Baa, n. bleat, bleating.—v. bleat.

babble, v. prattle, gabble; murmur, purl. See talk.

babble, n. prattle, gabble, chatter, prating; murmur, purl.

babbler, n. prater, chatterer, prattler, tattler.

baby, n. infant, babe, suckling, nursling. See child.

baby, v. humor, fondle, indulge, coddle, pet, cosset.

baby, a. infantine, infantile, babyish.

babyhood, n. infancy.

bachelor, n. celibate.

bachelorhood, n. bachelorship, bachelorism, celibacy.

back, n. reverse; posteriors, fundament, buttocks, seat, rump, breech; ridge. Associated Words: supine, resupine, resupination, dorsigerous, dorsiferous, crick, dorsiparous, dos-a-dos, tergiferous, lumbago, notalgia, lumbar, aitchbone, loins, dorsicumbent.

back, a. posterior, dorsal, notal, tergal, neural; remote, distant, frontier; rear, reverse.

back, adv. backward, rearward; in arrear; in return, in restitution, in requital.

back, v. support, second, maintain, abet, subsidize, cooeperate, with; mount; indorse.

backbite, v. defame (clandestinely), malign, traduce, vilify, calumniate, scandalize.

backbiter, n. defamer, detractor, maligner, vilifier, slanderer, calumniator.

backbiting, n. defamation, vilification, traducement, calumny, slander (secret).

backbone, n. spine, spinal column, rachis, chine. Associated Words: vertebrae, Vertebrata, vertebra, vertebral spinal. See spine.

backbone, n. moral principle, steadfastness, stability, firmness, stamina.

backboned, a. vertebrate, vertebrated. Antonyms: invertebrate, invertebrated.

backdown, n. surrender, recession, withdrawal.

backhouse, n. outhouse, privy, necessary, water-closet, jakes, latrine (in camp or hospital).

backing, n. support, cooeperation, seconding, assistance, subsidy.

backing out. withdrawal, retreat, recession, retirement.

back out. (Colloq.) withdraw, retreat, resile, recede, retire.

backset, n. discouragement, setback, check, repulse, rebuff.

backslide, v. break faith, apostatize, retrograde, relapse, desert, fall away.

backslider, n. apostate, renegade, deserter, recreant, pervert.

backsliding, n. apostasy, defection, relapse, recidivism, recreancy, retrogradation.

backsliding, a. apostate, renegade, retrogressive, recidivous, recreant, unfaithful.

backward, a. retrograde, retrogressive, reverse, regressive; retrospective; reluctant, averse, loath, disinclined, unwilling; dull, inapt; late, tardy, delayed; undeveloped.

backwardness, n. reluctance, averseness, unwillingness, disinclination, hesitancy; inaptness, dullness; lateness, tardiness; undevelopment.

bacon, n. Associated Words: lardoon, bard, flitch, gammon, lard.

bad, a. evil, wicked, immoral, iniquitous, arrant, corrupt, depraved, sinful, base, demoralized, sinister, licentious, unprincipled, abandoned, graceless, vicious, incorrigible, unscrupulous, miscreant, reprobate, disreputable, rascal, scoundrel, profligate, knavish, naughty, malevolent, malicious, unrighteous, degrading, dissolute, libertine, hardened, wanton; injurious, prejudicial, pernicious, detrimental, baneful, unwholesome, baleful, deleterious, mischievous, noisome, malign, malignant, noxious, unpropitious, disadvantageous; offensive, serious, grave, severe, mortal; defective, imperfect, incompetent, inferior; untoward, depressing, unwelcome, adverse, grievous, unfavorable, inauspicious; infertile, inarable; barren, unproductive, worthless; hard, heavy, serious, irreparable, egregious; nefarious, felonious, infamous, villainous, heinous, flagrant, atrocious, flagitious.

badge, n. device, cognizance, emblem, ensign, brassard, cordon, star, insignia.

badinage, n. raillery (innocent), banter, persiflage, asteism.

badly, adv. poorly, unskillfully, wretchedly, grievously, imperfectly; very much; greatly.

badness, n. depravity, improbity, unscrupulousness, iniquity, immorality, turpitude, knavishness, villainy, peccancy, baseness, profligacy, venality, licentiousness, obliquity, pravity, degeneracy, viciousness, wantonness, criminality, libertinism, malevolence, incorrigibility, rascality, malignity, noxiousness, infamy, mischief.

baffle, v. foil, balk, checkmate, disconcert, frustrate, thwart, circumvent, nonplus.

bafflement, n. frustration, foiling, thwarting, circumvention, defeat, disconcertion.

baffling, a. disconcerting, frustrating, confusing, perplexing.

bag, n. sack, pouch, wallet, reticule, knapsack, pocket, cul-de-sac, haversack, portmanteau, poke, scrip, satchel, suitcase, quiver, valise, sporran, gunny sack; udder; cyst, vesicle, saccule, utricle, bladder.

bag, v. capture, entrap, catch.

baggage, n. luggage, traps.

baggage truck. lorrie, lorry.

baggy, a. unshapely, flabby.

bagpipe, n. doodlesack.

bail, n. security, surety, vadium.

bait, n. lure, enticement, inducement, temptation, decoy, allurement; kibblings.

balance, v. poise, librate; equal, counterpoise, counteract, counterbalance, countervail; adjust, equalize, square. Antonyms: unbalance, derange, preponderate.

balance, n. scales; equipoise, equilibrium, steadiness; surplus, excess, remainder, overplus; poise, equipoise; weighing, estimate. Antonyms: preponderance, deficit, deficiency.

balcony, n. gallery, terrace.

bald, a. hairless, polled; tonsured; unadorned, literal, undisguised, unvarnished, unqualified; uncorroborated, unsupported, glaring, mere.

balderdash, n. flummery, nonsense, jargon, fustian, moonshine, twaddle, fudge.

baldness, n. alopecia. Associated Word: alopecist.

balk, v. frustrate, baffle, foil, thwart, disappoint; jib.

balky, a. refractory, perverse, recalcitrant, contrary, stubborn.

ball, n. sphere, globe, orb, pellet; pome, pommel; base-ball, football, lacrosse, basket-ball, tether-ball; bullet, projectile, dejectile, missile; glomeration, conglobation; fandango (Mexico).

ballarag, v. (Slang) bully, threaten, browbeat, overbear, intimidate.

ballast, n. steadiness, self-control, equipoise, stability, judgment.

ballet, n. Associated Words: choreograph, choreographer.

ballet-dancer, n. danseuse, coryphee, figurante.

balloon, n. aerostat.

ballooning, n. aeronautics, aerostation, balloonery.

balloonist, n. aeronaut, aerostat, ballooner.

balm, n. unguent, ointment; mitigant, anodyne, assuager, nepenthe, balsam.

balmy, a. aromatic, odoriferous, sweet-smelling, odorous, balsamic.

bamboozle, v. (Colloq.) cheat, humbug, impose upon, dupe.

ban, n. announcement, notice; curse, anathema, denunciation, malediction, execration; interdiction, proscription, interdict, taboo.

ban, v. curse, anathematize, execrate; interdict, forbid, proscribe, taboo.

banal, a. commonplace, platitudinous, hackneyed, trite.

banality, n. platitude, commonplace.

band, n. fillet, fetter, manacle, shackle, gyve; cincture, girth, swaddle; belt, zone, cestus; bandage, link, bond, vinculum, withe; company, crew, troop, gang, coterie; cabal, clique, club, junto, league; orchestra.

band, v. league, confederate, unite, clique.

bandage, n. ligature, deligation, fillet; capeline, fasciation, fascia, spica.

bandage, v. deligate, swathe.

bandit, n. outlaw, brigand, footpad, highwayman, marauder, desperado.

bang, v. thump, cudgel, maul; slam; resound, reecho.

bang, n. thump, whack, rap, knock; clangor, clang.

banish, v. exile, expatriate, relegate; drive away, dismiss, expel.

banished person. exile, expatriate.

banishment, n. exile, expatriation, relegation, proscription, expulsion.

banister, n. baluster; pl. balustrade.

bank, n. mound, pile, ridge, dike, heap, drift, embankment, brink, shore, rivage, rim, brim, marge, strand; shallow, shoal, bar; levee; terreplein.

bank, v. embank, dike; pile up, heap up.

bankrupt, a. insolvent; depleted, impoverished. Antonym: solvent.

bankrupt, v. impoverish, ruin, break.

bankruptcy, n. insolvency. Antonym: solvency.

banner, n. flag, standard, gonfalon, ensign, oriflame, vexillum, banderole, colors, pavilion.

banquet, n. junket, regalement, feast.—v. feast, junket, regale.

banter, n. joking, jesting, pleasantry, badinage, chaff, raillery, persiflage, asteism.

banter, v. jest, chaff, rally, roast.

baptism, n. baptizing; parabaptism, pedobaptism; hypothetical, baptism. Associated Words: baptize, christen, font, baptistery, baptismal.

bar, n. obstruction, barrier, impediment, obstacle, barricade, hindrance; shoal, sandbar, bank; ingot; lever, pole, rod; tribunal, judgment-seat; jimmy, betty.

bar, v. debar, except, exclude; obstruct, restrain, hinder.

barbarian, a. barbarous, savage, rude, uncivilized.—n. savage.

barbarism, n. savagery, savagism; outrage, brutality, atrocity; vulgarism, impropriety (of speech), solecism.

barbarity, n. barbarism, barbarousness, inhumanity, brutality.

barbarous, a. uncivilized, barbarian, inhuman, truculent, brutal.

barber, n. tonsor. Associated Word: tonsorial.

barber's itch. sycosis.

bare, a. naked, nude, undressed, denuded, unveiled, exposed, undraped, in puris naturalibus; unadorned, bald, meager, unembellished, uncolored, unvarnished; empty, destitute, unfurnished; threadbare, pileworn, napless; meer, alone, sheer.

bare, v. denude, strip, divest, expose, undress, unmask.

barefaced, a. unmasked, undisguised, glaring, notorious; shameless, unabashed, brazen, audacious.

barefooted, a. unshod, discalced, discalceated.

bareness, n. nakedness, nudity.

bargain, v. stipulate, agree, contract, covenant; barter.

bark, n. cortex. Associated Words: cortical, corticate, corticiferous, corticiform, phleophagus, corticose, periderm, liber, decortication, decorticator.

bark, v. peel, flay, skin, decorticate; bay, yelp, yap.

barn, n. stable.

barrel, n. cask, cade, butt, puncheon, tierce, hogshead, keg, rundlet; (of wine) 31-1/2 gallons; (of flour) 196 pounds. Associated words: gauntree, cooper, bilge, stave, hoop, chine.

barren, a. sterile, agenestic, infecund, unprolific, unprocreant; unproductive, unfruitful, unfertile, effete, desert; unprofitable, fruitless, unremunerative, empty; stupid, dull, unimaginative, prosaic, devoid, uninspiring, uninteresting. Antonyms: prolific, fecund, virile, fruitful, fertile, teeming.

barrenness, n. sterility, infecundity, unprolificness, infertility. Antonyms: fecundity, prolificness, fertility.

barrier, n. obstruction, impediment, obstacle, hindrance, barricade.

barter, n. traffic, exchange, trade, business.—v. traffic, trade, exchange.

base, a. debased, impure, spurious, alloyed, counterfeit; low-minded, unworthy, ignoble, mean, servile, groveling; despicable, discreditable, disgraceful, venal; plebeian, obscure, untitled, unhonored.

base, n. basis, bottom, foundation, groundwork; pedestal; plinth.

baseboard, n. mopboard, scrubboard.

baseborn, a. plebeian.

baseless, a. unfounded, groundless.

basement, n. cellar. Associated Word: area.

bashful, a. over-modest, diffident, coy, shamefaced, sheepish, retiring.

bashfulness, n. modesty, diffidence, shyness, over-modesty.

basis, n. foundation.

bask, v. luxuriate, revel.

basket, n. hamper, creel, hanaper, pannier, corb, tumbril, dosser, canister, prickle, corf, bassinet, voider, flasket, punnet, wicker, wicker-work, scuttle.

basket-bearer, n. canephore, canephorus. (Gr. Antiq.)

bastard, n. illegitimate child, love-child, whoreson; mamzer (Mosaic law).

bastard, a. illegitimate, adulterine; spurious, false, counterfeit, supposititious.

bastardize, v. illegitimatize, Antonyms: legitimate, legitimatize.

baste, v. beat, cudgel, pound, pommel, buffet, thrash, maul, strike.

bat, n. club, cudgel; brickbat; cheiropter, vampire; racket; (Slang) blow, stroke, buffet; (Slang) spree, jollification.

batch, n. quantity, collection, lot, assortment.

bate, n. puer, grainer.

bath, n. ablution, lavement; bathroom, lavatory. Associated Words: balneal, balneary, balneography, balneology balneotherapy, laver.

bathe, v. lave, wash; foment; surround, envelop, enwrap, suffuse.

bathing, n. ablution, lavement.

baton, n. staff, wand, sceptre, truncheon.

batten, v. fatten.

batter, v. smite, pelt, assault; demolish, raze, shatter.

battle, n. engagement, fight, encounter, skirmish, contest, combat, tournament, strife.

battle array. battalia.

bauble, n. gewgaw, gimcrack, kickshaws, trinket, plaything.

bawdy-house, n. brothel.

bay, n. bight, frith, estuary, fiord, bayou; recess, alcove, sinus, oriel (bay window); bay-tree, sweet laurel; last resort, desperation; pl. honors, garland, renown.

beach, n. shore, strand, shingle, marge.

beached, a. stranded, aground.

beacon, n. balefire, signal fire; signal, pharos. Associated Word: pharology.

beadle, n. apparitor, summoner, servitor.

beads, n. pl. rosary; passementerie (beaded trimming); chaplet; wampum, suckanhock, peag.

beak, n. bill, nib, neb, mandible; prow, bow, rostrum. Associated word: cere.

beam, n. girder, joist; ray, gleam.

beam, v. gleam, shine, glitter, glisten, scintillate.

beaming, a. radiant, shining.

beanlike, a. fabaceous.

bear, n. Bruin; Ursus; Ephraim; cub, whelp; grumbler, growler, boor; musquaw.

bear, v. endure, tolerate, stand, undergo, brook, submit to, suffer, bear with; harbor, cherish, entertain; support, sustain, uphold; carry, convey, transport, waft; render, produce, yield; bring forth, teem; relate, refer, concern; press, push, oppress.

bearable, a. sufferable, tolerable, endurable. Antonyms: unbearable, intolerable.

beard, n. whiskers; goatee, mustache; awn, arista (beard of grain).

beard, v. defy, encounter, oppose.

bearded, a. whiskered; aristate, awned.

bearing, n. mien, carriage, port, demeanor, air, deportment; endurance, forbearance, long-suffering, toleration, sufferance; relation, connection, dependency; course, aim, direction; bringing forth, yielding.

bearish, a. discourteous, boorish, uncivil, rude; ursine, ursiform.

bear out. sustain, support, corroborate, confirm, uphold.

beast, n. brute; quadruped; monster, brute.

beastly, a. bestial, irrational, brutal; (Colloq.) abominable, disagreeable, nasty.

beat, v. forge, malleate, beetle, weld, hammer; belabor, maul, buffet, smite, flagellate, whack, pelt, strike; See whip; overcome, vanquish, surpass, conquer, eclipse, subdue, checkmate, rout, excel, outdo; cheat, swindle, defraud; throb, pulsate; pulverize, comminute, bruise, bray, triturate; perplex, pose, nonplus.

beat, n. throb, pulsation; round; superior.

beat, a. (Colloq.) exhausted, weary, fatigued, beaten.

beat back. repel, repulse, resist.

beaten, a. conquered, defeated, vanquished.

beating, n. flagellation, drubbing, flogging, fustigation, castigation, thumping, mauling, verberation, pommeling; pulsation, throb, throbbing, saltation; defeat, repulse; malleation, forging, welding.

beating, a. pulsating, throbbing, pulsatile.

beau, n. lover, sweetheart, gallant, swain, flame, cicisbeo, admirer, suitor, inamorato; dandy, popinjay, dude, fop, coxcomb, exquisite, blade.

beautiful, a. fair, lovely, handsome, comely, personable, beauteous, elegant, exquisite. Antonyms: homely, ugly, repulsive, unlovely, hideous, uncomely, inelegant.

beautify, v. embellish, adorn, grace, garnish.

beauty, n. loveliness, fairness, elegance, comeliness, pulchritude, grace, exquisiteness, charm, attraction. Associated Words: aesthetics, aesthetician, aestheticism, aesthete, aesthetic, esthetology, Apollo, Adonis, Venus, Hebe, Hyperion, Houri, Aphrodite.

becloud, v. dim, cloud, obscure, adumbrate, obfuscate.

becoming, a. appropriate, fit, seemly, befitting, comely. Antonyms: See unbecoming.

bed, n. berth, bunk, couch, cot; pallet, paillasse, mattress; cradle, trundle-bed; deposit, seam, vein, stratum. Associated Words: decumbiture, lectual, clinic, clinical, valance, alcove.

bedbug, n. chinch.

bedclothes, n. pl. Associated Words: floccillation, carphology, tilmus.

bedim, v. obscure, becloud, adumbrate, overcast.

bedlam, n. madhouse, insane asylum; babel, pandemonium.

bedroom, n. chamber.

bedsore, n. decubitus.

bedspread, n. counterpane, coverlet.

bed-wetting, n. enuresis.

beehive, n. beehouse, apiary, alveary.

bees, n. pl. Associated Words: apiology, apiculture, apiologist, apian, apiarian, apiarist, apivorous, hive, swarm, cerago, beebread.

beetle, n. mallet (heavy); scarabee, clock, coleopter, scarab. Associated Words:: coleopterist, coleopteral.

beetle, v. overhang, jut out, protrude, project.

befall, v. happen, supervene, betide, bechance.

befitting, a. suitable, proper, becoming, appropriate, seemly, meet, applicable, congruous.

before, prep. preceding, ahead of, anterior to, previously to, prior.

before death. ante-mortem.

before the flood. antediluvian, antediluvial.

before the war. ante-bellum.

befuddle, v. confuse, mystify, bewilder.

beg, v. beseech, supplicate, implore; ask alms.

beget, v. procreate, engender, generate, get.

begetter, n. procreator, generator, father.

beggar, n. mendicant, starveling, fakir, vagrant, eleemosynary, prog, tramp, bezonian, mumper, schnorrer (Jewish).

beggar, v. impoverish, ruin; exhaust, surpass, go beyond.

beggarly, a. indigent, destitute; despicable, pitiable, paltry.

beggary, n. mendicancy, indigence, penury, want, pauperism.

begging letter or drawing. screeve.

begin, v. commence; arise, spring, originate.

begin again. resume, recommence.

beginner, n. tyro, novice, neophyte, learner, apprentice, understudy, novitiate, probationer, catechumen, recruit.

beginning, n. commencement, inception, opening, outset, initiation, indication, incipience, nascency, incipiency, threshold, tyronism, novitiate; origin, source.

beginning again. resumption, recommencement.

begone, interj. avaunt.

beguile, v. insnare, mislead, lure, deceive, cheat; while away.

beguilement, n. imposition, deception.

behave, v. deport one's self, act, bear.

behavior, n. conduct, deportment, actions, demeanor.

behead v. decapitate, decollate, execute.

beheading, n. decapitation, decollation, execution.

behindhand, a. and adv. in arrears; dilatory, late, tardy, unpunctual.

beholden, a. obliged, indebted, bound.

beholder, n. spectator, witness, onlooker, eye-witness.

being, n. existence, entity. Antonyms: nonexistence, nonentity. Associated Words: ontology, metaphysics, ontological, ontologist.

belch, v. eruct, expel, throw up; eructate.

belching, n. eructation.

belfry, n. bell-tower, campanile. Associated Words: louver boarding.

belief, n. credence; persuasion, faith; conviction, assurance, confidence; tenet, dogma, creed, opinion, doctrine, cult, view, principle; intuition; superstition, fanaticism. Antonyms: doubt, disbelief, skepticism, misgiving, incredulity. Associated Words: credulous, incredulous, credulity, credibility, incredibility, gull, gullible, gullibility.

believable, a. credible.

belittle, v. decry, disparage, underrate, depreciate.

bell, n. campana, carillon, curfew, tocsin, gong. Associated Words: campanology, campanologist, peal, ring, knell, toll, chime.

bellicose, a. pugnacious, belligerent.

belligerent, a. at war, warring, militant; bellicose, pugnacious.

bell-ringer, n. sexton, campanologist.

bell-shaped, a. campaniform, campanulate, campaniliform.

bell-tower, n. belfry, campanile.

belly, n. abdomen, paunch; recesses, penetralia, depths.

belly-ache, n. colic, gripes, tormina, enteralgia.

belly-band, n. girth, surcingle.

belly-god, n. glutton, epicure, gourmand, sybarite, voluptuary.

belonging, n. appendage, appurtenance, adjunct concomitant, accessary, attribute.

below, adv. under, beneath, underneath.

below, prep. under, beneath, underneath; inferior to; unworthy of, unbefitting.

belt, n. girdle; girth, surcingle, cincture, cestus; zone; bandolier.

belt, v. encircle, begird, encompass, surround.

bemoan, v. lament, bewail, deplore.

bench, n. form; workbench.

bend, v. curve, flex, deflect, crook; direct, turn, apply; stoop, incline; yield, condescend.

bend, n. curve, deflection, crook, curvature, bight, coil, flexure, incurvation.

bendable, a. flexible, supple, lithe, pliable, pliant. Antonyms: See inflexible.

benefice, n. living (Eccl.); sinecure. Associated Words: advowson, simony, donative.

beneficent, a. benevolent, charitable, philanthropic, magnanimous, benignant.

beneficial, a. advantageous, salutary, profitable, useful, wholesome.

benefit, n. avail, profit, behalf, advantage, service.

benefit, v. help, conduce, avail, advantage, be useful to, do good to.

benevolence, n. beneficence, bounty, benignity, charity.

benevolent, a. benign, beneficent, bountiful, charitable, philanthropic.

benighted, a. unenlightened; belated.

bent, a. crooked, flexed, hooked; determined.

bent, n. leaning, bias, proclivity, tendency, predilection, predisposition.

benumb, v. stupefy, blunt, hebetate.

benumbed, a. torpid, unfeeling, stupefied.

bequeath, v. devise, will.

bequest, n. legacy.

berate, v. upbraid, rate, reprimand, censure.

berry, n. Associated Words: baccate, baccated, baccivorous, bacciferous, cocciferous, bacciform.

beseech, v. entreat, implore, adjure, supplicate.

beset, v. besiege, obsess, beleaguer, environ, encompass; perplex, harass.

besides, adv. moreover, furthermore, further, too.

besiege, v. obsess, environ, beset, beleaguer, encompass.

besieging, n. obsession.

best, a. supreme, consummate, superlative, crowning, incomparable, utmost.

bet, v. wager, stake.—n. wager.

betoken, v. foreshadow, portend, presage, foreshow, indicate, augur.

betray, v. seduce, mislead, delude, beguile, inveigle; reveal, disclose; give up treacherously, give over to the enemy, act the traitor, be false to.

betrayal, n. treason, treachery, perfidy; revelation, exposure; seduction.

betrayer, n. traitor, seducer; Judas.

betroth, v. affiance.

betrothal, n. affiance, betrothment.

better, n. upper hand, domination, advantage, control, superiority; improvement.

better, v. ameliorate, improve, emend, promote, reform, meliorate, amend.

betterment, n. amelioration, improvement, promotion, amendment, reformation.

between, prep. betwixt (Obsolescent).—a. interjacent, intervening.

betwixt and between. (Colloq.) so-so, mediocre, average, ordinary, indifferent.

bevy, n. (of birds) flock, covey; (of deer) herd; (of girls) group.

bewail, v. deplore, lament, bemoan, wail over.

bewilder, v. confuse, perplex, nonplus, obfuscate, confound, mystify, embarrass.

bewildered, a. perplexed, confused, mystified, nonplused, obfuscated.

bewildering, a. perplexing, confusing, puzzling, mystifying.

bewilderment, n. perplexity, confusion, mystification, obfuscation.

bewitch, v. charm, fascinate, captivate, enamor. Antonyms: disillusionize, repel, disabuse.

bewitchery, n. bewitchment, charm, fascination, witchery.

bewitching, a. enchanting, captivating, charming, irresistible.

bias, n. bent, proneness, predisposition, prejudice.

Bible, n. the Scriptures, the Word of God; (Catholic) Douay Bible, Vulgate; (Mohammedan) Koran. Associated Words: canonics, canon, canonical, anagogics, anagoge, exegesis, biblical, biblicist, bibliolater, bibliolatry, bibliology, biblist, bibliomancy, Hagiographa, hagiographer, hagiologist, hagiology, commentator, Heptateuch, Hexapla, Octapla, Apocrypha, Hexateuch, apologetics, concordance, synoptist, uncanonical, Homologoumena, Antilegomena.

bibulous, a. absorbent; intemperate, cup-loving, bibacious.

bickering, n. altercation, contention, wrangling, sparring, dissension, quarrel.

bid, v. offer, proffer; order, direct, enjoin, command; invite, ask; wish, greet, salute.

bidding, n. command, order, behest, dictation; offer, bid.

big, a. large, huge, bulky, massive, immense, gross, voluminous, capacious, extensive; pregnant; arrogant, overbearing, lordly, magisterial, pompous; bombastic, grandiose, grandiloquent, highflown, sesquipedalian, inflated, turgid.

bigamy, n. polygamy, polygyny.

big-bellied, a. abdominous, paunchy, pot-bellied.

bigness, n. size, bulk, largeness, magnitude, dimensions, volume, amplitude.

bigot, n. fanatic, zealot, dogmatist.

bigoted, a. dogmatic, narrow-minded, illiberal, intolerant.

bigotry, n. intolerance, dogmatism, narrow-mindedness.

bile, n. Associated Words: acholia, acholous, biliation, biliferous, cholecystis, Ibilious, cholagogue, choleric, choledology, fellinic, hypercholia, biliary, bilin, choleic.

bile, n. choler, bitterness:, anger, spleen, rancor, acrimony.

bill, n. circular, placard, dodger, poster, broadside, bulletin; invoice; statement; beak, nib, mandible.

billingsgate, n. vituperation, tirade, invective, ribaldry, abuse.

bill of fare. menu.

bin, n. crib, bunker, recepotacle.

bind, v. fetter, tie, fasten, secure, gird, confine, restrict, restrain; bandage, swathne; oblige, obligate, lay under, obligation; indenture, apprentice; confirm, sanction, ratify; swaddle. Antonyms: unbind, loose.

binding, n. ligature, ligsation, astriction, constriction bandage; obligation, reestraint, restriction; galloon swaddling.

binding, a. astringent, astrictive; obligatory, valid. Antonyms: optional, elective.

bird, n. (young) fledgeling, nestling; (one year old) annotine; squab; rara avris (rare bird).

bird-catcher, n. fowler.

bird-catching, n. fowling, birding.

birds, n. pl. Aves; Avifauma. Associated Words: ornithology, ornithologist, ornithological, ornithotomy, ornithography, ornithoid, ornitholite, ornithon, ornithophilous, game, ornithic, aviary, avicular, aviculture, covey, neossology paleornithollogy, taxidermy, taxidermist, preen, rookery, cote, hutch, coop, cage, avian, poult, auspice, ariel, mute, Mallophaga.

birr. n. whirring.

birth n. nativity; origin, beginning, nascency, genesis; extraction, lineage; (new birth) regeneration, renaissance, regenesis, palingenesis. Associated Words: natal, native, pre-natal, post-natal, ante-natal, abortion, congenital, connate, connascent, connascence, horoscope, genial, genethliac, genethlialogy, genethliacs, sooterkin, uniparous, biparous, pluriparous, viable, viability, primiparous, natality.

birthday poem. genethliac.

birthmark, n. naevus.

birthright, n. inheritance.

bisexual, a. hermaphrodite.

bishop, n. diocesan, prelate; suffragan, coadjutor, metropolitan. Associated Words: episcopal, episcopacy, bishopdom, episcopicide, crosier, chimere, episcopate, rochet, gremial.

bishopric, n. diocese, see.

bit, n. morsel, fragment, scrap, crumb; mite, ace, scintilla, particle, whit, iota, tittle, grain, atom, jot, molecule, speck, mote.

bit by bit. piecemeal.

bitch, n. slut; whore.

bite, v. champ, nibble, chew; sting, smart, tingle; take hold of, adhere; nip, blight, blast.

bite, n. mouthful; wheal.

biting, a. stinging, sharp, cutting, sarcastic, caustic, scathing, bitter, satirical, pungent, piquant; nipping, blasting; erosive, corrosive, acrid, mordant.

bitter, a. acrid, acerb; poignant, intense; calamitous, distressing, virulent, acrimonious; implacable.

bitterness, n. acridity, acerbity; gall, wormwood; poignancy, intensity, severity; rancor, malice, malignity, implacableness.

bizarre, a. fantastic, whimsical, grotesque.

blab, n. babbler, blabber, telltale.—v. tell, tattle.

black, a. sable, ebon, inky, Stygian, Cimmerian, lowering, murky; Ethiopian, Papuan, negro.

black, n. stain, smooch; Ethiopian, Papuan, negro.

black and blue. livid, ecchymosed.

black and blue spot. ecchymosis, suggillation.

black art. necromancy, conjuration, magic, sorcery.

blacken, v. darken, denigrate; begrime, besmirch, tarnish, discolor; defame, malign.

blackguard, n. scoundrel, rascal, villain, ruffian.

blackguard, a. vicious, scurrilous, opprobrious, foul.

blackguardism, n. ruffianism, scoundrelism, rascality; scurrility, billingsgate.

blackhearted, a. villainous, abandoned, reprobate, diabolical, base, depraved.

black lead. graphite, plumbago.

blackleg, n. (Colloq.) gambler, gamester (disreputable).

blackness, n. black, nigritude; atrocity, heinousness, depravity.

Black Sea. Euxine.

blacksmith, n. ironsmith, farrier, horseshoer. Associated Words: Hephestian, anvil.

blacksmith's shop. smithy, smithery, farriery, stithy, forge.

black vomit. melenemesis.

bladder, n. Associated Words: cystitis, cystic, cystocele, cystose, cystolith, cystotomy, lithotomy, lithotomist, endoscope, endoscopy, prostate, catheter, litholysis, utricular, lithotrity, lithotome, utriculate.

blade, n. leaf (of a plant), spire (of grass); buck, gallant, dandy.

blamable, a. culpable, censurable, reprehensible, blameworthy.

blame, v. censure, reproach.

blame, n. censure, reproach, reprehension, condemnation, stricture, animadversion, reproof; culpability, reprehensibility, demerit, wrongdoing, fault.

blameless, a. guiltless, irreprehensible, inculpable, unimpeachable, faultless, irreproachable.

blameworthy, a. censurable, blamable.

bland, a. suave, mollifying, affable, complaisant; soothing, emollient, demulsive, assuasive.

blandish, v. flatter, cajole, caress.

blandishment, n. cajolery, wheedling, caresses, blandiloquence.

blank, a. void, empty, unfilled; expressionless, vacant: confounded, nonplused, astounded; unmitigated, absolute, downright.

blarney, n. (Colloq.) blandiloquence, palaver, blandishment, cajolery, flattery.

blamey, v. flatter, cajole, palaver, wheedle, blandish.

blase, a. surfeited (with pleasure), sated, palled.

blasphemy, n. sacrilege, calumny, profanity.

blast, n. squall, gust; peal, blare, clang; explosion, discharge.

blast, v. blight, destroy; frustrate, ruin; explode, rend, open.

blasting, n. blighting, carbunculation; frustration, ruination.

blat, v. bleat.

blatant, a. brawling, clamorous, obstreperous, bawling braying.

blaze, n. flame.

blazing, a. flaming, ablaze, aflame. Antonym: smoldering.

blazon, v. emblazon; publish, display, exhibit.

bleach, v. etiolate, whiten, blanch.

bleaching, n. blanching, whitening, etiolation.

bleak, a. windswept, cheerless, raw, penetrating, desolate, dreary.

bleared, a. rheumy.

blearedness, n. lippitude, glama, epiphora.

bleed, v. exude.

bleeding, n. hemorrhage; phlebotomy, bloodletting, venesection. Associated Words: tourniquet, garrot, styptic.

blemish, v. deface, mar, disfigure, sully.

blemish, n. defect, fault, imperfection, eyesore, disfigurement, blot.

blench, v. flinch, recoil, shrink from.

blend, v. intermingle, fuse, merge, combine, mix, assimilate.

blend, n. mixture, merging, fusion, assimilation, synthesis.

blessing, n. benediction, benison, beatitude; boon, God-send.

blight, v. blast; ruin, frustrate, fowart.

blind, a. unseeing, sightless, purblind; oblivious, undiscriminating, inconsiderate, unmindful; unintelligible, illegible; obscure, intricate, involved.

blind, n. shade, curtain, screen; blinder, blinker; subterfuge, pretext, ruse, stratagem, pretense, feint sophistry.

blind alley. cul-de-sac, impasse.

blind gut. caecum.

blinding, a. obscuring.

blindness, n. sightlessness, anopsia, purblindness; amaurosis.

blink, v. wink; connive at, disregard, overlook.

bliss, n. felicity, transport, rapture, beatitude, happiness, ecstasy.

blissful, a. felicitous, ecstatic, rapturous, beatific.

blister, n. vesicle, pustule, pustulation, bleb; vesicatory, vesicant, epispastic, pustulant.—v. vesicate, pustulate.

blistering, a. vesicatory, epispastic, pustulant.—n. vesication, pustulation.

bloat, v. inflate, distend.

bloated, a. distended, turgid, intumescent, tumefied.

bloating, n. dilatation, intumescence, turgidity.

block, v. obstruct, blockade.—n. obstruction, obstacle, barrier.

blockhead, n. dolt, dunce, simpleton, ninny, numskull.

blood, n. lifeblood; gore. Associated Words: hematology, hemorrhage, hemal, hematic, plethora, anaemia, sanguification, sanguify, clot, corpuscle, styptic, hematosis, sanguiferous, hematin, sanguine, sanguineous, sanguinivorous, hematophobia, hyperaemia.

blood, n. blade, spark.

bloodhound, n. sleuthhound.

bloodless, a. exsanguineous, exsanguious, anaemic.

bloodletting, n. venesection, bleeding, phlebotomy.

blood of the gods. ichor.

blood poisoning. toxaemia, septicaemia.

bloodshed, n. carnage, massacre, slaughter, bloodshedding.

bloodsucker, n. leech, sanguisuge; (Slang) extortioner; vampire.

bloodthirsty, a. sanguinary, truculent, ferocious, cruel.

blood vessel. artery; vein; capillary. Associated Words: angiology, angiography, angiotomy, intrafusion, embolism, embolus, thrombosis, thrombolism, rete, hillus, endothelium, epithelium.

bloody, a. gory, sanguinary, exsanguined, blood-stained.

bloom, n. blossom, blow; prime, vigor, heyday, flush; fuzz, down.

blossom, n. flower, florescence, inflorescence, efflorescence, bloom, blow, anthesis.—v. bloom, blow.

blot, n. stain, blemish, smutch, smooch, reproach; erasure, obliteration.

blot, v. stain, spot, blur, blemish, sully, disgrace, tarnish, dishonor; efface, erase, delete, obliterate, expunge; obscure, eclipse.

blotch, n. eruption, blain, bulla, pustule, bleb; splotch, smutch, blot.

blow, n. blossom, bloom; whack, knock, thwack, rap, thump, assault, stroke; buffet, calamity, disaster, reverse, misfortune.

blow, v. blossom, bloom; pant, puff, gasp; spout; inflate, puff up, distend; explode, shatter; (Colloq.) boast, brag, bluster, vaunt, gasconade; rant, scold, censure.

blower, n. (Slang) braggart, boaster, vaunter.

blowhole, n. spiracle.

blow out. extinguish.

blow-out, n. (Colloq.) jollification, celebration, feast, merry-making.

blowpipe analysis. Associated Word: pyritology.

blue, a. azure, cerulean, cerulific, sapphire, sapphirine, amethystine, turquoise, ultramarine, sky-colored; livid, ecchymosed; rigorous, severe; (Colloq.) melancholy, downhearted, depressed, despondent, dejected, low-spirited, dispirited, hypochondriac, chapfallen, gloomy, (Colloq.) gloomy, inauspicious, dismal, depressing; (Colloq.) pedantic, literary.

blue, n. azure, amethystine, sapphirine, cerulean; cyanin, anthokyan, anthocyanin.

blue jaundice. cyanopathy, cyanosis.

blues, n. pl. (Colloq.) despondency, melancholy, dismals, vapors, depression, blue devils, hypochondria, dumps, megrims.

bluff, a. abrupt, unceremonious, brusque; gruff, surly; precipitous, steep, abrupt.

bluff, v. (Colloq.) frighten, deter, intimidate.

blunder, n. bull, error, mistake, impropriety, slip, solecism, faux pas.

blundering, a. bungling, awkward, stupid, floundering.

blunt, a. dull, obtuse; abrupt, brusque, unceremonious, uncivil, ungracious, discourteous; stupid, stolid.

blunt, v. dull, deaden, stupefy; assuage, alleviate, mitigate.

blur, v. dim, bedim, obscure; sully, blemish; mackle, macule.

blur, n. blot, indistinctness; mackle, macule.

blurred, a. indistinct, obscure, dim, bedimmed, sullied.

blurt, v. ejaculate.

blushing, n. blush, erubescence.

bluster, v. swagger, storm, rage, gasconade, roister.

bluster, n. swaggering, gasconade, boasting; wind, storm.

blusterer, n. swaggerer, braggart, rodomont, roisterer, vaunter.

blustering, a. stormy, windy, tempestuous; swaggering, bullying, boastful, roistering.

boar, n. male hog; barrow (castrated); hogget (young boar).

boast, v. brag, vaunt, vapor, gasconade. Antonyms: belittle, decry, disparage.

boaster, n. braggart, vaunter, braggadocio, gascon, rodomont, blusterer, fanfaron, drawcansir.

boastful, a. bragging, vaunting, vainglorious, thrasonical, cockahoop, braggart, jactitatious.

boasting, n. bragging, gasconade, vaporing, fanfaronade, rodomontade, blague, bravado, blustering, jactitation, vaunting. Antonyms: disparagement, depreciation.

boat, n. water craft, launch, rowboat, canoe, gondola, punt, yacht, yawl, scull, cock, dugout, smack, pirogue, trawler, sloop, praam, coracle, pontoon, bateau, wherry, pinnace, scow, banca, transport, dory, galley, cruiser, ship, barge, bark, brig, bucentaur, skiff, caique, drogher, schooner, cockleshell, vessel, tug, towboat, tow, cog, wangan, ferry-boat, dinghey, argosy, oomiac, junk, longboat, catboat, felucca, cutter, frigate, xebec, tartan, una boat, moses, raft, catamaran, sampan, lifeboat, caravel, trekschuit, masoola, argo, coggle. Associated Words: davits, oar, helm, stern, pilot, rudder, flotilla, navy, navigation, fleet.

beatable, a. navigable.

boat races. regatta.

boat-shaped, a. navicular, scaphoid, cymbiform, naviform.

bob, n. pendant, float.

bobtailed, a. curtailed.

bode, v. forebode, foreshadow, augur, presage, betoken, portend.

bodiless, a. incorporeal, disembodied.

bodilessness, n. incorporeality, disembodiment.

bodily, a. physical, corporal, corporeal.

boding, a. ominous, portentous.

boding, n. omen, sign, prognostic, foreboding, augury, auspice, portent.

bodkin, n. stiletto, eyeleteer; tape needle.

body, n. the physical person; torso, trunk; physique; bulk, mass; axis, centrum; individual, person, creature; system, code; consistency, substance; hulk; cuerpo. Associated Words: physiology, anatomy, bicorporal, embody, embodiment, disembody, disembodiment, manikin, corporeality, corporeity, in cuerpo, somatic.

body servant. valet, squire.

body snatcher. resurrectionist, ghoul.

bodyguard, n. lifeguard, garde du corps, retinue.

bog, n. quagmire, marsh, swamp, fen, morass, slough.

boggle, v. hesitate, stickle, falter; bungle.

bogus, a. (Colloq.) spurious, counterfeit, fictitious, sham, fraudulent, forged, mock, false, supposititious.

bogy, n. bugaboo, bugbear, bogle, specter.

boil, n. furuncle. Associated Word: furuncular.

boil, v. seethe, simmer, effervesce.—n. boiling.

boil away. evaporate.

boiling, a. seething, ebullient, effervescent, simmering.

boiling, n. ebullition, coction, effervescence, seething, gurgitation, simmering, ebullience.

boisterous, a. noisy, tumultuous, turbulent, hoidenish, unrestrained, rude.

bold, a. daring, intrepid, brave; forward, immodest, rude, hoidenish, brazen, saucy, insolent, unabashed, audacious, pert, shameless, malapert; conspicuous, prominent, salient; steep, abrupt, precipitous, acclivitous, jagged. Antonyms: modest, bashful, diffident, coy, shy, timid, retiring.

bold-faced, a. impudent, brazen-faced, insolent.

boldness, n. temerity, impudence, presumption, effrontery, impertinence, nerve.

boll, n. pod, pericarp.

bolster, v. prop up, support, maintain.—n. cushion, pad, support.

bolt, v. sift; leave suddenly; gulp.

bomb, n. shell.

bombast, n. magniloquence, fustian, bombastry, altiloquence, grandiloquence.

bombastic, a. magniloquent, grandiose, high-sounding, turgid, inflated, grandiloquent.

bona fide. in good faith, real, actual, really, actually.

bond, n. band, tie, vinculum, copula; pl. shackles, manacles, fetters, constraint; pl. imprisonment, captivity, bondage, restraint; obligation.

bond, a. captive, enslaved.

bondage, n. servitude, slavery, captivity, bond service, thralldom, durance.

bondsman, n. bondman, slave, villain, serf; surety.

bone, n. (little) ossicle, osselet.

bone, n. Associated Words: osteology, osteography, ossify, ossification, ossiferous, ossific, splint, marrow, ossivorous, ossuary, osteoplasty, caries, osteopathy, solen, necrosis, gangrene, rongeur, impaction, calcify, calcification, bursa, ossein, ossifying, ostalgia, ossifragous, skeleton.

bone formation. ostosis, ossification, ectostosis, osteogeny.

boneless, a. exosseous.

bonelike, a. osseous, ossified, bony.

boneset, n. thoroughwort, Indian sage, feverwort.

bonmot, n. repartee.

bonnet, n. headdress, chapeau.

bonny, a. comely, pretty, merry, blithe, sportive, cheerful, buxom, chubby, plump.

bonus, n. premium; honorarium.

booby, n. dolt, dunce, simpleton, numskull, coot, ninny, dullard, witling.

boodle, n. (Slang) swag.

boohoo, v. (Slang) bawl, squawl.

book, n. volume; tome (ponderous); manual; publication; biograph; monograph; polygraph; anthology. Associated Words: bibliography, bibliolater, bibliomania, bibliophobia, format, facture, biblioclast, bibliognost, stichometry, cahier, imprimatur, ex libris, edition, collation, Elzevir, bibliophilism, library, collaboration.

booked, a. registered; (Colloq.) on the way, destined.

bookish, a. studious; formal, pedantic.

bookkeeper, n. accountant, countercaster (Contemptuous).

bookkeeping, n. accountancy.

booklet, n. pamphlet, brochure, tract.

book lore. bibliology.

booklover, n. bibliophile.

bookman, n. scholar, student.

bookseller, n. bookmerchant, bibliopole, bibliopolist.

book worship. bibliolatry.

boom, v. resound, roar.

boon, a. generous, bountiful, benign; jolly, convivial, gay, jovial, frolicsome, sportive.

boor, n. peasant, rustic (rude); lout, churl, gawk.

boorish, a. uncultured, rude, unrefined, gawky, loutish, ungainly.

boot, n. premium, bonus; buskin, gamashes.

bootless, a. useless, unavailing, futile, ineffectual.

booty, n. plunder, spoil, loot.

booze, v. tipple.

border, n. verge, edge, margin, brink, marge, skirt, rim, brim; purl, fillet; boundary, frontier, outskirt, confine, march, purlieu.

bordering on. adjacent, adjoining, coterminous with, conterminous with.

border, v. border on, be contiguous, be adjacent, adjoin, verge, approach.

bore, n. perforation; caliber; tiresome person, proser.

bore, v. perforate, pierce, drill; weary, tire, annoy, fatigue.

boring, n. perforation; transforation.

born, p.p. nee.—a. innate, natural, inherent, congenital.

bosh, n. (Colloq.) nonsense, froth, flummery, moonshine, twaddle, balderdash, drivel, fustian, prating.

boss, n. protuberance, stud, knob, process; (Colloq.) superintendent, director, employer, foreman, overseer.

boss, v. (Colloq.) direct, oversee, superintend; domineer, dominate, dictate.

bossy, a. studded; (Colloq.) dictatorial, domineering, imperious, arbitrary, masterful, authoritative.

botanist, n. phytologist.

botany, n. phytology.

botch, n. bungle, fiasco.

bother, v. trouble, annoy, discommode, incommode, inconvenience, worry, molest.

bother, n. petty trouble, annoyance, inconvenience.

botheration, n. (Colloq.) perplexity, annoyance, nuisance, vexation, disturbance.

bothersome, a. troublesome, perplexing, annoying, vexatious.

bottle, n. phial, vial, cruet, flask, decanter, cruse, siphon, amphora, ampulla, tankard, matrass, bolthead, carboy, carafe, croft, canteen, flagon, kit, demijohn, jorum, vinaigrette, costrel, pycnometer, magnum, flacket, betty.

bottom, n. foot, base; nadir; foundation, groundwork, basis, base, pedestal; fundament, buttocks, rump, fundus, seat; dregs, precipitate, lees, sediment, grounds.

bottom, a. fundamental.

bottomless, a. abysmal, unfathomable.

bough, n. branch, limb.

boulevard, n. Associated Word: boulevardier.

bounce, v. spring, bound; rebound, recoil; (Colloq.) discharge, dismiss.

bounce, n. bound, leap, rebound, spring; (Colloq.) discharge, dismissal.

bouncer, a. (Cottoq.) braggart, boaster; lie, falsehood; whopper.

bouncing, a. lusty, buxom, strapping, plump; excessive, big, whopping.

bound, v. limit, inclose, circumscribe, terminate; leap, spring, bounce; rebound.

bound, n. spring, leap, bounce, rebound; boundary, confine.

bound, p.p. and a. restrained, constrained, repressed; bounden; destined, sure, certain; (Colloq.) determined, resolved; costive, constipated.

boundary, n. circumference, periphery; bound, limit, border, term, confines, precinct, bourn, march, marge.

bounden, a. obliged, beholden; obligatory, binding.

boundless, a. illimitable, unbounded, vast, immense, limitless.

bounteous, a. bountiful, generous, liberal, munificent.

bountiful, a. liberal, free-hearted, generous; plentiful, abundant, copious, unstinted, ample.

bounty, n. generosity, liberality, munificence, beneficence; premium, bonus, reward.

bouquet, n. nosegay; boutonniere (buttonhole bouquet).

bourne, n. destination, goal; stream, rivulet; boundary, bound.

bout, n. round, turn; contest, set-to, conflict.

bow, v. bend, curve, crook; prostrate, overwhelm, crush, abase, yield, obey, submit, be obeisant; incline, nod.

bow, n. nod; obeisance; salam; conge; stern, prow, beak; courtesy, curtsy.

bow and arrows. Associated Words: archery, archer, toxophilite, crossbow, quiver, centaur, ascham, belomancy, bowman, Sagittarius, sagittary, arbelest, vireton.

bowels, n. pl. intestines, entrails, inwards; caecum, colon, rectum; recesses, penetralia.

bower, n. arbor.

bowl, n. dish, beaker, mortar.

bow-legged, a. bandy-legged.

bowman, n. archer.

bow-shaped, a. arcuate, arcuated.

box, n. receptacle, chest, case, coffer, carton, caddy, bandbox, casket, caisson; ciborium, pyx; binnacle; slap, cuff, buffet, stroke.

box, v. slap, cuff; spar.

boxing, n. sparring.

boy, n. lad, youngster, stripling, master, youth, son, minor, junior, youngling, cadet, chap, urchin, bub, sprig, callant, younker, hobbledehoy; gamin, gutter-snipe.

boyhood, n. youth, juvenility, juniority, nonage, minority.

boyish, a. juvenile, immature, childish, youthful.

boy-servant, n. page, footboy; groom, hostler, lackey.

brace, v. prop, support, fortify, buttress, stay, shore; strengthen, invigorate.

brace, n. prop, support, shore, strut, stay, stanchion; tension; pair, two.

bracer, n. tonic, invigorant; stiffener, support, prop.

bracing, a. invigorating, strengthening, stimulating.

bracket, n. console, corbel, strut, modillion, cantalever; pl. crotchets.

brag, v. boast, vaunt, vapor. Antonyms: disparage, decry, belittle, depreciate.

brag, n. boasting, self-glorification, vaunt, gasconade braggadocio, bravado, vaporing. Antonyms: disparagement, detraction, decrial, depreciation.

braggadocio, n. brag, boasting; boaster, braggart.

braggart, n. boaster, rodomont, gascon, vaunter, vaporer, blusterer, braggadocio, bouncer.

braid, n. plait; queue, pigtail.—v. plait, plat, entwine, interlace.

brain, n. cerebrum; cerebellum; encephalon. Associated Words: cerebrology, encephalology, cerebrate, cerebric, lecithin, excerebration, cephalopathy, encephalitis, apoplexy, cerebral.

brain action. cerebration.

brain fag. cerebropathy.

brainless, a. anencephalic, anencephalous; witless, silly, imbecile, idiotic.

brake, n. thicket.

branch, n. bough, limb; shoot, sprout, sprig, spray, twig, tiller, switch, sucker, stolen, offshoot; ramification; division, department, bureau, wing; tributary, affluent.

branch, v. ramify, divaricate, diverge, fork, bifurcate.

branch, a. tributary.

branching, a. forked, dendroid, dendritic, arborescent, furcated.

branching, n. ramification, divarication, divergence, forking, bifurcation, radiation, dichotomy.

brand, v. stigmatize.

brand, n. firebrand; kind, quality, grade, stigma.

branding, n. stigmatization.

brash, a. quick-tempered, irascible; brittle, crisp, fragile.

brass, n. (Colloq.) impudence, insolence, temerity, effrontery, audacity.

brass worker. brasier, brazier.

brassy, a. brazen; (Colloq.) bold, impudent, forward.

bravado, n. brag; blustering, threat.

brave, a. intrepid, courageous, valiant, daring, bold, valorous, chivalrous, fearless, adventurous, dauntless, doughty, gallant, heroic, mettlesome, undaunted, venturesome, lion-hearted, manly, unafraid, plucky; showy, effective, striking. Antonyms: craven, timorous, cowardly, recreant, pusillanimous. See cowardly.

brave, v. defy, dare, beard.

bravery, n. intrepidity, courage, heroism, valor, prowess, hardihood, mettle, pluck, fearlessness, boldness. Antonyms: cowardice, timidity, recreancy, poltroonery, flinch.

brawl, n. quarrel (noisy), dispute, melee, broil, rumpus, uproar.

brawling, a. clamorous, disputatious, noisy, quarrelsome, jangling.

brawny, a. stalwart, muscular, sinewy, robust, strong.

brazen-faced, a. impudent, shameless, pert, immodest.

breach, n. breaking, rupture; infraction, violation, trespass, nonobservance; hernia, rupture; falling out, alienation, disaffection, variance, difference; separation, ruption, disruption.

bread, n. Associated Words: panification, panary, panivorous, crouton, zwiebach, panade, sop, crumb, crust, brewis, sippet, dough, knead, leaven.

bread-basket, n. pannier.

breadth, n. width, latitude; liberality, tolerance, catholicity.

break, v. fracture, dispart, sever, rend, smash, shatter, shiver, splinter, batter, burst, rupture, crack; infringe, violate, disobey, transgress, trespass; communicate, disclose, divulge, tell, impart, broach; discipline, tame; bankrupt, impoverish, ruin.

break, n. breach, rupture, fracture, fissure crack, chasm, gap, rent, rift, hiatus, caesura, interstice.

breakdown, n. downfall, collapse, crash.

breaking, n. fracture, rupture; breach, infraction, violation. Associated Words: brittle, frangible, frangibility, tenacious, tenacity, inviolable, inviolability.

breaking out. eruption, rash, efflorescence, exanthema; paroxysm.

breaking out again. recrudescence.

breakup, n. disruption, disorganization.

breakwater, n. jetty, pier, mole, dike.

breast, n. chest, bosom, thorax; teat, pap, dug, mamma. Associated words: amasty, pectoral, plastron, bib, gorget, mammillary, angina pectoris, areola, pectoriloquy, diaphragm, sternal.

breast, v. stem, struggle with, withstand, resist.

breastbone, n. sternum.

breastpin, n. brooch, pectoral.

breath, n. respiration.

breathable, a. respirable. Antonyms: irrespirable, unbreathable.

breathe, v. respire, inhale and exhale; infuse; wheeze, suspire, sigh, gasp, pant, aspirate; exhale, emit.

breathing, n. respiration, inhalation (breathing in), exhalation (breathing out); aspiration, suspiration, sighing, panting, insufflation, gasp, wheeze, afflatus, inflation, pneuma; inspiration, theopneusty. Associated Words: eupnoeoe, dyspnoeoe, asthma, apnoeoe, cachon, respiratory, gill, branchia, pneumodynamics, pneometry, suffocation, stertorous.

breathless, a. panting.

breech, n. buttocks.

breeches, n. pl. smallclothes, knickerbockers, knee-breeches; trousers, pants.

breed, v. beget, generate, procreate, engender, conceive and bear; nurture, train; occasion, originate, engender.

breed, n. race, variety, strain, extraction, family, lineage, pedigree; class, sort, kind, variety.

breeding, n. generation, procreation, begetting, prolification; stirpiculture, eugenics; nurture, training. Associated Words: dysgenesis, dysgenesic, hybrid, hybridization, thremmatology.

breeding freely. prolific. Antonym: unprolific.

breeze, n. zephyr; (Colloq.) disturbance, quarrel, tumult.

breezy, a. airy, windy; (Colloq.) lively, spirited, animated, brisk.

brew, v. foment, concoct, hatch, plot.

bribe, n. hush-money, boodle (Slang).—v. suborn.

bribery, n. subornation.

bric-a-brac, n. virtu, knick-knacks.

brick, n. adobe (unburnt and dried in the sun); malm-brick.

bridal, a. nuptial, conjugal, hymeneal.

bridge, n. trestlework, viaduct, culvert, pons, pontoon bridge, cantilever bridge.

bridge, v. span.

bridle, n. restraint, curb, check.—v. restrain, curb, check, control.

brief, a. short-lived, ephemeral, transient, transitory; terse, concise. See short.

brief, n. breviary, epitome, summary; writ, precept, breve.

briefness, n. brevity.

brier, n. thorn, bramble.

brigand, n. highwayman, bandit, outlaw, robber, footpad, freebooter.

bright, a. luminous, gleaming, lustrous, radiant, resplendent, glistening, beaming, shimmering, phosphorescent, luciferous, luminiferous, argent, orient, dazzling, glowing, glittering, flashing, scintillating, sparkling, refulgent, effulgent, brilliant, vivid, glossy, fulgent, naif, lucent, glaring, garish, crystalline; intelligent, precocious, apt, acute, discerning, clever, smart, knowing; auspicious, propitious; illustrious, glorious. Antonyms: dull, lackluster, obscure, dim, opaque, murky, nebulous, dingy, tarnished, sullied.

brighten, v. polish, burnish, furbish; illuminate, irradiate, cheer, rally, enliven, inspirit.

brightness, n. brilliancy, splendor, luster, luminosity, resplendence, radiance, refulgence, effulgence, glow; aptness, precocity, acuteness, sharpness, discernment; vivacity, animation, liveliness.

brilliancy, n. brightness, resplendence, refulgence, brilliance.

brilliant, a. sparkling, glittering, scintillating, dazzling, gleaming, glistening, flashing; splendid, glorious, signal, eminent, striking.

brim, n. rim, border, margin, edge, brink, bank, marge.

brimstone, n. sulphur.

bring, v. fetch.

bring about. bring to pass, effect, accomplish, effectuate, achieve.

bring back. return, restore, replace; revive, resuscitate.

bring forward. introduce.

bring to. resuscitate, revive, reanimate.

bringing to. resuscitation, revivification.

bring on. incur.

bring to pass. accomplish, effectuate.

bring up. nurse, rear, nurture, train.

brink, n. edge, border, verge.

brisk, a. lively, spirited, sprightly, spry, agile, rapid.

British soldier. Tommy Atkins.

brittle, a. frangible, crisp, friable.

brittleness, n. frangibility. Antonym: tenacity.

broad, a. wide; extensive, extended, vast, wide-reaching, comprehensive; liberal, tolerant, catholic; indelicate, gross, questionable.

broadside, n. placard, poster.

broil, v. grill.

broiler, n. gridiron.

broiling, a. scorching, torrid, grilling.

broken, a. fractured, splintered, shattered, shivered; disconnected, discontinuous, interrupted; impaired, shattered; subdued, humbled, contrite, penitent, crushed, trained, subjugated, tractable; violated. Antonyms: inviolate, intact, whole.

broken-hearted, a. disconsolate, inconsolable, comfortless.

broker, a. agent, factor, middleman, go-between.

brood, v. incubate, sit; meditate (morbidly).

brook, n. rivulet, runlet, rill, creek, streamlet, runnel, run, burn.

brook, v. tolerate, suffer, endure, bear.

broom, n. besom; whisk (small broom).

brothel, n. house of prostitution, bawdy-house, brothelry.

brother, n. Associated Words: fratricidal, fraternize, fratricide, brotherhood, brother german, brother uterine.

brotherhood, n. fraternity, fellowship.

brotherly, a. fraternal.

brow, n. forehead.

brown, a. dusky, tawny, dun, swarthy.

brown race. Malayan.

brown study. abstraction, revery, musing, preoccupation.

bruise, v. contuse, ecchymose.

bruise, v. indent, deface, disfigure.

bruise, n. contusion, ecchymosis.

bruiser, n. (Colloq.) boxer, pugilist.

bruit, n. report, town talk, rumor, hearsay.—v. noise, abroad, report, tell, circulate.

brush, n. brushwood; thicket, underbrush; grazing.

brushwood, n. thicket, coppice, underbrush, brush.

brutal, a. inhuman, cruel, fell, ruthless, truculent, unfeeling; beastly, bestial, brutish.

brutality, n. inhumanity, cruelty, truculence.

brute, n. beast; fiend, monster, ruffian, yahoo.

brute, a. irrational.

brutish, a. bestial, brutal, brute.

bubonic plague. polyadenitis.

buck, n. ram; beau, fop, blade, dandy.

bud, v. pullulate, germinate, bourgeon.

Buddha, n. Gautama Siddartha, Sakya Sinha.

budding, n. gemmification, bourgeoning, gemmation.

buffalo, n. bison; carabao (water buffalo).

bugaboo, n. ogre, bugbear, bogy, fright, bullbeggar.

bugbear, n. bugaboo, ogre, bogy, bete noire.

build, v. erect, construct, raise.

builder, n. architect; carpenter.

building, n. erection, construction; edifice, structure, pile; architecture.

businesslike, a. pragmatical.

bulging, a. protuberant, convex, gibbous.

bulgy, a. (Colloq.) bulging, gibbous, convex.

bulk, n. mass, size, dimensions, magnitude, bulkiness; majority, mass.

bulky, a. massive, ponderous, big.

bull, n. Taurus; Minotaur; Apis. Associated Words: tauriform, taurine, bovine, bellow.

bulldoze, v. (Colloq.) intimidate, browbeat.

bullfight, n. Associated Words: arena, banderilla, banderillero, picadore.

bullfighter, n. matador, toreador, tauridor, capeador, tauromachian.

bullfighting, n. tauromachy.

bullhead, n. (Colloq.) dolt, lout, lubber, dunderhead, beetlehead.

bully, n. blusterer, swaggerer, roisterer, rowdy, rough.

bully, a. (Slang) jolly, jovial; fine, excellent, good.

bully, v. browbeat, overbear, swagger, bluster, intimidate.

bullying, a. hectoring, swaggering, blustering.

bulwark, n. rampart, fortification; defense, palladium, shield.

bump, v. jolt, jounce, thump.

bump, n. protuberance, prominence, lump, nodule, swelling.

bumpkin, n. lout, boor, clodpoll, yokel, yahoo, hind.

bumptious, a. (Colloq.) self-conceited, obtrusive, pushing.

bunch, n. cluster, tuft, knot, tussock; raceme, racemation; protuberance, lump, nodule, hunch, bump; lot, collection, group, assortment, set.

bundle, n. parcel, package, bale, pack, budget, packet.

bung, n. stopper, tampoon, spigot, stopple; bunghole, vent.

bunghole, n. bung, vent, vent-hole.

bungling, a. unskillful, maladroit, inexpert, clumsy, inapt.

bunker, n. bin, receptacle, crib.

bunko, v. cheat, swindle, victimize.

burden, n. load, cargo; incubus, encumbrance, weight, impediment, trial, oppression; chorus, refrain.

burden, v. encumber, load, surcharge, oppress.

burial, n. interment, inhumation, sepulture, entombment. Antonyms: disinterment, exhumation.

burlesque, n. travesty, farce.

burn, v. scorch, scald, singe, char, sear, cauterize, brand, consume, incinerate; cremate, incremate.

burn, n. ambustion.

burnable, a. combustible, inflammable. Antonyms: incombustible, asbestic.

burning, n. combustion, cineration, incineration; cauterization, cautery; pyrography; arson; incendiarism; smoldering.

burning, n. cremation, incremation. Associated Words: cremator, crematory, crematorium.

bury, n. inter, inhume, entomb, sepulcher; hide, secrete, conceal, cache. Antonyms: disinter, exhume.

burying-ground, n. cemetery.

bush, n. shrub; thicket, jungle, underwood, boscage.

bushwhacker, n. bushranger, guerrilla.

business, n. vocation, calling, pursuit, craft, trade, occupation, profession; avocation; traffic, trade, commerce, enterprise, industry, barter; duty, function, work, place; affair, concern, matter. Associated words: commercial, mercantile, technical, technicality, technology.

bustle, n. stir, agitation, tumult, ado, pother, commotion; bishop, tournure, pannier.

busy, a. occupied, engaged, employed, engrossed; diligent, industrious, sedulous, active; intrusive, officious, meddlesome.

butcher, v. slaughter.

butter, n. Associated Words: butyric, butyrin, butyrometer, butyrate, dairy, creamery, churn, butterine, capric, caprylic, caproic acid, butyraceous.

butterflies, n. pl. Lepidoptera. Associated Words: lepidopterist, lepidopteral, lepidopterous, caterpillar, larva.

buttock, n. rump, fundament, breech; glutaeus (muscle).

buttress, n. support, stay, prop.

buy, v. purchase.

buyer, n. purchaser.

buying, n. purchase.

buzz, n. hum, murmur, bombinate; whiz.

buzz, v. hum, bombinate.

by degrees. gradually.

bystander, n. spectator, onlooker, witness.

by turns. alternately, in succession.