chop, n. stroke, chopping; jaw, chap; pl. flews.

chorus, n. (Greek.) Associated Words: strophe, antistrophe, epode.

chosen, a. selected.

Christmas, n. Yule, Yuletide, Christmastide.

Christmas mummer. guiser.

chronic, a. habitual, lingering, inveterate.

chronicle, n. record, account, narrative, diary, history.

chrysalis, n. aurelia, nympha, cocoon, kell.

chum, n. roommate; companion, intimate, associate, friend, crony.

church, n. temple, sanctuary, house of God, meeting house, fane; cathedral; chapel, oratory, minster, bethel, tabernacle, chantry; kirk (Scotch); synagogue (Jewish); denomination, sect; basilica. Associated Words: ecclesiastical, ecclesiology, ecclesiolatry, ecclesiasticism, parish, hierarch, hierarchy, hierocracy, hierolatry, hierology, hierarchism, irenics, cure, evangelical, verger, beadle, chancel, clearstory, nave, transept, vestry, presbytery, prebend, prebendary, lectern, apse, irenicon, living, benefice, sinecure, glebe, see, prelacy, convocation, synod, conference, conclave, consistory, crypt, schism, orthodoxy, heterodoxy, unchurch, sacristan, sacristy, Dorcastry, Sarum use.

church and state. Associated Words: Erastian, Erastianism.

church dignitary. prelate, primate, elder, deacon, dean, hierarch, bishop.

church fathers. Associated Words: patristic, patristics, patrology, patrist.

churchly, a. ecclesiastical.

church officer. vestryman, warden, presbyter, trustee.

churl, n. rustic, hind, bumpkin, lout, boor.

churlish, a. boorish, rude, morose, unamiable.

chyle, n. Associated Words: chylification, chylifaction, chylify, achylous, chylaceous, chylous, chyliferous, chylocyst, lacteal, chylopoiesis, chylopoietic.

chyme, n. Associated Words: chymification, chymiferous, chymify, chymous, achymous.

cigar, n. (small) stogie; tobie; cheroot.

cinch, n. (Colloq.) tight grip.

cipher, n. zero, naught, nothing; nonentity, nobody; device, monogram.

cipher writing. cryptography, crytograph, steganography, cryptogram.

circle, n. ring; circumference, periphery; circuit; clique, coterie, set, class; annulation, annulus.

circle, v. encircle.

circuitous, a. roundabout, devious, indirect.

circulate, v. disseminate, promulgate, diffuse.

circulation, n. dissemination, diffusion, promulgation, propagation.

circumference, n. periphery, circumscription, girth.

cistern, n. reservoir; impluvium.

cite, v. quote; specify, mention, name, refer to.

citizen, n. resident.

city, n. municipality.—a. municipal, urban.

civil, a. civic, political, municipal; courteous, obliging, polite. Antonyms: See uncivil.

civility, n. courtesy, politeness. Antonyms: incivility, discourtesy.

claim, v. demand, pretend; (Colloq.) assert, maintain.

claim, n. pretension, demand, requisition; title, right.

claimant, n. claimer, pretender, pretendant.

clamor, n. uproar, tumult, hubbub, racket, din.

clamorous, a. noisy, uproarious, bawling, obstreperous.

clandestine, a. hidden, stealthy, surreptitious, furtive, secret.

clannish, a. narrow, exclusive.

clap, n. gonorrhea.

clapboards, n. pl. siding, weatherboarding.

claptrap, a. humbug, stage trick, coupe de theatre.

clarity, n. clearness.

clash, v. collide, hurtle, crash together; contend, disagree; clatter, clang.

clash, n. collision, crash; opposition, interference, contrariety; clangor, clang.

clasp, v. grasp, grapple, clutch, seize; embrace, hug.

clasp, n. hook, hasp, fibula, morse, catch; embrace.

class, n. rank, order, category, species, variety.

class, v. classify, dispose, categorize.

classification, n. disposition, grouping; taxonomy.

clause, n. article, stipulation, proviso, provision.

claw, n. talon; dewclaw. Associated Words: ungual, unguicular, retract, retractile, unguiculate, pounced, unguiform.

claw, v. scratch, laniate, lacerate.

clay, n. argillaceous earth; pug, argil, hole, marl, kaolin. Associated Words: potter, pottery, figuline, fictile, pug, puddle.

clayey, a. argillaceous, argillous, argilliferous, luteous, cledgy.

clean, a. unsoiled, unsullied, immaculate, cleanly, neat; chaste, pure, virtuous, undefiled, incorrupt, uncontaminated; shapely, well-proportioned; kosher (Jewish).

clean, adv. wholly, perfectly, completely, quite, entirely, thoroughly.

clean, v. cleanse.

cleanse, v. purify, deterge, absterge, wash, disinfect, fumigate, depurate.

cleanser, n. abstergent, detergent, purifier, detersive.

cleansing, a. detergent, abstergent, abstersive, detersive, purifying.

cleansing, n. purification, detersion, purgation, abstersion, lustration, expurgation.

clear, a. transparent, diaphanous, pellucid, limpid, relucent, crystalline, lucid, crystal; unmistakable, plain, evident, obvious, unambiguous, distinct, explicit, manifest, palpable, patent, decipherable, express, comprehensible, graphic; serene, cloudless, unclouded, undimmed; clarion, sonorous, resonant, canorous, audible, piercing; pure, unmixed, unadulterated, unalloyed; in full, net; passable, unimpeded, unobstructed, open; acquitted; unburdened, exempt; clarified. Antonyms: opaque, obscure, indecipherable, ambiguous, equivocal, vague, cryptic, abstruse, inexplicable, roily, turbid, enigmatical, inexplicit, inaudible, adulterated, cloudy, befogged, unintelligible, doubtful.

clear, v. clarify; explain, interpret, elucidate, eclaircise; acquit, absolve, exonerate, vindicate; disengage, extricate, disentangle, disperse.

clearer, n. clarifier.