clearing, n. clarification, clearance, dispersion; interpretation, explanation, eclaircissement, denouement; exoneration, acquittal; assart.

clearness, n. clarity, distinctness; transparency, limpidity, lucidity, perspicuity, translucency; serenity. Antonyms: opacity, ambiguity, vagueness, intransparency.

cleave, v. adhere, cling, be loyal; split, rive, separate.

cleft, a. riven, split, divided.

clergy, n. ministers, the cloth, ecclesiastics, clergymen, clerisy. Antonym: laity.

clergyman, n. minister, divine, ecclesiastic, priest, pastor, parson, churchman, preacher, rector, curate, dominie, vicar, missionary, evangelist, patriarch, dean, bishop, chaplain, cleric, deacon, presbyter, imparsonee, kirkman, padre, cure, abbe. Antonym: layman.

clergyman's residence. parsonage, rectory, manse.

clerk, n. salesman, saleslady; accountant, recorder, registrar, prothonotary, amanuensis, bookkeeper. Associated Words: clerical, clerkship.

clever, a. adroit, skillful, expert, ingenious, deft, dexterous.

clients, n. pl. clientele.

cliff, n. crag, bluff, precipice; pl. palisades (line of bold cliffs).

climate, n. Associated Words: meteorology, phenology, climatology, acclimatable, acclimate, acclimation, acclimatize, acclimatization, climatic, climatize, climatography.

climax, n. culmination.

climb, v. clamber, scale.

climbing, a. scandent, scansorial.

cling, v. adhere, cleave, hold fast.

clip, v. shear, snip, nip, trim, prune, curtail.

clip, n. (Colloq.) blow, knock, thump, rap.

clique, n. coterie, circle.

cloak, n. mantle, coat, capuchin, dolman, palladium, pelisse; pretext, blind, mask.

cloak, v. conceal, mask, hide, veil, disguise.

clock, n. timepiece, timekeeper, horologe, horometer: clepsydra, isochronon; scarab, scarabee, beetle. Associated Words: horology, horography, horologiography., pendulum, strike, dial, tick.

clockmaker, n. horologist, horologer.

clodhopper, n. bumpkin, boor, hind, lout, clown, yokel.

clog, v. impede, hamper, encumber, restrain, obstruct.

clog, n. shackle, dragweight, deadweight, encumbrance; sabot, chopine.

cloister, n. monastery, nunnery, convent, abbey, priory, cenoby.

cloisterer, n. cenobite, recluse.

cloistral, a. monastic, cloistered, recluse.

close, a. oppressive, uncomfortable, muggy, unventilated; narrow, cramped; close-mouthed, secretive, reticent, reserved, uncommunicative, taciturn; dense, solid, compact, imporous; near, adjacent, adjoining; intimate, confidential; parsimonious, stingy, penurious niggardly, miserly, illiberal, close-fisted; exact, literal, faithful; intent, assiduous, fixed, intense.

close, v. shut, stop, occlude; conclude, finish, end, terminate; inclose, encompass, confine, environ; grapple, clinch; lute, calk.

close, n. conclusion, end; peroration; grapple; court, area, enclosure, inclosure, yard.

close-mouthed, a. wary, cautious, secretive, uncommunicative, reserved.

closeness, n. nearness, proximity, adjacency; density, compactness; intimacy; reticence, secretiveness; parsimony, stinginess, illiberality, penuriousness.

closet, n. private room; clothespress, ambry.

closing, a. concluding, final.

closing, n. stopping up, obstruction, blockade, occlusion; peroration.

clot, n. coagulation, coagulum.—v. coagulate.

cloth, n. fabric, material, drapery, textile, texture, woof, weft. Associated Words: draper, drapery, drape.

clothe, v. dress, attire, array, gird, drape.

clothes, n. pl. dress, clothing, garments, vesture, attire, apparel, drapery, costume, raiment, garb, vestment, habiliments, regalia, uniform, livery, guise, wardrobe, rig, toggery, frippery, regimentals, paraphernalia; (clerical) vestments, canonicals; trousseau (bride's).

clothing, n. clothes, raiment. Associated Words: frippery, wardrobe, habilatory.

cloud, n. nebulosity, rack; cirrus, cat's-tail, mare's-tail; cumulus, stratus, nimbus; cirro-cumulus, cirro-stratus, cumulo-stratus; storm scud, wane cloud; tarnish, blemish; eclipse, obscurity. Associated Words: nephology, meteorology, nubiferous, nephelodometer, nephelometer, nephoscope, nepheloid, nephograph.

cloud, v. overcast, becloud, obscure, shade, obfuscate; tarnish, sully, blacken.

cloudy, a. overcast, lowering, murky, overclouded, obscure, sullen, nebulous, hazy, dim; tarnished, indistinct, blurred; variegated, mottled.

cloven, a. bisulcate.

clover, n. trifolium, trefoil; alsike.

cloves, n. pl. Associated Words: eugenic, eugenin, clove, camphor, eugenol, caryophyllin.

clown, n. buffoon, jester, merry-andrew, zany, harlequin, droll, punch, mime, farceur, scaramouch, grimacier jackpudding; boor, lout, gawk, gawky, lubber, put, bumpkin, churl, carl, tike; rustic, hind, clodhopper, yokel, yahoo.

clownish, a. boorish, ungainly, awkward, loutish, churlish, gawky.

cloy, v. satiate, glut, surfeit, pall, sate.

club, n. cudgel, bludgeon, truncheon, bat, mace, staff, shillalah, waddy, bandy, knobkerry; society, coterie, association, sorosis (woman's club).

club, v. cudgel, beat, pommel; club together, combine, cooeperate.

club-bearer, n. claviger. Associated Word: clavigerous.

clubfoot, n. talipes.

clubfooted, a. taliped, talipedic.

club-shaped, a. clavate, clavated.

clue, n. intimation, hint, key.

clump, n. cluster, tuft, bunch, collection, thicket.