coloring, n. dyeing, staining, intinction, tinting, tinction, imbuement, variegation.

colorless, a. uncolored, faded; pale, pallid; neutral, characterless.

colossal, a. enormous, gigantic, monstrous, huge, prodigious, Titanic.

colt, n. filly (female); foal (male); hogget.

coltish, a. frisky, sportive, wanton, playful.

column, n. pillar, post, shaft, obelisk; file, line, row; pilaster; pl. peristyle, portico, colonnade. Associated Words: entablature, frieze, architrave, triglyph, cornice, base, shaft, capital, plinth.

comb, n. crest, caruncle, head-tuft.

combat, n. contest bout, struggle, contention, fight, joust, battle.

combatant, n. contestant, fighter.

combative, a. pugnacious, contentious, bellicose, belligerent.

combination, n. union, alliance, federation, confederacy, syndicate, league, cabal, merger, coalition, conspiracy, cooeperation, collusion; amalgamation, synthesis, incorporation.

combine, v. unite, incorporate, merge, amalgamate, blend, coalesce, confederate.

combine, n. (Colloq.) combination.

combined, a. united, confederated, federated, amalgamated, incorporated.

combing, n. pectination.

comblike, a. pectinal, pectinate, pectinated, pectiniform.

come, v. arrive, approach; come from, issue, proceed, ensue, flow, emanate, originate.

come after. follow, succeed. Antonyms: precede, antecede.

come again. return, recur.

come and go. alternate.

come between. intervene, interpose, interfere, contravene; cause estrangement, disaffect.

come down. descend, alight.

comely, a. good-looking, handsome, personable. Antonyms: uncomely, homely, plain.

come near. approach, approximate.

come round. recur; change, relent; circumvent, wheedle.

come short. be deficient.

come to. revive, recover; consent, yield, accede; arrive at, reach; amount to.

come to a head. suppurate, mature; culminate.

come under. subvene.

comfort, n. ease, consolation, solace, nepenthe, encouragement.

comfort, v. console, solace.

comforter, n. consoler, cheerer; comfortable.

comfortless, a. disconsolate, inconsolable, desolate, distressed.

comical, a. See funny.

coming, n. approach, arrival, advent.

coming between. intervention, interposition, interference, contravention.

comity, n. politeness, courtesy, civility, graciousness, urbanity.

command, v. order, direct, enjoin, require, bid.

command, n. order, mandate, injunction, charge, behest, requisition, bidding, direction, dictation, precept; authority, leadership, control.

commanding, a. authoritative, mandatory, imperative, dictatorial, imperious.

commandments, n. pl. The Decalogue. Associated Words: Kyrie elesion.

commence, v. begin.

commend, v. commit, consign, intrust; praise, extol recommend.

commendable, a. praiseworthy, laudable. Antonyms: unpraiseworthy, illaudable.

commendatory, a. laudatory, eulogistic.

comment, v. remark, descant, annotate.

comment, n. remark, observation; annotation, commentary, explanation.

commentator, n. annotator, expositor, scholiast, glossarist, postillator.

commerce, n. traffic, barter, business, trading; intercourse, communication.

commercial, a. mercantile.

commit, v. intrust, consign; perpetrate, do.

common, a. public, general; customary, usual, ordinary, unexceptional, commonplace, inconspicuous, average, mediocre; plebeian, proletarian.

commonalty, n. populace, proletariate, proletariat, varletry, bourgeoisie, ruck, rank and file, the common people.

commonly, adv. ordinarily, generally, customarily.

common man. commoner, proletary, plebeian.

commonplace, a. ordinary, banal, hackneyed, trite, platitudinous, prosaic.

commonplace, n. platitude, banality.

commotion, n. agitation, tumult, disturbance, turmoil, riot, perturbation, flurry, furore.

communion, n. participation, sharing, communication: association, fellowship.

communion, n. eucharist, Lord's Supper, sacrament: viaticum. Associated Words: elements, host, wafer, chalice, paten, credence, corporal, eucharistic, ciborium, ostension, purificator, impanation, transubstantiation, consubstantiation, concomitance, post-communion, ante-communion, volipresence, ostensorium, monstrance, sursum corda, dominicale, celebrant, communicant, consistentes, intinction.

communism, n. socialism, humanitarianism, Fourierism, Saint Simonianism, phalansterism.

compact, a. close, solid, dense, crowded, impenetrable, serried.

compact, n. covenant, agreement, pact, treaty, contract.

companion, n. associate, comrade, intimate, consort, partner, fellow, mate, chum, compeer, confederate, accomplice, ally, colleague, crony, confrere, concomitant, accessory.

companionable, a. affable, congenial, genial.

companionship, n. association, intimacy, fellowship, society, company.

company, n. guest, visitor; fellowship, companionship, association, society; companion, escort; assembly, group, concourse, crowd; corporation, syndicate, firm, house; troupe; band, guild. See society. Antonyms: seclusion, loneliness, retirement, host.

compare, v. collate, liken.

comparison, n. collation; illustration, similitude, simile.

compass, n. Associated Words: binnacle, gimbal.

compass, n. extent, reach, sweep.

compassion, n. pity, sympathy, commiseration, condolence mercy.

compel, v. force, make, constrain, oblige, necessitate, coerce, drive, dragoon, overpower.

compelling, a. forcible, coercive, constraining, imperative, compulsory. Antonyms: elective, optional, discretional.