sack, n. bag, pouch; pillage, plunder, rapine, havoc, devastation, spoliation.

sack, v. devastate, plunder, pillage, ravage, despoil, loot, rapine, strip.

sacred, a. consecrated, hallowed; venerable, sainted, religious; inviolable.

sacredness, n. sanctity, holiness; inviolability, inviolableness.

sacrifice, n. oblation, immolation; surrender, loss, giving up; holocaust; hecatomb.

sacrifice, v. offer, immolate; surrender, give up, forego.

sacrilege, n. desecration, profanation, violation.

sacrilegious, a. impious, profane, irreverent.

sad, a. sorrowful, pathetic, plaintive, doleful, piteous, lugubrious, rueful, mournful, dismal, funereal, gloomy, melancholy, disconsolate, dejected, touching; calamitous, deplorable, grievous, dire, afflictive, wretched, saturnine, grave, sober; dull, sombre, subdued; (Colloq.) bad, naughty, troublesome, mischievous, vexatious.

sadden, v. depress, dishearten; tone down, subdue.

saddle, n. Associated Words: pommel, cantle, girth, pillion, stirrup, saddle-tree, croup, crutch, chapelet, tilpah, tapadero, housing, latigo, pique, panel, sinch, saddle-bow, selliform, holster, mochila.

sadness, n. melancholy, pathos, sorrow, gravity, soberness, seriousness.

safe, a. unharmed, intact, unscathed, immune; trustworthy, reliable, sure, secure, invulnerable, impregnable. Antonyms: unsafe, endangered, insecure.

safe-conduct, n. convoy, guard, escort; pass, passport.

safeguard, n. defense, security, palladium, protection, convoy, guard; passport.

safeguard, v. guard, defend, protect, shield.

safekeeping, n. guardianship, care, custody, charge, preservation.

safety, n. security, custody; immunity, exemption.

sagacious, a. intelligent, knowing, shrewd, discerning.

sagacity, n. intelligence, shrewdness, cleverness, ingenuity, wisdom.

sail, v. navigate, cruise, embark.—n. sailing, cruise, embarkation.

sailable, a. navigable.

sailcloth, n. canvas, duck, tarpaulin, raven's-duck.

sailing, n. navigation; circumnavigation (sailing round); orthodromics, orthodromy.

sailor, n. mariner, navigator, seaman, seafarer, tarpaulin, tar, salt, Jacky.

sailor's song. chantey.

sailor's wages. portage.

saint, n. Associated Words: canonize, canonization, hagiology, hagiologist, hagiolatry, hagiolater, hagiography, Hagiographa, dulia, legend, diptych, feretory, philatory, relic, apse, reliquary, shrine, saintism, sainthood, saintship, hagiographer, hierotheca.

sainted, a. holy, pious, saintly, consecrated; canonized.

Saint Vitus's dance. chorea. Associated Word: choreic.

salable, a. vendible, marketable. Antonyms: unsalable, unmarketable.

salacious, a. lascivious, lecherous, concupiscent. See lustful.

salad, n. Associated Word: acetarious.

sale, n. vendition, market; auction; handsel.

salient, a. prominent, conspicuous, noticeable, striking.

saliva, n. spittle, sputum, spit. Associated Words: salivate, salivation, insalivate, insalivation, salivant, salivary, ptyalism, salival, salivous, expectorant, drool, drivel, ptyalogogue, sialogogue, ptysmagogue.

sally, n. spring, leap; sortie; witticism, jest, frolic, escapade.

saloon, n. grogshop, barroom, groggery, dramshop.

sal soda. carbonate of soda.

salt, n. chloride of sodium.

salt, n. seasoning, flavor, savor, taste; piquancy, wit, sense, humor; old sailor.

saltness, n. salinity, salineness, saltiness.

salt of wisdom. alembroth.

saltpetre, n. potassium nitrate, nitre, nitrate of potash.

salt spring. saline.

salt works. salina.

salty, a. saline, brackish, saltish, salt, briny, saliferous.

salute, v. address, greet, hail, welcome, accost.—n. salutation.

salvation, n. redemption. Associated Word: soteriology.

salve, n. ointment, cerate, embrocation, emollient, balm, unguent.

salve, v. anoint, embrocate, heal; remedy, cure.

sal-volatile, n. carbonate of ammonia, salts of hartshorn, smelling salts.

same, a. identical, invariable, uniform, analogous, similar, cognate; isomeric, isonomic. Antonyms: See different.

sameness, n. identity, identicalness, similarity, correspondence, uniformity, analogy, parity, invariability, parallelism; monotony; isomerism.

sample, n. specimen, example, illustration, exemplification, instance, pattern.

sanction, n. confirmation, ratification, authorization, penalty, punishment.

sanction, v. confirm, ratify, approve, countenance.

sanctity, n. godliness, saintliness, inviolability, sacredness.

sanctuary, n. shrine, sanctum, adytum; Holy of Holies; church, temple.

sand, n. sandy soil; quicksand, syrtis; arena (Med.). Associated words: dune, downs, arenicolous, burst, sabulosity (sandiness), psammophilous, ammophilous, medano, eschar, os, kame, arenarious.

sand, n. (Slang) grit, pluck, nerve, courage, fearlessness, audacity, spirit.

sand bath. arenation, psammotherapy, inhumation, saburration.

sandglass, n. hourglass.

Sandwich islands. Associated Word: Kanacka (native).

sandy, a. sabulous, gritty, arenaceous, arenose.

sane, a. underanged, rational, sound, lucid, compos mentis.

sanguinary, a. bloody, murderous; cruel, truculent, bloodthirsty.

sanitarium, n. sanatorium, health retreat.

sanity, n. saneness, rationality.

sap, v. mine, undermine, subvert; exhaust, drain, unsettle.

saphead, n. (Slang) simpleton, sap, dolt.

sappy, a. juicy, lush, succulent; (Low) silly, foolish, half-witted.

sapwood, n. alburnum.

sarcastic, a. satirical, taunting, ironical, derisive, sneering.

sash, n. girdle.