measure, v. gauge, mete; appraise, estimate, compute, adjust; allot, mete out, apportion, distribute.

measureless, a. immeasurable.

measurement, n. mensuration; dimensions, size, extent, area, capacity, bulk.

meat, n. flesh (of animals). See flesh.

meat pie. mince pie; pasty.

mechanic, n. mechanician, artisan, artificer, handicraftsman, craftsman.

mechanical, a. automatic, involuntary.

mechanician, n. machinist.

medal, n. medallion.

meddle, v. interfere, interpose, intermeddle, obtrude.

meddlesome, a. officious, intrusive, obtrusive, pragmatical, intermeddling.

meddling, n. interference, intrusion, intermeddling.

mediation, n. intercession.

mediator, n. intercessor. See peacemaker.

mediatorial, a. intercessory, mediatory, propitiatory.

medical, a. medicinal, therapeutical, therapeutic, curative.

medicinal, a. medicative, medical, therapeutic.

medicine, n. materia medica, medicament, remedy, restorative, corrective, specific, physic, antidote, tonic, panacea; nostrum.

mediocre, a. middling, ordinary, medium, commonplace.

mediocrity, n. commonplaceness, indifference, middle state.

meditate, v. contemplate, muse, ponder, cogitate, reflect, think.

meditation, n. contemplation, musing, cogitation, reflection, thought.

meditative, a. thoughtful, contemplative, reflective.

Mediterranean Sea. Associated Word: Levant.

medium, a. intermediate, middling, mean, average, mediocre.

medium, n. middle; means, instrumentality, agency; menstruum; psychic.

medley, n. mixture, jumble, hodgepodge, potpourri, olio, melange, farrago.

meed, n. reward, recompense, prize; merit, desert, worth.

meek, a. humble, unassuming, modest, retiring, docile, lowly.

meerschaum, n. magnesite, seafoam, sepiolite.

meet, v. encounter, confront, collide, converge, engage; intercept; assemble, congregate, convene, collect, muster; agree, harmonize, unite; equal, satisfy, fulfill, match. Antonyms: avoid, elude, escape, disperse, scatter.

meet, a. suitable, proper, befitting, seemly, appropriate.

meeting, n. assembly, assemblage, congregation, convention, convocation, conference, synod, mall, concourse, gathering, mustering; juncture, convergence, crossing, junction, confluence; encounter; collision, clash; interception; interview; tryst, rendezvous.

melancholia, n. hypochondria, hypochondriasis.

melancholy, n. despondency, hypochondria, dejection, disconsolation, melancholia.

melancholy, a. despondent, hypochondriac, depressed, disconsolate, dispirited.

melee, n. affray, scuffle, set-to, brawl, fight (hand to hand).

melodious, a. tuneful, harmonious, dulcet, musical, sweet, euphonious, ariose, mellifluous.

melody, n. music; descant, tune, song, air, theme. Antonyms: discord, dissonance.

melt, v. dissolve, liquefy, thaw, fuse, soften, blend, swale, colliquate.

meltable, a. dissolvable, soluble, liquefiable, fusible.

melted, a. molten.

melting, a. dissolving, thawing; affecting, touching.

melting, n. dissolution, liquefaction, fusion, thawing, inteneration, dissipation, colliquation.

melting-pot, n. crucible.

member, n. part, organ, limb; constituent, component, part.

memento, n. souvenir, keepsake, memorial.

memoir, n. biography, autobiography.

memorandum, n. record, minute, note.

memorial, a. commemorative.

memory, n. remembrance, recollection, reminiscence; retrospection. Antonyms: oblivion, forgetfulness, Lethe, amnesia, ecmnesia. Associated words: mnemonics, mnemonic, mnemonician, mnemotechny, phrenotypics, Mnemosyne, immortalize, immemorial, memorable, memorabilia, memorize, remember, amnesic.

menace, n. threat, threatening.

menace, v. threaten.

menacing, a. threatening, minatory.

menage, n. household, family.

mend, v. repair, patch; improve.

mendacious, a. lying, untruthful, false, deceitful.

mendacity, n. untruthfulness, lying, falsehood, lie, untruth.

mendicant, n. beggar.—a. begging.

mending, n. repairing, patching, restoration; improvement.

menial, a. serving; low, servile.

mental, a. intellectual.

mentality, n. intellectuality.

mentor, n. monitor, counselor, guide.

mentorial, a. admonitory, monitory.

mercantile, a. trading, commercial.

mercenary, a. hired, hireling, purchased; greedy, sordid, avaricious, grasping.

mercenary, n. hireling.

merchandise, n. wares, goods, commodities.

merchant, n. trader, dealer, trafficker, shopkeeper, tradesman.

merchantable, a. salable, vendible, marketable.

merciful, a. pitiful, lenient, clement, compassionate, benignant, indulgent, kind, gracious, forgiving.

merciless, a. unmerciful, remorseless, cruel, pitiless, ruthless, inexorable, implacable.

Mercury, n. Hermes; quicksilver; messenger.

Mercury's staff. caduceus.

mercy, n. clemency, pity, lenity, leniency, lenience, compassion, forgiveness, placability; discretion, disposal; blessing, favor. Antonyms: revenge, implacability, inclemency, incompassion.

mercy seat. propitiatory.

merely, a. purely, absolutely; simply, barely, only.

merge, v. swallow up, absorb, immerse, take in; be swallowed up, be absorbed.

merger, n. absorption.

meridian, n. noon, midday; culmination, zenith, pinnacle, apex. Antonym: nadir.

meridian, a. midday, meridional.

merit, n. desert, worth, meed, worthiness; worth, excellence, goodness; reward; pl. claim, right. Antonym: demerit.

merit, v. deserve, earn.

meritorious, a. worthy, commendable, meedful, deserving.