free, a. exempt, immune, independent, unrestrained; liberated, freed, released, emancipated, delivered; unconstrained, unreserved, informal, familiar, frank, ingenuous, communicative, artless, candid; gratuitous, spontaneous, voluntary, optional; liberal, open-handed, generous, bountiful, lavish, flush, munificent, hospitable; unrestrained, immoderate, prodigal, dissolute, lax; ready, eager, prompt, willing. Antonyms: subject, reserved, formal, coercive, arbitrary, restrained, bound.

free and easy. (Colloq.) informal, unceremonious, unrestrained.

freebooter, n. buccaneer, pillager, pirate, sea robber.

freebooting, n. plunder, pillaging, robbery.

freedom, n. exemption, immunity; liberty, independence, self-government, autonomy; privileges, immunities, franchises; ease, facility, unconstraint, laxity; candor, frankness, informality; latitudinarianism. Antonyms: subjection, liability, dependence, heteronomy, reserve, constraint, subordination, repression.

free-handed, a. liberal, open-handed, lavish.

freeing, n. emancipation, manumission, liberation, release, disinthrallment, enfranchisement, extrication, disengagement, discharge, exoneration.

free-liver, n. epicure, epicurean, voluptuary, bon vivant.

free-living, n. epicurism.

freely, adv. bounteously, readily, abundantly, gratuitously, voluntarily, liberally, copiously, spontaneously, unreservedly.

free-thinker, n. infidel, unbeliever, skeptic.

free-will, a. voluntary.

freezable, a. congealable.

freeze, v. congeal.

freezing, n. congelation, congealment.

freight, n. cargo, lading, load; freightage.

Frenchism, n. Gallicism.

French policeman. gendarme.

French Protestant. Huguenot.

frenzied, a. distracted, frantic.

frenzy, n. distraction, rage, fury, delirium.

frequenter, n. habitue.

freshen, v. refresh, revive, renovate, renew.

fresh-water, a. fresh, unsalted; unskilled, raw, inexperienced, untrained.

fret, v. chafe, abrade, fray, rub; gnaw, corrode; roughen, ruffle, agitate; worry, harass, tease, irritate, vex, fume, rankle.

fret, n. vexation, agitation, irritation; herpes, tetter, ringworm; whelk, wale, ridge.

fretful, a. irritable, petulant, querulous, peevish, captious, spleeny.

fribbling, a. frivolous, trifling.

friction, n. abrasion, attrition, confrication, rubbing; clashing, disagreement.

friend, n. wellwisher, intimate, confidante, chum, associate; patron, advocate, adherent, supporter; ally, confrere; Quaker.

friendliness, n. comity, amity, good will, amicability.

friendly, a. amicable, favorable, kind; fraternal, hospitable, neighborly, cordial; favorable, propitious, salutary, advantageous. Antonyms: See unfriendly.

friendship, n. amity, intimacy, amicability, friendliness. Antonyms: enmity, estrangement, alienation, disaffection, hostility, aloofness.

fright, n. alarm, fear, consternation, terror, dismay; ogre, scarecrow, guy, dowdy.

frighten, v. terrify, alarm, scare, intimidate, dismay, affright, daunt, appall, terrorize.

frightful, a. terrible, dreadful, hideous, ogreish, fearful, alarming, grewsome, grim, dire, direful, awful, Gorgonian, horrible.

frill, n. ruffle, gathering, furbelow.

fringe, n. edging, margin, confine, border, fimbriation.

fringed, a. fimbriate, fimbriated, fimbricate.

frisk, n. frolic, gambol.—v. leap, skip, gambol, frolic, play.

frisky, a. frolicsome, sportive, coltish, playful, gay.

frivolous, a. trivial, trifling, petty, puerile, insignificant.

friz, v. curl, crisp, frizzle.—n. curl, frizzle.

frizzle, n. curl, friz.—v. curl, crisp, frizz.

frock, n. gown; smock-frock; soutane, cassock.

frog-eating, a. ranivorous, batrachophagous.

frogs, n. pl. Associated Words: Batrachomyomachy, ranarium, amphibious, batrachoid, batrachian, ranine.

frolic, n. prank, lark, gambol, escapade, fun.

frolicsome, a. playful, prankish, sportive, frisky.

from head to foot. throughout, completely, cap-a-pie.

front, n. facade; obverse, face; van, fore-rank, front rank.—a. anterior, foremost.

frost, n. rime, hoarfrost; uncordiality, unsociability, reserve.

frosting, n. icing.

frosty, a. cold, icy; uncordial, distant, aloof, unsociable; pruinose.

froth, n. spume, foam.

frothing, n. rant.

frothy, a. spumy, foamy, spumous; trivial, frivolous, unsubstantial.

froward, a. refractory, unyielding, disobedient, insubmissive, untoward.

frown, n. scowl, lower, glower.

frowning, a. scowling, lowering, glowering, stern.

frowzy, a. strong-smelling, fetid, rank, musty, rancid, malodorous; slatternly, disordered, untidy, disheveled, dowdy.

frugal, a. economical, saving, sparing, thrifty, provident.

frugality, n. economy, parsimony, thriftiness, thrift.

fruit, n. produce, harvest, crop; offspring, consequence, result, outcome, fruitage.

fruit, n. fruitage, fruitery. Associated Words: pomology, Pomona, pomologist, carpology, carpologist, carpophagous, drupe, carpomania, raceme, fructiferous, fructify, fructification, bletting, pulp, rind, orchard, nursery, pepinnery, fruitchafer, pomiculture, sarcocarp.

fruit-eating, a. frugivorous, fructivorous, carpophagous.

fruiterer, n. fruit-dealer, costermonger, coster.

fruitful, a. prolific, productive, fertile, frugiferous, fecund, bountiful.

fruitless, a. unfruitful, infertile, infecund, acarpous, barren; unavailing, useless, vain.

fruit-seller, n. fruiterer, coster, costermonger (peddler).

fruit sugar. levulose.

frump, n. (Colloq.) gossip.

frustrate, v. baffle, defeat, disappoint, foil, balk, thwart, circumvent, nullify.