infallibility, n. inerrability.

infallible, a. inerrable, unerring, sure, certain, undeniable.

infamous, a. disreputable, ignominious, scandalous, opprobrious, odious, heinous.

infamy, n. disgrace, ignominy, odium, obloquy, opprobrium.

infancy, n. babyhood; minority, nonage, pupilage.

infant, n. baby; minor.

infantile paralysis. poliomyelitis.

infatuate, v. enamor, charm. Antonyms: repel, disgust, disillusionize.

infection, n. contagion, contamination, vitiation, pollution.

infectious, a. contagious, pestiferous, epidemic, vitiating.

infer, v. deduce, imply, gather.

inference, n. deduction, conclusion, illation, corollary.

inferior, a. poorer, lower, subordinate, menial, minor, mediocre, subaltern.

inferior, n. subordinate. Antonyms: peer, equal, superior.

inferiority, n. subordinacy, mediocrity, deficiency.

infidel, n. free-thinker, atheist, unbeliever, skeptic.

infirmity, n. See weakness.

inflammable, a. combustible, accendible; irascible, irritable, excitable.

inflammation, n. phlogosis; phlegmasia. Associated Words: phlogistic, phlogogenous, antiphlogistic, demulcent delitescence.

inflammatory, a. phlogistic; seditious, incendiary.

inflate, v. expand, enlarge, distend.

inflated, a. distended, blown up; bombastic, pompous, grandiloquent, declamatory.

inflation, n. distention, expansion.

inflection, n. modulation, accent.

inflexibility, n. rigidity, stiffness; firmness, pertinacity, obstinacy, steadfastness.

inflexible, a. unyielding, rigid, impliable; immovable, resolute, steadfast.

influence, n. sway, control; persuasion, restraint; authority, ascendency, prestige.

influence, v. move, persuade, induce, sway, control, prevail upon, actuate, impel.

informal, a. unceremonious, unconventional, easy, natural, unconstrained.

informality, n. unceremoniousness.

information, n. knowledge, intelligence, instruction; (Law) complaint, accusation.

infringe, v. violate, transgress; encroach, trespass, intrench.

infringement, n. transgression, violation, breach, encroachment, trespass, intrenchment.

in full. unabridged, at length.

ingenious, a. inventive, resourceful.

ingratitude, n. unthankfulness.

ingredient, n. constituent, element, component, part.

inhabitant, n. dweller, denizen, residentiary, resident, citizen. Antonyms: sojourner, pilgrim, visitor.

inherent, a. innate, adhering, inexistent, inborn, inalienable.

inheritable, a. hereditable.

inheritance, n. heritage, patrimony, legacy.

inhuman, a. savage, barbarous, fiendish, brutal, cruel.

inhumanity, n. cruelty, brutality, barbarity, mercilessness.

injection, n. immission, injecting; enema, clyster, lavement.

injure, v. damage, harm, hurt, impair, disfigure, maim, mar, wound.

injurious, a. hurtful, harmful, detrimental, pernicious, deleterious, baneful, noxious, maleficent, prejudicial; defamatory, derogatory, detractory.

injury, n. damage, detriment, harm, hurt, wound, impairment, mutilation, defacement, violation, lesion. Associated Words: vulnerable, vulnerability, invulnerable, invulnerability, inviolable, vulnific.

injustice, n. inequity, unfairness; grievance.

inkling, n. hint, intimation, allusion.

inkstand, n. standish.

inky, a. atramentous, atramental, atramentarious.

inlaid work. marquetry, parquetry, mosaic.

inland, a. interior, internal.

inlet, n. entrance, ingress; bay, recess, bight, estuary, cove, frith, bayou.

inmate, n. occupant.

inn, n. lodging house, tavern, hotel; cabaret, caravansary, khan.

innate, a. inborn, inherent, native.

inner, a. internal, interior; obscure, esoteric, innermost parts, recesses, penetralia, sanctuary.

innocence, n. blamelessness, guilelessness, guiltlessness, impeccability, inoffensiveness.

innocent, a. blameless, guileless, guiltless, impeccable, inoffensive, sinless, artless, inculpable, irreproachable, irreprehensible, inerrable, irresponsible, virtuous, unsophisticated.

inquiring, a. curious, inquisitive.

inquiry, n. question, query, interrogation; research, investigationm scrutiny.

inquisitive, a. inquiring, mousing, curious, intrusive, prying, meddlesome. Antonyms: indifferent, unconcerned, uninterested.

insane, a. demented, crazy, mad, deranged, delirious, dementate; paranoiac. Antonyms: sane, rational.

insane asylum. bedlam, bethlehem, madhouse, retreat.

insanity, n. dementia, alienation of mind, madness, lunacy, craziness, derangement, frenzy, delirium, mania, hallucination, aberration of mind, bedlamism; paranoia, monomania. Antonyms: sanity, rationality, lucidity. Associated Words: alienist, alienism.

insatiable, a. unappeasable; voracious, rapacious, omnivorous.

inscrutable, a. incomprehensible, inexplicable, unsearchable.

insect, n. Associated Words: entomology, entomologist, entomologic, chrsalis, pupa, cicada, cocoon, credpitaculum, entomophilous, entornophily, entomtaxy, entomotomy, insecticidal, insectifuge, insectile, larva, lepidopterist, larvarium, stridor, stridulate, stridulation, silphology, stridulatory, nymph, horismology, imago.

insect-eaters, n. pl. Insectivora, Entomophaga.

insect-eating, a. insectivorous, entomophagous.

insect powder. insecticide, pyrethrum, entomologic, chrysalis, pupa, cicada, cocoon, crepitaculum, entomophilous, entomophily, entomotaxy, entomotomy, insecticidal, insectifuge, insectile, larva, lepidopterist, larvarium, stridor, stridulate, stridulation, silphology, stridulatory, nymph, horismology, imago.

insect-eaters, n. pl. Insectivora, Entomophaga.