Satan, n. devil, Belial, Apollyon, Abaddon, Asmodeus, Prince of Darkness, Archfiend, the Evil One, the Tempter, the Arch Enemy.

satchel, n. handbag, valise.

satiate, v. surfeit, pall, glut, overfeed, cloy, gorge.

satiety, n. satiation, surfeit, cloyment, over-fullness.

satire, n. irony, sarcasm, ridicule, lampoon, pasquinade.

satirical, a. bitter, sarcastic, ironical, caustic, mordacious.

satirize, v. lampoon, ridicule, lash.

satisfaction, n. gratification; contentment, complacency, content, comfort; reparation, indemnification, requital, reimbursement, recompense; atonement, amends. Antonyms: dissatisfaction, discontent.

satisfactory, a. sufficient, satisfying, conclusive, gratify, ing, atoning.

satisfy, v. gratify, content, appease, satiate, suffice; indemnify, repay.

sauce, n. (Low) sauciness, impertinence, insolence, rudeness

saucy, a. impertinent, insolent, pert, impudent, malapert, flippant.

saunter, v. loiter, linger, straggle, lounge, stroll, delay, dawdle, lag.

savable, a. salvable.

savage, a. uncivilized, barbarous; ferocious, ravenous, fierce, untamed; brutal, fell, truculent, implacable, atrocious, ferocious, inhuman.

savage, n. barbarian; cannibal.

savages, n. pl. Associated Words: agriology, agriologist.

save, v. rescue, deliver, redeem; preserve, conserve, keep; reserve, hoard, garner; economize, husband; spare, obviate, prevent, forefend, shield, protect.

save, prep. or conj. except, excepting, reserving.

saving, a. preserving, redemptory, redeeming; preservative, conservative; frugal, thrifty, economical, provident, sparing, choice, chary. Antonyms: lavish, extravagant, prodigal, unthrifty, profuse, wasteful.

saving, n. treasure, hoard, reserve; exception, reservation, salvation, rescue, redemption, deliverance; preservation, conservation; salvage.

savingness, n. frugality, parsimony, thrift, providence, economy, chariness. Antonyms: extravagance, prodigality, improvidence.

savory, a. gustable, palatable, toothsome, fragrant. Antonyms: unsavory, impalatable.

savvy, v. (Slang) understand, comprehend.—n. understanding, comprehension.

saw, n. maxim, adage, apothegm. See saying.

sawbones, n. (Nickname) surgeon.

sawer, n. sawyer.

saw tooth. serration, serrature, serrulation.

saw-toothed, a. serrate, serrated, serrulate.

say, v. utter, express, mention, pronounce, speak, declare, tell, articulate, recite, rehearse; state, assert, affirm, allege, aver, asseverate, predicate, cite; suppose, assume, presume.

saying, n. utterance, declaration, statement, pronunciation, mention, assertion, affirmation, citation, averment, asseveration, alleging, recital, rehearsal.

saying, n. maxim, saw, proverb, apothegm, aphorism, adage, dictum, precept, axiom, motto, quotation.

scab, n. eschar, incrustation; mange.

scabby, a. scabbed, scaly, scabious, mangy.

scaffold, n. staging, scaffolding; gallows.

scalawag, n. (Slang) scamp, rascal, rogue, scapegrace, miscreant, scoundrel, villain, caitiff, varlet.

scale, n. flake, lamina, leprosity, lamella, squama, incrustation.

scale, n. (Mus.) gamut, sol-fa. Associated Words: diatonic, chromatic, tonic.

scale, n. (Bot.) squamula, lodicule; fulcrum.

scale, v. exfoliate, desquamate; climb, ascend, mount, clamber, escalade.

scales, n. pl. balance; steelyards, Roman balance.

scalloped, a. pinked; crenate, crenated (Bot.).

scaly, a. flaky, squamose, leprose, squamoid, scurvy; (Low) mean, low, contemptible, scurvy, despicable.

scamble, v. sprawl, wabble, shamble; scramble, jostle.

scamp, v. (Colloq.) slight, skimp.

scamp, n. rascal, knave, miscreant, caitiff, scapegrace, scoundrel.

scamper, v. hasten away, scud, hie, run, scuttle, scatter.

scandal, n. reproach, opprobrium, disgrace, odium, shame; slander.

scandalize, v. shock, offend, displease; disgrace; slander, defame, vilify.

scandalous, a. defamatory, libellous, slanderous; infamous, disgraceful, opprobrious, shameful, disreputable.

scant, a. scanty, meager, insufficient, inadequate; sparing, saving, chary.

scant, v. limit, straiten, stint.

scantness, n. smallness, narrowness, inadequacy, insufficiency, meagerness, scantiness.

scanty, a. insufficient, inadequate, meager; sparing, illiberal, niggardly.

scapegrace, n. rogue, scamp, blacksheep, miscreant.

scar, n. cicatrix, seam, cicatrice; blemish, disfigurement, flaw. Associated Words: cicatricial, cicatrisive, cicatrizant, cicatrize, cicatrization, escharotic.

scarce, a. rare, unplentiful, deficient.

scarcity, n. dearth, deficiency, insufficiency, lack, drought, rarity, paucity.

scare, v. frighten, intimidate, terrify, daunt, cow, appall, startle, affright, alarm, browbeat, dismay, terrorize, overawe. Antonym: reassure.

scare, n. fright, alarm, terror, panic, consternation.

scarecrow, n. guy, effigy; ragamuffin.

scarf, n. muffler, tippet, neckcloth, neckerchief, cravat, necktie, maniple.

scarfskin, n. epidermis, cuticle.

scary, a. (Colloq.) timid, apprehensive, alarming, frightful.

scatter, v. dissipate, disperse, dispel, separate; intersperse.

scatter-brained, a. giddy, thoughtless, flighty, careless.

scattering, a. scattered, sporadic.

scattering, n. dissipation, dispersion; interspersion.

scene, n. spectacle, show, exhibition, display, view, scenery.

scenery, n. view, landscape, prospect.

scent, n. odor, smell, perfume; flair. See smell.

scepter, n. royal mace, sovereignty.

schedule, n. list, catalogue, table.