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smash, v. shiver, crush.—n. destruction, ruin, wreck; bankruptcy.

smatterer, n. sciolist, superficialist.

smattering, n. sciolism, superficial knowledge.

smear, v. besmear, daub.—n. smooch, smutch, blotch, daub.

smeary, a. dauby, sticky, viscous.

smell, n. olfaction; odor, savor, scent; (sweet smell) fragrance, aroma, perfume, redolence; (offensive smell) stink, fetor, stench. Antonyms: inodorousness, scentlessness, anosmia. Associated Words: olfactory, reek, fume, perfume, inodorous, malodorous, odoriferous, odorous, osphresiology, osphretic, odorless, deodorize, deodorization, emanation, effluvium, sniff, whiff, disinfect, disinfection, unsavory, savory.

smell, v. scent; savor; stink.

smelling, n. olfaction, osmesis (Med.).

smelling salts. sal-volatile, carbonate of ammonia. Associated word: vinaigrette.

smile, n. smiling; propitiousness, favor.

smirch, n. smutch, discoloration, smooch.

smirk, n. simper, sneer.

smite, v. strike, buffet; blast, destroy; afflict, chasten, visit.

smithereens, n. pl. (Colloq.) atoms, fragments, smithers, splinters.

smitten, p.p. of smite. stricken; blasted; afflicted, chastened; enamored, fascinated, infatuated, captivated.

smock, n. shift, chemise, shirt, blouse.

smockfaced, a. smoothfaced, girlish, beardless.

smoke, n. fume, reek, effluvium; smudge (dense smoke). Associated words: capnomancy, flue, chimney, soot, tewel.

smoke, v. reek; fume; infumate; fumigate; suffumigate; smolder.

smoking, n. smoldering; fuming; fumigation; infumation suffumigation.

smoky, a. fumid, fumy, sooty, reeky, fumacious, fuliginous.

smooch, n. smutch, stain, smudge.

smooth, v. level, plane, sleek, flatten, planish, levigate; facilitate, pave.

smooth, a. even, plain, flat, level, abraded, levigated, slippery, sleek, glary; unruffled, placid; voluble, fluent; suave, oily, bland, insinuating, flattering, smooth-tongued. Antonyms: rough, abrupt.

smoothfaced, a. beardless, smockfaced.

smoothness, n. evenness, levelness, sleekness; volubility, fluency; suavity.

smooth over. palliate, gloze, extenuate, mitigate.

smooth-spoken, a. smooth-tongued, adulatory, plausible, glib. Antonyms: brusque, abrupt.

smother, v. suffocate, stifle; extinguish, repress, suppress; smolder.

smuggler, n. contrabandist.

smut, n. scot, dirt, smutch; mildew, blight; obscenity, lewdness, ribaldry.

smut, v. stain, blacken, sully, tarnish; crock.

smutty, a. obscene, lewd, ribald, indecent, gross.

snail, n. sluggard, drone; slug.

snake, n. serpent, reptile. See serpent.

snakestone, n. madstone; ammonite.

snaky, a. serpentine, winding; insinuating, subtle, deceitful.

snap, n. spell, period, season, interval; catch, clasp; fillip, crack, smack, fico; (Collog.) energy, briskness, vigor; (Slang) sinecure.

snappish, a. captious, irascible, testy, petulant, splenetic, cross.

snare, n. catch, wile, trap, gin, lure, decoy, trapan, toils.

snarl, v. entangle, complicate, involve, knot; confuse, enmesh, insnare; growl, gnarl. Antonyms: disentangle, unravel, extricate.

snarl, n. complication, entanglement, intricacy, knot; confusion; growl.

snarler, n. growler, grumbler, fault-finder, cynic.

snatch, v. seize, grasp, gripe, wrest, pluck, grab, twitch.

sneak, v. skulk, slink, lurk, snoop.

sneaking, a. lurking, skulking, slavish, underhand, covert, stealthy.

sneer, v. mock, gibe, scoff, flout, jeer, deride, ridicule, scout.

sneer, n. gibe, scoff, jeer, gird, derision.

sneezing, n. sternutation. Associated Words: sternutative, sternutatory.

snicker, n. giggle, titter, snigger.

snide, a. (Slang) tricky, deceptive, dishonest, fraudulent.

sniff, v. snuff; scent, smell.—n. snuff, breath.

snivel, n. mucus, snot.

snob, n. upstart, pretender, parvenu; rat, knobstick.

snobbish, a. pretentious, assuming, overbearing, uppish.

snoring, n. Associated Word: stertorous.

snot, n. snivel, mucus (from the nose).

snotty, a. snively, mean, despicable.

snout, n. nose (of a beast), muzzle, proboscis; nozzle.

snow, n. Associated Words: pluviography, flurry, sleet, spoondrift, drift, flake, igloo, slush, avalanche, hyetology, meteorology, blizzard.

snowy, a. niveous, snowlike.

snub, v. slight, ignore, disregard.

snub, n. slight, check, rebuke.

snuff, n. maccaboy, rappee; sniff.

snug, a. cozy; concealed, close; comfortable, compact.

snuggle, v. nestle, cuddle.

soak, v. drench, saturate; absorb, imbibe; macerate imbrue, steep.

soaked, a. drenched, saturated, sodden.

soaking, a. drenching, saturating.

soap, n. Associated Words: saponify, saponification, saponifiable, saponin, lather, suds.

soapiness, n. saponacity.

soap liniment. opodeldoc.

soapstone, n. steatite.

soapy, a. saponaceous.

sob, v. weep.

sober, a. temperate, abstinent, abstemious; unintoxicated; solemn, grave, demure, sedate; dispassionate, unimpassioned, calm, rational.

sobriety, n. soberness; gravity.

sociable, a. affable, friendly, companionable, genial, social, unreserved. Antonyms: unsociable, inaffable.

social, a. civil, civic; sociable; festive, convivial.

social evil. prostitution.

socialism, n. Communism, Fourierism, Saint Simonianism, humanitarianism.

society, n. sodality, association, fraternity, club, confraternity, guild; verein (Ger.); companionship, association, fellowship, company.

sockdologer, n. (Slang) poser, facer, settler, conclusive answer.

sod, n. sward, turf; peat.