clumsy, a. ungraceful, lumbering, uncouth, unwieldy, unhandy, inapt, maladroit.

cluster, n. bunch, clump, tuft; racematiofl, fascicle, raceme, panicle; bevy, crowd.

clustered, a. aciniform, racemed, fascicled.

clutch, v. seize, grasp, grip, grapple, clench, grab, snatch.

clutch, n. grasp, seizure, hold; crampoons.

clutter, n. litter, disorder, jumble, confusion, disarray.

cluttered, a. disordered, littered, jumbled, disarranged.

coach, n. stage coach, tallyho, diligence; trainer.

coach dog. Dalmatian dog.

coachman, n. jehu, postilion, coach-driver, coachee (Slang).

coal, n. anthracite; bituminous; charcoal; culm, scoria, slack; ember. Associated Words: carbon, carboniferous, gobbing, strata, carbonize, carbonization, briquette, coke, brat, brattice, brettice.

coal-dealer, n. collier.

coalhod. scuttle.

coal-mine, n. colliery, coalpit.

coal-miner, n. collier.

coal-miner's consumption. anthracosis.

coal oil. kerosene, petroleum.

coals, n. pl. Associated Words: brasier, brazier, brasero.

coarse, a. crass, gross, unrefined, rude, unpolished, indelicate, ribald, homespun, vulgar, inelegant; unbolted, unpurified.

coast, n. seashore, seaboard, seaside, shore, strand, beach.

coat, n. sack, jacket, frock, tuxedo, cutaway, paletot, dreadnaught, ulster, capote, blouse, redingote, toga, cloak, surtout, duster, mackintosh, joseph, cardinal, pelerine, temiak (Eskimo).

coat of arms. armorial bearings, escutcheon, arms, crest.

coat of mail. hauberk, cuirass, habergeon, armor, mail.

coax, v. wheedle, cajole, persuade, entice, cog, tweedle.

cob, n. spike, axis; sea mew, gull.

cocoanut, n. Associated Word: copra.

cochineal, n. Associated Words: nopal, nopalry, carminic acid.

cock, n. rooster, chanticleer; capon (castrated); weather-cock, vane; chief, leader, dominator; faucet, stop-cock.

cockade, n. rosette.

cockahoop, a. boastful, defiant, vainglorious, blustering.

cock and bull story. canard.

cockatrice, n. basilisk.

cocker, v. fondle, indulge, pamper, pet, humor, coddle.

cockfighting, n. cockmatch, alectoromachy, alectryomachy.

cocky, a. (Slang) pert, saucy.

cocoa, n. Associated Word: theobromine.

coddle, v. parboil; pamper, fondle, cocker, humor, indulge.

coequal, a. cooerdinate.

coerce, v. constrain, compel, intimidate, restrain.

coercion, n. compulsion, restraint, force, repression, constraint.

coffee, n. Associated Words: caffeine, chiccory, biggin, pulp, parchment.

coffee-chaser, n. chasse.

coffee-house, n. cafe.

coffin, n. casket.

cog, n. cam, catch; trick, deception, fraud.

cogent, a. convincing, conclusive, forcible, influential.

coheir, n. parcener.

coheirship, n. parcenary.

coherent, n. consistent, logical.

coil, n. convolution, intervolution; entanglement, toil, mesh, perplexity; querl.

coil, v. convolve, intervolve.

coin, n. quoin, corner, coigne, wedge, plug, key.

coin, n. specie, cash; medallion. Associated Words: numismatic, numismatics, numismatist, numismatology, jugata, engrailment, nurling, milling, brockage, numismatography, numismatologist, nummary, rouleau, nummular, nummulary.

coin, v. mint; neoterize, neologize; fabricate, invent, originate.

coinage, n. minting; neologism, neology, neoterism.

coincide, v. concur, correspond, agree, harmonize, tally.

coincidence, n. concurrence, correspondence, agreement.

coincident, a. concurrent, contemporaneous;—followed by with.

coiner, n. minter; neologist, neoterist.

cold, a. cool, chilly; frigid, gelid, icy; nipping, bleak, raw, frosty, freezing; unresponsive, phlegmatic, passionless, chilling, stoical, apathetic, reserved.

cold, n. coldness, frigidity, gelidity, chilliness, algidity: catarrh.

cold-blooded, a. poikilothermal; deliberate.

colic, n. gripe, enteralgia, tormina.

collar, n. neckband, carcanet, ruff, ruche, collet, rabat, piccadilly, dickey, collarette.

collar-bone, n. clavicle.

collect, v. assemble, accumulate.

collection, n. assemblage, accumulation, aggregation, heap; offering, offertory; anthology, symposium, collectanea, miscellany, rosary, chrestomathy.

college, n. Associated Words: collegiate, Alma Mater.

college dress. academicals.

college grounds. campus.

college student. collegian.

collision, n. clashing, concussion, interference, brunt, impact.

colloquial, a. conversational, familiar, informal.

colony, n. settlement, dependency. Associated Words: colonial, colonist, planter, colonize, colonization, colonizationist.

color, n. hue, shade, tinge, tincture, tint; pigment, paint, dye, stain. Associated Words: chromatics, colorific, colorist, chromatism, chromatology, lake, decolorant, mordant, intinctivity, iridescent, iridescence, prismatic, pigmentation, fugacious, fugitive, fugacity, monochromatic, monochrome, polychromy, polychromatic, suffuse, suffusion, imbuement, chromatic, achromatic.

color, n. ruddiness, redness, flush, blush, rosiness; semblance, pretext; variety, shade, kind, species; pl. flag. Antonyms: decoloration, colorlessness.

color, v. dye, tinge, stain, imbue, tint, tincture, variegate; falsify, pervert, garble, palliate, gloss, distort; blush, flush. Antonyms: decolor, bleach, decolorize.

colorable, a. specious, plausible, palliated.

color-blindness, n. Daltonism, achromatopsy, acritochromacy.

colored, a. tinged, dyed, tinted, stained, discolored; specious, plausible.

colorific, a. tinctorial.