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cooeperation, n. concurrence, working together; collusion; synergism, synergy. Antonyms: antagonism, competition, opposition.

coot, n. (Colloq.) dolt, dunce, dullard, simpleton.

copier, n. copyist, transcriber; imitator, plagiarist. Antonym: originator.

copious, a. plentiful, abundant, overflowing, ample, exuberant.

copper, n. cuprum; cauldron. Associated Words: cupreous, cupric, cupriferous, cuprite, cuprous, speiss, chalcopyrite, chalcography, eruginous, verdigris, chalcographer, chalcographist.

copperas, n. green vitriol, sulphate of iron, ferrous sulphate.

coppice, n. copse.

copse, n. thicket, brushwood, coppice, boscage, bosk.

copulation, n. union, conjunction; sexual union, coition. Associated words: intromittent, infibulation, copulatory, copulate.

copy, n. transcript, reproduction, transcription, replica, replication, facsimile, duplicate, pasticcio, counterpart, counterfeit, imitation, apograph, estreat, exemplification, protocol, porotype; pattern, model, original, example, precedent; manuscript.

copy, v. transcribe, reproduce, trace, duplicate; imitate, ape, follow; exemplify.

copying machine. copygraph, polygraph.

copyist, n. transcriber, copier; imitator, plagiarist.

coquette, n. flirt.

coral, n. madrepora, madrepore.

cord, n. string, twine, torsade.

cordial, a. hearty, sincere, affectionate; strengthening, invigorating, cheering.

cordiality, n. sincerity, heartiness, ardor, empressement.

cork, n. stopper, stopple, shive. Associated Words: cloop, phelloplastics, phelloplastic, subereous, suberin, phellogen.

corn, n. maize, Indian corn; clavus.

corner, n. angle, cusp, cantle, bight, coin, quoin, coigne; nook, recess, niche; direction, quarter.

corner, v. nonplus, pose, perplex, confuse.

cornerwise, adv. diagonally.

cornhouse, n. granary.

corporal, a. bodily, corporeal, material.

corpse, n. remains, relics, cadaver; carcass; mummy. Associated words: cadaverous, cadaveric, necrophilism, necrophilous, carrion, necrophobia, necrogenic, necrogenous, necrotomy, necropsy, coffin, bier, catafalque, vespillo, cremate, cremation, crematory, crematorium, embalm, embalming.

correct, a. accurate, right, exact, precise. Antonyms: incorrect, erroneous.

correct, v. rectify, amend, emend, right; reprove, discipline; counteract, modify.

correctible, a. rectifiable.

correction, n. rectification, amendment, emendation; discipline, punishment; counteraction.

corrective, a. rectifying, reformatory, correctory, disciplinary emendatory.

correctness, n. accuracy, inerrancy, exactness, precision. Antonyms: incorrectness, inaccuracy, inexactness, error.

correspond, v. accord, comport, tally, correlate, harmonize, agree.

correspondence, n. adaptation, agreement, congruity, concurrence, homology; letters.

correspondent, a. conformable, congruous.

corrode, v. erode, canker; consume, wear away.

corrosion, n. erosion.

corrosive, a. erosive, eroding, corroding; vexing, carking, fretting.

corrupt, a. spoiled, tainted, addled, rotten, decaying; vitiated, depraved, dissolute, venal, unprincipled, unscrupulous, vicious, purchasable, mercenary.

corrupt, v. rot, spoil, deprave, vitiate, pervert, debase, demoralize, defile, infect, pollute.

corruption, n. putrefaction, decay; pollution, vitiation: improbity, venality, depravity, demoralization, dishonesty, bribery, subornation. Antonyms: incorruption, honesty.

cortege, n. procession.

cosmopolitan, n. cosmopolite.

cost, n. charge, expense, price, outlay; detriment, loss.

costemonger, n. fruiterer, costardmonger, coster.

costiveness, n. constipation.

costly, a. expensive, dear, high-priced; sumptuous, rich.

cot, n. cottage, hut; pen, coop, cote; cradle, crib.

coterie, n. clique, set, circle.

cottage, n. cot, cabin, lodge, casino, bungalow, chalet, hacienda, croft, hovel, shack, bower, shanty.

cottage cheese. smearcase.

cottager, n. cotter, cottier.

couch, n. lounge, sofa, bed.

cough, n. Associated Words: bechic, tussicular, pectoral, tussive.

council, n. aldermen, cabinet; assembly, junta, junto, camarilla, synod, cabal.

council-chamber, n. audience-room, divan.

counsel, n. consultation; prudence, deliberation, forethought; advice, admonition, suggestion. Associated Words: mentorial, monitorial, admonitory.

counsel, v. advise, admonish.

counselor, n. adviser, mentor, monitor, admonitor; lawyer, attorney.

count, v. enumerate, number; esteem, consider, reckon, judge, think.

count, n. numbering.

countenance, n. face, visage, features; support, goodwill, encouragement.—v. encourage, favor, approve.

counter, a. contrary, opposite, antagonistic.

counteract, v. defeat, frustrate, contravene, neutralize.

counteraction, n. frustration, contravention, neutralization.

counterbalance, v. counterpoise, countervail, equiponderate, balance.

counterfeit, a. false, fraudulent, spurious, fictitious, sham, mock, feigned.

countermand, v. revoke, cancel, rescind, recall.—n. revocation, rescission.

counterpoint, n. polyphony.

counterpoise, v. counterbalance, balance, equiponderate.

countersign, n. watchword, password, consigne.

counterterm, n. antonym.

counting frame. abacus.

count out. exclude.

countrified, a. rude, uncourtly, rustic, bucolic, rural.