loud, a. deafening, stentorian, resonant, clarion; clamorous, vociferous, boisterous; gaudy, flashy, ostentatious, showy; emphatic, urgent, appealing.

lounge, v. recline, loll.

lousiness, n. phthiriasis, pediculosis, pediculation.

lout, n. booby, boor, bumpkin, lubber, gawky.

loutish, a. boorish, lubberly, gawky, ungentlemanly.

lovable, a. amiable, winsome, lovely, winning.

lovableness, n. amability, winsomeness, amiability.

love, n. affection, devotion, infatuation, passion; amorousness, amativeness; Cupid, Eros, Venus, Aphrodite, Amorino; philanthropy; storge.

love affair. liaison (an illicit love affair), amour, intrigue.

love feast (of the primitive Christians), agape.

love-letter, n. billet-doux, billet d'amour.

lovely, a. charming, delightful, delectable, amiable, pleasing.

love potion. philter.

lover, n. amoroso, inamorato, swain, suitor, admirer, philander, gallant, beau, cicisbeo; paramour, leman.

loving, a. affectionate; enamored; amative, amorous, erotic.

loving-kindness, n. tenderness, mercy, compassion.

low, a. depressed; base, mean, vulgar, raffish, ignominious, undignified; moderate, reasonable, cheap; humble, lowly, obscure; feeble, faint, weak; subdued, grave, gentle; ignoble, groveling, abject, degraded, servile, menial, sordid, base.

low, adv. softly, sotto voce.

low, v. moo.

lowborn, a. baseborn, plebeian.

lowbred, a. unrefined, illbred, vulgar, rude.

lower, v. drop; depress, reduce; decrease, diminish, fall, humble, humiliate, degrade, abash, detrude, dishonor; frown, scowl, glower, look sullen.

lower, a. nether, under.

lower classes. proletariat, proletariate, proletarians.

lowering, a. threatening, dark, sullen.

lowest, a. nethermost.

lowest point. nadir.

low life. obscurity.

lowliness, n. humility, meekness, self-abasement.

low-lived, a. mean, dishonorable, ignominious, base.

lowly, a. humble, meek, unassuming.

low-minded, a. groveling, abject, sordid, base-minded.

loyal, a. true, constant, faithful, devoted, stanch, unwavering.

loyalty, n. fidelity, constancy, faithfulness, devotion, fealty, allegiance.

lozenge, n. tablet, troche, pastille.

lubber, n. boor, lout, bumpkin, looby, gawk, churl, lummox.

lubberly, a. boorish, loutish, gawky, clumsy, ungainly.

lucid, a. See clear.

lucidity, n. See clearness.

luck, n. fortune, chance, fortuity, haphazard, chance, hap-hazard. Associated Words: mascot, hoodoo.

luckless, a. See unlucky.

lucky, a. fortunate; favorable, auspicious, propitious.

lucrative, a. See profitable.

ludicrous, a. comical, ridiculous. See funny.

lug, v. drag, pull, tug, haul.

luggage, n. baggage, traps.

lugubrious, a. mournful, doleful, sorrowful, woful.

lukewarm, a. tepid; indifferent, cool, unconcerned.

lukewarmness, n. tepidity; indifference, unconcern, coolness.

lull, v. hush, still, quiet, tranquillize; subside, abate.

lull, n. calm, calmness, subsidence.

lumbering, a. unwieldy, ponderous, cumbersome, ungraceful.

luminous, a. See bright.

lummox, n. (Low) booby, gawk, lout, lubber, yahoo, bumpkin, boor.

lump, n. mass, aggregation, aggregate.—v. mass, amass.

lumpish, a. inert, heavy; stupid, dull, stolid.

lumpy jaw. actinomycosis.

lunatic, n. madman, maniac, bedlamite.

lunch, n. luncheon, refection.

luncheon, n. collation, refreshment, nuncheon, tiffin.

lunge, v. allonge, longe, thrust.

lungs, n. pl. lights (lungs of an animal or bird). Associated words: pulmonary, pulmonic, pneumonic, pleura, pleural lobe, spirometer, pneumology.

lurch, v. sway, stagger, roll; dodge, shift, evade, bilk.

lure, n. decoy, enticement, bait.

lure, v. entice, tempt, seduce, allure, decoy.

lurking-place, n. ambush, retreat, cover.

luscious, a. delicious, delectable; cloying, fulsome, unctuous.

lush, a. juicy, succulent.

lust, n. venereal appetite, concupiscence, salacity, sexual desire; longing, cupidity, desire, hankering. Antonym: anaphrodisia. See sexual desire.

luster, n. brightness, gloss, glitter, sheen, brilliancy.

lusterless, a. dull, lackluster.

lustful, a. lascivious, concupiscent, lecherous, licentiou-libidinous, salacious, carnal, lickerish, ruttish, prurient aphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal, lecherous.

lustre, n. brilliancy, glitter, radiance, resplendence.

lustrous, a. See bright.

lusty, a. robust, sturdy, stalwart, strapping, muscular.

luxuriance, n. exuberance, rampancy, richness.

luxuriant, a. exuberant, rampant, superabundant, excessive.

luxuriate, v. revel, wanton.

luxurious, a. voluptuous, epicurean, sybaritic.

luxury, n. voluptuousness, epicurism, sybaritism, luxuriousness.

lying, a. untruthful, false, mendacious, deceitful.

lying, n. falsehood, lie, untruth, mendacity, fabrication, fiction.

lying down. reclining, recumbent, accumbent; (face down) prone, prostrate; (face upward) supine.

lying down. reclining, reclination, accubation, recumbence; (face down) prostration, pronation; (face upward) supination, supineness.

lying in wait. ambush, ambuscade.

lying round. circumjacent.—n. circumjacence.

lyre, n. See harp.