, paradox, inconsistency.

contradictory, a. inconsistent, irreconcilable, paradoxical, opposing, contradicting.

contrariety, n. antagonism, repugnance, disagreement, inconsistency, opposition.

contrary, a. opposite, adverse, counter, opposed; repugnant, incompatible, contradictory, retroactive, antagonistic, conflicting, abhorrent, inconsistent; perverse, wayward, refractory, headstrong, intractable.

contrast, n. comparison; opposition, antithesis, dissimilitude, unlikeness.

contravene, v. thwart, oppose, counteract countervail; violate, transgress.

contravention, n. thwarting, opposition, counteraction, violation, transgression.

contrite, a. penitent, repentant, sorrowful. Antonyms: impenitent, obdurate.

contrite person. penitent, repentant.

contrition, n. penitence, compunction, remorse, attrition, self-reproach.

contrivance, n. contriving, devising; device, expedient, scheme, invention.

contrive, v. devise, concoct, invent, excogitate, scheme, plan.

control, v. restrain, regulate, govern, manage, repress, direct, bridle, dominate.

control, n. restraint, repression, check, hindrance; domination, ascendency, dominion, regulation, superintendence governance, command, mastery. Antonyms: unrestraint, abandon, subjection.

controller, n. governor, regulator, ruler; comptroller.

controversial, a. disputatious, polemical.

controversy, n. dispute, contention, disoutation, altercation polemics, logomachy.

convalescence, n. revalescence.

convene, v. assemble, convoke, congregate.

convenient, a. handy, advantageous; seasonable, timely, opportune, suitable; accessible.

convent, n. nunnery, monastery, cloister, abbey, priory. Associated words: conventual, conventical, monastic.

convention, n. custom, usage, conventionality; assembly, convocation, congress, diet, synod, council.

conversation, n. converse, colloquy, parlance, parley, interlocution, chat, causerie, conference, confabulation, interview.

conversational, a. colloquial, interlocutory.

converse, v. talk, chat, commune, confabulate, parley.

converse, n. intercourse, communion, conversation, parley.

conversion, n. transmutation, transformation; proselytism; regeneration; appropriation, application, employment.

convert, v. transform, transmute; proselyte; regenerate; appropriate, apply.

convert, n. proselyte.

convex, a. protuberant, bulging, gibbous. Antonym: concave.

convexity, n. protuberance, gibbosity. Antonym: concavity.

conveyance, n. carriage, transmission; transfer, demise, alienation, cession.

convict, n. felon, prisoner, criminal, culprit, malefactor.

convincing, a. cogent, persuasive, conclusive.

convivial, a. festive, festal, social, jolly, gay.

convocation, n. convention, congress, synod, diet, council, consistory.

convoy, n. protection, escort, attendance; guard, escort.

convulsion, n. spasm, paroxysm; agitation, commotion, disturbance, upheaval.

cook, n. chef (chief cook).

cook, v. stew, seethe, gratinate; (Colloq.) tamper with, garble, falsify.

cookable, a. coctible.

cooking, n. cuisine.

cook-room, n. kitchen, cuisine; galley, cuddy.

cool, v. chill, refrigerate; moderate, allay, calm, quiet.

cool, a. deliberate, self-possessed, unexcited, dispassionate, indifferent, nonchalant, unconcerned, composed; chilling, apathetic, repellent, distant, unfriendly, ceremonious; audacious, impudent, shameless, presumptuous, flippant, presuming.

cooler, n. refrigerator.

cooling, n. refrigeration; gelation (Astron.)—a. refrigerant, chilling.

cooling room of Roman baths. frigidarium.

coolness, n. dispassion, nonchalance, indifference; (Colloq.) impudence, audacity.

coon, n. raccoon, mapach.

coop, n. pen, cote, mew, hutch, poultry-house.

coop, v. confine, shut up, imprison, incage, mew.

cooeperate, v. concur, unite, work together; collude.

cooeperating, a. cooperative, auxiliary, concurrent; synergetic.

cooeperation, n. concurrence, working together; collusion; synergism, synergy. Antonyms: antagonism, competition, opposition.

coot, n. (Colloq.) dolt, dunce, dullard, simpleton.

copier, n. copyist, transcriber; imitator, plagiarist. Antonym: originator.

copious, a. plentiful, abundant, overflowing, ample, exuberant.

copper, n. cuprum; cauldron. Associated Words: cupreous, cupric, cupriferous, cuprite, cuprous, speiss, chalcopyrite, chalcography, eruginous, verdigris, chalcographer, chalcographist.

copperas, n. green vitriol, sulphate of iron, ferrous sulphate.

coppice, n. copse.

copse, n. thicket, brushwood, coppice, boscage, bosk.

copulation, n. union, conjunction; sexual union, coition. Associated words: intromittent, infibulation, copulatory, copulate.

copy, n. transcript, reproduction, transcription, replica, replication, facsimile, duplicate, pasticcio, counterpart, counterfeit, imitation, apograph, estreat, exemplification, protocol, porotype; pattern, model, original, example, precedent; manuscript.

copy, v. transcribe, reproduce, trace, duplicate; imitate, ape, follow; exemplify.

copying machine. copygraph, polygraph.

copyist, n. transcriber, copier; imitator, plagiarist.

coquette, n. flirt.

coral, n. madrepora, madrepore.

cord, n. string, twine, torsade.

cordial, a. hearty, sincere, affectionate; strengthening, invigorating, cheering.

cordiality, n. sincerity, heartiness, ardor, empressement.

cork, n. stopper, stopple, shive. Associated Words: cloop, phelloplastics, phelloplastic, subereous, suberin, phellogen.

corn, n. maize, Indian corn; clavus.

corner, n. angle, cusp, cantle, bight, coin, quoin, coigne; nook, recess, niche; direction, quarter.

corner, v. nonplus, pose, perplex, confuse.

cornerwise, adv. diagonally.

cornhouse, n. granary.

corporal, a. bodily, corporeal, material.

corpse, n. remains, relics, cadaver; carcass; mummy. Associated words: cadaverous, cadaveric, necrophilism, necrophilous, carrion, necrophobia, necrogenic, necrogenous, necrotomy, necropsy, coffin, bier, catafalque, vespillo, cremate, cremation, crematory, crematorium, embalm, embalming.

correct, a. accurate, right, exact, precise. Antonyms: incorrect, erroneous.

correct, v. rectify, amend, emend, right; reprove, discipline; counteract, modify.

correctible, a. rectifiable.

correction, n. rectification, amendment, emendation; discipline, punishment; counteraction.

corrective, a. rectifying, reformatory, correctory, disciplinary emendatory.

correctness, n. accuracy, inerrancy, exactness, precision. Antonyms: incorrectness, inaccuracy, inexactness, error.

correspond, v. accord, comport, tally, correlate, harmonize, agree.

correspondence, n. adaptation, agreement, congruity, concurrence, homology; letters.

correspondent, a. conformable, congruous.

corrode, v. erode, canker; consume, wear away.

corrosion, n. erosion.

corrosive, a. erosive, eroding, corroding; vexing, carking, fretting.

corrupt, a. spoiled, tainted, addled, rotten, decaying; vitiated, depraved, dissolute, venal, unprincipled, unscrupulous, vicious, purchasable, mercenary.

corrupt, v. rot, spoil, deprave, vitiate, pervert, debase, demoralize, defile, infect, pollute.

corruption, n. putrefaction, decay; pollution, vitiation: improbity, venality, depravity, demoralization, dishonesty, bribery, subornation. Antonyms: incorruption, honesty.

cortege, n. procession.

cosmopolitan, n. cosmopolite.

cost, n. charge, expense, price, outlay; detriment, loss.

costemonger, n. fruiterer, costardmonger, coster.

costiveness, n. constipation.

costly, a. expensive, dear, high-priced; sumptuous, rich.

cot, n. cottage, hut; pen, coop, cote; cradle, crib.

coterie, n. clique, set, circle.

cottage, n. cot, cabin, lodge, casino, bungalow, chalet, hacienda, croft, hovel, shack, bower, shanty.

cottage cheese. smearcase.

cottager, n. cotter, cottier.

couch, n. lounge, sofa, bed.

cough, n. Associated Words: bechic, tussicular, pectoral, tussive.

council, n. aldermen, cabinet; assembly, junta, junto, camarilla, synod, cabal.

council-chamber, n. audience-room, divan.

counsel, n. consultation; prudence, deliberation, forethought; advice, admonition, suggestion. Associated Words: mentorial, monitorial, admonitory.

counsel, v. advise, admonish.

counselor, n. adviser, mentor, monitor, admonitor; lawyer, attorney.

count, v. enumerate, number; esteem, consider, reckon, judge, think.

count, n. numbering.

countenance, n. face, visage, features; support, goodwill, encouragement.—v. encourage, favor, approve.

counter, a. contrary, opposite, antagonistic.

counteract, v. defeat, frustrate, contravene, neutralize.

counteraction, n. frustration, contravention, neutralization.

counterbalance, v. counterpoise, countervail, equiponderate, balance.

counterfeit, a. false, fraudulent, spurious, fictitious, sham, mock, feigned.

countermand, v. revoke, cancel, rescind, recall.—n. revocation, rescission.

counterpoint, n. polyphony.

counterpoise, v. counterbalance, balance, equiponderate.

countersign, n. watchword, password, consigne.

counterterm, n. antonym.

counting frame. abacus.

count out. exclude.

countrified, a. rude, uncourtly, rustic, bucolic, rural.

country, n. region, territory; nation; rural parts, farming region. Associated Words: patriotism, patriot, patriotic, incivism, compatriot, expatriate, expatriation, deport, deportation, repatriate, repatriation, national, rusticate, rustication.

country, a. rural, rustic, agrestic.

countryman, n. compatriot, fellow-citizen; farmer, granger husbandman, rustic; peasant; (country bumpkin) yokel, carl, clod, clodhopper, churl, yahoo.

county, n. shire.

couple, n. two, pair, brace, span, couplet, team.

couple, v. join, link, connect; copulate.

couplet, n. distich.

courage, n. intrepidity, heroism, bravery, gallantry, hardihood, fortitude, valor, fearlessness, pluck, prowess. Antonyms: See cowardice and fear.

courageous, a. intrepid, brave, heroic, gallant, hardy, bold, fearless, valiant, valorous, dauntless, chivalrous, plucky, daring, lion-hearted.

courier, n. messenger, runner; estafet.

course, n. progress, passage; direction, bearing; heat, bout, round; procedure; sequence, routine, order, succession regularity; career; series.

court, n. tribunal, judicatory, judicature, judiciary, forum, mall; courtyard, quadrangle, cortile; jurisdiction; royal household, princely retinue; assize. Associated Words: curialistic, aulic, judicial, judiciary, forensic, docket, tipstaff, beadle, apparitor, summoner, dies judicus, dies non.

court, v. woo, spark; solicit, seek, allure, attract, invite.

courteous, a. deferential, polite, debonair, gracious, urbane, civil, respectful.

courtesan, n. prostitute, harlot, demirep, amorosa, bona roba.

courtesy, n. politeness, urbanity, civility, complaisance; favor, indulgence; curtsy.

courtly, a. elegant, dignified, polite.

courtyard, n. court, quadrangle, area, cortile, yard; patio, (Sp. America).

cove, n. bay, recess, bight, inlet.

covenant, n. compact, agreement, pact, concordat.

cover, v. overspread, overlay, thatch, hide, conceal, secrete; comprise, embrace, embody, comprehend; copulate with, serve.

cover, n. lid, covering, case, canopy, awning, tilt, roof, casing, cope, capsule, envelope; shelter, protection, defense, safeguard; counterpane, quilt, coverlet, spread; covert, underbrush, undergrowth, underwood, jungle, bush; plate.

covered, a. covert, screened, sheltered, protected, hidden.

covering, n. cover, wrapper, sheath, pavilion.

covert, a. secret, hidden, disguised, clandestine, stealthy.

covert, n. shelter, refuge, retreat; underwood, jungle, thicket.

covetousness, n. cupidity, avarice, greed.

cow, n. female of bovine animals; heifer (young cow); maverick. Associated Words: bovine, Bos, moo, low, lowing, farrow, beef, neat, moolley, vachery, chiche-vache, milch.

cow, v. overawe, daunt, intimidate, scare, dishearten.

coward, n. craven, dastard, poltroon, milksop, recreant.

cowardice, n. pusillanimity, poltroonery, dastardy, recreancy, timidity, cowardliness.

cowardly, a. craven, pusillanimous, dastard, dastardly, poltroon, recreant, timorous, white-livered, chicken-hearted faint-hearted, spiritless.

cowboy, n. cattle herder, drover, herdsman, vaquero.

cowcatcher, n. pilot.

cow doctor. veterinarian, veterinary, veterinary surgeon.

cower, v. crouch, squat; quail, cringe.

cowlike, a. bovine.

coworker, n. colleague, coagent, collaborator, associate.

cowpox, n. vaccinia, kinepox, cowpock, kinepock.

coxcomb, n. fop, dandy, dude, popinjay, exquisite.

coy, a. shy, modest, retiring, demure, reserved.

cozy, a. snug; talkative, chatty, sociable.

crab, n. crustacean, mollusk.

crabbed, a. See cross.

crabs, n. pl. Cancer, Crustacea, Mollusca, Brachyura. Associated words: crustacean, cancriform, cancerite, cancrine, cancroid, lobster, carcinology, brachyurean, cancrivorous, cancrophagous, carcinoid, carcinomorphic.

crack, n. chink, crevice, cranny, fissure, rift, rime, rent, cleft, interstice; rupture, breach, flaw; report, clap, pop, explosion, snap.

crack, v. break, chop, cleave, split, rift, snap.

crack, a. (Colloq.) first-rate, excellent, fine, capital, first-class.

cracked, a. (Colloq.) crotchety, eccentric, crazy.

crackle, v. crepitate, decrepitate.—n. crepitation, crackling.

crackling, a. crepitant.—n. crepitation, decrepitation, crackle.

crack up. (Low) extol, laud, praise, cry up.

cracksman, n. burglar.

cradle, n. baby's bed, trundle-bed; solen; cunabula.

craft, n. dexterity, skill; trade, handicraft; guild; guile, cunning, subtlety, artfulness.

craftiness, n. artfulness, guile, craft, cunning.

craftsman, n. artificer, artisan, mechanic, skilled workman.

crafty, a. shrewd, artful, wily, tricky, cunning, sly, deceitful, Machiavelian. Antonyms: guileless, artless, undesigning.

cragged, a. jagged, broken, craggy.

cram, v. compress, crowd, squeeze, press, impact.

cramp, v. restrain, confine, hinder, restrict, obstruct.

cranium, n. skull.

crank, n. winch, turning-handle; bend, turn, twist, crook, curve.

cranky, a. (Colloq.) crotchety, capricious, unreasonable, cantankerous, cross, perverse, cross-grained, contumacious unsteady.

cranny, n. crevice, chink. See crack.

crash, n. ruin, smash, failure, collapse.

crass, a. coarse, unrefined, gross, crude.

crave, v. long for, yearn for, hanker after; beseech, entreat, implore.

craven, a. cowardly.—n. coward.

craving, n. longing, yearning, hankering, hungering; entreaty, supplication.

crawler, n. creeper, reptile; pl. Reptilia, reptiles.

crawling, a. creeping, reptile, reptant, reptatorial, reptatory.—n. creeping.

craze, v. madden, derange, distract; confuse, disarrange.

craze, n. craziness, distraction; fancy, freak, crotchet; mania, passion, infatuation.

craziness, n. insanity, lunacy, dementia, delirium; monomania; megalomania; paranoia.

crazy, a. demented, deranged, insane, delirious, dementate, mad, lunatic, distracted, frantic, crazed, crack-brained; rickety, decrepit, shaky, tottering, dilapidated; desirous, eager, infatuated. Antonyms: sane, rational.

crazy person. madman, maniac, lunatic, bedlamite; monomaniac; paranoiac; megalomaniac.

cream, n. best part, quintessence; cremor; cosmetic.

crease, n. ruck, wrinkle.

creation, n. origination, making, invention; universe, cosmos, world.

creative, a. demiurgic, inventive, cosmoplastic, omnific.

creature, n. being.

credence, n. belief, credit, acceptance.

credit, n. belief, faith, confidence; repute, good name, esteem, honor; influence, prestige; trust, tick. Antonyms: discredit, dishonor, unbelief.

creditor, n. Associated Words: bilk, subrogation.

credulous, a. unsuspecting, gullible. Antonym: incredulous.

creed, n. Associated-words: symbolics, symbolism Athanasian, Nicene, Apostles'.

creek, n. brook, rivulet, race, runlet, streamlet, runnel, bourn, burn; cove, bight.

creepers, n. pl. Reptilia.

creephole, n. retreat; subterfuge, expedient, makeshift excuse.

creeping, a. crawling, reptile, reptant; fawning, truckling, obsequious, sycophantic.

creeping, n. reptation; formication.

creepingly, adv. insidiously, cunningly.

cremate, v. incremate, incinerate.

cremation, n. incremation, incineration. Associated Words: crematory, crematorium.

crest, n. tuft; helmet; top, ridge, crown, summit; armorial bearings, device, cognizance.

crested, a. cristate.

crestfallen, a. dejected, discouraged, disheartened, downcast.

crevice, n. cleft, fissure, rent, cranny, crack, chink.

crew, n. assemblage, throng, gang, mob, band, crowd.

crib, n. manger, rack; bin, bunker, box.

crib, v. (Colloq.) appropriate, plagiarize, steal, purloin.

cricket, n. Associated Words: stridulate, stridulation, stridulator, stridulatory, stridulous.

crime, n. felony, atrocity, outrage, enormity; offense, transgression, misdemeanor, malefaction, dereliction. Associated Words: criminology, criminologist, criminality, recidivism, recidivist.

criminal, a. felonious, flagitious.

criminal, n. felon, malefactor, culprit; criminaloid.

criminate, v. incriminate, implicate, accuse.

crimination, n. incrimination.

crimp, v. curl, crisp, frizz.

crimpy, a. frizzly, crimped, wavy.

crincum, n. (Colloq.) twist, turn, freak, caprice, fancy, whim.

cringe, v. truckle, fawn, crouch.

cringing, a. truckling, fawning, servile, obsequious, slavish.

crinkle, v. curl, wrinkle.

crinkly, a. wavy, wrinkly, kinky.

cripple, v. maim, lame, disable; hough, hamstring.

crippled, a. maimed, lame, disabled, deformed, halt.

crisis, n. critical juncture; climacteric, emergency, strait, exigency.

crisp, a. brittle, friable, short; crackling, lively, brisk. Antonyms: tenacious, tough, flexible.

critic, n. censor, reviewer, adept, judge, inspector; caviler, carper, censurer; Zoilus.

critical, a. discriminating, fastidious; carping, censorious, captious, caviling, zoilean; crucial, momentous, decisive, precarious, climacteric.

criticism, n. critique, censure, animadversion, stricture, cavil.

croak, v. forebode, decry, complain, grumble.

croaker, n. grumbler, alarmist, decrier, pessimist.

crock, n. jar, pot; soot, smut.

crony, n. (Colloq.) bosom friend, intimate, associate, chum.

crook, n. bend, turn, curve, curvature, deflection; crosier; pothook; artifice, trick, subterfuge, ruse.

crook, v. bend, curve, incurvate.

crooked, a. twisted, bent, devious, deformed, tortuous, sinuous, winding, flexuous, curved, curvilinear, spiral, labyrinthial; distorted, awry, askew, wry; dishonest, fraudulent, unscrupulous, knavish.

crookedness, n. tortuousness, tortuosity, sinuosity, incurvation, curvature, deformity, curvity, wryness, anfractuosity; dishonesty, improbity.

crop, n. harvest, fruit, product, ingathering.

crop, v. clip, lop, cut off; gather, reap, harvest, garner; browse, nibble.

cross, n. crucifix, rood, gibbet; rebated cross, gammadion, fylfot, saltire, swastika, cross bottony. Associated Words: crucify, crucifixion, crucifier, cruciform, crucial, cruciate, crucigerous, crucifer, vexillum, crantara, consignation.

cross, n. hybrid, mongrel, limmer.

cross, a. athwart, transverse, intersecting; adverse, baffling, contrary, perverse; petulant, peevish, cynical, surly, unamiable, inaffable, crabbed, crusty, captious, fractious, churlish, vixenish, querulous, fretful, choleric, touchy, waspish, morose, sullen, ill-natured, irascible acrimonious, irritable; inverse, interchanged.

cross, v. intersect; traverse; run counter to, thwart, baffle, frustrate, foil; intercross; interbreed, hybridize; cancel.

crossbarred, a. cancellated.

crossbars, n. pl. lattice, grille, cancelli.

crossbeam, n. girder, stringer.

crossbow, n. arbelest, arcubalist.

crossbreed, n. hybrid, mongrel.

crossbreeding, n. hybridization.

crossbred, a. hybrid, mongrel.

crosscut, v. intersect.

cross-examination, n. cross-questioning, inquisition.

cross-eye, n. strabismus, strabism.

cross-fertilization, n. allogamy.

crossgrained, a. intractable, contrary, perverse, refractory, froward, stubborn.

crossing, n. hybridization.

crossing, n. intersection, decussation; cancellation; traversing; junction; crosswalk; thwarting, frustration, contradiction, interference; consignation.

crossness, n. petulance, peevishness, cynicism, unamiability, moroseness, irritability, asperity, ill-nature, inaffability, irascibility.

crosswise, adv. across, transversely.

crotch, n. fork, crotchet, angle.

crotchet, n. whim, fancy, vagary, caprice, freak.

crotchety, a. whimsical, fanciful, vagarious, capricious.

crouch, v. squat, couch, stoop; cringe, fawn, truckle.

croup, n. cynanche.

crow, n. Associated Words: caw, corvine, corviform, corvoid.

crow, v. brag, exult, swagger, vaunt, gasconade, vapor.

crowd, v. press, shove, jostle; compress, cram, cramp, squeeze, stow, impact; swarm, throng, troop; intrude.

crowd, n. concourse, crush, posse, multitude, number, mass, throng, horde, host, troop, bevy, knot, assembly, confluence; populace, rabble, commonalty, mob, proletariat, riffraff, the masses, rabblerout, roughscuff.

crowded, a. congested, serried, dense, compact. Antonyms: incompact, loose.

crowding, n. congestion, compression.

crown, n. diadem, coronet, corona; tiara; wreath, garland chaplet, coronal, laurel, bays; royalty, sovereignty; consummation, capsheaf, summit, top, crest, vertex, vortex; krone. Associated Words: coronal, coronary.

crown, v. consummate, complete.

crowning, a. consummating, completing.

crowning, n. coronation.

crucial, a. cruciform, cross-shaped; severe, trying, ordeal

crude, a. undeveloped, inelaborate, uncouth, inartistic, unfinished.

cruel, a. pitiless, merciless, inhuman, unmerciful, fell, relentless, ruthless, truculent, brutal, unfeeling, severe, inexorable, incompassionate, implacable.

cruelly, n. inhumanity, implacability, severity, atrocity, pitilessness.

crumble, v. disintegrate, decay, molder.

crumbly, a. friable.

crumple, v. rumple, ruck, wrinkle, crush together.

crush, v. overpower, vanquish, quell, subdue, conquer, suppress; squeeze, press, compress.

crush, n. compression; pressure, crowd.

crushing, a. overwhelming.

crush-room, n. foyer.

crust, n. incrustation.—v. incrust.

crusty, a. cross, unamiable, surly.

crux, n. puzzle, riddle.

cry, v. weep, sob, wail, bawl, squall, whimper, blubber, pule, bewail; shout, call, exclaim, yell, scream, vociferate, clamor, ejaculate.

cry, n. exclamation, ejaculation, acclamation, outcry, clamor, vociferation, yoicks, scream, shriek, howl, yell, proclamation; slogan, shibboleth; halloo, whoop, hoot: crying, weeping, wail, lamentation, mewl, plaint whimpering.

cry down. decry, disparage, dispraise, traduce.

crying, n. weeping, sobbing, wailing, wail, clamation, bawling, puling, squalling.

crying, a. weeping, sobbing, clamant; flagrant, egregious, heinous, nefarious.

cry out upon. denounce, censure, condemn.

crypt, n. catacomb; follicle.

cryptic, a. hidden, secret, occult, enigmatical.

cry to. pray to, implore, beseech.

cry up. extol, laud, praise.

cube, n. hexahedron.

cucking-stool, n. castigatory, tumbrel, trebucket, ducking-stool

cucumber, n. gherkin (small and prickly).

cud, n. rumen; quid. Associated Words: Ruminantia, ruminant, ruminate, rumination, merycism.

cuddle, v. nestle, snuggle.

cudgel, n. club, bludgeon.

cue, n. catchword; queue, pigtail; hint, suggestion, intimation.

cuff, n. box, slap, buffet; manchette (ornamental cuff).

cuff, v. box, slap, smite, strike, buffet.

cull, n. cully, dupe, gull.

culprit, n. offender, malefactor, delinquent, criminal sinner.

cultivable, a. tillable, arable, culturable.

cultivate, v. till.

cultivation, n. tillage.

culture, n. cultivation, tillage; refinement, enlightenment, education.

cultured, a. refined, educated, enlightened.

cumbersome, a. burdensome, troublesome, unwieldy, unmanageable.

cunning, a. artful, crafty, sly, wily, arch, designing, deceitful, intriguing; curious, ingenious; skillful, dexterous.

cunning, n. craft, deceit, craftiness, subtlety, wiliness.

cup, n. mug, noggin, nipperkin, beaker, bumper, tankard, jorum, tig; pl. carousal, wassail, intoxication, orgies; cupping-glass, cupel; calyx.

cupboard, n. locker, buffet, ambry, closet.

cupidity, n. covetousness, avarice, greediness.

cupola, n. dome; lantern.

curable, a. remediable, sanable. Antonyms: incurable, irremediable.

curative, a. remedial, sanatory.

curator, n. custodian, keeper, trustee, warden.

curb, v. check, restrain, control, repress, bridle.

curb roof, gambrel roof; mansard roof.

curdle, v. coagulate, thicken, curd, clabber, lopper

curdled, a. coagulated, thickened, loppered.

curdled milk. clabber.

cure, n. spiritual charge, curacy; medical treatment, therapy; antidote, remedy, specific; healing.

cure, v. heal, remedy.

cure-all, n. panacea, catholicon.

curiosity, n. inquisitiveness; curio, freak, rarity, rara avis, wonder. Antonyms: incuriosity, uninquisitiveness.

curious, a. inquisitive; strange, rare, unusual. Antonym: incurious.

curl, n. ringlet, kink, toupet.

curl, v. crisp, crimp, crape; writhe, wreathe, twist, wind.

curling, n. crispation.

curl paper. papillote.

curly, a. curling, curled, crinkled, crinkly, wavy, kinky.

curlycue, n. (Colloq.) flourish, paraph, caper.

current, a. present, instant; circulating, rife.

curse, n. denunciation, anathema, ban, malediction, execration, imprecation, fulmination, malison, maranatha; torment, plague, scourge, affliction.

curse, v. anathematize, execrate, fulminate, denounce, condemn.

cursed, a. accursed, execrable, abominable, odious.

curtail, v. shorten, reduce, retrench.

curtain, n. hanging, drapery, portiere, valance, purdah.

curvature, n. curve, flexure, sinuosity; cyrtosis.

curve, v. bend, crook, turn, inflect, deflect, deviate, wind.

cushion, n. pad, bolster, pillow, pillion; pouf, pouffle.

cussedness, n. (Slang) perversity, obstinacy, doggedness, meanness.

custodian, n. curator, guardian, keeper.

custody, n. safe-keeping, care; imprisonment.

custom, n. usage, practice, conventionality; patronage; impost, duty, tribute.

customary, a. usual, wonted, habitual, conventional, accustomed.

customer, n. patron.

cut, v. gash, slash, hew, crop, reap, mow, lop, prune, clip, shear, whittle, shave, trim, detruncate, dock, curtail, exscind, dissect, chamfer, amputate, carve, chase, chisel, lance, bisect, cleave, razee, slit, incise, fell, score, nurl, knurl.

cut, n. incision, gash, slash, slit, wound; slight, ignoration; sarcasm, taunt; notch, groove, chamfret; defile, passage; kerf; slice, piece; fashion, style, mode; engraving.

cut down. fell; retrench, curtail, reduce.

cute, a. (Colloq.) clever, sharp, ingenious, cunning, shrewd.

cut off. amputate, sever; interrupt, stop, intercept.

cut out. exscind, excise, remove; supplant; debar, exclude.

cutting, a. incisive, sharp, keen, trenchant; penetrating, nipping, biting; sarcastic, satirical, caustic, acrimonious, mordacious; secant.

cutting, n. incision, felling, amputation, cleavage, truncation, curtailment, celotomy, dissection, scarification, slashing, cropping; slip, scion, clipping. Associated Words: sectile, sectility, insecable.

cutting out. excision, exsection.

cut to pieces. dissect, mutilate, dismember.

cut up. afflict, grieve, distress, harry; play pranks, play tricks, cut capers, misbehave.

cyclone, n. tornado.

cypher, n. See cipher.

Czar, n. Tsar, Tzar. Associated Words: Czarinian Czarowitz, Czarevna, autocrat.

Czarina, n. Tsarina, Tsaritsa.


Dabbler, n. superficialist, sciolist, smatterer, dilettante.

dabblingly, adv. superficially, cursorily.

dabster, n. (Colloq.) expert, adept, master-hand.

dagger, n. stiletto, poniard, bowie knife, dirk; obelisk.

daily, a. diurnal, quotidian.

dainty, n. delicacy, tidbit, treat, rarebit, bonne bouche.

dainty, a. fastidious, squeamish, finical; delicate, exquisite.

dale, n. glen, dell, dingle, vale, valley.

dalliance, n. fondling, endearments; delay, procrastination, postponement.

dally, v. dawdle, trifle; fondle, wanton; delay, postpone, procrastinate.

dam, n. barrier, weir, burrock.

dam, v. restrain, obstruct.

damage, v. injure, hurt, harm, despoil, scathe, deface, impair, disfigure, damnify.

damage, n. injury, detriment, impairment, defacement, harm, hurt, mischief.

damages, n. pl. indemnity, satisfaction, reparation.

damn, v. condemn, curse, reprobate, denounce.

damnable, a. accursed, atrocious, execrable, heinous.

damnation, n. condemnation, reprobation, perdition.

damning, a. condemnatory, damnatory.

damp, a. moist, wet, humid, dank.

dampen, v. moisten, damp; check, repress, restrain, discourage, depress.

damper, n. check, setback, wet blanket, discouragement, rebuff.

dampness, n. moisture, humidity.

dance, n. ballet, cotillion, quadrille, waltz, reel, fandango, polka, two-step, polonaise, mazurka, schottische, allemande cancan, minuet, courant, bolero, gavot. Associated Words: terpsichorean, Terpsichore, choregraphy, dervish.

dancing-mania, n. epidemic chorea, choromania, cory-bantism

dander, n. (Slang) anger, resentment, ire, wrath, dudgeon.

dandified, a. foppish, coxcombical. Antonyms: slovenly, careless, seedy.

dandy, n. fop, exquisite, dude, coxcomb, popinjay, incroyable, jackadandy. Antonym: sloven.

danger, n. jeopardy, hazard, peril, insecurity, risk, exposure, imminence, impediment. Antonyms: safety, immunity, security, shelter, safeguard, protection.

dangerous, a. perilous, hazardous, risky, unsafe, critical, parlous, imminent. Antonyms: See safe.

Danish Parliament. Rigsdag (Landsthing and Folkething).

dapper, a. spruce, trim, natty, spry, nimble.

dappled, a. piebald, spotted, pied, mottled.

dare, v. venture, presume; defy, challenge, stump.

dare, n. defiance, provocation, challenge.

dare-devil, a. reckless, rash, inconsiderate, venturesome.

dark, a. unilluminated, sunless, dusky, rayless, Cimmerian, pitchy, tenebrific, murk, murky, dingy, shadowy, shady, mirky, lowering, overcast, gloomy, sullen, Stygian, sombre; obscure, mysterious, incomprehensible, recondite abstruse, cabalistic, cryptic, enigmatical, occult; brunette, swart, swarthy.

darken, v. shade, obscure, infuscate, shadow, becloud, obfuscate; perplex, confuse; sully, tarnish, discolor.

darkness, n. obscurity, shadow, dimness, gloom, infuscation, murkiness, obfuscation, tenebrosity; unenlightenment. Associated Words: Erebus, Ahriman, Cimmerii.

dart, v. hurl, launch, jaculate; spring, dodge, bolt, shoot.

dash, n. collision, allision, crash; abashment, frustration; infusion, smack, tincture, sprinkling; onset, rush, sally; energy, animation, vigor; (Slang) parade, flourish, show, ostentation.

dashboard, n. splashboard, dasher.

dashing, a. spirited, bold, brilliant, ostentatious, gay; roaring, rushing, headlong.

dastard, n. coward, craven, poltroon. See coward.

daub, v. smear, bedaub, besmear, soil, sully.

daughter, n. Associated Words: filial, filiation, filicide.

daunt, v. cow, intimidate, frighten, alarm, appall, dishearten, scare.

dauntless, a. intrepid, valorous, daring, fearless.

dawn, n. daybreak, aurora, dayspring, sunrise.

day, n. daytime, nycthemeron; time, age, generation, epoch, era. Associated Words: metemptosis, proemptosis, daily, diurnal, quotidian, ephemeral, sine die, ferial, per diem.

day-blindness, n. nyctalopia.

day-dream, n. revery.

day scholar. extern.

day-sight, n. hemeralopia.

dazzle, v. daze, blind; bewilder, astonish, overpower.

dazzling, a. brilliant, intense, glaring.

deacon, n. Associated Words: diaconal, diaconate.

dead, a. lifeless, deceased, inanimate, defunct, extinct, departed; inert, obtuse, impassive, callous, torpid, unfeeling, subdued.

dead body. See corpse.

deadborn a. stillborn.

deaden, v. blunt, benumb, hebetate, moderate; devitalize, subdue.

dead-house, n. morgue; ossuarium, charnel-house, mortuary, tomb.

deadly, a. fatal, mortal, lethal, lethiferous, noxious, internecine; implacable, unrelenting.

deaf-mute, n. Associated Word: dactylology.

deal, v. distribute, apportion, dispense, allot; trade, traffic, negotiate.

dealer, n. trader, dispenser, trafficker, retailer, shopkeeper, merchant, monger, vender, tradesman, broker, mercer, commission dealer, jobber.

dealing, n. distribution, apportionment; traffic, intercourse, barter, business, transaction, negotiation, commerce, trade.

dear, a. costly, expensive, high-priced; beloved, darling, precious. Antonyms: cheap, inexpensive.

dearth, n. scarcity, lack, deficiency, paucity, want. Antonyms: See plenty.

death, n. decease, demise, dissolution, dying, mortality, expiration, quietus, mort, obit, extinction; euthanasia (an easy death). Associated-words: eschatology, thanatology, thanatopsis, necrology, thanatophobia, necrophobia, necrolatry, requiem, necromancy, posthumous, post-mortem, ante-mortem, euthanasian, dirge, crossbones, placebo, in extremis, decedent, funeral, obit, obitual, necrologist, fatality, fatal, casualty.

deathless, a. immortal, imperishable, undying.

death notice. obituary, necrology.

debar, v. preclude, exclude.

debase, v. degrade, deteriorate, abase, vitiate, corrupt, alloy, humiliate.

debasement, n. degradation, abasement, deterioration, vitiation, depravation.

debatable, a. contestable, moot, disputable, mooted, controvertible. Antonyms: incontestable, indisputable, incontrovertible.

debate, v. argue, discuss, moot, contend, controvert.

debate, n. discussion, argument, moot, dispute, controversy, disputation, forensic.

debauch, v. vitiate, deprave, corrupt, demoralize; ravish, rape.

debauch, n. debauchery, dissipation, abandon, drunkenness saturnalia, orgies, bacchanals, lechery; rape. Antonyms: temperance, continence, moderation.

debauched, a. dissolute, licentious, dissipated, corrupt.

debauchee, n. libertine, lecher, fornicator, rake, drunkard, satyr.

debauchery, n. lechery, libertinism, sensuality, licentiousness, bestiality.

debonair, a. suave, courteous, urbane, complaisant, gracious.

debt, n. liability, due, obligation, debit. Antonyms: asset, resource. Associated Words: garnishee, distrain, distress, debenture.

decadent, a. deteriorating, degenerating.—n. degenerate.

decay, v. decline, retrograde, deteriorate; rot, decompose, putrefy, moulder.

decay, n. deterioration, corruption, decline, decadence, senescence, retrogradation, decomposition, caducity; putrefaction, putrescence, rot; eremacausis.

decayed, a. rotten, corrupt, putrefied, carious, putrescent, decomposed.

decaying, a. rotting, corrupt, mouldering, decadent, putrefying, carious. Antonym: imputrescible.

decease, n. demise, death.

deceased person. decedent.

deceit, n. deception, imposition, trickery, chicanery, artifice, delusion, circumvention, guile, duplicity, imposture finesse, dissimulation, cozenage, trumpery, fallacy.

deceitful, a. deceptive, illusive, insidious, fraudulent, wily, artful, disingenuous.

deceivable, a. deceptible, gullible, credulous. Antonyms: indeceptible, undeceivable.

deceive, v. delude, beguile, mislead, gull, impose upon, dupe, circumvent, hoodwink, bamboozle. Antonyms: undeceive, disillusionize, disabuse.

deceiver, n. impostor, charlatan, mountebank, swindler, knave, cogger.

decency, n. propriety, seemliness, decorum, modesty, Antonyms: See indecency.

decent, a. suitable, modest, decorous, seemly, respectable. Antonyms: See indecent.

deception, n. imposition, craft, duplicity, deceit, hoax, fallacy, ruse, imposture, artifice, illusion, prevarication, finesse, dissimulation, cozenage, sophistry, coggery. Antonyms: guilelessness, candor, disillusionment, fair dealing, sincerity.

deceptive, a. delusive, fallacious, deceitful, specious, insidious, sophistical. Antonyms: guileless, candid, ingenuous, sincere, open.

decharm, v. disillusionize, disenchant, disabuse.

decide, v. determine, settle, conclude, resolve.

decided, a. unequivocal, determined, pronounced, unwavering, positive, incontrovertible.

decision, n. determination, settlement, conclusion, verdict, inference, deduction; firmness, resolution, constancy, steadfastness. Antonyms: indecision, irresolution, vacillation.

decisive, a. conclusive, final, peremptory, summary.

deck, v. bedeck, bedizen, array.

declaration, n. assertion, affirmation, avowal, predication, pronunciamento.

declare, v. affirm, assert, aver, state, asseverate, predicate.

decline, v. lean, incline, bend; languish, sink, wane, diminish, decrease, deteriorate, retrograde; deviate, stray; shun, refuse.

decline, n. deterioration, retrogradation, diminution, retrogression, degeneracy, declension, declination, decay; progressive emaciation, marasmus. Antonyms: progress, advancement, improvement.

decolor, v. decolorate, decolorize.

decorate, v. embellish, adorn, beautify, ornament, garnish, enrich, trim, bedizen, bedeck.

decorated, a. embellished, ornate, ornamented, trimmed. Antonyms: See plain.

decoration, n. embellishment, garniture, bedizenment, adorning, ornamentation, decking, insignia, regalia, purfling; paraphernalia.

decorative, a. ornamental, embellishing, adorning.

decoy, v. entice, lure, allure, ensnare, entrap.

decoy, n. lure, enticement, magnet, allurement.

decrease, n. decrement, diminution, reduction, decline, depreciation, abatement, subsidence.

decrease, v. diminish, reduce, dwindle, subside, depreciate, abate, wane.

decreasing, a. decrescent, diminishing, waning.

decrease of motion retardation.

decree, n. edict, fiat, mandate, decretal, rescript.—v. enact, ordain, enjoin.

decrial, n. condemnation, disparagement, dispraise, detraction, derogation, belittling.

decry, v. disparage, belittle.

dedicate, v. consecrate.

dedication, n. consecration. Associated Words: dedicate, dedicator, dedicatorial, dedicatory, dedicatee.

deduct, v. subtract, rebate.

deduction, n. subtraction, discount; inference, conclusion, corollary, illation.

deed, n. exploit, act, feat, perpetration, performance, stunt.

deed, n. Associated Words: defeasance, feoffment, muniment.

deep, a. profound, intricate, inexplicable, unfathomable, incomprehensible, recondite, abstruse; abysmal; sagacious, cunning, astute, shrewd; dark, intense; grave, grum, full-toned, guttural. Antonyms: superficial, shallow.

deepen, v. intensify.

deer, n. Cervidae; fallow deer, red deer, mule deer, reindeer; buck (fawn, brocket, pricket, sorel, sore, spitter); (female) doe, roe; (male red deer) stag, hart; hind, roe (female red deer); havier (castrated); halfer; antelope hummel; staggard. Associated Words: venison, fumet, umbles, cervine, deerstalking, capreoline.

deerhound, n. staghound.

deface, v. mar, disfigure, mutilate.

defacement, n. disfigurement, mutilation, marring.

defamation, n. calumny, libel, lampoon, traducement, roorback. See slander.

defamatory, a. slanderous, calumnious, libellous, vituperative, contumelious.

defame, v. calumniate, malign, vilify, lampoon, vituperate, slander.

defaulter, n. delinquent, peculator, embezzler, defalcator.

defeat, n. repulse, overthrow, vanquishment, foil, rout, frustration, disappointment.

defeat, v. conquer, vanquish, repulse, discomfit, rout, checkmate, outwit, balk, foil, frustrate.

defect, n. blemish, flaw, imperfection, foible, failing, shortcoming, infirmity.

defend, v. guard, protect, shield, secure, screen, shelter, fortify, garrison, preserve, harbor, countenance; uphold, espouse, vindicate, advocate, plead, justify, maintain.

defender, n. defendant, vindicator, advocate, champion, pleader, asserter, upholder, guardian.

defense, n. protection, defending, maintenance; guard, protection, palisade, rampart, bulwark, fortress, blockhouse, fortification, earthwork, breastwork, shield, armor, stockade, buckler, redoubt, remblai, palladium, garrison, ravelin, reliance, muniment, machicolation; vindication, advocacy, plea, excuse. Antonyms: betrayal, exposure, surrender, abandonment, capitulation.

defiance, n. challenge, provocation; opposition, insubmission, contumacy, contempt, insubordination, insurgency, mutiny, rebellion, recalcitration.

defiant, a. disobedient, insubmissive, contumacious, bellicose, rebellious, contumelious, refractory, cockahoop, mutinous. Antonyms: obedient, tractable, submissive.

deficiency, n. inadequacy, insufficiency, shortage, meagreness.

deficient, a. defective, imperfect, meagre, scanty, inadequate, insufficient.

defile, v. contaminate, pollute, soil, befoul, vitiate, taint, corrupt, infect, sully.

defilement, n. contamination, pollution, vitiation, corruption.

definite, a. positive, specific, express, explicit, specified, exact, precise. Antonyms: See indefinite.

definition, n. explanation, description; lexigraphy.

deformed, a. misshapen, disfigured, crippled.

deformity, n. malformation, disfigurement, unshapeliness distortion. Associated Words: orthopedy, orthopraxy, orthopedic, orthopedist.

defraud, v. See cheat.

deft, a. dexterous, adroit, expert, skillful, apt, clever.

defy, v. challenge, dare; spurn, flout, scorn.

degeneracy, n. decline, degeneration, retrogression, deterioration.

degenerate, v. deteriorate, retrograde, decline.

degeneration, n. deterioration, decline, retrogradation, degeneracy, vitiation.

degradation, n. abasement, debasement, disgrace, humiliation.

degrade, v. abase, debase, disgrace, pervert, humiliate, dishonor.

degraded, a. debased, low, shameful.

deiflcation, n. apotheosis.

deify, v. apotheosize.

deign, v. condescend, vouchsafe.

delay, n. deferring, deferment, procrastination, postponement, respite, reprieve; retardation, retention, obstruction; dawdling, lingering, dalliance. Antonyms: dispatch, promptness, expedition, haste.

delay, v. postpone, defer, procrastinate, suspend, reprieve, retard, impede, hinder, obstruct; linger, tarry, dawdle, dally. Antonyms: dispatch, hasten, expedite, facilitate.

delegate, v. depute, commission.

delegate, n. deputy, proxy, vicar, commissioner, legate, envoy, appointee, surrogate.

deleterious, a. hurtful, noxious, pernicious.

deliberate, a. intentional, premeditated, prepense, done on purpose. Antonyms: accidental, unconscious, unpremeditated, unintentional.

deliberation, n. consideration, discussion, consultation.

delicacy, n. daintiness, fineness, frailty, refinement, fastidiousness, discrimination, sensitiveness; dainty, tidbit, junket. Antonyms: indelicacy, coarseness, indiscrimination.

delicate, a. graceful, fine, exquisite, minute, slender; refined, sensitive, fastidious, dainty; critical, ticklish. Antonyms: See indelicate.

delicious, a. luscious, palatable, savory, exquisite, delightful. Antonyms: unpalatable, nauseous, distasteful fulsome.

delighted, a. charmed, overjoyed, enraptured.

delightful, a. charming, enchanting, rapturous, beatific, ravishing, delectable, pleasurable, delicious, congenial, enjoyable.

delirious, a. irrational. Antonyms: rational, lucid, sane.

delirium tremens. mania a potu, oenomania, the horrors (Colloq.).

deliverance, n. rescue, salvation, redemption; extrication, acquittance.

delivery, n. rescue, release, liberation, deliverance, extrication; surrender, conveyance, transfer, transmission.

delusion, n. illusion, deception, phantasm, hallucination, mockery, ruse. Antonyms: disillusionment, disenchantment, reality, actuality, fact.

demand, n. exaction, requisition, requirement, order, request.

demeanor, n. deportment, carriage, behavior, bearing, mien.

demerit, n. fault, wrongdoing, misconduct, delinquency.

demolish, v. See destroy.

demon, n. devil, fiend, Mara. Associated Words: demoniac, demonocracy, pandemonium, demonology, sabbat, demonophobia, polydemonism, demonism, exorcise, exorcism, exorcist.

demon worship. demonolatry.

demoralize, v. deprave, debase, corrupt, vitiate.

demure, a. sedate, sober, staid, decorous.

den, n. cavern, cave, lair; retreat, haunt, squalid resort.

denial, n. negation, rejection, disclaimer, disavowal, controverting, abjuration, disacknowledgment, refusal, abnegation, renunciation. Antonyms: affirmation, acceptance, avowal, confession.

denote, v. signify, imply, indicate, betoken.

denouncing, n. denunciation.

dent, n. indentation.—v. indent.

denunciation, n. condemnation, arraignment, accusation, fulmination, malediction, stigmatizing.

denunciatory, a. condemnatory, comminatory, fulminatory

deny, v. gainsay, contradict; disavow, disown, abjure, renounce, abnegate.

department, n. division, section, part, category; district, precinct, branch, province; station, sphere, capacity.

departure, n. deviation; retirement, withdrawal.

depend, v. lean, rely, trust.

dependable, a. trustworthy, trusty, reliable. Antonyms: untrustworthy, unreliable.

dependant, n. retainer, vassal, minion, subject, feudatory, adherent, satellite; corollary, consequence, concomitant.

dependence, n. suspension, dependency; reliance, trust; mainstay, support; contingency.

dependent, a. conditioned, contingent. Antonyms: independent, unconditioned.

depict, v. portray, delineate, describe, picture.

depiction, n. portrayal, delineation, description, picture.

deplore, v. lament, deprecate, bewail, regret, rue, bemoan.

deportment, n. behavior, conduct, demeanor.

deposit, n, deposition, sediment, precipitate, alluvium, alluvion, diluvium. Associated Words: alluvial, diluvial.

depositary, n. trustee, guardian, fiduciary.

depository, n. storehouse, magazine, depot, warehouse, promptuary.

depot, n. depository, warehouse; station.

depredation, n. pillage, sacking, rapine, spoliation, plunder.

depredator, n. plunderer, pillager, despoiler, robber.

depressed, a. dejected, dispirited.

depression, n. cavity, hollow, indentation, concavity, dent; dejection, discouragement, despondency, vapors, gloom; inactivity, dullness.

deprive, v. dispossess, strip, divest, despoil.

depth, n. profundity; extent, measure, intensity; deep, abyss; astuteness, shrewdness, acumen, discernment. Associated Words: bathometer, bathymetry, bathymetric.

derelict, a. abandoned, forsaken; lost, adrift; careless, negligent, remiss, delinquent.

deride, v. scoff, ridicule, mock, taunt, jeer, scout, jibe.

derision, n. ridicule, mockery, jeering.

derogatory, a. disparaging, detracting.

descendants, n. pl. progeny, posterity, offspring.

descent, n. descension; incursion, raid, foray; derivation, lineage, extraction, parentage, birth; declivity, slope, decline; dismounting; bathos; escarpment, scarp.

describe, v. delineate, depict.

description, n. delineation, depiction, portrayal; class, species, sort, character.

desecrate, v. profane, pollute, secularize.

desecration, n. profanation, secularization.

desert, n. merit, meed, due.

desert, n. wilderness, wild. Associated Words: oasis, mirage, caravan, caravansary, eremic.

desert, a. waste, unproductive, barren, desolate, infertile, inarable. Antonyms: fertile, arable.

desert, v. forsake, abandon, leave, run away from.

deserted, a. forsaken, desolate, abandoned, derelict.

deserter, n. renegade, turncoat, delinquent, backslider, apostate, recreant, poltroon, rat, traitor.

desertion, n. abandonment. Antonyms: See faithfulness.

desert wind. simoon.

deserve, v. merit.

deserved, a. merited, condign. Antonyms: undeserved, unmerited.

deserving, a. meritprious, worthy, meedful. Antonyms: undeserving, unworthy.

design, n. sketch, draught, outline, plan; scheme, intention, purpose, project, intent, aim. Associated Words: teleology, teleologist, teleological.

designing, n. artful, wily, crafty, subtle, politic, Machiavelian disingenuous. Antonyms: See undesigning.

desire, n. longing, craving, will, aspiration, hankering, appetency, cupidity, impulse; request, petition, quest, entreaty; velleity; pruriency. Antonyms: apathy, antipathy, aversion, inappetency. Associated Words: desiderative, desideratum, orectic, optative.

desire, v. want, crave, long for, lust, covet, yearn, aspire, request.

desolate, a. dreary, waste; broken-hearted, inconsolable, solitary; devastated.

desolate, v. devastate, depredate, despoil, sack, lay waste.

despair, n. hopelessness, desperation, inconsolableness.

desperate, a. irretrievable, hopeless, incurable, remediless, outrageous, atrocious, monstrous, heinous.

desperation, n. despair, hopelessness, recklessness.

despicable, a. contemptible, abject.

despise, v. contemn, disdain.

despiteful, a. malicious, spiteful, resentful.

despondency, n. melancholy, depression, dejection.

despondent, a. disheartened, discouraged, dejected, depressed.

despot, n. tyrant, autocrat.

despotic, a. autocratic, tyrannical, absolute, despotical.

despotism, n. absolutism, autocracy, tyranny.

destine, v. doom, preordain, appoint, foredoom.

destiny, n. fate, doom, lot, fortune.

destitute, a. devoid, deficient, lacking; needy, very poor.

destitution, n. privation, need, want, poverty, deficiency, indigence.

destroy, v. annihilate, undo, demolish, raze, desolate, devour, sack, dismantle, eradicate, exterminate, ruin. Antonyms: conserve, preserve, perpetuate, spare.

destroyer, n. iconoclast, annihilator, vandal, hun, destructionist, Apollyon.

destruction, n. annihilation, demolition, eradication, ruin, perdition, havoc, vandalism, subversion, desolation, devastation, iconoclasm. Antonyms: conservation preservation, perpetuation.

destructive, a. ruinous, iconoclastic, vandal, vandalic, internecine, deleterious, pernicious, annihilative.

desultory, a. fitful, irregular, cursory, unsystematic.

detach, v. disconnect, disjoin, sever, disunite, isolate, segregate.

detachment, n. disconnection, separation, disunion, isolation, segregation.

detail, v. particularize, enumerate.

details, n. pl. minutiae, particulars.

detention, n. restraint, custody, confinement, arrest.

deter, v. hinder, prevent, dissuade, restrain.

deteriorate, v. decline, degenerate, retrograde; corrupt, vitiate, debase, degrade.

deterioration, n. decline, degeneration, retrogression; vitiation, corruption, debasement.

detest, v. loathe, despise, abominate, abhor, hate, execrate.

detestable, a. abominable, loathsome, execrable, abhorrent.

detestation, n. abomination, execration, loathing, abhorrence, antipathy.

deuced, a. (Low) devilish, excessive, extreme.

devastate, v. desolate, sack, despoil, ravage, plunder.

devastation, n. desolation, sacking, despoliation, ravage, havoc.

develop, v. mature, evolve; unfold, disentangle, unravel. Antonyms: atrophy, blast, blight.

development, n. unfoldment, progression, evolution; hypertrophy (excessive development). Antonyms: atrophy, undevelopment, abortion, embryo.

deviate, v. swerve, deflect, digress, stray, wander, diverge. Antonym: continue.

deviation, n. swerving, deflection, digression, divergence.

device, n. contrivance, invention, expedient, wile, maneuver, artifice, trickery; symbol, motto, legend, cognizance.

devil, n. Satan, Lucifer, Apollyon, Belial, Beelzebub, deuce, dickens, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, Abaddon; demon, fiend. Associated words: diabolology, Satanic, demoniac, exorcise, exorcism, diabolism, Izedi, Izedism, demonology.

devilish, a. demoniac, diabolical, fiendish, infernal; atrocious, reprobate.

devil-may-care, a. reckless, defiant.

deviltry, n. devilry, diablerie, devilment, fiendishness.

devious, a. wandering, circuitous, mazy, winding, tortuous, roundabout; erring, sinful.

devise, v. contrive, invent, scheme, concoct, excogitate; bequeath.

devoted person. devotee, zealot.

devotion, n. consecration, dedication; zeal, allegiance, attachment, love; worship, adoration; religion, holiness, devoutness; fetishism, infatuation.

devotional, a. reverential, devout.

devour, v. consume.

devout, a. pious, reverent, devotional, godly, holy, religious. Antonyms: irreverent, irreligious, impious, unholy.

dexterity, n. expertness, skill, adroitness, aptitude, readiness.

dexterous, a. expert, adroit, skillful.

dialing, n. gnomonics.

dialogue, n. colloquy, duologue, interlocutory, interlocution, collocution. Associated Words: interlocutor, interlocutory, collocutor.

diarrhea, n. flux; lientery; (of cattle) scour.

diatribe, n. philippic, tirade, invective, screed.

dice, n. die, cube. Associated Word: cleromancy.

dicker, v. trade, barter, negotiate, exchange.—n. barter, trade, exchange, chaffering.

dictate, n. command, admonition, prescription, impulse.

dictator, n. despot, autocrat.

dictatorial, a. imperious, dogmatical, overbearing.

diction, n. language, phraseology.

dictionary, n. lexicon, vocabulary, wordbook, glossary; gazetteer, gradus, onomasticon, idioticon, thesaurus. Associated Words: lexicography, lexicographer, lexicographic.

dido, n. trick, antic, caper, prank.

die, v. expire, perish, decease; wither, fade, vanish, recede, wane, subside, languish.

die, n. dice; stamp.

differ, v. be unlike; disagree. Antonyms: agree, concur.

difference, n. dissimilarity, unlikeness, distinction, variation, contrast, discrepancy, discrimination, disparity, diversity, dissimilitude, incompatibility, inequality, heterogeneity, variety; dissension, variance. See disagreement. Antonyms: uniformity, similarity, agreement consonance, correspondence, indiscrimination, promiscuity, identity.

different, a. dissimilar, unlike, contrary, opposite, contrasted, variant, diversified, manifold, various, diverse, sundry, incompatible, heterogeneous, nondescript, miscellaneous unclassifiable, unique. Antonyms: similar, like, same.

differentiate, v. discriminate.

differentiation, n. discrimination.

difficult, a. arduous, onerous, complicated, intricate, hard; uncompliant, intractable, perverse, fastidious, exacting. Antonyms: facile, light, easy.

difficulty, n. obstacle, impediment, obstruction; arduousness, hardness; controversy, disagreement, objection, cavil; predicament, quandary, dilemma. Antonyms: ease, facility, extrication, release.

diffidence, n. timidity, bashfulness.

diffident, a. bashful, timid, shy.

diffuse, a. copious, full, verbose, prolix.

dig, v. delve, excavate, scoop; thrust, poke, punch, jab; exhume (dig up).

dig, n. thrust, punch, poke; grind (student).

digest, v. codify, systematize, methodize, classify.

digest, n. pandect, summary, code, system, abridgment.

digestion, n. eupepsia. Antonyms: indigestion, dyspepsia. Associated Words: peptics, pepsin, peptic, pepticity, chyme, chyle, digestible, digestibility, indigestible, indigestibility.

digging, n. excavation; exhumation (digging up). Associated words: fossorial, fodient.

diggings, n. pl. (Slang) region, locality.

dignified, a. stately, majestic, august, imposing, decorous. Antonyms: See undignified.

dignify, v. exalt, grace, ennoble, honor, elevate.

dignity, n. exaltation, eminence; stateliness; honor, preferment.

digress, v. deviate, depart, wander, turn aside.

digression, n. deviation, divergence; episode, incident.

dike, n. levee, embankment.

dike warden. dikereeve.

dilapidated, a. ramshackle, dismantled.

dilate, v. expand, distend; expatiate.

dilation, n. expansion, dilatation, distention; expatiation.

dilemma, n. predicament, quandary, difficulty, strait, pickle. Antonyms: extrication, release.

diligence, n. assiduity, sedulousness, sedulity, perseverance, stagecoach (France).

diligent, a. sedulous, industrious, assiduous, persevering. Antonyms: See lazy.

dillydally, v. dawdle, dally, fritter, trifle, loiter.

dillydallying, n. dawdling, loitering, trifling, dalliance.

dilute, v. attenuate, thin, weaken, reduce.

diluter, n. diluent, attenuant.

dilution, n. attenuation, thinning, reduction.

dim, a. obscure, indistinct, faint, sullied, blurred. Antonyms: bright, vivid, intense, clear.

dim, v. bedim, obscure, darken, dull, eclipse, blur, tarnish.

diminish, v. decrease, reduce, abate, lessen, contract, curtail.

diminution, n. reduction, decrease, abatement, decrement.

dim-sighted, a. purblind, moonblind.

din, n. clamor, noise, racket, uproar, hubbub, clangor, hullabaloo.

dinner, n. Associated Words: prandial, post-prandial, croupier, ante-prandial, dine, diner.

dinner pail. blickey (Local U.S.).

dint, n. indentation, dent; force, power.

dip, v. plunge, immerse, duck, souse, douse, dive; lade.

direct, a. straight, undeviating; diametrical. Antonyms: indirect, circuitous, roundabout.

direct, v. point, aim; guide, pilot, lead, steer, regulate, govern, control, manage, conduct, superintend, instruct; address, superscribe.

direction, n. guidance, government, administration, management, superintendence, oversight; instruction, order, command; address, superscription.

directly, adv. diametrically; immediately.

dirge, n. requiem, coronach, trental, threnody.

dirt, n. earth, soil; squalor, filth, muck, foulness.

dirt-eater, n. geophagist.

dirt-eating, n. geophagism, chthonophagia, pica.

dirty, a. defiled, unclean, foul, nasty, filthy, soiled, begrimed, grimy, squalid, uncleanly, loathsome, bedraggled, daggletailed, besmeared, sullied; sordid, groveling, despicable, vile, contemptible, abject.

dirty, V. soil, befoul, begrime, besmirch, sully, tarnish, besmear, defile.

disable, v. incapacitate, disqualify, cripple, maim.

disabled, a. disqualified, crippled, maimed, incapacitated, hors de combat.

disadvantage, n. inconvenience, detriment, hindrance, drawback, inexpediency.

disadvantageous, a. inconvenient, detrimental, unfavorable, inexpedient, prejudicial.

disagree, v. be at variance, differ, contend, dissent, contradict, quarrel, altercate, spar.

disagreeable, a. unpleasant, distasteful, offensive, fulsome, uncongenial, contrary, incongruous, inconformable, inconsistent.

disagreeing, a. incompatible.

disagreement, n. difference; quarrel, bickering, dispute, altercation, sparring, squabble, contention, controversy, dissent, variance.

disappear, v. vanish, evanesce, recede, be lost to view.

disappearance, n. vanishing, evanescence.

disappoint, v. dissatisfy, frustrate, balk, foil, baffle, defeat.

disappointment, n. frustration, dissatisfaction, balking, defeat, nonsuccess.

disapproval, n. disapprobation, dislike, disfavor.

disaster, n. calamity, mishap, catastrophe, casualty.

disastrous, a. calamitous, deplorable, unfortunate, ill-fated

disband, v. demobilize, disorganize.

disbandment, n. demobilization, disorganization.

discern, v. perceive, discriminate, distinguish. See see.

discernible, a. perceptible, visible, noticeable, discoverable, apparent, manifest.

discerning, a. acute, sharp-sighted, shrewd.

discernment, n. insight, penetration, judgment, discrimination.

discharge, v. absolve, acquit, exculpate, release, exonerate, free; dismiss, cashier, remove; excrete, exude, void, eject, emit, expel; pay, liquidate; fulfill, perform; fire, shoot, volley; annul, rescind, invalidate, abrogate, cancel. Antonyms: retain, hold.

discharge, n. firing, burst, blast, volley, fusillade, salvo; acquittance, exoneration, quittance, release; fulfillment, observance, performance; dismissal; liquidation, payment evacuation, emission, ejection, exudation, excretion voiding; quietus.

discharged, a. dismissed, acquitted; emeritus.

disciple, n. adherent, follower.

disciplinarian, n. martinet (strict disciplinarian).

discipline, n. correction, chastisement, punishment; submission regulation; martinetism. Antonyms: laxity, unrestraint, indulgence.

disclaim, v. disown, deny, disavow, renounce, repudiate.

discomfiture, n. disconcertion, abashment, confusion, frustration, defeat.

discommode, v. inconvenience, incommode, trouble.

discomposure, n. agitation, perturbation, confusion.

disconnect, v. detach, dissever, disjoin, separate.

disconnected, a. detached, separate, isolated, incoherent.

disconnection, n. detachment, disunion, separation, incoherence.

disconsolate, a. inconsolable, broken-hearted.

discontent, n. dissatisfaction, discontentment. Antonyms: contentment, satisfaction.

discontented, a. dissatisfied, restless, malcontent, disgruntled

discord, n. dissonance, discordance, inharmony, variance, dissension. Antonyms: harmony, agreement, consonance

discordant, a. inharmonious, dissonant, jarring, unmelodious strident; at variance, contradictory, repugnant absonant.

discount, n. deduction, allowance, rebate.

discourage, v. dishearten, dispirit, depress, deter, dampen, unnerve, oppose, dissuade.

discouragement, n. depression, dejection; opposition, dissuasion, intimidation, determent, damper, obstacle, difficulty, barrier.

discouraging, a. depressing, disheartening, dissuasive.

discourse, n. dissertation, address, disquisition, oration, harangue, speech.

discourteous, a. uncivil, rude, disrespectful, abrupt, unmannerly, boorish, inurbane.

discourtesy, n. rudeness, incivility, inurbanity, impoliteness.

discover, v. ascertain, detect, unearth, descry, discern, disclose, ferret out.

discovery, n. ascertainment, detection, unearthing, disclosure.

discredit, n. disesteem, disrepute, unpopularity.

discreet, a. prudent, circumspect, wary, judicious.

discretion, n. prudence, circumspection, wariness; choice, liberty, will. Antonyms: indiscretion, imprudence, compulsion, constraint, coercion.

discretional, a. optional, discretionary, elective. Antonyms: compulsory, obligatory.

discriminating, a. distinguishing, differential, discriminative.

discrimination, n. difference, distinction, discernment, judgment. Antonyms: indiscrimination, promiscuity, undiscernment.

discuss, v. debate, argue, canvass, agitate, moot, deliberate.

discussion, n. debate, argument, canvass, agitation, consideration, symposium, forensic.

disdain, n. scorn, contumely, superciliousness, contempt.

disdainful, a. contemptuous, scornful, contumelious, supercilious.

disease, n. ailment, disorder, malady, complaint, affection, distemper; plague, pestilence, pest; epidemic, endemic. Antonyms: health, vigor. Associated Words: nosology, nosography, etiology, nosogeny, pathology, pathologist, pathological, pathogeny, therapeutics, symptomatology, diagnosis, pathognomonic, diagnostics, semeiology, semeiography, clinic, polyclinic, prognosis, contagion, infection, contagious, infectious, zoonosology, enantiopathy, loimography, loimology, quarantine, pathogene, germ, microbe, bacteria, bacillus, incubation.

diseased, a. morbid, unhealthful.

disembowel, v. eviscerate, gut.

disembowelment, n. evisceration.

disengage, v. extricate, disembarrass, disentangle, detach, dissociate.

disfavor, n. disapproval.

disfigure, v. deface, mar, blemish.

disfigurement, n. disfiguration, defacement; blemish, deformity.

disgrace, n. reproach, discredit, dishonor, shame, infamy, degradation, disrepute, ignominy, obloquy, odium, opprobrium, scandal, debasement, abasement.

disgrace, v. dishonor, humiliate, shame, degrade, debase, abase, discredit, tarnish, sully.

disgraceful, a. ignominious, shameful, dishonorable, discreditable, opprobrious, scandalous, disreputable, infamous.

disgruntled, a. (Colloq.) dissatisfied, displeased.

disguise, v. mask, dissemble, dissimulate, cloak, shroud, masquerade.

disguise, n. mask, blind, cloak, masquerade.

disguised, a. veiled, masked, incognito.

disgust, n. aversion, abhorrence, repulsion, repugnance.

disgust, v. revolt, offend, nauseate.

disgusting, a. fulsome, revolting, loathsome, repulsive, noisome, mawkish, nauseating, sickening, abhorrent, repugnant.

dish, n. vessel, utensil, receptacle.

dished, a. ruined, spoiled, undone; baffled, upset, disappointed

disheveled, a. disarranged, disorderly, uncombed, frowzy.

dishonest, a. unscrupulous, corruptible, deceitful, fraudulent.

dishonesty, n. improbity, unscrupulousness, fraudulence, cheating, indirection.

dishonor, n. disrepute, discredit, disgrace.

dishonorable, a. discreditable, disgraceful; unscrupulous, unprincipled.

disillusionize, v. disenchant, decharm, disabuse.

disinterested, a. impartial, unbiased, indifferent, neutral, magnanimous, unselfish.

disjoint, v. dislocate, luxate, disarticulate.

disjointed, a. incoherent, rambling, desultory, loose, disconnected.

dislike, v. disapprove, disrelish, hate.

dislike, n. aversion, antipathy, disrelish, disapproval, hatred, disaffection.

dislocate, v. disjoint, luxate.

dislocation, n. luxation, disjointing.

disloyal, a. perfidious, unfaithful, false, treacherous, treasonable, traitorous, apostate.

disloyalty, n. perfidy, unfaithfulness, treachery, treason, apostasy, faithlessness, inconstancy.

dismal, a. dreary, gloomy, cheerless, joyless, sombre.

dismantle, v. raze, demolish.

dismay, n. consternation.

dismember, v. mutilate, dislimb.

dismemberment, n. mutilation.

dismiss, v. discharge, cashier; banish.

dismissal, n. discharge, dismission, removal.

disobedience, n. contumacy, dereliction, undutifulness, defiance, insubmission, noncompliance, indocility, insubordination.

disobedient, a. contumacious, insubmissive, undutiful, defiant, remiss, derelict, indocile, insubordinate, refractory.

disobey, v. transgress, violate, disregard, defy, infringe.

disorder, n. confusion, disarray, disarrangement, disorganization, jumble, chaos, litter, irregularity, disturbance, tumult, riot, turmoil, Bedlam, fracas, pandemonium.

disorder, v. disarrange, confuse, jumble, disorganize, tousle, derange, discompose.

disordered, a. deranged, confused, jumbled, littered, disarranged.

disorderly, a. immethodical, unsystematic, confused; riotous, chaotic, lawless, tumultuous.

disorganization, n. disorder, derangement, demobilization dissolution.

disorganize, v. dissolve, disband, disorder, demobilize, disarrange.

disown, v. repudiate, deny, disclaim, disavow, renounce, reject.

disowning, n. denial, disclaimer, disavowal, repudiation, renunciation, rejection.

disparage, v. belittle, decry, depreciate. Antonyms: laud, extol, commend, praise.

disparagement, n. detraction, derogation, decrial, defamation, dispraise, vilification.

disparaging, a. derogatory, unfavorable, detractory, defamatory.

dispatch, n. haste, speed, celerity, expedition; message, telegram.

dispense, v. deal out, apportion, distribute; administer, execute.

disperse, v. dissipate, dispel, scatter.

displace, v. remove, disarrange; supplant, supersede.

display, n. exhibition, parade, ostentation, show.

display, v. exhibit, evince, expose, parade, flourish.

displease, v. offend, anger.

displeasure, n. disapprobation, dudgeon, dislike, disapproval, resentment, vexation, umbrage, dissatisfaction.

disposed, a. inclined, minded, willing. Antonyms: See indisposed.

disposition, n. temperament, mood, nature; willingness, readiness, inclination; arrangement, disposal; propensity, inclination, proneness, proclivity, bias, bent. Antonyms: indisposition, unwillingness, disinclination.

dispossess, v. dislodge, oust, eject, evict, dispropriate, disseize, remove, depose.

dispossession, n. dislodgment, ejection, eviction, ousting, divestiture, disseizin, ouster.

disproof, n. confutation, refutation.

disprove, v. confute, refute.

disputable, a. controvertible. Antonyms: indisputable, incontrovertible.

disputant, n. controversialist, controvertist, dissenter, disputer, arguer.

disputatious, a. contentious, polemical, argumentative, quarrelsome.

dispute, v. contend, argue, gainsay, controvert, altercate, wrangle, impugn, bicker, squabble, spar.

dispute, n. disputation, controversy, argument, debate, logomachy, squabble, contention, polemic.

disregard, n. indifference, ignoration, slight, neglect, disesteem, inattention, oversight.

disregard, v. ignore, slight, contemn, overlook, disobey.

disrepute, n. disesteem, unpopularity, disgrace, odium.

disrespect, n. discourtesy, incivility, disesteem, rudeness, irreverence, insolence.

disrespectful, a. discourteous, uncivil, rude, irreverent, impious, insolent, saucy.

dissatisfaction, n. discontent, discontentment, disapproval, displeasure.

dissatisfied, a. discontented, displeased, restless, malcontent, impatient, disgruntled.

dissection, n. anatomy; analysis, examination; vivisection, callisection, sentisection.

dissector, n. anatomist, prosector.

dissent, n. dissension, disagreement, variance; nonconformity, dissidence.

dissenter, n. nonconformist, sectary, dissident, separatist, schismatic, recusant.

dissertation, n. discourse, disquisition.

dissimilar, a. See different.

dissipated, a. profligate, dissolute, licentious, fast.

dissipation, n. dispersion, scattering; profligacy, dissoluteness.

dissolute, a. debauched, dissipated, licentious, abandoned.

dissolution, n. dissolving, analysis; solution, liquefaction; decomposition, resolution.

dissolvable, a. dissoluble, soluble, fusible. Antonyms: indissoluble, indissolvable.

dissolve, v. melt, liquefy, macerate, fuse, deliquesce; disorganize, disband, disperse; sunder, disunite.

dissolvent, n. menstruum, solvent.

dissuade, v. deter, divert.

dissuasion, n. dehortation.

distance, n. interval, intervening space; remoteness; reserve, aloofness, ceremoniousness, unfriendliness, alienation. Associated words: longimetry, longitude, latitude, odometer, odograph, perambulator.

distance, v. outstrip, outdo, surpass.

distant, a. remote, far-off; uncordial, reserved, cold. Antonyms: See near.

distaste, n. aversion, dislike, disrelish. Antonyms: taste, liking, relish.

distasteful, a. unpleasant offensive, repugnant, unpalatable, unsavory, disagreeable.

distill, v. trickle, drop, drip; rectify.

distillation, n. trickling; rectification, vaporization.

distinction, n. discrimination; eminence, celebrity, renown, fame, repute, prominence. Antonyms: indistinction, indiscrimination promiscuity, obscurity.

distinctive, a. discriminative, distinguishing, characteristic.

distinguish, v. characterize; discriminate, differentiate, discern, recognize.

distinguished, a. marked, special; eminent, illustrious, famous, celebrated, renowned, noted; transcendent, extraordinary, supreme, consummate, conspicuous. Antonyms: undistinguished, obscure, commonplace, inconspicuous, humble.

distinguishing, a. distinctive, peculiar, discriminative, characteristic.

distort, v. deform, twist; pervert, misinterpret, falsify, misrepresent.

distortion, n. deformity; perversion, crookedness; falsification.

distracted, a. frantic, frenzied, raving, crazy. Antonyms: See calm.

distraction, n. diversion, amusement; confusion, mystification, bewilderment; tumult, commotion, hurly-burly; despair, frenzy.

distress, n. anguish, agony, torture, sorrow, grief; misery, affliction, adversity, disaster, calamity, misfortune; straits, poverty, destitution, indigence.

distress, v. pain, grieve, afflict, wound; distrain.

distressing, a. grievous, distressful, painful, afflictive.

distribute, v. apportion, allot, deal out, dispense; classify, assort, group.

distribution, n. apportionment, allotment, dispensing, partition, division, dole; disposition, classification, grouping, arrangement.

district, n. region, precinct, province, circuit, quarter, locality, ward.

distrust, n. doubt, suspicion, mistrust.

distrustful, a. suspicious.

disturb, v. molest, perturb, annoy, disquiet, agitate, incommode, ruffle, disarrange, derange, unsettle, roust, excite.

disturbance, n. molestation, derangement, disquiet, disorder, perturbation, inquietude, agitation, uneasiness; commotion, turmoil, tumult, uproar, riot, clamor. Associated Words: perturbable, imperturbable, perturbability, imperturbability, imperturbation.

disuse, n. desuetude, insuetude, inusitation, discontinuance, obsoleteness.

disused, a. obsolete.

ditch, n. trench, moat, fosse, channel. Associated Words: scarp, escarp, parapet, graffage, counterscarp.

dive, v. plunge.—n. plunger, header; (Slang) resort.

divergence, n. radiation; disagreement, variance; divarication, forking.

divergent, a. diverging, radiating; variant, different.

divers, a. several, sundry, various, many, numerous.

diverse, a. different, dissimilar, heterogeneous, diversified, variant.

diversified, a. various, variegated, multiform.

diversion, n. turning aside; amusement, sport, recreation, relaxation.

diversity, n. difference, dissimilarity; variety, multiformity.

diver's apparel. scaphander.

diver's disease. caisson disease.

divide, v. sunder, split, cleave, disunite, part, separate, sever, dissociate, disconnect, detach, disintegrate, demarcate, dimidiate, partition; apportion, distribute, allot, assign, parcel out; disaffect, alienate, estrange, part; share, partake, participate.

divine, a. Godlike; religious, holy; heavenly, angelic, seraphic, transcendent.

divine, v. foresee, foreknow, surmise, forebode, conjecture, foretell.

diving bell. nautilus.

divisible, a. separable, dividable, partible.

division, n. separation, partition, demarcation, dimidiation; section, segment, part, compartment, portion, canton, category, group; disunion, alienation, schism, variance, dissension; apportionment, allotment, distribution

dizziness, n. vertigo.

dizzy, a. vertiginous, giddy.

do, v. effect, accomplish, produce, achieve, consummate, execute, perform; transact; perpetrate, commit; translate, render; suffice, answer; fare, prosper; vouchsafe, grant; (Colloq.) cheat, overreach, swindle, defraud. Antonyms: shirk, evade.

do-all, n. factotum.

do away with. abolish.

docile, a. tractable, teachable, gentle, yielding, obedient, submissive. Antonyms: See indocile.

docility, n. tractableness, submissiveness. Antonym: indocility.

dock, v. curtail; deduct from, lessen.

dock, n. wharf, pier, jetty.

dock hand. stevedore.

doctor, n. physician, medical practitioner, leech; homeopath; allopath; interne; externe; savant; (ignorant) quack, empiric.

doctor, v. repair, treat; (Slang) tamper with, falsify, adulterate.

doctrine, n. tenet, dogma, belief, principle, teaching.

doddering, a. shaking, trembling, infirm.

dodge, v. duck, evade, parry; prevaricate, equivocate, shift, evade, quibble, parry.

dodge, n. (Colloq.) prevarication, trick, artifice, subterfuge, stratagem, evasion, parry, device.

dodger, n. prevaricator; handbill, circular.

dog, n. canine; (young) pup, puppy, whelp; (female) bitch, slut; cur, whippet, tike, fice, mongrel. Associated Words: canine, Canis, cyniatrics, rabies, hydrophobia, cynanthropy, cynegetics, cynic, cynophobia, cynoid, cynopodous, cynocephalous, cynocephalus, cynocephalic, learn, leash, dog-fancier.

dog, v. follow, worry, hound.

dog days. canicular days.

dogged, a. stubborn, obstinate, mulish, headstrong, persistent.

doggish, a. surly, sullen, churlish, cynical, morose.

dog house. kennel.

dogma, n. doctrine, tenet.

dogmatic, a. positive, magisterial, dictatorial, imperious, domineering, overbearing; authoritative, categorical.

dog-star, n. Sinus, Canicula, Cards Majoris.

doings, n. pl. actions, proceedings, deeds, acts, performances, transactions.

dole, n. pittance, alms; distribution, apportionment, share, portion; grief, sorrow.

doleful, a. sorrowful, dolorous, plaintive, piteous, lugubrious, woe-begone.

domain, n. dominion, sovereignty; realm, territory; province, department.

dome, n. cupola.

domestic, a. home, household, family; intestine; domesticated, tame; fond of home.

dominant, a. predominant, prevailing, predominating, paramount.

dominate, v. predominate, sway, rule, govern, control, surmount, overtop.

domination, n. government, dominion, supremacy, rule, authority, ascendancy.

domineer, v. tyrannize, lord it; swagger, vapor, bluster.

domineering, a. tyrannical, dictatorial, overbearing, lordly, imperious. Antonyms: meek, apologetic, retiring.

dominion, n. sovereignty, sway, supremacy; realm, empire, kingdom, domain.

do more than duty requires. supererogate.

donation, n. gift, present, benefaction.

done for. (Colloq.) tired out, used up, spent, collapsed, exhausted.

done up. (Colloq.) wrapped up; worn out, exhausted.

donkey, n. ass, burro, Neddy. Associated Words: bray, asinine, asininity.

do-nothing, a. inactive, idle, lazy, fabian, slothful.

doodlesack, n. bagpipe.

doom, n. judicial sentence, judgment; destiny, death.

door, n. entrance, portal, gate; postern; porch, portico. Associated words: lintel, jamb, sill, threshold, stile, panel, rail, mullion, porte-cochere, reveal, rabbet, casing.

doorkeeper, n. porter, concierge, ostiary; tyler.

doorsill, n. threshold.

dormancy, n. abeyance, quiescence, inactivity, torpor, lethargy, inertness.

dormant, a. quiescent, latent, inert, inactive, abeyant, torpid.

dose, n. draught, dram, potion. Associated Word: posology.

dot, n. period, point; dowry; speck.

dotage, n. senility, anility, decrepitude; fondness, affection (excessive or weak).

double, a. twofold, duplex, bifold, binate; equivocal, Janus-faced, deceitful, insincere, perfidious.

double, v. duplicate; fold, plait, pleat.

double, n. duplicate, counterpart; duplication, plait, doubling; circuit, maneuver, shift, artifice, stratagem, ruse.

double-dealing, n. duplicity, dissimulation, trickery, Machiavelism.

double-faced, a. Janus-faced, deceitful, perfidious.

double-headed, a. bicipital, bicipitous.

double-hearted, a. perfidious, deceitful, treacherous, insincere.

double-minded, a. irresolute, vacillating, unsettled, undetermined.

doubling, n. duplication, reduplication; fold, plait, plication, double.

doubt, v. waver, hesitate, question, be undecided, query; distrust, suspect. Antonyms: believe, trust, rely upon.

doubt, n. indecision, uncertainty, vacillation, irresolution, misgiving, query, suspense, hesitancy, distrust, suspicion, quandary, perplexity; skepticism, incredulity, pyrrhonism; ambiguity, difficulty. Antonyms: conviction, credulity, confidence, decision, assurance, belief, certainty.

doubtful, a. unsettled, undetermined, dubious, wavering, precarious, undecided, irresolute; questionable, involved; ambiguous, enigmatical, problematical, equivocal, vague, indefinite. Antonyms: certain, implicit, sure, unquestionable, unwavering.

doubting, a. incredulous, suspicious, skeptical.

doughfaced, a. pliable, weak, irresolute.

doughty, a. redoubtable, valiant, bold, fearless.

dour, a. hard, obstinate, sour.

douse, v. duck, immerse, dip, plunge, souse, submerge.

dove, n. pigeon. Associated Word: coo.

dovecote, n. columbary, pigeonry, pigeon house.

dovelike, a. columbine.

dowdy, a. vulgar-looking, slovenly, untidy, slatternly, frowzy. Antonyms: See neat.

do without. dispense with.

down, adv. downward, below.

down, v. overthrow, subdue, floor, prostrate.

down, a. descending, sloping, downward.

down, n. pubescence; pl. (Colloq.) depression, abasement.

downcast, a. despondent, dejected, discouraged, gloomy, dispirited.

downcome, n. downfall.

downfall, n. downcome, descent, reverse, abasement, humiliation.

down grade. descent, declivity.

downhearted, a. dejected, despondent, discouraged.

downhill, n. descent, declivity, slope.—a. declivous, descending, sloping.

downright, a. blunt, direct, unceremonious, positive, undisguised, absolute, unmixed, straightforward.

downy, a. pubescent, flocculent.

draft, n. drawing, draught; bill of exchange; delineation, sketch, current of air; conscript, conscription. Associated Word: conscript (one drafted).

drag, v. haul, trail, tug, pull; break, harrow.

drag, n. dragging; dragnet; harrow; skid; clog, impediment, obstacle.

drain, n. channel, gutter, trench, ditch, sewer.

drain, v. empty, exhaust, deplete; filter.

draw, v. haul, drag, tug, tow; attract; entice, allure, lure, induce, tempt; extract, educe; unsheathe; deduce, infer, conclude, derive; disembowel, eviscerate; delineate, draught, sketch, depict, trace, limn; influence, win, induce; contract, shrink. Antonyms: repel, repulse, rebuff, reject, alienate.

drawback, n. disadvantage, hindrance, defect, imperfection; rebate, deduction, discount.

draw back. retract; shrink, flinch, recoil, withdraw, wince.

drawer, n. till (money drawer), tiller.

drawing, n. traction, hauling, pulling; graphics, diagraphics, delineation; sketch, draught, diagram, picture, limning, representation.

drawing back. retraction; shrinking, flinching, recoiling, withdrawal, wincing.

drawing off. withdrawal, abstraction.

drawing out. extension, protraction, stretching; eduction, extraction.

draw off. withdraw, abstract.

draw out. stretch, extend, protract; elicit, educe, extract.

draw up. compose, draught, write; array, arrange.

dread, n. apprehension, fear, awe (reverential fear).

dread, v. fear, apprehend.

dreadful, a. fearful, terrible, formidable, awful, dread, dire, direful, frightful.

dream, n. vision; illusion, vagary, wild conceit, revery, fancy, fantasy. Antonyms: fact, actuality, reality, substance, realization. Associated Words: Morpheus, Morphean, oneiroscopy, oneiroscopist, oneirocritic, oneiromancy, oneirology, oneirocriticism, nightmare.

dreamer, n. visionary, enthusiast, castle-builder, John-a-dreams.

dreamy, a. visionary, unreal, illusory. Antonyms: practical, real.

dreary, a. dismal, drear, cheerless, lonesome, wearisome, dull.

dregs, n. pl. refuse, sediment, lees, draff; riffraff.

dress, n. gown, toilette, robe; raiment, clothes, clothing, garments, habiliments, attire, garb, apparel, habit, array, costume, togs, toggery. Antonyms: See undress.

dress, v. clothe, deck, drape, apparel, robe, array, attire; adjust, align; curry, smooth, plane, finish; (Colloq.) castigate, chastise, whip. Antonyms: undress, disrobe, divest, strip, expose.

dress gaudily. bedizen, prank.

dressing, n. forcemeat, stuffing, condiment; (Colloq.) castigation, scolding, whipping, flogging, chastisement.

dressmaker, n. modiste, mantuamaker.

dribble, v. drip, trickle.

dribble, n. (Colloq.) trickling.

drier, n. desiccator, desiccant, desiccative, exsiccant, exsiccator.

drift, n. course, direction, bearing, tendency, aim, intention intent, design, import, meaning; accumulation, heap, bank, pile, diluvium.

drill, v. perforate, pierce, bore; train, discipline, exercise.

drink, v. quaff, sip, sup, imbibe, slake one's thirst; tipple, tope, guzzle, booze, house, be intemperate; absorb.

drink, n. beverage, potation, potable; draught, dram, potation, drench.

drinkable, a. potable, potulent. Antonym: undrinkable

drinking, n. potation; tippling, bibacity, drunkenness, carousal, guzzling, intemperance. Antonyms: temperance nephalism, abstinence, teetotalism. Associated Words: bibacious, bibulous, bibitory, dipsomania, alcoholism thirst, nectar, hobnob, bacchanalian, inebriant, potatory, oenomania, symposium, crapulence, supernaculum convivial, conviviality, tankard, beaker, cup, stein, canteen.

drinking-bout, n. orgies, compotation, bacchanals, carousal revel, revelry, wassail, saturnalia, debauch, spree, excess, carouse, jollification.

drip, v. drop, trickle, dribble.

dripping, n. trickling, dribbling.

dripping from the eaves. stillicide.

drive, v. impel, force, compel, press; propel, send; rush, press; conduct, carry on.

drive at. aim, intend, purpose.

drive away. dispel, disperse, scatter, dissipate.

drive back. repulse, repel, rebuff.

drivel, n. driveling; nonsense, twaddle.

drivel, v. drool.

driveler, n. drooler; imbecile, fool, idiot.

driver, n. coachman, jehu, charioteer, whip.

driving, a. violent, forcible; impelling, impellent, propulsive, impulsive.

driving, n. guiding by reins; impulsion, propulsion, compulsion, forcing.

driving back. repulse, rebuff, repulsion, repercussion, repellence, recussion.

driving out. expulsion.—a. expulsive.

drizzle, n. mizzle, misle, mist.—v. mizzle, misle.

droll, n. jester, buffoon, merry-andrew, zany, harlequin; comedy, farce, burlesque.

droll, a. ludicrous, laughable, comical, facetious, funny.

drollery, n. waggery, buffoonery, pleasantry, facetiousness.

drone, n. sluggard, idler, lounger.

drool, v. drivel, slaver, slabber.

drooler, n. driveler, slaverer, slabberer.

droop, v. languish, faint, grow faint, sink; bend, drop, hang; slouch; fade, wilt, wither.

drop, n. globule, minim, blob; pendant; descent, fall.

drop, v. distill, dribble, trickle, drip; fall; let fall, release, banish, dismiss, discontinue, discard, intermit, remit, relinquish; lower, sink, depress; variegate, bedrop, speckle, fleck.

drop by drop. guttatim, guttat, stillatitious.

droplight, n. pendant.

dropping, n. distillation, trickling, dribbling, falling; stillicide.

droppings, n. pl. excrement, dung.

drop serene. amaurosis, gutta serena.

drop-shaped, a. globular, guttiform, stilliform.

dross, n. refuse, scum, recrement, draff, dregs, scobs, waste, sinter.

drought, n. aridity, dryness; scarcity, dearth.

drought plant. xerophyte. Associated Words: xerophilous, xerophytic.

drove, n. herd, flock; crowd, company.

drown, v. overwhelm, submerge, flood, inundate, deluge.

drowning, n. demersion, submersion, inundation; noyade.

drowsiness, n. sleepiness, oscitancy.

drowsy, a. sleepy, dozy, oscitant.

drudge, n. menial, hack, slave, scullion, fag.

drug, v. deaden, dull, stupefy; surfeit; hocus.

drug, n. Associated Words: pharmacology, pharmacologist, pharmacy, pharmacognosis, pharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacopoeoea, pharmacography, spatula, mortar, pestle, cribration, pharmacopolist, pharmaceutical.

druggist, n. pharmacist, apothecary, pharmaceutist.

drum, n. snare-drum; base-drum; kettle-drum; tabor, taborine. Associated Words: reveille, rappel, chamade, ruff, tattoo, ruffle, roll, rataplan, drummer, drumhead, drumstick.

drum, v. thrum, strum.

drumstick, n. tibiotarsus.

drunk, a. intoxicated, drunken, inebriated, tipsy, boozy, besotted. Antonyms: sober, unintoxicated.

drunk, n. (Slang) spree, drunkenness.

drunkard, n. inebriate, toper, sot, tippler, carouser, dipsomaniac, wine-bibber, bacchanal, bacchanalian, debauchee. Antonyms: abstainer, ascetic, nephalist, teetotaler.

drunken, a. intoxicated, drunk; sottish, maudlin, fuddled, mellow, groggy, disguised.

drunkenness, n. intoxication, inebriety, inebriation, ebriety, ebriosity, debauch; excitement, frenzy, inflammation. Antonyms: sobriety, temperance, abstinence.

dry, a. desiccated, exsiccated, dried, evaporated; arid, parched; anhydrous; droughty; barren, uninteresting, jejune, vapid, tedious, prosaic, tame; sharp, keen, quaint, shrewd, droll.

dry, v. evaporate, desiccate, exsiccate, arefy, insolate (dry in the sun), torrefy; infumate (dry in smoke).

dry goods. textile fabrics. Associated Word: mercer.

drying, n. desiccation, exsiccation, evaporation, torrefaction, arefaction. Associated Words: desiccator, exsiccator, desiccative, evaporator, kiln.

drying, a. desiccative, exsiccative, desiccatory, desiccant, exsiccant, evaporative.

dryness, n. aridity, drought, desiccation, exsiccation.

dubious, a. undetermined, undecided, doubtful; equivocal, questionable, vague.

duck, v. souse, dip, plunge, immerse; dive; dodge, cringe.

duck, n. drake (male); teal; pl. Anatidae, Anseres. Associated words: anatine, anserine, anatiferous, quack.

ducking-stool, n. castigatory, trebucket, cucking-stool, tumbrel.

duct, n. tube, canal, pipe, channel, conduit.

dude, n. dandy, fop, coxcomb, swell, popinjay, exquisite. Antonyms: sloven, guy.

dudgeon, n. resentment, anger, displeasure.

dudish, a. foppish, dandified, coxcombical. Antonyms: slovenly, seedy, unkempt.

duds, n. pl. (Colloq.) frippery (old clothes); clothes, effects, things.

due, a. payable, unpaid; appropriate, becoming, proper; regular, appointed; owing, ascribable.

due, n. debt; duty, right.

duel, n. monomachia, monomachy.

duelist, n. monomachist.

dugout, n. excavation.

dull, a. unintelligent, obtuse, stolid, loggerheaded, inapt, doltish, beetle-headed, blockish, sluggish; apathetic, unfeeling, insensate, callous; blunt, obtuse, dulled, pointless; dim, faint; tedious, uninteresting, prosaic, stupid, wearisome, jejune, depressing; lifeless, torpid, slow, inactive; matte, lusterless, lackluster.

dull, v. blunt, rebate, benumb, obtund, stupefy, deaden, hebetate; sully, tarnish, obscure, dim, bedim; depress, sadden, dishearten; assuage, alleviate, moderate, allay.

dumb, a. mute, speechless; pantomimic.

dumbness, n. muteness, obmutescence, speechlessness.

dumb show. pantomime.

dumfound, v. astound, amaze, astonish, confound.

dumpish, a. dull, moody, moping, dejected, gloomy, despondent.

dumps, n. pl. melancholy, depression, despondency.

dunce, n. dullard, dolt, numskull, witling, blockhead, coot, lackbrain, ninny, oaf, nincompoop, mooncalf, ignoramus, booby, simpleton.

duncical, a. doltish, witless.

dung, n. ordure, excrement, faeces, dejections, lesses, muck; puer, fumet, fiants, treddle, spraints, coprolite (petrified), mute, guano, ornithocopros. Associated Words: coprophagy, coprophagous, Augean, dungmeer, excrementitious, sterconst, sterconcolous, stercoraceous, bubulin.

dupe, n. gull, cully, gudgeon, dotterel, victim.

duplicate, a. double, twofold, duplex.—n. facsimile, counterpart. See copy. Antonyms: original, archetype prototype, model, pattern.

dusk, n. twilight, evening, nightfall.

dust, n. powder; detritus; stive (in flour mills). Associated words: pulverizable, pulverable, pulverulence, pulverize, pulverization.

dust storm. simoon; (in India) shaitan, devil, peesash; dust whirl.

dusty, a. powdery, pulverulent, pulverous, pulverized.

dutiful, a. obedient, duteous, submissive, deferential, docile.

duty, n. responsibility, incumbency, accountability; service, business, work, function, office; tax, impost, toll, excise, custom. Associated Words: ethics, deontology, casuistry, ethology, morals, ethicist, ethically, supererogate, supererogation.

dwarf, n. pygmy, gnome, manikin, dandiprat, Lilliputian, elf, midget, runt, Tom Thumb, pigwidgeon, homunculus, hop-o-my-thumb.

dwarf, v. stunt, atrophy.

dwarfish, a. diminutive, undersized, Lilliputian, pygmy, pygmean, runty, stunted, undeveloped, tiny, atrophied.

dweller, n. denizen, resident, sojourner, inhabitant, habitant.

dwelling, n. residence, domicile, house, abode.

dwindle, v. decrease, diminish, shrink.

dwindling, n. decrease, diminution, shrinkage.

dye, v. color, stain, tinge, imbue.

dying, a. moribund; expiring, last; mortal, perishable.