blackguard, a. vicious, scurrilous, opprobrious, foul.

blackguardism, n. ruffianism, scoundrelism, rascality; scurrility, billingsgate.

blackhearted, a. villainous, abandoned, reprobate, diabolical, base, depraved.

black lead. graphite, plumbago.

blackleg, n. (Colloq.) gambler, gamester (disreputable).

blackness, n. black, nigritude; atrocity, heinousness, depravity.

Black Sea. Euxine.

blacksmith, n. ironsmith, farrier, horseshoer. Associated Words: Hephestian, anvil.

blacksmith's shop. smithy, smithery, farriery, stithy, forge.

black vomit. melenemesis.

bladder, n. Associated Words: cystitis, cystic, cystocele, cystose, cystolith, cystotomy, lithotomy, lithotomist, endoscope, endoscopy, prostate, catheter, litholysis, utricular, lithotrity, lithotome, utriculate.

blade, n. leaf (of a plant), spire (of grass); buck, gallant, dandy.

blamable, a. culpable, censurable, reprehensible, blameworthy.

blame, v. censure, reproach.

blame, n. censure, reproach, reprehension, condemnation, stricture, animadversion, reproof; culpability, reprehensibility, demerit, wrongdoing, fault.

blameless, a. guiltless, irreprehensible, inculpable, unimpeachable, faultless, irreproachable.

blameworthy, a. censurable, blamable.

bland, a. suave, mollifying, affable, complaisant; soothing, emollient, demulsive, assuasive.

blandish, v. flatter, cajole, caress.

blandishment, n. cajolery, wheedling, caresses, blandiloquence.

blank, a. void, empty, unfilled; expressionless, vacant: confounded, nonplused, astounded; unmitigated, absolute, downright.

blarney, n. (Colloq.) blandiloquence, palaver, blandishment, cajolery, flattery.

blamey, v. flatter, cajole, palaver, wheedle, blandish.

blase, a. surfeited (with pleasure), sated, palled.

blasphemy, n. sacrilege, calumny, profanity.

blast, n. squall, gust; peal, blare, clang; explosion, discharge.

blast, v. blight, destroy; frustrate, ruin; explode, rend, open.

blasting, n. blighting, carbunculation; frustration, ruination.

blat, v. bleat.

blatant, a. brawling, clamorous, obstreperous, bawling braying.

blaze, n. flame.

blazing, a. flaming, ablaze, aflame. Antonym: smoldering.

blazon, v. emblazon; publish, display, exhibit.

bleach, v. etiolate, whiten, blanch.

bleaching, n. blanching, whitening, etiolation.

bleak, a. windswept, cheerless, raw, penetrating, desolate, dreary.

bleared, a. rheumy.

blearedness, n. lippitude, glama, epiphora.

bleed, v. exude.

bleeding, n. hemorrhage; phlebotomy, bloodletting, venesection. Associated Words: tourniquet, garrot, styptic.

blemish, v. deface, mar, disfigure, sully.

blemish, n. defect, fault, imperfection, eyesore, disfigurement, blot.

blench, v. flinch, recoil, shrink from.

blend, v. intermingle, fuse, merge, combine, mix, assimilate.

blend, n. mixture, merging, fusion, assimilation, synthesis.

blessing, n. benediction, benison, beatitude; boon, God-send.

blight, v. blast; ruin, frustrate, fowart.

blind, a. unseeing, sightless, purblind; oblivious, undiscriminating, inconsiderate, unmindful; unintelligible, illegible; obscure, intricate, involved.

blind, n. shade, curtain, screen; blinder, blinker; subterfuge, pretext, ruse, stratagem, pretense, feint sophistry.

blind alley. cul-de-sac, impasse.

blind gut. caecum.

blinding, a. obscuring.

blindness, n. sightlessness, anopsia, purblindness; amaurosis.

blink, v. wink; connive at, disregard, overlook.

bliss, n. felicity, transport, rapture, beatitude, happiness, ecstasy.

blissful, a. felicitous, ecstatic, rapturous, beatific.

blister, n. vesicle, pustule, pustulation, bleb; vesicatory, vesicant, epispastic, pustulant.—v. vesicate, pustulate.

blistering, a. vesicatory, epispastic, pustulant.—n. vesication, pustulation.

bloat, v. inflate, distend.

bloated, a. distended, turgid, intumescent, tumefied.

bloating, n. dilatation, intumescence, turgidity.

block, v. obstruct, blockade.—n. obstruction, obstacle, barrier.

blockhead, n. dolt, dunce, simpleton, ninny, numskull.

blood, n. lifeblood; gore. Associated Words: hematology, hemorrhage, hemal, hematic, plethora, anaemia, sanguification, sanguify, clot, corpuscle, styptic, hematosis, sanguiferous, hematin, sanguine, sanguineous, sanguinivorous, hematophobia, hyperaemia.

blood, n. blade, spark.

bloodhound, n. sleuthhound.

bloodless, a. exsanguineous, exsanguious, anaemic.

bloodletting, n. venesection, bleeding, phlebotomy.

blood of the gods. ichor.

blood poisoning. toxaemia, septicaemia.

bloodshed, n. carnage, massacre, slaughter, bloodshedding.

bloodsucker, n. leech, sanguisuge; (Slang) extortioner; vampire.

bloodthirsty, a. sanguinary, truculent, ferocious, cruel.

blood vessel. artery; vein; capillary. Associated Words: angiology, angiography, angiotomy, intrafusion, embolism, embolus, thrombosis, thrombolism, rete, hillus, endothelium, epithelium.

bloody, a. gory, sanguinary, exsanguined, blood-stained.

bloom, n. blossom, blow; prime, vigor, heyday, flush; fuzz, down.

blossom, n. flower, florescence, inflorescence, efflorescence, bloom, blow, anthesis.—v. bloom, blow.

blot, n. stain, blemish, smutch, smooch, reproach; erasure, obliteration.

blot, v. stain, spot, blur, blemish, sully, disgrace, tarnish, dishonor; efface, erase, delete, obliterate, expunge; obscure, eclipse.

blotch, n. eruption, blain, bulla, pustule, bleb; splotch, smutch, blot.