chain, n. concatenation, catenation, series, congeries, carcanet, catena, chatelaine, necklace, gorget, links, torque; bond, shackle, fetter, tether.

chain, v. fetter, restrain, shackle, enslave, trammel, catenate.

chain wheel. sprocket wheel.

chair, n. seat; professorship; chairman.

chalice, n. grail.

chalk, n. Associated Words: calcography, calcographer, calcographic, chalkiness, crayon.

chalkstone, n. tophus. (Med.)

chalky, a. cretaceous.

challenge, v. defy, dare, brave.—n. defiance; exception, objection.

champion, n. defender, vindicator, protector, paladin; winner, hero, conqueror.

champion, v. defend, maintain, advocate, vindicate.

chance, v. befall; risk, venture.

chance, n. fate, fortune, luck, fortuity, hap, casualty, accident; possibility, likelihood, contingency; opportunity; hazard, jeopardy, risk, uncertainty.

chance, a. casual, fortuitous, accidental, contingent, random.

chancery, n. equity.

change, n. variation, alteration, transition, mutation, transposition, conversion, metamorphosis, innovation, transfiguration, permutation, transference, reversion, reaction, transmutation; substitution, commutation; variety, novelty, vicissitude. Associated word: mutanda. Antonyms: continuation, stability, conservatism, permanence, inertia, monotony, perpetuation, continuance, fixity, invariability, uniformity.

change, v. alter, transmute, shift, modulate, reverse, reform, vary, modify, convert, transform, transpose, transfer, exchange, substitute, commute. Antonyms: continue, persist, remain, abide.

changeable, a. mutable, variable, inconstant, unstable, unsteadfast, reversible, alterable, revocable, mobile, convertible, transmutable, commutable, kaleidoscopic, transformable, impermanent; volatile, fickle, mercurial, protean, irresolute, capricious, vacillating, fitful, inconstant, erratic, eccentric, crotchety; iridescent; chatoyant.

changeableness, n. mutability, variability, inconstancy, instability, vacillation, convertibility, transmutability, mobility, impermanence; volatility, irresolution, fickleness, capriciousness; iridescence; chatoyment.

changeless, a. permanent, immutable, inexorable, invariable, undeviating, unalterable, unvarying, constant, unconvertible.

changelessness, n. immutability, inalterability, permanence, conservatism, invariability, monotony, inconvertibility.

changeling, n. oaf; waverer, whiffler.

change of life. climacteric; menopause.

channel, n. water-course, canal, aqueduct, gutter, runway, alveus, conduit, duct; strait; furrow, chamfer, chamfret, groove, fluting; avenue, route, artery.

chant, v. intone, intonate, cantillate.

chant, n. intonation; introit; cantillation.

chaos, n. confusion, disorder, disorganization.

chap, n. crack, chink; boy, lad, youth; kibe.

chapel, n. oratory, chantry, bethel.

chapped, a. kibed.

chaps, n. pl. jaws, chops, flews.

chapter, n. branch. Associated Words: capitular, capitulary.

character, n. personality, nature, individuality. Associated Words: ethology, ethologist.

characteristic, n. trait, peculiarity, feature, attribute, attribution, idiosyncrasy.

characterize, v. distinguish.

charge, n. accusation, complaint, allegation, indictment, imputation, crimination, impeachment, arraignment, gravamen (burden of a charge); trust, ward; custody, care, responsibility, oversight, obligation, commission, management; onset, attack, assault, onslaught, fusillade; tutelage.

charge, v. impose, load, encumber; exhort, enjoin, adjure, instruct; commit, intrust; debit; accuse, indict, tax, impute, criminate, arraign; attack, assault.

chargeable, a. imputable, attributable, referrible.

charitable, a. benevolent, benign, beneficent, magnanimous; liberal, tolerant, lenient. Antonyms: uncharitable, illiberal, intolerant.

charity, n. benevolence, good will, love, benignity, philanthropy, beneficence, bounty, liberality, tolerance. Associated Words: eleemosynary, alms, dependent.

charlatan, n. pretender, quack, impostor, fraud, cheat, mountebank, empiric.

charlatanic, a. pretentious, empirical, quackish.

charlatanry, n. quackery, pretension, empiricism, charlatanism.

charm, n. spell, incantation, enchantment, conjuration; periapt, amulet, phylactery, talisman, fetich, abraxas; fascination, glamour, witchery, attraction, illusion, rhetoric; breloque (jewel); countercharm. Antonyms: disenchantment, repellence, disillusionment.

charm, v. enchant, fascinate, enamor, infatuate, enrapture, bewitch, captivate; allay, soothe, subdue. Antonyms: decharm, disillusionize, disenchant, repel.

charmer, n. enchanter, magician, sorcerer; siren, enchantress.

charming, a. bewitching, captivating, enchanting, enrapturing, entrancing, magical, fascinating, winning, ecstatic, siren, delightful, winsome, seductive, ravishing. Antonyms: charmless, unattractive, repellent, repulsive.

charnel house. ossuary, ossuarium, tomb, carnary.

chart, n. map. Associated Words: cartography, cartographer.

chary, a. frugal, careful, saving, cautious, circumspect.

chase, v. track, hunt, pursue; scatter, expel, drive, disperse, dispel.

chase n. hunting, field-sport, hunt, venery, chevy; pursuit.

chasm, n. abyss, gap.

chaste, a. virtuous, continent, undefiled, pure, inviolated, modest, innocent; classic, refined, pure, correct. Antonyms: See unchaste.

chasten, v. discipline, correct, punish; refine, purify, subdue.

chastise, v. castigate, chasten, punish, whip.

chastisement, n. castigation, chastening, punishment, whipping.

chastity, n. purity, virtue, continence.