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swallow, v. ingurgitate; gulp, bolt, engorge, englut; ingulf, suck in, absorb, submerge, engulf, overwhelm; accept, believe, credit; appropriate, arrogate, monopolize, engross; bear, brook, tolerate, pocket.

swallowing, n. deglutition, ingurgitation, absorption. Antonym: aglutition.

swamp, n. marsh, morass, slough, quagmire, bog, fen, marish. Associated Words: paludine, paludinous, paludism, paludose, palustrine, draco, muck, effluvium, malaria, miasma.

swamp, v. engulf, overwhelm, submerge.

swampy, a. boggy, fenny, marshy, sloughy, slumpy, queachy.

swan, n. cob (male); cygnet (young).

swap, v. (Colloq.) exchange, trade.

swarm, v. teem.

swarming, a. teeming.

swashing, a. heavy, violent, crushing.

sway, n. dominion, domination, rule.

swear, v. blaspheme, curse, imprecate, use profane language.

swearing, n. profanity, oath, blasphemy, expletive, cursing, imprecation.

sweat, v. perspire; exude.

sweat, n. perspiration; exudation. Associated Words: sudoriferous, sudoral, sudorific, sudatory, diaphoretic, diaphoresis, perspiratory, empasm, bagnio, adiophoretic.

sweating-bath, n. sudatory, sudatorium, vapor-bath.

Swedish Parliament. Riksdag.

sweet, a. saccharine, honeyed, sugary, nectarean, ambrosial, nectareous; dulcet, melodious, harmonious, mellifluous, silvery, symphonious, tuneful; winsome, winning. Antonyms: bitter, acrid, tart, sour.

sweetbread, n. pancreas.

sweeten, v. dulcify, edulcorate; purify, disinfect, fumigate, deodorize.

sweetening, n. dulcification, edulcoration.

sweetheart, n. (male) lover, inamorato, beau, flame, spark, swain, suitor; (female) ladylove, mistress, inamorata, dulcinea, darling, flame, amaryllis.

sweets, n. pl. confectionery, sweetmeats.

sweet-smelling, a. fragrant, redolent, balmy, aromatic, savory, sweet-scented.

swell, v. distend, dilate, expand, bloat, puff up, tumefy, intumesce; increase, augment; heave, surge; protuberate; strut, swagger.

swell, n. swelling; augmentation, increase; protuberance, bulge; elevation, rise.

swell, a. (Slang) fashionable, elegant, distinguished, exquisite.—n. exquisite, fop, dandy.

swelled, a. swollen, tumid, enlarged, bloated, protuberant, turgid.

swelling, n. intumescence, turgescence, prominence, protuberance, bump, node, blain, distention. Antonyms: subsidence, detumescence.

swelling, a. turgent, tumefacient, tumid, turgid; grandiloquent, bombastic, grandiose.

swerve, v. deviate, deflect, diverge, turn aside.

swift, a. fleet, rapid, fast, speedy, quick.

swiftness, n. celerity, velocity, speed, rapidity, fleetness, quickness.

swill, n. hogwash, swillings, draff.

swimming, n. natation; dizziness, vertigo, giddiness; transnatation, supernatation. Associated Words: natatorial, natant, natatorious, natatorium, natatory.

swimming birds. Natatores.

swindle, n. See cheat.

swine, n. pl. hogs. Associated Word: porcine.

swing, v. oscillate, vibrate; sway, brandish, flourish, wave.

swing, n. swinging; free course, liberty, unrestraint, sweep.

swinging, n. oscillation, vibration.

swinging, a. oscillatory, oscillating, vibratory.

swipe, v. strike; (Slang) steal, pluck, snatch, purloin.

Swiss, n. Switzer, Helvetian.—a. Helvetic.

Swiss Federal Council. Bundesrath.

switch, v. whip, flog; shunt, shift.

swollen, a. tumid, tumefied, bloated, purled up.

sword, n. rapier, saber, scimiter, brand, curtana, claymore, smallsword, glaive, broadsword, cutlass, Damascus blade, spadroon, creese. Associated Words: scabbard, sheathe, unsheathe, forte, hilt, sheath, foible, foil, fence, fencer, gladiatorial, gladiatorism, gladiature.

swordfight, n. fencing, swordplay.

sword of mercy. curtana.

sword player, n. fencer; gladiator.

sword-shaped, a. ensiform.

sycophancy, n. obsequiousness, fawning, truckling, servility, sycophantism.

sycophant, n. fawner, toady, flunky, lickspittle.

sycophantic, a. obsequious, fawning, adulatory, servile.

syllabus, n. compendium, abstract, synopsis.

symbolic, a. typical, emblematical.

symbolize, v. typify, emblematize.

symmetry, n. proportion, shapeliness. Antonyms: asymmetry, disproportion.

sympathetic, a. compassionate, commiserating, pitiful, kind, tender.

sympathize, v. have sympathy, commiserate, condole with; agree, be in accord.

sympathy, n. fellow-feeling, tenderness; pity, commiseration, compassion, condolence; accord, agreement, rapport, concord. Antonyms: antipathy, incompassion, inclemency, disagreement, incompatibility.

symptom, n. indication, mark, sign, evidence, diagnostic. Associated words: symptomatic, rymptomatology, semeiology, semeiotic, semeiography, pathognomonic, diagnosticate, diagnosis.

synopsis, n. syllabus, compendium, abstract, summary, epitome, digest.

system, n. method, order. Antonyms: chaos, confusion, disorder.

systematic, a. methodical, orderly. Antonyms: unsystematic, chaotic, immethodical.

systematize, v. methodize, classify.