chat, n. confabulation, talk, conversation, causerie, confab (Colloq.).

cheap, a. inexpensive, low-priced; inferior, mean, mediocre, of small value.

cheapen, v. depreciate; belittle, lower.

cheat, n. fraud, trick, hoax, finesse, imposition, imposture, swindle, humbug, bubble, wile, deception, stratagem, bunko, blind, thimblerigging; impostor, deceiver, quack, mountebank, thimblerigger, charlatan, empiric, trickster, swindler, blackleg, bamboozler, sharper; delusion, chicanery, mockery, counterfeit, fetch.

cheat, v. swindle, defraud, overreach, trick, bamboozle, hoodwink, dupe, hoax, bilk, thimblerig, hocus, bunko, beguile, cozen.

check, n. obstacle, restraint, curb, bridle, damper, barrier, restriction, rebuff, repulse, delay, interruption; bank check, cheque.

check, v. restrain, impede, curb, repress, bridle, checkmate.

checker, v. variegate, diversify, tessellate.

checkered, a. diversified, variegated, plaid, mosaic, tessellated.

checkers, n. draughts.

checking, a. repressive, restraining, curbing.

checkmate, v. defeat, vanquish, conquer, baffle.

cheek, n. jowl. Associated Words: zygoma, zygomatic, buccate, buccal, malar, buccinator, meloncus, meloplasty, melitis, dimple, jugal.

cheek, n. (Slang) effrontery, temerity, assurance, impudence, audacity.

cheeky, a. (Slang) audacious, bold, impudent, presumptuous, unabashed.

cheer, v. inspirit, elate, exhilarate, encourage, console, revive, gladden; applaud.

cheerful, a. cheery, buoyant, sunny, vivacious, optimistic, sanguine, elated, jubilant, lightsome, airy, exhilarating, exhilarated, jocund, chipper.

cheerfulness, n. cheeriness, buoyancy, elation, exhilaration, alacrity, jocundity, light-heartedness, optimism.

cheering, n. applause, plaudit; ovation.

cheerless, a. dismal, sombre, drear, dreary, gloomy, desolate, forlorn, sad, hopeless, despairing, joyless.

cheery, a. cheerful, pleasant, sunny, blithe, jovial, affable.

cheese-paring, a. scrimping, niggardly.

cheesy, a. caseous.

chemise, n. shirt, smock, shift, chemisette.

cherish, v. treasure.

cherry-colored, a. cerise.

chest, n. box, case, coffer, trunk, hutch, receplacle, bahut.

chest, n. thorax, breast. Associated Words: pectoral, pectorally, diaphragm, midriff.

chestnut, n. Associated Words: esculic, esculin, castanea, burr.

chestnut-colored, a. castaneous.

chew, v. masticate, munch; crunch, craunch, champ.

chewing, n. mastication; rumination, remastication.

chew the cud. ruminate.

chic, a. (Colloq.) in good taste, neat.—n. good form, style.

chicanery, n. trickery, chicane.

chicken, n. fowl; hen; rooster; pullet; poult; capon; pl. poultry, brood.

chicken-hearted, a. timid, fearful, cowardly.

chicken pox. varicella.

chide, v. admonish, censure, upbraid, scold.

chief, n. head, leader, commander, chieftain, captain.

chief, a. leading, supreme, main, head, principal, paramount, prime, cardinal, major, foremost.

child, n. progeny, offspring, issue; infant, babe, baby, tot, bairn, brat; bastard (illegitimate); orphan; foundling, waif; cockney (spoilt child); minor. Associated Words: pediatrics, prolicide, infanticide, puberty, philoprogenitive, philoprogenitiveness, misopedia, filicide, putti, filial, filiation, affiliation, affiliate.

childbirth, n. parturition, accouchement, childbed, lying-in, travail, labor, childbearing. Associated Words: tocology, midwife, midwifery, parturient, maieutic, layette, obstetrics, obstetrician, celation, puerperal, accoucheur, accoucheuse, fetus, post-partum.

childhood, n. nonage, infancy, minority, impuberty, pupilage.

childish, a. puerile, juvenile, infantile, immature.

childishness, n. juvenility, puerility, immaturity.

children, n. offspring, progeny, issue, descendants, posterity.

chill, n. chilliness, shiver, rigor.

chilly, a. cool, chill, raw, bleak.

chime, v. accord, agree, harmonize, be in unison.

chime, n. unison, harmony; carillon.

chimera, n. delusion, phantom, hallucination, illusion.

chimney, n. Associated Words: cowl, flue, hoveling, smoke jack, chimney-breast, tewel.

chimney corner. ingle nook, ingleside.

chin: n. Associated Words: genian, mental, gill, wattle, chuck, submental.

China, n. Celestial Empire, Cathay (Old name).

China clay. kaolin.

Chinaman, n. Chinese, Celestial, Mongol, Mongolian; mandarin; coolie.

china ware. china, porcelain.

Chinese, n. Associated Words: sinology, sinologue, sinicism, sinic, yamen, haikwan, hong, canque, sinological, Taoism, Confucianism, Manchu, kotow, li, abacus, chinoiserie, taotai.

Chinese idol. joss. Associated Word: ting.

chink, n. crack, cranny, crevice; (Colloq.) money, cash, coin.

chin whelk. sycosis.

chipper, a. lively, vivacious, cheerful, talkative.

chirp, v. chirrup, cherup, cheep, pue.

chivalrous, a. gallant, knightly, magnanimous, valiant.

chivalry, n. knighthood, gallantry, knight-errantry.

choice, n. selection, election, alternative, option, preference, discrimination, preferment, volition. Antonyms: coercion, compulsion, indiscrimination.

choice, a. select, rare, recherche; careful, sparing, chary Antonyms: indiscriminate, promiscuous, common.

choir-leader, n. chorister, precentor, choir-master.

choir vestments. cotta; cassock.

choke, v. strangle, throttle, stifle, suffocate, suppress.

choleric, a. irascible, irritable, petulant, testy.

choose, v. select, elect, prefer, cull, pick out.

chop, v. hack, mince, hash, haggle.