automobile, n. motor car, autocar, motor. Associated Words: garage, tonneau, carburetter, chassis, automobilist, chauffeur, mechanician.

baby carriage. perambulator.

balloon, n. Montgolfier (hot-air balloon). Associated words: parachute, inflate, inflation, deflate, deflation, dirigible.

birth rate. natality.

blood poisoning. pyaemia.

blue, n. indigo.

books, n. pl. Associated Words: literature, literary, bibliomaniac, bibliophagist, bibliotaph, bookcraft, bookworm.

break up. disorganize, disrupt.

burglar, n. housebreaker, cracksman (Slang).

burglary, n. housebreaking. Associated Word: burglarious.

buttonhole bouquet. boutonniere.

Christ, n. Jesus, the Savior, the Messiah, the Annointed, Immanuel, the Redeemer, God the Son, the Mediator, the Intercessor, the Advocate, Son of God, Son of Man, Lamb of God, Logos, the Word, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, King of Glory, Prince of Peace, Son of Righteousness, Light of the World, Good Shepherd, Incarnation, Hypostatic Union. Associated Words: dominical, Christology, Christian, deicide, bambino, kenosis, psilanthropist, psilanthropy, Antichrist, christocentric, pieta.

coffee, n. Associated word: demi-tasse.

college student. undergraduate.

color, n. Associated Words: polychrome, party-colored, variegated, variegation.

come back. return, recur.

coming back. return, recurrence.

coming down. descent.

coming up. ascent.

consumption, n. tuberculosis. Associated Words: tubercular, tubercle, tuberculin, hectic, consumptive, pectoral.

crime, n. Associated Words: accessory, accomplice, perpetrate, perpetration, perpetrator, incorrigible.

date, n. Associated Words: chronology, chronological, chronologist, antedate, antedating, prolepsis, metachronism, prochronize, prochronism.

death, n. Associated Words: mortuary, rigor mortis.

death rate. mortality.

die sooner than. predecease.

electricity, n. Associated Words: volt, voltage, ohm, kilowatt, ampere, amperage, armature, current, amperemeter, battery, dynamo, motor, voltaic, magnet, charge, coil, induction, conductor, nonconductor, insulate, insulation, farad, electrology, electric, electrician, electrify, electrification, electrifiable, electrition, electrization, electrizer, electrocute, electrocution, electrodynamics, electrodynamometer, electrotherapeutics, electrolysis.

electric light. incandescent light; arc light; electrolier (lamp or chandelier).

expression, n. locution.

famous person. celebrity, notable.

five, n. Associated Word: quintan.

five-sided figure. pentagon.

funeral, n. exequies.

funeral procession. cortege.

go in. enter, penetrate.

going in. entrance, penetration.

going up. ascent, ascension, rise.

go through. penetrate, permeate.

go up. ascend, rise.

green, n. chlorine; chlorophyll.

happen again. recur.

high priest. pontiff, pontifex. Associated Words: pontifical, pontificate, pontificals.

humming birds. Associated Word: trochilidist.

imagination, n. fantasy.

improve, v. Antonyms: deteriorate, decline, degenerate.

iron, n. cast iron; wrought iron; pig iron; spiegel iron. Associated words: ferriferous, ferrous, billet, ore, forge, founder, foundry, ironmaster, ironmonger, ironmongery, ironsmith, ironware, irony, ironbound, pyrites, metallurgy, metallurgist, siderurgy, siderotechny, siderognost, siderurgical, malleable, smelt, smeltery, anneal, siderite, shadrach, larget, manganese, carbon, speiss.

jaw, n. Associated Words: gnathic, gnathism, gnathic index, undershot, overshot, prognathous, prognathism, prognathic, orthognathous, orthognathism, mesognathous, gonion, paragnathous, inframaxillary, intermaxillary, submaxillary, maxillary, supramaxillary, admaxillary, lantern-jawed.

khan keeper. khanjee.

language, n. Associated Words: purist, purism, euphuism, euphuist, euphuistic, euphuize, euphemism, euphemistic, euphemize, charism, locution, provincial, provincialism, localism, solecism, solecistical, barbarism, vulgarism.

lock-jaw, n. trismus.

marriage rate. nuptiality.

metals, n. pl. Associated Words: metallic, metallurgy, metallography, metalliferous, metalliform, metalline, metallist, metallurgical, metallurgist, alloy, lode, dross recrement, bimetallic, bimetallism, monometallic, monometallism.

minerals, n. pl. Associated Words: mineralogy, mineralogist, mineralize, mineralization, mineralogize, sclerometer, chondrule, paramorphism, geology.

mouth, n. Associated Words: oral, oriform, stomatology, stomatoplasty, palate, stomatic, uvula, collutory, cibarian, grimace, splaymouth, buccal.

moving pictures. photo play. Associated Words: cinematograph, biograph, vitascope, bioscope, kinematograph, kinetograph, kineograph, chronophotograph, film, scenario.

muscles, n. pl. Associated Words: muscular, muscularity, myology, myolin, myography, myosin, myologist, tonicity, collagen, cooerdination, myotomy.

northern, a. hyperborean.

nose, n. Associated Word: nasute.

occur again. recur.

older, a. senior, elder.

parent, n. father; mother; begetter; author, originator, source. Associated Words: parental, parricide, foster, filiation, prepotent, prepotency.

people, n. Associated Words: demotic, democratic, democracy, popular, lay, depopulate, depopulation.

philosopher's stone. Associated Word: carmot.

pickpocket, n. dip. (Thieves' slang).

pillar saint. stylite, pillarist.

pistol case. holster.

prayer-book, n. breviary; missal.

priest, n. presbyter, minister, rector; padre (Sp. Amer. and India); flamen (Rom. Antiq.); hierophant; hierarch; hieromartyr. Associated Words: acolyte, hierarchy, hierocracy, hagiarchy, exeat, hierarchism, hierarchal, hieratic, hagiocracy, unfrock, ordain, ordination, sacerdotalism, pontificate, pontific, pontifical, priesthood, Holy Orders, priestcraft, priest-ridden, soutane, cassock, vestments, canonicals, rectory, incumbent.

provincial words. Associated Word: patavinity.

roundabout, a. circumlocutory, circumlocutional, periphrastic.

self-propelling, a. automatic.

sending, n. transmission.

shorthand writer. stenographer.

short pants. (Colloq.) knickerbockers, knee breeches.

speechifier, n. declaimer, haranguer, orator.

speechify, v. declaim, harangue.

speed gauge. speedometer.

stools, n. pl. dejecta.

strap-shaped, a. ligulate.

trade, n. craft.

vulgar person. vulgarian.

weal, n. prosperity, welfare, happiness.

willy-nilly, adv. willingly or unwillingly.

with a bad grace. reluctantly, perfunctorily, ungraciously.

with a good grace. graciously, willingly, gracefully.

wood-tar oil. creosote.

workmanship, n. craftsmanship.